Psychic Medium Blair Robertson | Prediction: Obama Will Release Oil Reserves Before Election
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Prediction: Obama Will Release Oil Reserves Before Election

Gas Oil ReservesCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here is a breaking prediction… check on it!

Psychic Prediction Gas Price

The following is a “flash” prediction which I received:

I predict that Obama will try to look like a hero just before election by breaking out reserves…to save us from our (by then) $6-8 gas.

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  • Jovan B.

    $6-$8 gas!!!!! Whew, I’m gonna be hurtin’ then. :(

    • Marie

      BUT will it be enough to turn the tide back towards the Democrats – what else is it BUT a political move?

  • Carol

    OMG!!! People have a hard enough time now making it! What will it do to the economy and personal finances if the gas gets THAT high? Thanks for the heads-up Blair. At least there is some sort of forewarning.

  • Timbo

    Ugh.. $6-$8 gas…
    Wont save Obama. He is gone in November.

  • Jane – Cameron and Obama have already discussed the potential.

  • Dawne

    I will hurl if gas prices hit that…I want to move this year (if all goes well in the next month, I’ll be able to and keep my job) but the gas bill for moving 900 miles will HURT LIKE HELL!

  • Marie

    BUT – will it be enough for him to turn the tide back to the Democrats!

  • Susan Taylor

    You have to be a Republican with your flashes!

    • Blair Robertson

      I predicted Thomas Mulcair would win leadership of the Canadian New Democrat Party and was accused of being a socialist for “supporting” him (NDP is a socialist party). Weird, eh?

      When I make predictions that are perceived to be critical of the right, I’m a Commie bastard.

      Left wing bastard. Right wing Piece Of Crap. WHATEVER! :-)



        thank you I loved how you put your reply……u tell it how u see it…that is a gift….I’m so glad I signed up ..

      • MaryLee

        LOL, Blair, that’s funny… They think that you have a Republican or Democratic talent! How dumb are they???

    • Anna

      Keep your political remarks to yourself. He saw what he saw.

  • Michelle

    Australia is also having power cost issues….in Tasmania it’s estimated our power prices will increase $650 per year on top of the 50% increase we’ve had over 2 years already. A couple of years ago we were horrified that our fuel had increased to $1.50 per LITRE….so it decreased again…yet nary a word since as it’s slowly crept back up to that level….

    BTw – MY EMAIL program – like a lot of them – has a preview pane which I use to read the emails. IT’s rare that I actually open them because there is still a lot of crappy viruses out there that activate and although I can see the words – I’m not sure if just previewing will activate a virus or not. Anyway – with the junk mail that comes through it’s easier to do it this way. This is why it comes up from my email address that it’s not being read….that and I’m opening the email ever second day in an effort to ‘de-tech’ :-) I do like reading your predictions, honestly.

    • Harold

      Hey Michelle – Julia and Swan just did away with the gasoline subsidies – so the price will definately go over the top — and don’t forget the new carbon tax that will kick in n a few days. I think the Auzzies will clean house in the next election .. No Julia, No Swan, and No Abbot.. good luck … harold nz…

  • Fenton Henrickson

    Can’t see how the economy will improve with continuation of rising fuel prices. The ripple effect goes to all deliverable goods.

  • Arkady

    In many countries it has allready reached that price

  • Lisa

    I was driving a truck in 2008 when diesel went over $5 per gallon. I had to quit, since I was footing the bill for the fuel. I have been out of work since then due to having a baby. When Obama took office, gas prices were just over $2 per gallon, in some areas less than that. Obama promised change, and this is one promise he kept, he CHANGED THEM FOR THE WORSE!! I predict that no matter what he does to try to make himself look good, we are going to jump from the frying pan and land smack dab in the middle of the roaring fire by getting stuck with Mitt Romney, who will attempt to turn the entire country around to the Mormon way of thinking. Either way, this country is SCREWED!!

  • Diane from Boise

    Ouch! Is right. So glad I live in an urban area, walking distance to farmer’s market, just in case I want to eat along with driving! I personally feel it is a Republican ploy, raising gas prices, to discredit the President. Shame on them for all the hardship they are causing to millions of people. Thanks so much for the heads-up. And thanks for the cute video of the 2012 end of world debate.

  • Dawn Rose

    He always wants to look like a hero..i believe it. Thanks Blair..

  • Linda Platko Green

    It’s a shame that we are the pawns of these politician’s games. When will it ever stop????

    I do believe that the gas will go down, when, that’s the question.

    Thank you Blair for keeping us in the loop:)


  • Brenda

    I don’t care what they say about you Blair… you are Awesome! Thanks for the additional predictions this week. Might have to think about getting a moped to ride to work…if they still make them. Hahahaha. Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend and look forrward to Mondays predictions. Thanks again!

    • Blair Robertson

      Moped? Forget it. Get a unicycle… you’ll be healthier, impress everyone and it won’t cost more than a $100.00. :-P

  • Brenda

    ;-)Hahahahaha! You Always have such a great sense of humor! Thank You! ;-)

  • ypp

    I hope the gas price is not $ 6-8 gas.. IF it is .. (will be) I’ll just stay home and counting my money from winning the Mega Millions lottery !!! ;)

  • Carrie

    I don’t care WHO gets the nomination–anybody BUT Obama! He & his followers will not let us drill for our own oil, even though we have more in the ground than the entire Middle East. He wants to make sure his Muslim buddies are well taken care of. Yes, that has occured to me, too, that he will use “dropping” gas prices to try to get him elected–NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    • June

      Blair it is so strange as I said to a friend the other day. You watch as soon as it gets close to the elections Obama will do something to bring gas prices down. I honestly hope that people see through this when voting 2012.
      Blair I hope you are right when you say he will not win 2012….. please we cannot afford another 4 years with this man.

      • Connie

        Sure you can. You took eight years of Bush who was the one who created this mess in the first place. But Americans are always looking for a quick fix. If it took eight years to created this situation what makes you think it can be fixed in four years. But your lack of understanding does’nt allow you to see what is really happening because if you did you would know it does’nt make any difference who’s in the white house we would still be in the same situation. G FIGURE!!!

  • John MacDonald

    I welcome higher gas prices if that is what it takes to remove that dangerous socialist from the White House.

    His promise to the Russian president gives an indication of what lies ahead if he is reelected.

    The man is so incompetent he makes Jimmy Carter, who at least is an honorable man, look like George Washington.

  • Daisee

    Outrageous! But thanks. I wish a party existed for the people, we don’t have one in either R’s or D’s.

  • John Edwards

    Look here people in the USA, It dosent matter which pollitical party you want to see win the next election politicians do,not run your country they use too but not anymore. Big buissness does, the banks or the new world order run the show. Obama is a puppet like most of those gone before him. Get rid of the FED and go back to a gold standard.

  • Belinda

    love reading your predictions.

  • Cara

    Thanks, Blair. I just know you’re right about how high gas prices will go. Don’t forget everyone, higher gas prices means higher food prices. Consider storing some non-perishables at today’s prices to help get you through this year. Vedic astrology tells me we’ll start to see an uptick in the economy in early 2013 and by 2014 we’ll be doing really, really well. So we just need to hang in there for a little while longer.

    And, Blair, sorry to see you get criticized for your political predictions. Maybe people would like to see you lie so that they can hear what they want to hear. Come on everyone. Let’s all open our minds to the all-important truth! We need to hear truth more than ever before.

  • Brenda

    OMG–gas prices that high–Phew! I know you are right but I sure hate to see that!

  • thrillseeker

    Tell your wife I said hello back! lol

  • Debbie

    Agree 150% about the reserves. I am counting on you being right about him losing the election.

  • jennz

    when will things improve here down under in little new zealand.

  • luis

    I like your prediction thans to people like you disasters may be prevented
    best regards.

  • Mary

    I ‘received’ the same numbers for gas. $6 and $8.
    And along with that, coast to coast riots.

    • Angie Butler

      I have to agree Mary… something is coming this fall, and it feels very ominous. I’ve been wondering if it’s political based, weather based… etc, but I am worried about something coming. I keep having dreams of hiding and having to scavenge for things… it truly concerns me. :( Prepare is all I can say.

  • maria

    That is exactly what George Bush did before the elections…;pull out the reserves…..seems to me like it is a political strategy to make politicians look good…a pattern of behavior that worked in the past.

  • Teresa Armstrong

    How is it that President Obama “will try to look like a hero just before election” by doing what a number of presidents have done on other occasions?
    The idea has been floated for months. There is number of groups that insist this SHOULD be done. Others insisting it shouldn’t. Whether he does release oil reserves or not, I seriously doubt that a man with all the power of the United States behind him and responsibility to to all of its citizens will make ANY decision by asking himself ‘Will this make me look like a hero’.

    • Jennie

      Thanks Teresa. Your’s is the only comment that actually makes sense. This is not a “party” (republican vs. democrat) thing. Politicians will do what Politicians do, but the American people need to stop drawing lines in the sand and unite with one common goal – which should be what is best for all citizens – not just the rich, or just the poor – but for all human beings. Gas prices this high is scary & absurd to say the least. And, if gas prices do become that high, I don’t care who looks like a hero – or what the motivations are to get the prices back down – as long as it’s ethical, legal, and solves the problem for us without repercussions in the short or long term. Obama took over a huge mess from the Bush Administration – I honestly don’t think any presidential candidate would have fared any better under the circumstances – though I believe many would have fared worse. In this upcoming election we need to carefully AND objectively weigh all candidates ability to lead this country in the best interest of all people. However, until we learn to bury our differences and get passed our narrow views, we will never be able to really see what political candidates stand for. I’ve been diligently following the GOP candidates to find a “true” leader, but, to be perfectly honest, Obama looks like a sure winner to me right now, even without his act of heroism regarding the gas prices.

  • Sandy White

    Touché, you right winged commie bastard. I tend to enjoy your comments more than the predictions sometimes. Thanks for the head’s up.

  • Melody

    Tell your wife Hello from Erie, Pennsylvania!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 your Predictions Blair!!!!!

  • Harold

    Well, if we end up with a war in the Middle East .. you will not have to blow up any tanks, all you have to do is shoot the guys that are pushing them.

  • Jacqui

    Hi there Blair thanks for the prediction but this time I wish you didn’t predict this one. Our fuel prices here in South Africa are related to the the dollar so if your fuel is gonna jump so high then it certainly doesn’t bode well for us this side. We are having a massive .71C/litre increase this coming Wednesday which is hectic. I certainly hate to think what is coming. Thanks for the extra insight though. Regards

  • sue

    In christchurch New Zealand we pay $2.19 per litre of gas. my man just said theres 4.25 litres in a gallon so thats equivalent to $9.30 per gallon!! It hurts…you really have to plan your journeys. That is if you haven’t got plenty of $$$$ of course! Its criminal.

  • carla

    This could be a boost to public transport —buses, trains –instead of private vehicles. I ride a bike ! Have done so for 33 years! Very economical. (I share petrol costs with others when travelling out of town).

  • Mike

    I think UK and US And France said some weeks back they will be releasing some reserves to combat lowering supplies and effect on growth etc. every time there is a war it goes up but never comes down when matters settle. Demand from china and hapan has slowed due to GFC. Countries like Iraq, Libya that have stabilized that should help with supply has not produced any more supplies. Oil has varied from $60 to $130 on and off but only now gas prices have risen, why?. I paid $1.43 litre in QLD AU yesteday. 70c of which is tax roughly. The higher the price per litre the more tax is collected perhaos?. I think chinese motorists pay about $0.40c a litre?. No tax :)).

  • liz

    Thank you for the extra prediction!Being constantly manipulated by the powers that be is fun!

  • Debra Schreurs

    Seriously, President Obama has done his best and is still trying.
    Republicans left this mess. Raising gas prices, to discredit the President. Shame on them! The hardship they are causing to millions of people. Whats next bring in a republican and take away the elderly social security. We have to stand as one. This is the time to stand united as one. Don’t let in a republican…..

    Thank you Blair

  • Sonia

    Wow, here in Quebec, Canada, the prices are pretty high too. I live in the country and travel by car to go work in the city. Way too far to bike, and I have to bring the kids to school and daycare on the way. My vehicul is a necessity. Unless I win the lottery, then I can stay home, or will be able to afford the gas prices. Thanks Blair!

  • Elaine

    Theres been a right fiasco here in Britain, David Cameron and his government are anything but heroes when it came to dealing with the possible strike of tanker drivers on health and safety issues etc. They had everyone panic buying even though there was no definite strike going to happen within at least 10 days yet there were gas stations running out of gas becuase of the panic buying. Then one of their idiots told people to fill up with jerry cans which is a serious risk in itself to store them, a woman accidently set herself alight transferring some gas into bottles for her daughter’s car when she had her gas cooker on and is now in intensive care. As for the prices of gas here, its already horrendous prices and were hiked up during the panic buying. Many think our government were really only encouraging panic buying to get the gas taxes in a great amount because an oil rig off Aberdeen in Scotland has stopped producing because of a leakage and the government won’t get those tax revenues from Total’s oil rig and surrounding ones whilst they stop the gas leak. For many, cars are a necessity so it seems the governments of both countries have no problem hitting people with sky high prices for gas.

  • Karen

    We don’t need no stinkin “Hero”! We need HONEST people running this country, such as WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  • Elfie

    Stop demonizing Obama! It doesn’t matter what he does or doesn’t do….the haters will hate. Just think how things would be with a president Romney….he doesn’t give a dime about anything,but getting the title and the power.Something he’s not able to buy

  • Marianne

    I’ve felt the exact same thing….Obummer will manipulate gas prices close to election day. PLEASE tell me you are not changing your prediction about him being a one term President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tania

    OH my!!! It’s bad enough now!
    I love your predictions by the way ;-)

  • Julian

    We need the New Ice Age NOW! to freeze prices :)

  • glenn

    I don’t think electing another president will help lower gas prices ($6 to $8 dollars WTH??)…Putting a cap on oil company greed and corruption will be more effective.

  • Nick

    “During President Obama’s first two years in office, the U.S. government added more to the U.S. national debt than the first 100 U.S. Congresses combined.”

    Simple math people. Bush raised the debt 4.35 trillion in eight years. Obama has raised it 5.6 trillion in four.

    Blame Bush all you like. Facts are facts.

  • Colleen

    The thing here in New Zealand is that our US dollar is up to .81c so it is helping to keep our gas prices down. If ever it returns to what it was just a few years ago of around .52c our gas prices will go through the roof. Let’s hope something is done before this happens. Keep these predictions coming Blair.

  • Cindy k.

    He announced last week he will release some reserve just before the election .. so I believe he will try and look like a hero, however if he wanted to be a hero he should have done that right after he was put in office …

  • Betty

    The “unjustified” upsurge in gas prices is already a political move on the part of the large oil companies in an attempt to influence the election by discrediting the current admistation. It seems logical that Obama would follow up by releasing reserves right before the election. The ordinary citizen is the one being harmed the most by this senseless political tactic. Hopefully, someday, the country and it’s citizens will take precedence over political wrangling.

  • Karen

    You predicted that a Republican will win the Presidency in 2012. Do you think Obama releasing the oil reserves will change that prediction. Also thanks for your predictions.

  • Victor

    Count yourselves lucky with $6 a gallon . In south Africa we pay R11.70 per litre which equals about $6.24 per gallon very little public transport and now the govt wants to toll the road at about 6.4 cents a mile in urban areas.
    Electricity to go up 16% and this in a country where there is 45% unemployment.Thanks for your predictions once again

  • CC

    STOP IT…. stop using fear tactics to get a response from people. Gas prices WILL NOT go to $6-8 !! from someone that works in the industry and doesn’t need a psychic prediction to prove this wrong.

    • Blair Robertson

      I don’t think I deserve that comment, frankly, CC…especially coming from YOU. I’ve bent over backwards trying to relieve people of fears such as the end of the world and earthquakes that knock the world off of it’s axis, to name just two recent ones. If I really wanted to scare the crap out of people, I wouldn’t do it with gas prices for goodness sake… and I get a terrific response without the need to do so.


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