Orbs In Blair's Office

Orbs In Blair's Office

Orbs. Those floating balls of light that manifest themselves in photos.

Some orbs float, while others appear to be caught in the moment of zipping across the image.

Look closer. Is that the face of a loved one? Aunt Minnie? Grandad?

One of the benefits of doing live mediumship evenings across the country is meeting attendees after the event during meet-and-greets. I love it.

At virtually every event someone either asks–or shows–a photo with orbs in it.

I'm often asked for a spiritual explanation of what the orbs are.

My explanation is always met with mixed feelings. Some in the crowd will laugh, others will often be upset, and others will will shrug it off.

My goal is not to hurt or offend people. That said,  there are many who believe in things that are just not the truth. My job–my mission–is to get people focused on the truth and not the lies.

Listen: spirits do communicate, they are around and I'm telling you that you don't “die” ever. You and your loved ones will get to the other side aka: heaven. But there are myths that I can't support and this is one of them!

WARNING: Some may be seriously offended by what I'm about to reveal. And please also note that I'm addressing orbs in photographs, not orbs seen with the naked eye, which is an entirely different matter. 

What Are Orbs In Pictures, Blair?

Orbs are specs of dust. Period.

Orbs OFTEN only appear when a flash is turned on and used in taking a photo.

Here's how they occur: the flash hits a spec of dust and illuminates it. Due to the fact that the camera is set to take a picture of something in the distance (depth of field), it makes the spec out of focus.

Voila. A ball of light. An orb. Ta-da!!!

You don't have to believe me. Instead, test it out for yourself.

Go outside at night when it's dark. Take two pictures of the same thing: preferably something illuminated in the distance like a lamp post.

1. Take a picture WITHOUT the flash.

2. Turn the flash on, and take a second picture.

The first photo will not have orbs. The second photo will.

Consider This

Think about it for a minute. Your loved ones ARE around you, take my word on that. I'm a psychic medium and can assure you of that. Why on earth would they go to the trouble of getting inside your camera to appear in a picture?

The answer is, they wouldn't.

Instead of taking photos and looking for orbs in pictures, why not make yourself more aware of the presence of spirits around you? They are there. Forget the pictures and FEEL their presence! Isn't that a better idea?

I think so.

I consider orbs in photos to be a distraction from the REAL relationship you can be having with spirit, your spirit guides and your loved ones.

Instead of looking for false manifestations, why not experience spirit daily? Feel them around you. Feel the love.


The history of spirits in photos goes way back. In the early days of photography, anomalies in photos were considered ghosts.

And, upon realizing that a photo plate could be used twice, fake photos could be created as well.

History is filled with photos of ghosts and in virtually every case that I have seen there's a physical explanation.

Have Fun!

Want to freak a friend out? Turn your flash on on your camera. Take a dirty and dusty rag and shake it above your head. Then, quickly take a photo of your friend.

Look at the photo. Orbs!!!

Freak your friends out for fun! Try it, it's fun!

My Orbs

The orbs you see in my photo were taken with my iPhone and using a tissue. I simply shook the tissue vigorously and then snapped the shot.

Note that most of the orbs “stand still” but also note the “moving” orb to the upper left.

While there are spirits in my home, these orbs aren't them. These orbs are imposters! 🙂

When I posted this to my Facebook page, hundreds saw faces, images and people in the photo. While there is absolutely no doubt that the grain of the wood has patterns, the wall is painted a solid red color and the lighting was natural.

Are those people who saw faces delusional? NO, not at all! But we must make sure we aren't chasing after things that aren't authentic, as this distracts us from what IS AUTHENTIC: and that's that our loved ones are near us right now.

Here's An Important Caveat

Am I saying that spirits couldn't ever appear in a photo? No, not at all!

I'm sure if a spirit really wanted to be photographed, it would be. But if Uncle John really wanted to be photographed, I would like to think his image would be infinitely cleared than a spec on the shot. Heck, if it were me, I'd be PHOTOBOMBING the pic with a goofy face!

I'm not alone in this belief. Orbs are the bane of professional photographers seeking the perfect picture. Stephen Wagner, who hosts the Paranormal page on About.com agrees and even wonders how this thinking even came to be.

Chip Coffey, in his book Growing Up Psychic (p22) agrees they are contaminants in the air.

An excellent article by the Southern States Paranormal Research Society does a terrific job of providing technical explanations.

You Be The Judge!

You be the judge. Some of you will read this and simply choose to continue to believe that the specs of dust are family members. And that's fine by me.

But I do hope that my explanation helps a majority of you to understand that your loved ones aren't in the pictures. They are around you right now. Don't miss the boat.

My goal is to show you that love never dies, your loved ones ARE around you and that you don't need specs of dust to give you false hope. Instead, connect with your loved ones on a real level: in your heart.

One final thought: it would be much easier for me to “agree” that they are spirits. I believe that's why many other mediums do just that, as it's an easy ‘out.' But I'd be lying, and I cannot do that. Orbs are distractions. Seek the truth.

I welcome your comments. Share this with your friends!


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  1. Diane Heilman at - Reply

    You’re losing me…what about the orbs in videos that are zooming about in a room?… What about the ones that I don’t need a camera to see?

    • karolp at - Reply

      i have video’s with orbs flying in my video’s and me and my 2 children seen an orb with out own eye’s without the camera. I didnt say what i seen i asked both my children asked me if i seen it. So i beg to differ.

      • Dee Deligrande at - Reply

        I have video of flying orbs as well an seen in my house by eye.. in a upstairs room with all my blinds closed and I’m just video recording my 1 yr old son playing in his old swing and a orb starting flying around the room around him.. u can see it on the walls and the floor and comes towards me, in the video.. but my girlfriends mom had just passed away a few months ago and we have her ashes here in our house..so I’m wondering if it is her spirit watching over him and us in our house because if u see the video the orb starts flying around my son and then he falls out of the swing almost on his head and it swoops back around almost like it helps him not to fall wrong and it comes at me like it’s pissed I let him play in the swing.. and my girl comes in the room which is her mom that passed away and sees the same thing. . Then it goes away. .

        • Nina Sadurskis at - Reply

          Hi i also have orbs in every video I take in my mothers house at different times of the day, night and throughout the year. They fly in different patterns and are different shapes and sizes. I have looked and looked for some explanation for this and cannot find one. I like to believe that its my ex partner and father to my daughter, making sure we are both alright.

      • Mary at - Reply

        My daughter saw an orb with her own eyes, about 5am, and it was in the bedroom while she stared for about a half a minute, it then shot across the room leaving a trail of light behind it. (Not a dust particle)

        • Jackie at - Reply

          I saw an orb in my home near the top of my wall…it was circling and then started coming away from the wall and then shot towards me and hit me in the chest. My whole upper body went numb for several seconds until I cried out a bit and then all was well again. It really shook me up.

        • Mandy at - Reply

          Wow I’ve seen two blue orbs with my eyes thay fly around me then went through the wall thay left a blue and orange trail of light behind them . Was amazing to see with my natural eye

        • James Gales at - Reply

          We seen them too same place Bedroom very bright ball so peaceful feeling it gave off a Rideant bright glow as i draw closer

      • Noelia at - Reply

        I agree I see then constantly moving about and they are soo quick I have to be jn a really relaxed state of mind to see them and I also see what seems like smoke sort of drift quickly front the corner I’d my eyes yes they are much more visible with the cam but I have seen them as well with my very own eyes

        • Malcolm Dervan at - Reply

          my friend can make smoke appear between his fingers we have video of this occurence and i can
          assure you no trick was involved this was after an orb shot into his hand.

      • Sean at - Reply

        The orbs are not spirits. I’m sorry i’m blessed with the gift. Unfortunately my neighbor have had many videos and pics and usually running around with these orbs is a little goblin (not saying its a goblin)like creature but lighter skined 3-4′ and likes to play tugging cables or swinging blinds as we have video doing. Look high, or peaking around corners but usually you’ll find him ( eventually ) me on the other hand well i finally trapped whats been biting and sucking my blood that are close to 2″ and strangely shaped well ill leave that out but people being misguided by this stuff is horrrible and they need to know what they’re really keeping in there house. It has been a nightmare for us, even attacking my son after smacking one crawling up my thigh. This is ugh pointless.. thank you have a great day and goodluck. And believe me i know this is all crazy but it took many times repeating test and getting witnesses and in the end i still feel crazy. lol bye

        • Bella at - Reply

          I’m pretty sure that’s called a mosquito

      • Rebecca Johnson at - Reply

        I feel spirit orbs before I turn on my camera to record. Then I see dust and I know 99% are dust but there is definitely spirits in some orbs and it’s B’S just because u haven’t experienced it yourself to say that. Like you’d say spirits don’t exist because u have not seen them. I have seen with my own eyes but it’s orbs they still come as even tho I’ve seen full bodied apparition too. You’re wrong.

    • tina at - Reply

      I believe in it I have hors d’oeuvres and spirits in my home and my dog just died as well and she’s here with me as well

    • Belinda Mayo-Diaz at - Reply

      Hello, while I was out I was looking at the camera in my handicapped sons room and I saw a very distinctive white round bright circle the moved near his dresser and then shot through the curtain I have up on his doorway. I’ve caught many what I think are orbs before just around him but nothing like that before so bright big and clear. Because I don’t understand it I guess it frighten me. I’ve tried to put it out my mind but can’t. I’m in a very old colonial house and have had spirtualists here that have said nothing bad is here and one said that my relatives are around me but are worried about me which that was a few years ago. This what I’m thinking was a big orb happened just on 2-25-16. Any opions on what I’m experiencing?

      • Daniel webster at - Reply

        I’ve took pictures both with and without the Flash balls of light Racing across the sky at Hypersonic speed and before anybody tries to cut me off it outran the classified jet that was there and the Jet brakes hard to keep from running into it on numerous different occasions the same orbs that people claim simply dust specs I don’t think a classified jet would break hard from a dust Speck but a giant orbs yes

    • we have thesame thing diane, also have pics of ghost

    • Elizabeth at - Reply

      My dad passes away in June 2017. We put up a video camera in her home. Living room & bedroom. It on all the time. Nothing happens until she is sleeping at night. Sometimes it’s one large orb just floating around her while she sleeps. Ther times several. But when she is not in her room nothing happens. If it’s someone else I’m there nothing. Only when she is there. All her children can see it from our home on our ipads

      • Rob at - Reply

        I experience the same thing at my mother’s house on indoor video every night when lights go out, just two nights ago I saw a neighbours dog was playing with something over its head in the living room .

    • Tiffany at - Reply

      My surveillance cameras goes crazy at night with orbs big n small, all moving at different speeds and directions!! It’s like each one has their own personality There’s no denying that their more than just dust or reflective light.

  2. Terry Evans at - Reply

    Thank you for clearing this up. I’ve wondered. ..how do you connect with your spirits?

  3. Pamela at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    Thank you for the article, very interesting. I have a question. Ive been on a journey into my own psychic awakening and about a year ago at the onset my best friend saw an “Orb” dancing around my head. This was on my back deck and not in a picture. Her physical reaction and just her character tell me that she absolutely saw this. Is it maybe because spirit new she would be more comfortable seeing a familiar “orb” rather than another form manifested?
    I hope this finds you well. I’ve had a couple of readings from you and you are truly amazing and an inspiration to me along my own path.

    Kindest Regards,

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Pamela: thanks very much for the compliment. That means a lot.

      There’s a difference between *seeing* an orb/light/spirit with the naked eye vs. a photo. What your friend had was a spiritual connection–which is the whole point of my message. She (and you) *experienced* it.

      In the end, as I wrote, it matters little if people choose to believe that orbs in pics are loved ones. Spirit has simply pointed out it’s a needless distraction.

      • Aaron at - Reply

        This also happened to me my Mom and sister seen a white orb above my head following me it blew there mind……I am not a psychic although I have had lots of paranormal activity around me all positive…..I can sense things SOMETIMES like I know if I am going to run into somebody on the street I will tell my wife I got a feeling I am going to see my dad in this place. (at the time we hadn’t talk for a few months) then I run into him and I wasn’t surprised but my wife sure was. Or the time I told my wife and daughter that I hear my son crying for me it was weird I heard him like he was behind me(he was with his grandma) then my Mom calls and say’s he is crying for me…..things go on and off in my apartment all the time weird timing to like if I am having deep spiritual conversation with my wife our bedroom lamp turns on this happens always when things get DEEP or if I am doing really good and I feel very positive. one time our coffee maker turns on like it’s brewing you can hear the water but it has no water it creeps my wife out but I don’t feel anything negitive I feel like somthing is trying to communicate with me….this is the first time I talked about this outside my family…………WTF is goin on what does the orb mean?? why all this is happening to me??????

        • kiu at - Reply

          You are experiencing a deeper level of awareness. I experienced the same thing when I was meditating daily, once I stopped it went way. I kinda lost it.
          Don’t be afraid of it, it will get much interesting and you will start enjoying. surrender to it. Request protection and guidance from the spiritual world, its always available to you. anytime and any day!
          You are using more of your brain and senses than anyone else out there. you are in the moment, present and living in the now which helps you see, hear & feel things that distracted people can’t. You are experiencing something special that most people will never get to live. After my experience, I am never the same, it changed my life forever and for better. There are more to life than what we think we know. God bless.

  4. gertrude at - Reply

    Thank you in clearing that up, and i truly believe what you said to be so..

  5. Tracy Buening at - Reply

    I enjoyed that. I think your right. Almost… I believe that manifestation can and have been caught but in the infer-red…they show purpose. Dust and water are random. I believe that the flash can create many different anomalies… I don’t buy ’em either. I have super simplified my thoughts here but ya get it.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Tracy: I’m not familiar with the infrared imaging. Again, my point is that in the effort to try to “capture” them is redundant as they are right there with you.

  6. Linda Brenkus at - Reply

    First of all – I applaud you Blair for speaking to this in the first place! Although I agree (to a degree) and think that much of this is actually dust particles – I also see a huge difference between those images and the ones that I know absolutely are spirit. Just yesterday a friend of mine shared a pic that she took of her son visiting his biological mother (he’s her foster son). Before she got there she asked spirit to protect him and as she was taking the pic spirit whispered in her ear (this is the only shot you’ll get). The picture shows the boy sitting on the sofa with one other child and the biological mom nearby – it also clearly shows a huge bubble that is encasing the child – now that is no spec of dust! So I applaud you for opening this discussion and trying to get the focus onto what is much more important – our connections that are present all the time whether we see them or not but I do very respectfully disagree with you that some of us do absolutely see spirit manisfesting in this way these days and it’s getting more and more common for whatever reason.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Thanks Linda. I can’t comment on the pic, but the fact is that your friend *experienced* spirit. THAT’S the point.

      • Bryan at - Reply

        My previous house was haunted and we ended up moving. Long story short at my new house I saw a orb during the day at my front door inside the house. My 15 years old son and I both saw. The orb was the size of a large plate. Hovering about 4 feet off the ground. For 10 seconds we stared and when we went forwards it the orb slowly went to another room and disappeared We had noises going on in the new house and sounded like a sprinkler system going off in kitchen. Well I spoke to a physic and she told me who the orb was and what he was telling us. He warned us of a gas leak. She told me where it was and she was 100% right. Gas company found the leak exactly where she said. Crazy.

        • Susan at - Reply

          Several years back I was looking to buy a small brick cape cod in the North Arlington area. My real estate agent and her partner took me and my mom to view this lovely four bedroom two bath house totally refinished. It was lovely from the outside. Inside was a different matter. I felt dizzy and nauseous in the upstairs basement. And when we went to look at the basement, I saw four bright orbs the size of a plate in the corner of the basement ceiling. At first I thought it was my imagination, but when I blinked they began flying around the basement. When I told my mom, she pushed me towards the stairs and we left the house immediately. She said she did not see anything.
          We waited outside for the real agents -they did not know we had left.

  7. peggy ingeman at - Reply

    what about blue smoke that shows up in pic around peeps when it really has no reason to b there and u dont see it when taking the pic?My daughter inlaw has taking them of my son which kida freaked her out a bit lol.what about orbs inside orbs like the ring around the moon is what they remind me of still dust just woundering thax peggy ingeman

    • chrissy at - Reply

      I happened to think there are orbs, but 2 each their own.. After a near death/ spiritual awakening, I see orbs in my dark room all the time along with loved one’s.. I believe if they can manifest using their vibrational energy, they can manifest sometimes just enough as a orb, while others can manifest completely..
      As what you are talking about Peggy , it sounds to me like you are seeing Auro’s. Some people can see them very easily. Auro’s also change with the mood – the emotional vibration of the person at a certain time.
      I have needed the assistance of well known healers to help me control what I bring into my space.
      LOL sorry Blair not with ya on this one.. Still love ya.. Hugs.

      • chrissy at - Reply

        Also I do believe more are FAKES then true orbs, particles of dust are easily taken as orbs all the time.. You have to be in a controlled space with NO flash.

      • Blair Robertson at - Reply

        LOL! You are more than welcome to disagree. But, at NO TIME did I say manifestations don’t occur… I’m talking about photos. IF you are seeing an ‘orb’ in your room, that’s an entirely different thing.

  8. Linda Brenkus at - Reply

    Yes and I forgot to mention the other factor here – the orbs that some of us see with the naked eye – in different colors at specific times when we also feel a presence – are you saying that this is dust too? Especially when it is children who see these – I’m not buying that it is dust!

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Linda: no, I’m not saying that at all. My comments were specific to photos.

      Kids, by the way, can often see stuff that adults cannot. But you hit the nail on the head when you said “at specific times when we also feel a presence.”

      THAT is what spirit wants to achieve.

      • Sharon Lydviksen at - Reply

        Blair. I loved the way you said this. My 6 yr old granddaughter said she saw my grandmother, my cat, and my daughter’s deceased friend all at the same time. She said she could actually see my grandma but only felt my cat and friend. She has told me after I put a pic of my grandma in her room that she sits with her sometimes when she can’t sleep and she never saw a pic of her before. She asked me who she was. She knew David had drawn a picture for my daughter years ago and no one told her. She said she is not kidding. Someday we will ask you for help with this when my daughter straightens up and gets a job and holds it. Thank you for all your posts. I hope to be on the white light Saturday.

      • Carrie at - Reply

        I have a friend with inferred cameras with no flash of course n she lives on an old Indian ground…can’t say burial ground cause I’m not sure but the images are INSANE! I know pol can hack images but these are unreal n we have seen orbs…colored orbs n in one video there are thousands all different colors n going in a wind tunnel shape….another time her daughter was standing in the driveway n when we watched the video there was red yellown blue smoke coming out of the ground. Is there any where I can possibly share these videos n pics to get your opinion??? Please let me know. Ty so much! Also what about video ING to capture images?

  9. Jennifer at - Reply

    The orbs on any of my photos have always been explainable. I feel my loved ones with me everyday, a soft touch a certain smell and I do know which side of me they are on so that when I feel a touch I know who it is. Now I have had a few photos that have blurs in them and the photos before and after have none without any cleaning of the camera lens.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      You feel your loved ones every day. Awesome. You got it…

  10. Amber Yanke at - Reply

    I lost my fiancé to suicide about a year ago. I think the shock is starting wear off. It was the worst thing I hve ever been through. I would give anything to know he is around. How would someone go about doing this? I have never missed someone so much in my life. And would love the help to communicate with him. No one knows why he he chose suicide. He left 2 children here. I guess I just don’t get it. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      I’m sorry for your loss but I simply can’t give messages here for free, otherwise thousand of others would expect the same, I’m sure you understand. I do free readings on radio shows, please try to call in then. That said, our loved ones are always around. Have faith.

      • Carrie at - Reply

        I have a friend with inferred cameras with no flash of course n she lives on an old Indian ground…can’t say burial ground cause I’m not sure but the images are INSANE! I know pol can hack images but these are unreal n we have seen orbs…colored orbs n in one video there are thousands all different colors n going in a wind tunnel shape….another time her daughter was standing in the driveway n when we watched the video there was red yellown blue smoke coming out of the ground. Is there any where I can possibly share these videos n pics to get your opinion??? Please let me know. Ty so much! Also what about video ING to capture images?

  11. Vicky at - Reply

    I have seen many many orbs on top of my ex while he was asleep. At first I immediately thought how beautiful the lights were, and for some odd reason I felt like they were trying to help him, but there was one that was bad and entered his body. Something made me feel that it was meant to be, I was not to be afraid, and go back to sleep!

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Seeing orbs is a different subject matter, my comments were specific to photos.

    • john at - Reply

      Hey Vicky how did you know that one of the orbs was bad?

    • Linda Pilarski at - Reply

      I’m very interested in your experience about orb entering your body post. I too have experienced orb entering my body. Have been curious about it.

  12. mickee at - Reply

    I’ll take your word for it, you obviously know about these things,i don’t, wish i did, lost my son in Jan. and have been devastated,wish i knew he was ok on the other side!

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      All of our loved ones on the other side are “ok.” 🙂

  13. Judy Mealy at - Reply

    my friend and I seen about 20 Orbs that went pass us in a church,we put the camera up to our facies and didn’t even take a picture or flash and we both seen them sped by us,what would be your take on that?

  14. Norma at - Reply

    Hi!! Well what I have to say..I’m surprised lol. It’s okay and your explanation does make sense,but we want to “believe” what we would love to see,from our beloved ones departed. I always think and dream about them,to me that’s more than enough. Thank you Blair for clarifying the “orbs” now there’s no more confusion. God bless you.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      I think that’s just it. People *want* to believe. My job as a spiritual medium is to bring clarity… it’s a wee bit scary at times as I recognize I’m being asked to address something that is contrary to what others teach… spirit wants a more personal relationship with us and wants us to avoid the distractions.

  15. cathy at - Reply

    Why then when I took a picture of the Bishop at my son’s conformation there is over his head in Two pictures an orb shaped like the holy spirit –sort of like a diamond shape?

  16. Deb Ward at - Reply

    Right after my Dad passed, 17 yrs ago on Christmas Day, I saw 3 orbs they were green and one was smaller than the other. It was January when I pulled into my driveway and noticed a green glow coming from my dining room window. Not thinking too much of it I got out of the car and it got brighter which prompted me to look in the window, couldn’t imagine what this was coming from, keep in mind I knew nothing about orbs at that time, but for some reason I knew it was my Dad and 2 more relatives, possibly my Gram and daughter. Do u think I was right? He was the first thing I thought of cause I always asked him for a sign when he was alive on earth. Thanks, love to read ur articles. Deb

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Deb: you experienced it. If you felt it was your relatives, it’s extremely likely it was. There’s a major difference between experiencing connections like you did, vs. trying to guess who the ‘orb’ is in a photo. HUGE difference.

      That is what spirit wants.

  17. Dianna Harris at - Reply

    I don’t know Blair, you blew me away with this one..I do agree some orbs are dust but not all..I have done the dust test, hair test, water, etc. I do have many photos that are not orbs, and I have many that are.I also have videos with orbs flying through them..I have also seen them with my eyes appear..So I guess it comes down to I’m gonna believe some of the orbs we pick up are real, since spirit is all around us as you say 🙂 Also you seem to be going against all the other mediums out there that talk about orbs..Thanks for letting me vent here, but maybe you need to do a little more exploring into the subject..Peace always, i’m going orb hunting..Ha ha

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      I am *absolutely* going against what some other mediums are claiming. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. There’s no “seems” just to be clear! 🙂

      I’ve done a LOT of exploring, btw, and have spoken to many photographers about this subject matter. But truthfully, I don’t care so much about what the photographers say as I do what spirit says.

      If you feel your spirit and loved ones around you, you get it. If you choose to believe that orbs in photos are real, hey, it’s your life and choice.

  18. Nerida Hendry at - Reply

    not dust at all. I have 4 pics taken OUTSIDE during the day, (NO FLASH) of a young 5 yr old girl, playing, all at different angles as she walked around, all had a HUGE 6 sided orb above her head, nothing above the other kids in the pics, wish I could load them on here for you to see.

  19. Patti at - Reply

    Personally I disagree with you… I am guessing I am not the first one given your intro. I do not see faces in the orbs in my experience but in working in the wedding business and having many photos taken, a picture with just the bride and her sister all have the orb ( recently crossed over parent) and in none of the other photos… Not on the lens and we do not shake napkins between photos… This is just one example, I have hundreds… The only pictures, all 10 with just the daughters have the orb! … I hope you do believe our angels and or crossed over loved ones do leave signs for us. Love ANC light, patti

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      You can disagree. I’m cool with that.

      If you are asking if I believe in angels and signs, you need to follow me a bit more on Facebook… but the short answer is: absolutely.

      • Jeni at - Reply

        I had an experience over a year ago…

        I had been caring for my grandmother who was in late stage Alzheimer’s disease. I had just laid back down after tending to her and began to praying for comfort, strength, happiness and hope that I wouldn’t lose my faith that Love is real! I was at the end of a failing domestic partnership(a reality was) and concerned that I wasn’t strong enough for the experience I knew I must contend with… Watching my “mother-figure” lose all she was slowly. Just as I finished praying, I opened my eyes to see a light gray, almost clear orb near the top of my bedroom door. As the orb began to brighten and intensify, I realized I wasn’t seeing things. I sat up and woke my now ex, and asked if he could see what I was seeing. He did and jumped up to look at it! I remember feeling overwhelmed with emotions of happiness, calm, peace, and awe in the beauty of the experience. I could hear him say, “Jen, it’s no reflection of light, it’s completely black in this room!” I remember reaching out toward it and saying, “Do you see it? It’s so beautiful!” Then as it got brighter and brighter, I could see a face and remember thinking (but I was speaking out loud), THERE YOU ARE! The face was not someone I could recognize as my grandfather or brother who had passed away previous few years. It was intense feelings and emotions I felt but yet I had never felt so at peace and spiritual. I laid down and slept more sound than ever before. The next morning I woke questioning, what just happened to me. Am I crazy? Did this happen? I couldn’t speak for hours… Till we (now ex husband) spoke and he confirmed that he saw it also but he did not have the experience that I had… He saw no face in the orb, and he could only account the fact that I was obviously seeing something beautiful and so amazing and that I laid down and fell right to sleep.

        I questioned this moment, and searched for answers to understand. 8months ago I was on a first date with now THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! We walked, talked, dined. We sat down on a bench along Main St. in this little downtown area chatting and people watching.. suddenly I felt what seemed to be someone running their finger up my back, both our hands were in front of us…. I looked around to find no one else but us near! I got goosebumps, and was obviously shaken by it. He grabbed my hand, and asked if I was okay. It was at that moment, I looked at his beautiful smiling face and realized OMG! THAT’S THE FACE! THE ORB! And I couldn’t be more in love with a person as I am with him… He puts his arms around me and I can’t use any other word but PEACE. We lived on same street, shared friends, have been barely missing each other for years… Even living less than 2miles from each other. We both feel very blessed, as both our prayers have been answered and we are together sharing life

        • Jeni at - Reply

          Idk if it’s connected but I had a similar less intense experience last night but as I was falling asleep.. but this time about his mother, who passed when he was 2. I know really only that about her and that he doesn’t remember her. But this morning I woke with the words she spoke in my dream resonating over and over… I’m used to having connected dreams but am I picking up on his energy? To be having dreams of her… I have always been a bit empathic since I was little and a psychic told my stepmother I had gifts when I was 4.

          Just looking for some insight.

  20. kat at - Reply

    I new about orbs and never thought it’s anything else but dust. Now I can be sure. I would like to know where bad people go,I don’t like idea of somebody I didn’t like in life to be ‘around me all the time’ just because we were related during life. Can they influence us also and in what way? Thanks Blair.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      They are around you: all you loved ones are. And yes, even the ones you don’t “like.” But that’s a topic for another day.

  21. Sharon at - Reply

    When I was about 19, we lived in a log cabin. My mom was out of town. It was Christmas time. My dad, little brother and I was watching tv when all of a sudden we all three saw an orb bouncing all over the great room. We chased that orb all over the cabin. It went up the center of our live Christmas tree several times. We never could figure out what it was but we chased it for over 1 hour, before we told it to keep going that we were going to bed. Don’t know if it stopped or not, we covered our heads. What or who could it have been?

  22. silvia at - Reply

    im that type of person,i only believe it when i see it,i always tell my husband thats dust,but him and his family they so stuck on that its real orbs.

  23. Becky Cianci at - Reply

    Blair, my opinion on the orbs is that they may be dust & they may not. Each circumstance is different. However, I do want to say that although sometimes the astral forms of the departed hang around, they should not. They should continue their journey, sometimes going to one of the many heavens, sometimes being re-born immediately into the body of a person, animal, tree, wherever their karmas may be paid. I don’t know whether or not you accept the concept of transmigration but many great mystics certainly have as you go way back into time. Plato, Pythagoras, Kabir, Rumi, Ovid, etc., etc. Just wanted to say….

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      I absolutely believe in reincarnation and karma.

  24. Dahlia at - Reply

    Woah! You blew me away with this one. Didn’t see it coming and I’m not sure if I agree 100%… although, there were these pics I took at a tourist “ghoto” ranch once with “Orbs” all over my photos. All these years I’ve been thinking I hit the jackpot with those pics and now I realize it was probably just the dirt on the ground getting rustled up into my pictures. What a bummer! Thanks a lot! lol (I kidding) 😀

  25. Dahlia at - Reply

    Correct, I meant GHOST, not “ghoto” 🙂

  26. Shari at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    I would agree that it can be specs of dust as we have taken photo’s at night & the bugs will look the same. However when my husband & I were married the photographer took a photo of us without the use of a filter, with a 35mm camera (1987) there was a photo that was a ring around us that was only blurred in the area it covered on either side of the ring the photo was in focus, there isn’t any physical reason why it occurred ~ it was the only photo with the ring. It is believed by family it was my father in spirit.

  27. 0marci at - Reply

    I agree, most Orbs are dust. Occasionally one will not be. But I have taken two pictures of spirt, its more of a smoke or fog in the pictures. And both were taken without flash on clear days. The photo before of after would be clear but one shot will show this fog across the picture.
    The first one I took on 9-11 yes the 9-11. its shape is of a bird with a hooked beak. We were eating lunch after riding to a pristine lake high in the wilderness.
    The second was on vacation in 05, we had stopped to take a shot of a cute horse. When I had them developed-yes not a digital photo-either one- there was the fog across it.
    Kind of cool I think.

  28. Bill at - Reply

    I agree with the majority here…there are many kinds of spiritual orbs, not just dust orbs taken with a flash camera. If you had wanted to avoid all the backlash, you could have added to your explanation about the ‘real’ spiritual orbs also that are sometimes taken with a camera without flash and ones seen without ANY camera.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Bill, hindsight is perfect. In case I wasn’t clear: I do not believe spirit manifests itself in photos, period. I apologize to you and everyone else for the confusion. I do believe in manifestations, however, but that’s entirely different.

  29. Katherine Overby at - Reply

    No one should get mad, Blair. Especially for your expression of what you feel certain is the truth. I try never to discredit anything unless I experience it first hand and then examine what I have seen/heard/experienced for myself. People usually want to believe the things that they WANT something to be. Anything out of the norm should be analyzed and researched with reliable sources. I consider you to be a reliable source. 🙂

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Katherine: thanks. Yes, I do believe that. People *want* to believe, and I get that. But orbs in pics are a distraction. I want people to believe the REAL connections. 🙂

  30. Bonnie Parsons at - Reply

    I’m sorry………I am a senior citizen and cannot afford to send you money for a reading. I have had really a rather bad time with husband-picking in this life! I was given a good one…..Kym and he died very young. I thought that was MOST unfair, as he had been something that was very good for me and my kids. I have remarried since then……..not happily. I feel Kym around me a lot……am I imagining this?? Wishful thinking on my part?

  31. bbvinillaheart at - Reply

    I have never gotten an orb with the flash on only when turned off.

  32. Cindie at - Reply

    I think some of the orbs in photos can be explained as you have above. But I don’t believe all of them are explained that way. I have a photo I took of my cat outside during the day. No flash was used. There is a orb above his head in the picture and he is obviously looking at it. There could have been dust, but there wasn’t a flash to reflect the dust as an orb. Also, watching the long island Medium a couple of weeks ago and she went to a couples house who had a baby. They had one of those video monitors for the baby. Previously while checking the baby on the monitor they saw an orb but the orb was moving. You might want to the TLC website and see if you can’t watch that video.

    • Andrea at - Reply

      Hi Cindie, I also had an experience with the baby monitor. My daughter was sleeping in her crib in the pitch dark and my husband and I saw an orb floating next to her crib on the baby monitor. The way it moved it was definitely not a piece of dust, we tested the camera, the lighting in the room and the shades to make sure no outside light was getting in. After floating in the same place for at least a half hour it shot through the wall in a flash and disappeared. I took a small video of the baby monitor showing it floating next to the crib. The following week I found out I was pregnant with my son and I believe it was his spirit or someone else’s checking us out! 🙂

  33. Carrie at - Reply

    I definitely am not offended–you are entitled to your opinion. The “dust” orbs looks different than the “spirit” orbs. I have taken many indoor and outdoor pictures with and without a flash on the same camera. The ONLY times the orbs usually show up is when there is a gathering of many people (many souls), or at some kind of celebration. It’s comforting to me to believe that our friendly spirits who are on the other side are joining in on the love and festivities!

  34. joanne gonzalez at - Reply

    Thank u,for explaining the truth….Now i don’t have to pray for my family to come to me in ORBS….I find it satisfied that just hearing them speak threw a psychic is enough for me….

  35. Barbara McCormack at - Reply

    Thanks for clearly that up Blair, because I have a friend who has such pictures on her camera, so now I’ll be able to explain to her that’s not really her Mom although, she did say the Pets were looking up and around while she took pictures. You are in the know, because of your Guides, so I’ll explain to her. Thanks again. <3 and blessings!

  36. Joy Wehner at - Reply

    I don’t buy it. dust? nooooo. how do you explain a pic taken by 3 people of the same thing at the same time and all having orbs? then 2 hours later that same pic taken by one of the 3 people with the same camera and no orbs. and it happened on the 5th anniversary of my grandmothers passing.
    the 3 people were myself and my 2 cousins, who all have the same grandmother. explain that!

  37. Sheri-Lynn at - Reply

    I took lots of photos in my previous home. All the photos with my youngest child was full oh orbs. Picts with my oldest child never an orb. There would be as many as 25 in one photo all different sizes. Inside the orb was always a different design. They weren’t foggy or smoky looking like the ones in your photo. Now in my new home when I take a photo there isn’t one orb in the photo. I have more dust in this new home than my last. I strongly disagree with you Blair. I too have ask other well known medium’s and they would disagree with you as well. Maybe you are the one that needs to move into the new and r still hanging onto some old belief’s.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      We don’t all agree, even if we are in the same “business.”

  38. Lena at - Reply

    I think you are correct, and also incorrect….I am sure there are times when it can be dust, and times when it can be other natural phenomenon. <<<lol. However, there are orbs that I have seen that in no way were they a natural occurrence…For example, as the person above mentioned, how they sometimes dart in and out or around photos with excessive speed, and etc, when there is no breeze in the room…Our loved ones choose how to speak to us, some might just be orbs of light/energy. However, Blair, I have kept an open mind about the subject, because I just do not know. Shaking a Kleenex in front of a cellphone camera/ a reg.camera or video and it making orbs, only proves that it can make what looks like orbs, but it does not disprove the other. 🙂 If I can see energy/Spirit without the camera, I can see it with the camera, and I have seen balls of energy, as I am sure many others have.

  39. Nan at - Reply

    How do you explain giant moving orbs that look like a spine in a picture?

  40. Diane at - Reply

    Hi Blair, as a photographer, yes, it’s dust, lens need cleaning, or a filter. Same affect photographing someone at night and their eyes are red….need a filter, more professional light, etc. I am glad you cleared this up.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Thanks Diane. Since posting this a number of photographers have sent me links to videos/articles explaining the phenomenon.

  41. chrissy at - Reply

    You need to update this page, You are way over 90.000 like.. that was like last year! 🙂 hugs.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Ha ha! Yes. I’m a bit behind!

  42. Randy Kemp at - Reply

    I’ll glad you talked about orbs. In Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (see reviews on Amazon) spends a bit of time on orbs appearing, while he was speaking. The camera is a good technical explanation. I still think Wayne would perhaps have other perspectives regarding the subject.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  43. LEONORA at - Reply

    Blair, it is OK to share your personal life experience. You can’t see orbs. You never have and with your belief you never will. That is OK!! Nobody should argue with what you are capable of seeing and experiencing. It is your personal experience. This photo does not look like an orb it looks like a smudge and dust and that is what you say it is and exactly so. You are speaking of orbs in “photos” people take, HOWEVER, I have seen orbs with my eyes and not using a camera. I have seen an orb move through a window from the outside into my house and follow me around. It dances and leaves a streak of light just like a comet when it moves. Orbs hover and do not stay still. After the orb disappeared shortly after I have seen apparitions of people who have passed. Like yourself, you are sharing what YOU personally have experienced with orbs and I am sharing what I have personally experienced with orbs. Numerous times. There was no camera involved, I was awake and aware, fully conscious on no medication and I don’t drink alcohol and saw this in plain day. Watching it move from outside my window through my window into my living room was mind blowing but it did happen. That is my personal experience. I think after you share in your email you say you have comments from people who are upset. To rectify this in the future you “MIGHT” try not to be so closed minded in saying that this is the ONLY way something can be, perhaps you could say “this is my life experience with this”… Trying to uncover the truth you can speak about your truth. Just a thought. Love and light, PEACE.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Again, I was addressing photos. Not live experiences.

      Regarding closed-minded: Would you prefer me to lie and go with the flow? Have people continue to believe something that spirit has told me is not true? It would certainly be easier for me to do so… if I told people, “yes, that’s grandma in that orb!”

      Sorry. No can do.

  44. Connie Dolan at - Reply

    What about orbs that appear in a photo days after it was taken? This happened to my son’s photo.

  45. Cindi Williams at - Reply

    I always thought that there was dust, rain, etc. on the lens. I am still trying to get in touch with my spirit guide and/or loved ones. Right after my Mother-In-Law passed away, she appeared at the back door and said she was O.K. She was standing straight up and not hunched over and she did not have a oxygen hose on her nose. I never saw her again, but I was so glad that she appeared to me. I have never seen my Natural Mother or Father, or any other relatives. I did have my adoptive Mother show up and she said “she was fine and not dead”. I said “Then who did I bury at the cemetery? That’s all I remember. I want to see and hear from my Adoptive Dad. He was a buffer between my Mom and I. I only knew him for 6 years. I miss him every day.

  46. Darlene at - Reply

    Blair…I have seen severl Orbs during the night, I have been awakened from a sound sleep only to see an Orb raise out of no where and hover acouple feet from me then just zoom up and thru a bedroom wall and be gone. But Photo’s you could be correct on that one…


  47. Belinda at - Reply

    I am starting to believe that orbs are specs of dust. I know of another psychic that does magazine readings and would refuse to answer any questions regarding photos with orbs for this reason. I have seen a lot of photobombs of spirit and I don’t understand why spirit would want to be seen as a small dot. When a loved one wants to make themselves known they really go the extra mile and then some to get a message across!!

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      I agree. It has never made sense to me. It’s a distraction. And you are 100% correct: they can/do/will get their message across if we simply let them.

  48. glynis at - Reply

    Hi Blair. Your explanation makes perfect sense to me.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Thanks Glynis

  49. sylvia at - Reply

    I disagree that ALL orbs are dust, but I do believe many are. I have actually seen light “orbs” manifest before my eyes (caught one on film) and have a couple of videos with orbs in them floating around.

  50. Carla at - Reply

    Orbs are photographed with a flash, BUT it is important to ask WHY are they in a perfect circle. If it is merely a dust particle, then why isn’t it flecked. Clearly there must be some energy present in order to make a perfect circle, or a symmetrical shape. I have seen hexagon orbs, or squares…all symmetrical. It is controlled by an energy.

  51. Linda Ellia at - Reply

    I do not believe in orbs as well as I have seen my loved ones who have passed on as well as felt their spirit and presence….thank you…Linda

  52. Mazz Pascoe at - Reply

    I agree, we all aren’t going to agree on this one and there is a reason why, research and you’ll know why

  53. CARMEN at - Reply

    Thank You Blair for the explanation in regards to the photo’s you have confirmed what already suspected.I read your article through and through and believe in what you are saying and agree spirits do not need a photo taken when they are with you already.I do sorta believe in spirits and orbs to a point.In most situations there is a just logical explanation and in fact I proven one fanatical friend wrong on occasion and her boyfriend agreed with me…. but she still refuse to see it…as anything but the ghost of her mother. and I caught someone else in a lie after they have told me they are somewhat clairvoyant. I can tell who is dillusional and someone who actually has experienced it. Sometimes I can read people very well. But I am delicate about it.

  54. Sharda Walia at - Reply

    Thanks, Blair, for being so refreshingly frank, honest and realistic !

  55. cody little at - Reply

    Ok yes these dont look like the orbs I see this looks to solid, however I have seen ones with color and a Membrane to me thats a orb….not solid.
    We are all allowed our opinion on orbs, no one is right nor wrong its just that persons Opinion.
    Me: I like to think Orbs are a part of after life and This Orb is showing that there is a after life, its showings ones self in spirit:)
    There again thats MY Opinion:)

    Cody Little
    Canadian Hauntings
    (On Facebook)

  56. Kathleen at - Reply

    I don’t think your photo looks anything like a real orb!!! Gee Blair, now I understand why you never replied to my personal email regarding “Evening of Spirit” from 11/17/12. I am disappointed that you are so closed minded about spirit orbs :(. If your ego isn’t too big maybe you could check out James Van Praagh’s Facebook page where he recently posted a photo that captured spirit.
    The vortexes in Sedona(I do believe in those too)have also been DEBUNKED…hmmm, why you are open minded to that??? Because you have experienced it. Well many have experienced orbs with the eye and in photo’s, I think it’s very bold of of to say it isn’t so. I appreciate your gift of being a psychic medium and your predictions that you share, but I’ll agree to disagree with you that spirits do not manifest that can be seen in photo’s.

  57. Susie Rosalie at - Reply

    Your explanation makes sence to me.
    Thank you.

  58. Amy at - Reply

    It’s true that a lot of orbs seen in photos are dust particles, but certainly not all. A very good and renowned psychic medium on another popular blog has asked a passed loved from the other side, what are the orbs seen in photos. This passed loved one from the other side said that “a lot of the orbs seen in photos are dust particles, but not all of them are.” He (the passed loved one) said that “the way to tell the difference is that if the orb in the photo has a fine line or a defined line around the edge making them more defined looking, then it is a dust particle. If it seems to have a light source of its own and doesn’t have a defined edge, that’s what you can call a true spiritual orb.” He said that for some people that can see faces in some of them, he said “Oh, definitely! Pictures are great for picking up spirits.”

    In other communications with the spirit world, they explain that:

    Light Orbs = Spiritual Energy
    Spiritual Energy = Spirit Light Energy Beings
    Spirit Light Energy Being = Pure Consciousness
    Pure Consciousness is incarnated into human beings.
    It is “the you” in you.

    They (Spirit) go on to explain that – “Spirit Light Energy Beings reside in the Spirit Realm which surround the Physical Dimension at an Energy Vibration that is 1000x higher. To appear in a digital photo, they take part of their energy and take it down 1000x to appear in the physical dimension for 1/200 second while the camera shutter is open.
    Spirit Energy Beings appear in a digital photo because they are asked to appear and/or because they choose to appear.”

    It is a very special honor to have Spiritual Energy Light Beings captured in your photographs.

  59. Leanne at - Reply

    Each to their own opinion… thanks for sharing your opinion however I believe and see it differently 🙂

  60. Hamish at - Reply

    I think you’ll find those marks are on the wall aren’t not dust. Orbs have an image inside of them, normally the ones that are blank with nothing inside them are dust. The orbs have peoples faces inside them.

  61. Lori at - Reply

    Im Going to try to connect with my loved ones. I hope I can.
    Take care

  62. Sue at - Reply

    Thank you so much. I’ve tried to settle this in my own mind. I have a paranormal research team and I really wanna lead my team in the right direction. I’ve never put a lot of stock in orb photos but I have some on my website and I’m thinking now that I need to remove them. Thanks again for your insight into this.

  63. Jack D at - Reply

    I have seen orbs and spirits with my naked eye. I believe firmly that spirits do make their presence known. I have no doubts and my faith in this *won’t* be shaken.

    I am also a 35+ year experienced professional photographer. You can *not* trust photos, friends, for many reasons.

    Contaminants are the number one cause of orbs, flashes, steaks and anomalies. Lighting is the number two cause. I have *never* seen a photo of an alleged spirit that couldn’t be explained.

    Kudos to you Blair for being brave enough to take an opposing stand on this. I know that James Van Praagh, John Edward, Sylvia Browne disagree with you, but it is their stock and trade after all. I surmise that you will eventually be credited for turning the tide.

    • christa at - Reply

      Please contact me. I have proof you can communicate with orbs. Angels… Spirits guides… Lived ones. Please!? Be well.

  64. Sharri at - Reply

    Hi Blair, i watched a programe once were they showed experements of orbs and yes it was proven they were dust particles. I am also an online member of a psycic medium, were the mediums continue to tell clients that the orbs in there pictures are spirit family. It annoys me every time i see coments like this. Its giving people false hope by being disshonest. I never say anything as its not my place, but i cant help but wonder what other fabrications are made when sending messages from spirit to us earthy souls. Keep up the good honest work Blair thats why our lord gave you this gift. Love and light

  65. Carrie at - Reply

    I believe that spirits of our loved ones are around us all of the time. Spirits are balls of electrical energy. With the new digital cameras, we SOMETIMES are able to pick that light image up with our camera, and that is especially true during weddings, funerals and other highly emotional events.
    No, we do not need to have “proof” of their presence (as images) of our loved ones who have passed, but, to me, it’s just a nice added bonus!

  66. Cathy at - Reply

    Hi Blair, I am wondering if you watched the documentary from 2007 called Orbs:The Veil is Lifting?? It’s approximately an hour, and quite fascinating! I own it on DVD, but the trailer can be viewed on youtube, and the whole movie can be seen on Gaiam TV and/or another website.

    I recommend Orbs: The Veil is Lifting to anyone who is skeptical, and seeking professional clarification.

  67. Cayce at - Reply

    Namaste Blair,

    I am so glad that you cleared that up. I have always been confused about orbs. I have always seen spirits or see them in different shape and forms..Isn’t that crazy, but I understand why. Although I have taken many pictures, and the orbs around my husband in many pictures that I took on the same day would be in the same place and there are also a picture of my guru, she was in hospice and there was only two big orbs (so I thought) one over her and another one over her son’s head. And she has passed soon after that. Yet, with the naked eyes, I have seen white light flash or felt someone there and when I would go to look, they’re gone.

    Your explanations helps me to understand it better.

    Love and Light………..Cayce

  68. Cynthia at - Reply

    I was wondering if the dust explanation is an absolute with baby monitors. I have a 2 year old. He’s sleeps with a baby monitor in his room. His first year, after we returned from a family visit to Santa Fe, the monitor would start vibrating loudly, as if he was crying or talking, but he was sleeping sounding and there was no noise outside his room or window. When we moved, we stayed with my husband’s parents for a couple if weeks. I could not wait to get out of there b/c there was just too much (what I believe to be) paranormal activity going on in our room. It/they would not let me sleep and once a man appeared to me for a minute or so, then disappeared. When we got to our new home, I saw orbs (not softly floating, but traveling quickly) all over the baby monitor night after night. The fan was not on, it was long after I left the room. My son woke one night and had a 2 hour conversation with IDK who. Funny thing about the “orbs”, they did not act like floating dust particles, which I’ve seen. They shot across, up and down, diagonally then back the other direction (almost exactly). Once, one even danced across the screen in a zig-zag, clear across. This was right after I tried telling whoever was in my son’s room to leave. I felt like I was being taunted. I would live to believe that this is dust and that I was going temporarily insane. They make a pill for that. LOL The next day I smudged the house. THe activity subsided. When it started happening again, I was staring at his monitor one afternoon, as it’s alarm was sounding; even though it was silent in his room. I spoke into it a agin and the screen went black. I charged it, took it apart, put it back to together, etc., but it was a goner. We bought a newer model and from time to time I still see the “shooting” streaks of light, only now I see them better. They are large and have a lot of energy. Like I said, I wish I could believe this to be dust, but it doesn’t make sense. Plus, whoever has been hanging out in his room, followed him to ours one night when I put my son into bed with us. I have felt so done there many a time and my son was reaching for it.

  69. Cynthia at - Reply

    There is a lot more I could add to my previous post. I was wondering specifically about the dust particles though. I wonder if you ever e-mail info. to people who might want to speak with someone reputable in their area. There are just SO MANY experiences I’ve had in my life, which are beyond most people’s view of a “logical” explanation. Now, since my son was born, it’s amplified. Any advice?

  70. Caren Milheron at - Reply

    Hi Blair: I just recently participated in your webinar, and I have to say that today, I met my spirit guide and he told me his name is Gabriel. We had a very brief “conversation”. I believe that he was trying to “talk” to me last night, but I was not listening, I will listen from now on. I had desperately wanted to go to the beach in the pm (its where my soul feels at peace) a voice kept telling me to go but I did not want to go alone, so I did not. I missed out on one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. I will now listen more carefully. Thanks to you I now know how to listen.

  71. tina pullman at - Reply

    I think also that people are so intent on getting messages from loved ones that they miss so much that they often grasp at straws. I have a picture of myself near a loyalist graveyard that is full of orbs, is it spirits communicating, no it was a cold damp day with fog and showers and the likelihood is the lens was wet, lol I do love what you do blair and I am so glad you didn,t just go with the flow and encourage people to believe that the orb,s were something that they are not. I hope someday to attend your meeting when you are back in Kingston. keep up the good work, you help so many 🙂

  72. Ramona Wallis at - Reply

    Orbs. I didn’t read the entire blog. I don’t agree or disagree with what they may or may not be. I only know and have very strong convicted Faith in a God that protects and has power over all evil. In my home, as with any home I’ve lived in, in simple prayer I ask He remove all evil that may dwell there, protect our home and all that enter our home from all evil. I invite no evil, and I feel very safe in my home–that God keeps watch. If I saw anything unusual, unexplainable in my home–I would have no fear, and would ask God to kindly help “it” find its way…as obviously lost. If it were there for me to “communicate” with, it would know to do, be better at doing so. 🙂

  73. Gregory at - Reply

    My grandmother Gerty just passed away lastnight. She was a sort of psychic person she once dreamed that President Lincoln stood at her bedside and told her the President was going to be assassinated. She car pooled to work with ladies she worked with and told them about this dream or vision, that day she was in the bathroom at work when one of the ladies burst into the bathroom and said that if you ever have a dream about me tell me, President Kennedy has been shot and killed! I have always been closest to my graandma and many have had haunting experiences in her house but her and I have never been scared at the house like others in our family. My mother and I was with my grandma lastnight at the nursing home lastnight where she laid bleeding out one ear with one side of her neck with a huge lump swollen rock hard, she has been struggling with breathing the last few days and not talking or barely opening her eyes. I pushed her pillow down so she could hear me with the ear that wasnt clogged with blood and old her to relax and just sleep, she was afraid of dying and I knew it was her will to live that was keeping her suffering. I told her I loved her and stroked her hair and told her to just sleep and relax. I wanted her to let go. She opened her eyes stairing at the wall and I moved my head so that I was in her line of vision. We left around 10 pm and I went home and went to sleep with my youngest two year old son and I awoke from a dream betwwen 11 pm that I was at the nursing home and my mom woke me from the floor and said Gerty is having trouble breathing again but its worse now, I walked to her room and when I got there I awoke from this dream and seen red static like electricity climb around the walls and ceiling of the dark bedroom. I got up and told my mom and my exwife and 12 year old and 8 year old sons what I just dreamed and seen. My ex said that maybe Gerty has died? I went and laid back down in the dark room next to my two year old and was stairing at the wall the was next touching the small twin size kids bed we laid on and I noticed a small red glowing ball on the wall. I thought it was just coming from a lighted room going into a dark room but as I focused on the orb like ball it grew bigger than a basket ball and had twilirling edges around it like flame tips or a mini burning red sun on the wall I was focused on the center of it and noticed a object or figure appearing in the center it was developing almost like a polaroid picture. I start to notice that the object is like a little figure or like a baby in a womb and this starts to unsettle me so I closed my eyes and rolled over because what I seen didnt scare me but really startled me. About an hour later my eight year old comes to the bedside and says “Dad Gerty died at 11:55PM” my mom asked him to tell me that the nurse called and told her they found Gerty had passed at 11:55. I got up and hugged my mom who was sad saying she wished she would have stayed at the nursing home longer with Gerty had she known she was gonna die. My grandma was baffling the nurses why she wasnt passing and they said she was a strong willed person which she was. I had known my grandma was dying and I was the one that asked to leave the nursing home because my two year old was with us and getting tired because I regret leaving too even though we stayed longer that day and night longer than any other day and was the only family at the nursing home that night. I remember my grandma saying that she wished that we aged backwards and ended up as babies and I always remember that because I understood why she said that. I believe my Her soul was contacting me after she passed lastnight and that is all that explains what happened to me. The red swirling orbject and the red electricity on the walls was her breaking through to me bec ause I was definitely awake then. I hope this helps someone that has had similar experience or lost someone.

  74. Elaine at - Reply

    What about orbs you see with the naked eye? I saw an orb floating over my sons head while he was sleeping.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Real. That’s entirely different. 🙂

  75. Tammy Reckart at - Reply

    I caught these orbs on video 1year after my mom had passed. Could it be her? I’ve never seen anything like this. I could see it on my camera but not with the naked eye

  76. pati kirk at - Reply

    I have a video of me with green spirit orbs that surround me in motion as I sing along with a native song that my husband was doing the video taping. I truly believe in the spirits. Our home has many other signs of spirit paranormal activity as well.

  77. Susan Frudd at - Reply

    Thank you for the very interesting discussions, they have certainly enlightened me. My husband one evening saw one of our past cats going up stairs but he only saw him out of the corner of his eye. Also one evening going up stairs he watched three orbs in front of him in a line and they disappeared into our spare bedroom…amazing to me, he said they were beautiful. Life is full of mystery.

  78. Becky at - Reply

    I have taken several photos with and WITHOUT flash. The orb is present and it is bright and it moves and it also has an image of my loved one at times. And I am not the only one who sees the orb or image. I have shared my photos, I have zoomed in and out, it is phenomenal. God is the only one I trust and believe.

  79. Glony at - Reply

    I know I have seen Orbs from this planet or another I can’t say.
    I did a few videos and the there was one that stood out as it began with a white image that changed and grew and than also had two red dots that took form in it and other colors very odd shape not a round shape on this one. Also in a another video most of the orbs were whiteish even moving on the floor and than out from behind my Armiore in mt Bedroom clear as can be a blue one comes out from behind that same armiore blue.. blue,crisp & clear.
    Along with the objects I saw thier were also sounds whistling was one grunting another I could go on & on but I’m looking into getting answers as to what is going on with it. All I want to show here is not every Orb might be spritual but for sure what I have captured is of interest.

  80. Karen at - Reply

    I lost my husband back in May of 2014. And it has been a rough going. today I was cleaning the house and talking to my husband and missing him so very much. I’m sitting out there in the kitchen doing dishes and as I’m doing the dishes I see this streak of light go by and it literally took my breath away I had turned around and I looked you look I could not figure out what it was where I come from. so I had to call at my girlfriend and explain to her what I had just experienced. I would like to really sing that it was my husband letting me know that he was there with me at that moment. Would like to know what you think?

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Certainly! There’s a major difference between seeing a light with your eyes vs. a picture. I’m confident it was a sign from him! <3

      • Kiana at - Reply

        To all of you who do not know. Orbs are real and and they are souls. Just like people who are in the flesh, they are sometimes seen by extra sensory sensitive individuals like myself. I have not only seen them, I have photographed them and have 100% proof. Do not trust all orbs as they are not all friendly. Don’t call on anything but if you must, the only spirit one can trust is the Holy Spirit of God and if you are not familiar with this then read the New Testament. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, Kiana

  81. Joan Ellis at - Reply

    My grandson who is almost 8 has seen figures and shapes since he was 2 years old. Just the other day, whilst speaking to his mum she noticed him suddenly looking to his right, looking again and then sat behind his mum. She asked him what had he seen and he replied a shining bright light and the shape of white wings. He has also seen shapes that frighten him. We all firmly believe that he is seeing these shapes. What concerns us though is that he gets scared and recently, he wouldn’t go upstairs without someone being with him. Can you help or advise us at all.


    Joan Ellis

  82. Tara at - Reply

    I have found that some orbs are dust. But look carefully if you see orbs because others are the electric energy around spirits. I have several photos, usually at a special family gathering where spirits are obvious to some people. My Aunt has appeared in several photos. In one there are many orbs around the room. Adjusting the light/darkness on photos with your computer may reveal amazing likenesses of deceased loved ones. I say this as a fact because they pose with family members. My aunt is peaking around my cousin’s shoulder smiling for the camera. Her hands are very visible. One on my cousin’s shoulder and the other on top of her hand which is on my brother-in-laws shoulder.

    Another one is at my daughter’s first communion. My aunt and grandparents are posing in the pic with my daughter, right next to her. There are several orbs in the photo too. Some other family member see it clearly. Some cannot see it at all. Maybe you ate in the later category. I told my mom that my grandpa is wearing a white tux jacket and tie in the photo. She told me that it was his prized possession and wore it frequently.

    Amazingly, he is posing with some family members at a family reunion with his base. The base it visible to many people. Some think it is just an illusion. Others, myself included can see my grandpa with his hands in the appropriate places to hold his very large base. If other people don’t see it, I don’t care. Because those of us that can see it have no doubt and are amazed. Maybe it is a gift I have been given, just like your gift to communicate with spirits. I would love to be able to actually hear their voices. That is a special gift that you share with us.

  83. Ute Schmid-Jones at - Reply

    Ashes to Ashes…..dust to dust…..

  84. Rhonda at - Reply

    I totally DISAGREE!!!. Orbs—-if thats the case then how do you explain “dust” orbs in photos everywhere? Especially in and around cemetaries? There is too much proof to deny it. Ever take a picture of Lincoln Memorial in DC? It is packed with orbs, “dust”. I dont see your way of thinking on this subject.

  85. Kam at - Reply

    There was a orb going across my video when i was video taping this song for snapchat

  86. Steve w at - Reply

    Dear Sir
    I live in San tan valley as.my subdivision is on what was Indian land and most likely bureal ground that was desimated during construction or their is o portal to another dimension in this area. I sit outside at night and smoke at witch time I enjoy the show of orbs traveling up and down the street in frount of my house.j see dark and white orbs.the are on a mission ,going and coming.flying 3 to 5 feet above the ground.the are intelligent being on a mission. Some time when the get near to me I get a close to me I get a feeling of static electricity. Hope u find this interesting. Thanks

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Thanks for sharing. Your post illustrates the difference between SEEING orbs vs photographing them. 🙂

  87. sandra havens at - Reply

    what happens if you take a picture at night and there is a orb .I have no flash on my phone ,and I cleaned the lens to make sure no dust was on it. and I got 4 different shots of the orb moving closer to the moon. And the moon was way off in the distend so there is no reflection of the light to interfere with the picture.

  88. nancy at - Reply

    so if you’re saying the flash on a camera causes it then what if you didn’t have the flash on the camera and it shows up in four pictures out of 6 different positions or angles

  89. nadya sheehy at - Reply

    My mother passed away in her home Dec.28 2014.
    Before my mother passed away I took many many pictures in her home of her and her dogs and cats.
    Never and I say never did I get one orb in any picture and I always used a flash.
    Three days after my mom passed the first large orb appeared right above where her body had been in bed. The only time orbs show up is when I call her name. It only comes after I have called out to her. I know my mom is there and it comforts me to see the orb. I know it is my mom. I could tell you more but I am running out of room.

    • Page at - Reply

      Nadyya- you are right on target- do not doubt, and the other orbs are good ones too. Happy for you ! Wonderful to have them stay close a while.

  90. Edward mora at - Reply

    I took a picture of myself with flash and little sparkles appear but I took a picture of my friend with the same phone and same spot but nothing showed up I even washed my face to make sure it wasn’t dust or dirt any ideas will really appreciate it

  91. Clare O Brien at - Reply

    I can understand your theory -but that does not explain the way some orbs have colour -some do manoeuvres that dust does not do or can’t do eg: stopping mid air and change direction . Some orbs have tails and some manifest images of faces . What’s your take on this?

  92. Bernadette at - Reply

    I feel sad….you lost credibility with me when you said orbs are specs of dust. That’s it! I beg to differ….I have experience and starting to come into a different level learning my abilities. Thank you for putting yourself out there to try and explain, I just wish people didn’t take your opinion as WORD!

  93. brenda at - Reply

    hello, my story is kind of boring, i saw 3 times a black figure looked like a man, then a few months ago i was sitting in my laundry room and s round white orb past me close to the wall then out the back door it kinda was a jerky movement then out the door it went can you tell me what you think

  94. Cheryl at - Reply

    I have about 50 pics taken with my cell phone that show orbs, blue streaks, white streaks, rods etc. They are everywhere in my home. But guess what..many times I can see them before the pic snaps . so do others who look through the camera on my cell phone. I believe they are everywhere but technology has just now exposed them.

  95. Blair Robertson at - Reply

    Page, you are welcome to differ, but not be rude. The information is 100% accurate and true and was provided to me by spirit. It makes zero sense for a spirit to interact via recording devices when they can easily do it without, not to mention the abundance of evidence that virtually all orbs in recordings are dust. Orbs can manifest easily without film and be seen with the naked eye.

  96. NEUSA at - Reply

    My husband died in December and I am deeply depressed, he hugged me once Feb,24 (I was fully awake though it was 3 am) but I never saw him or heard him again. I understand his body is not important but I am feeling everyday worse, my sadness and depression gets deeper ever day. When he died I was overseas and couldn’t sleep all night, next morning when he didn’t answer the phone I knew he was dead. He had heart issues but I would give anything to be by his side. I have a plane model he hanged from the ceiling sometimes a ask him to answer me moving the plane and it does move. Could it be him?

  97. Mike at - Reply

    Our sprits are a form of electro magnetic energy that exists eternally in a form not generally understood. As such, there is the ability to communicate through electronic devices. For info on this consult worlditc.org. If you don’t think that SOME orbs are from spirit energy, better think again. There is a rich although little known history of electronic communication with spirits. The electronic geniuses Edison, Tesla and Marconi all built devices to communicate with spirits with varying success. I have photographed in many environments and I know the difference between aerosol and particulate illumination. The high speed transient points of luminescence are NOT either. It is quite likely that the phenomenon is the result of spirit energy interacting with electromagnetic energy known as light. In my case, this is more than academic since my son has recently passed.

  98. Bryan at - Reply

    My story is long but 100% true. Last year my family was tormented by a bad spirit at my house. This spirit tapped me and my wife. It pulled my 16 year old son leg at night and my other 15 year got it the worse. He felt cold air in the shower immediately got out and saw an old mans face in shower. Then we went to his closet and something was playing tug of war with him. This all happened within 2 days and we left. Months earlier My 12 year old son said he saw black shadows near him and he was shaking scared. We told him he was having a bad dream but now it all made sense. We hired paranormal investigators and they came out and found some evidence on the evp. The said the spirits were not friendly. 2 days after the main investigator was found dead! My family was shocked. I had only met this man for a day and felt a super strong connection. Like I knew him in another life or something. We ended up leaving this house which I owned free and clear and it was a dream house. We purchased another house nearby. Last month in my new house we started hearing noises at night and we knew something paranormal was doing this. We weren’t scared just frustrated why us and why again. My wife and kids in the early morning hours described what sounded like a sprinkler system going off in the kitchen. This spirit was making a huge amount of noise. The next day I’m walking from my kitchen to room and at the front door I see a floating white orb. I adjust my eyes and change my angle and it’s still there! I call my son who’s upstairs and he comes out and says what is that? I said it’s an orb. He came downstairs and we were watching it for 10 seconds. I told Brandan lets get closer as we did the orb was hovering 4 feet off ground and started to move slowly to the right. Towards my formal dining room. He moved faster and the orb turned the Corning and we gone. I felt excited not scared. I thought it was my mom.
    We called the paranormal people that helped before. John had passed away so I called Yvonne. She said stand your ground and tell it to leave. I said I think it was trying to tell us something. She gave me a number to a proven physic she knew. Once I called the number the physic named Lorie Johnson told me the orb was John the gentleman that passed and he’s warning us of a gas leak. The clicking noises we thought was a sprinkler turned out to be clicking ingniter noises. She told me where to look for leak. I called gas company and the leak was right where she said! I had 2 bad gas leaks and the home was brand new. It’s been 1 month since this incident and my house has been quite. I can’t believe what has happened to us. Sounds like a movie.

  99. Dimini at - Reply

    there are real orbs out there, its just that those who don’t believe will never get them.Scientists say 2% are real yes thats right but they and paranormal investigators still don’t accept that fact.And it is hard to tell dust,water,pollen etc from a real spirit orb unless you know what to look for..But i have not seen one video in over 300 without natural causes……so spirit orbs in photos yes, in videos no …..

  100. Rob at - Reply

    Orbs in pics are dust? Can you explain how someone can take a picture and have over 1,000 orbs (Dust) covering the entire frame of the picture, and snap another picture within 5 seconds and “Voila!” Not even ONE speck of dust (orb) in the picture….Five seconds later, snap a pic…100’s of orbs?…..Five seconds later, No orbs? How does that work, over and over, night after night? I don’t think thousands of particles of dust (on a wind-less night), that cover the entire skyline can just appear and disappear (All of Them) in a few seconds. Do you?

    Please, be the FIRST (skeptic) to be able to answer this quandary.

  101. mel at - Reply

    One night when I went to bed I lay in bed and it was around 3:30 or 4:00 am. I look up to the corner ceiling to see 3 or more orbs moving back and forth corner to corner on one wall. They were moving back and forth very fast, hyper fast. I though, I am having a heart attack or some strange thing was happening to me. I got up and left the room to look at the street light to get my bearings and just to make sure it was not a health issue it seems everything was okay to me. I went back into the bedroom and sat in my bed looking up to the orbs which were still there it seemed waiting for me. I looked up to them and the orbs were still moving very fast and as I look up to the orbs they come from both corners it seems toward me. I closed my eyes as the orbs entered my head. I was not afraid and I did not know what to think. The strange thing is when I opened my eyes the orbs were just existing my temple area on each side of the head and I could see them as they existed. I watched the orbs with amazement the whole time in my bedroom. Food for thought it must have been 90 to 180 seconds long the orbs were with me in this room and I could see them.
    To me it seems the orbs were very excited to see I could see them and to me it seems they wanted to be close to me and they had to enter me to hug me. These are my very pure and simple thoughts and this is the truth so help me God.
    There is a little more to the story but this is enough for now..
    mevin harris

  102. Katherine Coleman at - Reply

    I have a security camera in my apartment. I thought maintenance was coming in and sometimes I think they did but then I looked at my video and saw orbs moving all around my apartment .Then today 8/26/15 . Strange things is going on in my apartment I just cleaned and vacuumed went into the kitchen heard a cat like it was in my apartment started to work on my pots and pans soaking them came back in the living room pennies were all over my floor. I just vacuumed there heard the cat again went toward my front door stepped in wet carpet weird .I read up on what pennies mean about loved ones watching over me and cats this is apart of what I read Domestic felines are all about communication and their messages almost always have to do with your ability to communicate with those around you or with the spirit and astral realms all I know is I heard the cat no idea the sex of the cat . I don’t own one never heard one before then Have not heard it since .would like to know what u think Thank you Kat

  103. nancy at - Reply

    I took a picture of my grandparents red tagged house years after they died. I seen nothing until I printed the picture. I think I see my grandmother at her bedroom window looking out (at my car).

  104. Susan at - Reply

    Hi I was just sitting down watching tv in partial darkness and think I saw an orb.Can they be seen with the naked eye or only in photos.My cheek also felt a bit of a cold breeze.Although I see shadows in my house and have witnessed other things I have never seen an orb before…please help me as to wether they can be seen without a camera.

  105. Jessica Herrera at - Reply

    Everything u said is so well put. I agree with you. And I’d photobomb pics too with funny faces if I wanted to be seen . It is comforting hearing that well see are loved ones again and we never really die. Thank you so much for the reassurance.

  106. Monique at - Reply

    Hi…I took a photo yesterday during the early afternoon with no flash. I was in my car and it was day time so I didn’t need a flash. Well anyhow there was something covering parts of the picture it wasn’t a perfect circle but instead many swirls and loops if you will that appeared to be like a white and opaque color. I thought it was strange because no flash and the other photos I took didn’t have it. My fiance passed away 4 weeks ago. I am constantly looking for signs that he is here just for my own belief system. I don’t want to go believing he is around here and he is not, I want proof. Anyway I know that it is possible that it was just some dust passing over the photo but the way that in appeared to be coming in from the window in swirl like fashion made me think that it was him. Was this the sign I was looking for? Maybe wishful thinking, maybe not. Anyway thanks for your blog, I like the part you said about that your loved ones are around and you will meet on the other side. It gives a lot of hope. Well if you would like to see the pic just ask, I can send an email, thanks again, cheers.

  107. Monique at - Reply

    Well I just did an experiment and it appears that the swirls were just from the sun light coming in the window, which deep down inside I kind of knew that if wasn’t for the sun they wouldn’t have been there, so that means it was the sun and not my loved one, so much for my sign and wishful thinking, although I will say that the times that I really felt his presence very strongly was always when the sun was shining down on me. Once it was almost like he was hovering over me through or from the sun, I just felt a strong sign, still no concrete evidence if it is in my mind or if he is still here living on in some other form. Gosh losing someone whom you love and is so dear to you is so very hard. Sigh..

  108. john at - Reply

    I have to disagree with you because i have multiple videos proving orbs are not dust particles. The size of the orbs and the way they move about, there’s no way that it’s dust particles. If it was dust then there would always be many of them floating around and never just one orb zooming across and sometimes at a great speed

  109. Brian at - Reply

    I saw a white flowy spirit almost like and there was no phones or cameras it was in the middle of a conversation and it slowed down in mid air about 50 ft away the size of a car then as soon as I saw it it took off so fast and disappeared

  110. Linda at - Reply

    Thanks 4 the explanation always wondered about orbs ! Impressed with your honesty… Would like a session if possible! Cheers linda

  111. Jk at - Reply

    Call me crazy but I’ve been taking pictures all night tonight of lights without a flash and I’m able to see orbs in my peripheral vision and on video/camera. This has never happened before. Maybe I’m lying though as you are insinuating Blair. Just because it gives you false hope, doesn’t mean it couldn’t the same of others. Just my opinion. Watch for me… 😉

  112. Chad at - Reply

    I have video proof of the orbs are not dust particulars . The ones that I have video recorded are very distinct one when I asked it to revile it’s self they did and I have some proof of this.

  113. sarah at - Reply

    My friend saw so many orbs that were about white or clear and they flew across the screen in a video it’s really freaking her out and the orbs don’t seem to have a face or anything they just fly or zip around anything you know about that?

  114. Sarah at - Reply

    How can you feel your loved one’s around you when your still grieving, I would love to be able to feel my parents around me as I miss them so much it actually hurts, but not sure how to, hope that makes sense

  115. Rhonda at - Reply

    My daughter in law has been seeing things outside our home. She has seen a woman all in white standing ourside the front door and walking between our garage and barn. My son has seen this too. Recently she took 2 photos of something we can’t explain. One is of a group of lights with what appears to be faces. The other is like smoke or fog. She heard what sounded like footsteps close by so she turned on a light on the porch. She didnt see anything so see took a photo and thats when she saw the smoke or fog, in the photo. I wish I could send you the photos so you could tell me your opinion.

  116. Carl Cutrer at - Reply

    I have orbs or spirits on my deer camera they ain’t on there ever night but I love to be able to communicate with them

  117. Carl Cutrer at - Reply

    I have orbs or spirits on my deer camera they ain’t on there ever night but I love to be able to communicate with them

    Can u contact me

  118. dj at - Reply

    I disagree with this. I take video. A lot of video. I get orbs with out flash. BIG ORBS. Orbs that float, orbs that swirl. I have asked the orbs to do things like swirl to my hand. Out of no where one or two appear. I have taken video of my child, Who is an Orb magnet. I have tried a study where I will go in to his room ( where most activity is ) I will sit on his bed or the floor. Take video for 10 minutes and only a few orbs here and there appear. The same with my girlfriend and my oldest son in the room. But when My youngest goes in to his room, The place comes alive with 20 – 30 orbs that are everywhere. This is straight video with no added flash. If dust is present, it would be present at all times. And not 3 inches round. And selective dust? sorry. Dont get it.

  119. Natasha at - Reply

    I seen a orb with my own two eyes in front of my face two of them going around in circle glowing really bright could it have been trying to communication with me

  120. roxy at - Reply

    My mom and I took a photo tonight while at my grandma’s house and we have a white glow or thick outline around us both just over my head and connected to cover her to ….what is it and what does it a mean I wish I could up load the photo and it was never photo shopped either

  121. John Wilson at - Reply

    I have 2 orbs leaving from my right eye on a daily basis. Also I had a friend come visit me and the orbs streaked across the room,it was like I was in the middle of lightening storm.

  122. Chuck at - Reply

    I think there is more out there, then we are able to understand. My theory is, If it wasn’t for dust particles, there wouldn’t be orbs. Dust forms an electrical charge in dust storms and dust from volcanoes. I think there is more out there then we understand. I have taken photos in very dusty locations such as attics, with orbs in the photos. A lot of the orbs were transparent and a few bright white ones. In the brighter ones, there were some recognizable faces in them, of deceased family members and pets. I think we humans have a lot to learn.

    • Candace at - Reply

      Orbs are a mystery, ever since I was young ,I have seen orbs they have usually been red, green, and blue and there very little. I see them all the time they go toward people . But sometimes I see black and white orbs they circle around a place or thing so yeh they more orbs everywhere you just got to be able to see them.

  123. Marilyn at - Reply

    Hi , I’m so glad you cleared that up. However , I have seen with my own eyes a bright glowing flying orb, that flew right into my hand . my son saw it too. What’s that then ? Am I a sensitive ?

  124. Carrie at - Reply

    I was looking through for a friend. She did not believe to much in ghosts or orbs….she really thought some people were xlimbing trees in her yard swinging branch to branch to spy on her….yes ppl thought she was crazy…i said right away…nah its ghosts….so she got surveillance cameras NO FLASH that only come on with movement…im sry only RECORD with movement…i have seen so.e crazy things but the things we have caught on these tapes whewww thousands of orbs so i think that do manifest into images of old war people..there were so many one day i callwd and asked her if it was raining but then caught a pic of her 87 yr old mon walking the dog as the orbs circle them. Wed love someone to look and see what they think. Also she has shits with different colored smoke coming out of the ground next to people …she lives in the woods with lomg driveway….please let me know if soneone could view a few pics or videos….thanks. Carrie

  125. Tullies at - Reply

    Ahhh.. im dancing in a video and your dust ball theory follows the curve of my body and than geqds toward ny ohonr camera and duves down ward. One dust ball has control like that? I think things get in our house thar shouldn’t be in there or is someobe sending curses. I have apersonal relationship with Jesus, so i am protected by Christ, but this thing seemed liked it was looking to get into me???

  126. Claudia Chappo at - Reply

    I get the “dust particle” thing. Thanks for clearing that up. I have seen “orbs” with my naked eye…but they weren’t perfectly round. When I have seen these, they are more of a misty uneven shape, almost cloud like. Several years ago, I took a pic of my daughter-in-law. In the photo, there was a well defined shape of a “misty” angel following her. Do you think that it was her spirit guide, her guardian angel or what?

  127. Chuck at - Reply

    Wish I could show some photo. I think that would change the mines of some spectics.

  128. Hollie at - Reply

    Could I possibly send u a photo to look at and get your opinion? Thanks x

  129. dianneboucaud at - Reply

    hi my name is dianne good morning to every one one night i was in my room with my phone tapeing obs flying round my room. late night rond 5:00at night i hope some one tell me ture meaning obs that fly round at morning i would see obs flying roung my home when know one isnt home. in day time

  130. Shanda Pettaway at - Reply

    Hello my name is Shanda…About 17 years ago …i was sleeping it was about 2am…I suddenly was awakened by what felt or herd like someone speak my name…laying on my back ,I opened my eyes to what appeared to be a fist size ball of light frantically racing around the ceiling area of my bedroom..it then went to the far cirner then made a straight line accross the ceiling and out of the bedroom door down the hall…All of this happened in a matter of 2-3 seconds. Startled by what I just saw/experienced..I got up and looked out the window trying to make sense of how /where was this light in my pitch dark room..it made no sense.. I then decided to check on my 3 month old infant son who was sleeping in the roon next to mine down the hall..To my horror i found my baby had somehow either rolled or scooted and become tightly tangled between his receiving blankets ..his face was completly covered and he was desperately struggling for air..I quickly picked him up his Little face was blue…after taking a few good breaths he was fine..But no doubt would have died had i not found him when I did ….this has worried me over the years as it is so very clear to me that somthing not of this world communicated with me in order to save his life…I am so very thankful ..but also confused and very interested in knowing what or who was the orb of light..spirit??…my sons guardian angel??..God??

  131. Jessica at - Reply

    I have has a beautiful blue orb that is always there when I ask for them to show theirself, not in a photo but in a video. At the moment I feel the need to turn ony video and it always comes when I ask to show their self. It’s amazing just wish I know who it was and what message they are trying to get across.

  132. Lewis at - Reply

    That’s not true how do explain intelligent movement.

  133. Lewis at - Reply

    Some orbs move one direction then randomly move the opposite direction even change speed so I strongly disagree

  134. laura at - Reply

    I have gotton several of my family members as well as others. Abot 15 or more total. Most by themselves in an orb.

  135. Joe Garcia at - Reply

    I recently purchased a security camera with IR abilities, the moment I turned on the camera and while looking at the monitor immediately there were 10’s of “Orbs” moving throughout our living room were the camera was placed. Most of them seem to be very active and moving quickly across the room diving at the camera as if they were excited and happy to be noticed. I quickly realized what they were and started recording. My wife was sitting next to me and we watched the “Orbs” for quite awhile and recorded 20-30 minutes of video that evening and have continued every night there after. I have at least 2 hours of video, all with consistent constant multiple “Orbs. There is no Ghostly activity in our house and we are not bothered by there presents In fact, I am happy to have them. They most certainly seem to be intelligent and I am absolutely sure they are not “dust particles”.

  136. Melissa at - Reply

    I went outside to take a pic of the full moon and there were showers of light or sparkles in the shot that changed into green orbs as they got larger. My green orbs could only be seen with a night filter on. Not at all with a flash. They also separated and divided and were multiple colors and sizes. My neighbors camera phones could track the same movement at the same time also. Certainly not specks of dust.

  137. richard at - Reply

    i work at an airport it has been built on a site where at one time was owed by a third generation farmer. the airport is threee years old and i seen an green cirlce type orb it was at night it seems to come and show it self for only 3 seconds only on metal surfaces i have seen it three times since nov 2015 it may appear once amonth.

  138. Ginnie Hook at - Reply

    I totally disagree, the orbs I catch react to the sound of my voice, I also have something that flies at me that looks like a spine, I have caught a little girl’s voice on video twice, and a phone message from that same little girl, I have had clear orbs but also some in colors, one was very pretty pink, my favorite color, I think everyone should decide for themselves, but we are definitely not alone!!!

  139. J.J. Kypta at - Reply

    Hello. . . I do wish I could let you see my photos. I have one where I took 6 “selfies” all without flash, and the 6th one had a man’s face right next to my shoulder. He had long sideburns, he was chubby-cheeked, with a balding crown, and was smiling. Immediately I had a feeling it was my Grandfather. I have never seen a photo of him, I just felt it was he. It didn’t scare me. I also have many other photos. A lot of them have orbs – moving . . . and if they were only dust, why only one piece of dust is bright or colored, blue, green, silver, gold? For I have had many colored orbs in my photos?
    I had a Photographer check several photo’s (he teaches photography) and he said my Orbs were the “Real McCoy!” He said a lot are dust, but my photos of Orbs showed “Energy.”

    I have written a book entitled “Paranormal Happenings” – Amazon

    I tell my story in that book and show a lot of photos.

    At other times, I have had my “MS Word” page up and come back to find writings from the “other side”
    One page read “We are of the dead” This was typed by them after I left the room – feeling as though I was being watched. I said on my way out “Who are you, that stares at me all the time?” That was their reply!
    I have several photo’s with an orb following my (now deceased) husband through the house. . Dust does not follow one!
    I could go one here with many true things that have occurred in our home, and OUT of it. . .Each to their own opinion, BUT – photos DON’T lie.
    Thank you☺

  140. stephanie_fulton at - Reply

    So are they aliens, spirits or dust? They keep my camera on all night and day. And have a high pitch noise on my phone. From the camera and affect other technology in the area.

  141. stephanie at - Reply

    Is there any way to clear them? They are affecting the technology in the area with their high pitch. I don’t believe their spirits or dust. I don’t here the high pitch when i am out. Just have a problem with the camera being on all the time.

  142. Nadine at - Reply

    Is this also true for videos? Are the orbs in my video ” spec’s” of dust?

  143. kyount at - Reply

    Ok then please explain why when my daughter takes a picture, one year apart no less, with the same two girls, there is ALWAY an orb present? As in, if she takes it with one or the other..NOTHING, but when it is the other two, ORB.

  144. havi at - Reply

    what about orbs in videos? i had a casting director want a vid of me playing my music i sent one then she wanted another one so during the recording there are more than one…weird thing is one of the orbs went and sat between mt chest and my strumming hand when i was playing the song i had felt a pick up in the song kinda got better sounding and i am watching the video i saw the orb sitting there

  145. sonia french at - Reply

    I have hundreds of videos with orbs in motion. Orbs that show intelligence and that respond to requests like “can you change your color to pink?”, etc. I’d be happy to send you a copy but most people (psychics, mediums) that I ask this of or actually send copies to never, ever respond. LOL.

    And yes I can see them with the naked eye too although they don’t look exactly as they do on film. I’ve also had friends come to my house and using their own cameras, not mine, have also filmed many light anomalies.

    I appreciate your opinion. And I offer a sample of my videos to anyone who wants to debunk them.

    Thank you – sonia

    • Suzanne at - Reply

      Hi Sonia could you send a sample of your videos i am wondering if it is the same as i am experiencing

      Thank you Suzanne

  146. Amy at - Reply

    Hi Blair, I have been capturing an opaque ball of light with my camera both in videos and in pics for several years. The light (orb) usually becomes very active if i engage with it- it turns colors, becomes more solid looking, will move slower and seems to deliberately do what I ask ( for instance, I’ll ask it to go behind a dresser and come back out). I’ve seen it in 3 of my homes. I usually felt calm when it was around me until I started to realize it was probably always there, no matter if I was aiming my camera flash at it or not. So it started to scare me- I asked it to go away until I invite it back and I’ve never seen it since. I never thought of it as a ghost of a person, but could it be energy of some sort from our universe, or even from me? Any ideas? Thanks, Amy.

  147. Michelle at - Reply

    Hi i have orbs in my house and my husband sees tham flying around me an i go completly still and i dont no where i am or anything i go really cold an also my nan passed away a few years ago and she never got to meet her 2 great grandsons and she wanted boys. Whan im getting my 2 year old son asleep in his room i go cold and numb an feel something touching my leg an my back

  148. Candice at - Reply

    I saw an orb, which was between aquamarine and light ice green, last Saturday night. When I got home and got out of my car, the orb was circling in front of me like it was trying to get my attention. Then, I opened my trunk and it moved over directly in front of me again and started to get more an more frantic in movement as it got closer to me. I freaked out and took off running away from it. When I reached my elevator, I realized it was what people refer to as an Orb.
    Initialy, I thought someone was shining a beam of light on me like a laser pointer until I realized the light was self contained and suspended in mid air without reflecting off of me or my car or anything else. It was very active like it needed to get to me and make it’s presence known.

  149. Suzanne at - Reply

    are we letting evil spirits in by looking for orbs on our cameras

    • florence at - Reply

      Hi, I was praying for myself and my boyfriend and had his picture (in the frame) which I keep by my bed on my lap. Things have been rocky for us the past few months and I was asking God to intervine and also to help him get the job he was after. When I finished praying and went to put his picture back on the nite stand, I noticed 2 white spots over his right eye. ONE larger than the other. The picture has always been in the frame and no moisture in it. I had no camera around so no camera involved.This picture was taken years ago. I took it out of the frame wondering how this could have happen to find that the white spots totally Dry. Never saw this kind of spots and i took it to mean my prayers reached God and were answered. He did get the job 2 days later.I PRAYED AGAIN about our situation a few days later and to my surprise (AGAIN I was holding his picture.) Well,this time it looks like tears flowing from the largest white spot. HE seems to be calling me more often. I told him about. He said those must have been very powerful prayers. N ow you and others say the orbs come from dust or lens. I didn’t take the picture so what do you think happened? I always beleived white light is good light so I felt good about it.

  150. Cheyanne RaeLynn at - Reply

    I am wondering,
    I took a video, with flash around 4:10am, I had a very bad mental breakdown, about my couisn (6.5 years old when passed) and some other personal issues,
    Well anyways, we (my fiancé and myself) went to clear my mind, I was taking a video and all of a sudden I see a HUGE white shadow run across my camera, but it happened like 5-6 times..
    I’m trying to understand it, anything helps, we left right after seeing it, and there was a dead cat, bloody mouth and all in the street, I did not notice it before..
    So .. Idk
    Ps- I took a video not to long before and nothing.. It is a serious human shape

    • elaine finnerty at - Reply

      Hi We have 3 very cold rooms in our house ,it wasn,t until i installed a baby moniter to see my disabled daughter that we saw orbs moving near her at night.A lso i put it in the room my grandson stays in he is only 4 as he said a light touched him.There is loads of orbs moving around his room.We also have tv,s turning on and of but only in the rooms that feel cold including my room.I have also seen a green large orb in my room with my own eyes.Do i need to be worried

  151. Alishia Hight at - Reply

    My husband Joseph Hight was murdered in September, 2014. We have 3 children, Stephen, Jonathan, and Shelby. He was shot in the back of the head and the shooter took his body. Phoenix Homicide detective told me they may have found his remains, but I’m not sure. I don’t know what answers I’m looking for. I just want to know more. I feel lost without him and it hurts. I guess I want to know why, and where he is, and if he is OK.

  152. Linda Sundry at - Reply

    On Easter 2016, just a few days ago, I took 4 videos on my phone of my boyfriend playing the guitar at an open house for a new teaching studio. I didn’t look at them until I got home that evening and was really surprised when I saw the first video. I saw a blue light whirling around in only part of the video. There was no flash used in any of the videos, and it is only in part of the first video. A lense flare doesn’t make sense to me because I took the videos at the exact same place, and the subject was in the same spot as well. What do you think this is?

  153. Terry at - Reply

    I would not seek your counsel as a “Psychic Medium”
    If you were truly a “Psychic Medium” you would know that in fact Energy Orbs, or whisping balls of light, and random particles of dust are both quite different in nature. And are both VERY REAL. I have video of an energy orb. A small ball of light caught using my camera phone , at night with the flash lit up.

    This energy orb, was traveling at an incredible speed. Given middle of the night with no breeze no fans or air conditioner on. Nobody moving about the room. Yet this “Not Speck Of Dust”Was moving at this incredible spped then came to a sudden stop changed direction while slowly growing in size til it was finally about the size and shape of just the upper torso and head with what appeared to be 1 whispy arm.of an adult figure. Which at the same time became very bright. And at that moment that it was there. We I observed what sounded like whimpering or small giggling of a female teen or adult.
    After just that brief 5 1/2 seconds moved just to the right instantly became a tennis ball sized orb again and streaked off at an incredible speed.

    • April Balkind at - Reply

      Wow, Terry, I agree totally with your comments, and I would LOVE to see the video you describe. I have some awesome video and picture proof of orbs myself, but nothing as awesome as what you described. Is it posted anywhere that I can watch it?

      Sincerely, April B.

  154. Carla at - Reply

    Orbs ARE spirits NOT just dust balls!! I uave MANY orbs in my videos zig zagn all over the place with clear as day faces in them! Some of loved ones and of dogs who have passed and many of people i dont know at all.. But THEY ARE REAL!! NO ONE knows how spirits show themselves.. Some mat be dust but when their are faces in them that are so clear and there is NO explanation then there is NO choice but to believe. You want to say that the most popular way people see spirits is not thru a camera but only by a full body apparition or w/ the naked eye but that is NOT the case.. You say for us to believe in people who can talk to the dead but DONT believe in orbs that have clear as a bell faces in them!! You people drive me crazy.. Its like your trying to take away our PROOF we have of spirits in our pics cuz you want to be the only ones who can see them! Wth?? You act like you know evrything Bout how spirits show themselves.. We can only go by what our eyes see. I could understand if it was just white balls in the pics but when there are actual faces in them and you still dont want us to believe in spirit orbs!!

    • Carla at - Reply

      I also have video of an ORB shooting up into a hunting camera and making it flash several times and it actually took several pics !! I HVE PROOF !!! When you have proof you CANT deny it!!

  155. J r at - Reply

    I have a basic phone no flash yet have 2 recent pictures of my son one with an orb the other he has a halo around him. I also have video footage of my nephew at the park where something (I consider to be an orb) follow him around the entire 3 minute video. This darts about around the park following my nephew North East south and west so it’s not in the path of sunlight capturing dust particles. I’m spirituality connect and have seen orbs float in my home before my named eyes.

  156. cindy fortin at - Reply

    My sister died on Wednesday night early Thursday morning just recently we had talked about my lights in my yard that she bought me 3 years ago they have never worked before before she died I asked her to let me know she was okay we discussed making those lights work since they haven’t since she bought them for me. The other night I was outside I reach down and flipped the little switches that hadn’t worked ever and they came on as bright as could be they go off and on now like they’re supposed to I took a picture that night and my daughter found a orb in the tree above the lights it was Green I zoomed in on it and it looks just like the orbs that I have seen in the past I was so hurt when she passed I think she heard me at the funeral home then I was talking to her body I just wanted to let her know how much I loved her and that I was glad she was not hurting anymore so that’s my story and I do want to believe that it was her sitting inside.

    • TerryB at - Reply

      So touching a story. May your Sister be blessed. I wonder was your sisters passing anticipated ( was she sick ?) or sudden and unnexpected? I am just curious. Because . 6 days before my wifes passing we had someone snap a couole of pics with myself ,her and the kids. And above her directly over her head. Was a large. Oddly shaped Pink Orb ( Dust ) ha. Sorry being a little facetious. But yeah that large pink BLOB .and then a very bright chrome colored one over my left shoulder. When blown up yacan clearly see a face in tht one .not the pink so much. But it is not comolete.part of it isoff the frame. So. Just thought i’d share. Maybe i’ll post those pics another time.

      But again Cindy, I pray your Sis is at peace and with God. If she believed or was religeous. Bless you as well.

  157. Paula at - Reply

    I holy agree with you. Since me wee dog died she is with her sister and 2 brothers. I brought her ashes home and i take videos of my room every night. There are orbs everywhere dancing around me. I am so happy because i know they are together and home with me. Also. If i want to see themni just turn my video on my camera on. I am surrounded by love

  158. Paul at - Reply

    What about orbs that appear in video footage at random?

  159. Dneece Davis at - Reply

    Sir, go to U Tube search Dneece Davis. When did dust become red? This is a video not a photo taken. It was daylight recorded on my phone. Our 3 month old baby boy screams in this certain area.

  160. Kristin Coughlan at - Reply

    Aloha! We went to a luau on 5/5/16 and as my boyfriend and I stood for pics, an orb made it around us and in his hands. We did not have a flash and it’s obvious it’s not dust. I would love for you to take a look and see what you think.. PLEASE!

    • Stephen at - Reply

      Take a look into Chi, Ki, and Zero point energy… This is not fake shit all of it is real. But this cannot hurt you in any way what so ever. It could be a loved one cleaning up or it could be maybe something else but it can not hurt you just don’t be scared of this stuff. Its fun to explore it.

  161. Stephen at - Reply

    The orbs I am thinking about are one’s seen with the naked eye when you polarize your eye’s and you can see all the matter of life around you. They move from place to place, sometimes it’s hard to hear them but they can give you a love or hate feel being around them. One person told me once the sprite or soul is doing a cleanup before they pass on to the waiting area for the next life to being. Removing any energetic links tying them to love one’s before they move on. Others are trapped in a traumatic event or an object they are fixed on. I am currently working on the theory that all animal instincts are within us and figuring out ways to activate it all no outside chemicals needed for this just a clear mind and body. Heck polarize your eye’s is a Bee talent we all can do without any effort.

  162. Collette Desmarais at - Reply

    The orbs that appeared in the surveillance film we have were detected & filmed by a camera with an infrared lens without any flash whatsoever; with the absence of any & all available light. How shall you explain that one?

  163. Tammy at - Reply

    I have trouble with orbs, so your explanation works for me. I do have a couple of other issues. I have several pictures of my son and I playing with my daughter when she was a baby. In every picture she is glowing, no one else but her.
    We also recently realized that my granddaughter can see spirits in pictures, we don’t see anything but the person in the picture, but she sees several people. My husband and my step mom were both in an accident with my niece and her boyfriend. My granddaughter was inconsoleable sitting with her dad near the scene, she wouldn’t let him take her home, and kept telling him that she needed to see a picture of grandma and pop so that she knew they were ok. During the time that my granddaughter was doing this, they were doing CPR on my niece. My granddaughter stopped crying and told her dad they could go home because they were ok right before my daughter called him and said that they had just pronounced my niece, then she said that my niece told her that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

  164. Carmen. Ramento at - Reply

    I have my security camera at night even daytime and I see.orbs flying around I don’t under wht the meaning or why …..I see them in my surveillance camera night vision c an u help me…

  165. Luz Prensa at - Reply

    I was going to take a picture of my living room with my cell phone n I didn’t even get to take it cause as soon as I look threw the camara of my cell I saw a orb that zoomed passed my camara I didn’t even get to take the pictures I got to scared after that I’ve never seen anything like that before can u tell me what could that have been

  166. Simone at - Reply

    Seen an orb from my window with NO camera.

    • Simone at - Reply

      Aprox 5am woke up went to window an saw a oval glowing orb bouncing up and down suspended in mid air, rubbed my eyes as i thought it was something in my eyes it was still there. I thought it was a bug or a spider but there was NO place it could have been suspended from. The orb seemed to be playing with me, as I moved my head down it moved up a d as I moved my head up it went down. I stared at it for about 5 minutes playing the up and down bounce game with the orb and was amazed as to see it was actually playing with me. I woke up the kids who saw it but were uninterested. I stayed there snd as I ran for my phone to record it it left.I searched for it but it left. I went back to bed and had a vision of the world ending. There was mass chaos to leave the country people were fleeing everywhere….to make it short the message I recieved was gather your family, take your money out of the bank and leave America, Canada or any Northern country cause disaster is about to come. I am a very spiritual person, I observe The Torah and have know about the “Flee Babylon” doctrine for a while I guess I needed a reminder.

  167. Paula Mckeen at - Reply

    I caught an ” orb ” in two pictures out of eight that I took with my smart phone. The pictures were taken around 11:am and they were taken out side. An orb showed up on the only pictures that included the ground. Why is it, that they weren’t in the pictures of the sky? Why did they show up on pictures that were taken in the day light without using a flash?

  168. Christine at - Reply

    I have video of flying orbs there is nothing on or around my camera like dust that could show this and they only appear on infrared camera

  169. Karen at - Reply

    My Brother-in-law is in the hospital with cancer. Setting up hospice this week. He has lived alone (by choice) and a few months ago moved into his parents house as no one is there and he wanted privacy away from his condo. Two days ago I went to the house to get a few things for him. He stays on one room only so rest of the house is not used. I took pictures of each room to see what we need to clean up or move around for him. Nothing floating around, clear pictures…until I turned on my camera to take a picture of the room outside his bedroom. This is the living room in the lower level with photos all around. Right away i saw orbs zipping around the room. Appeared to be 2-4 of them. I was only in the entrance so could not stur anything up at the otherrnd of the room. I immediately went to his room door and nothing. His mom past 3 yrs ago about 6 months after he was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. She has always been his life support. The room definitely had a different feel than the others. Almost like a calm feeling. The past 3 yrs my husband says he gets the creeps now at the house (where he grew up) but my son (who is a sensitive now 15 has always hung iut in that room only. I get that manority of orbs ar dust but there are definitely those that are our passed loved ones. It brought comfort to know he was being watched over. I know we are everyday but to see this was wonderful, then to have a red cardinal pass in front of me on the way to see him at hospital…twice as special.

  170. sharon at - Reply

    i had something happen to me 1 week ago today, was driving my car looking 4 a spot to park suddenly i looked in my message window where my bloothtooth and radio the clock r which was off and dark screen. shortly after the messag window was bright coral orange hot pink color the whole message window. I scared me i said wow whats wrong with my car! I wouldnt go away, i said ok i gotta get this checked out. i turned off my car, it was still there, it wouldnt go away and it had a message in there ( this said” be aware of your surroundings” ! i said i do see this, am i going crazy? I immediately thout I have ptsd, anxiety disorder and im not suppose to be alone. iget where i cant breathe alot. My husband was right in this hospital on life support not doing good at all and died that day! We just got married 7 months ago i’m a widowed newleywed what is this?

  171. Emily J at - Reply

    I have to differ from your comments orbs are just specs of dust. Night aft night I view my IR security camera and notice the shower of orbs. Thousands of orbs come into my living room. I will gladly email you tonight’s footage I captured. I turn on the link on my iPad and then I use my cell phone to record the screen as it unfolds. Tonight I was just taken back by the beauty of what I was witnessing I have an ailing mother living with me and I know they are family member orbs visiting her helping her.

  172. Izzah at - Reply

    I was talking in my room with my mum, when my son came to me that his cupboard has distinct lights on it.. I went with him to see (it was night time) , and there was no explanation of how they were forming on his cupboards. Then when we close his room doors ..and came in the living they started appearing on our kitchen walls and door of his room. I asked my son to switch off everything and then we returned back and switched on back everything inline five minutes but no spots were to be seen. They were gone from room as well as kitchen and living.

    • Izzah at - Reply

      They were light spots like more than 15 to 20 white light spots. I can’t explain …how they were being formed and then vanished.
      Can anyone guide

  173. Alicia Ward at - Reply

    The photo I took of myself was not with a flash, it was with my apple phone. I noticed to the right upper hand corner a face, very much a face. I focused on this area, it was Not an ORB…a face, I cared for my father-in-law until his last breath, it was no doubt him. Upon further examination to his left another face, even clearer it was my Mother, next to her my Dad…my surprise was astonishment, always a spiritual person, never had this happened. I cared for Mother five years also here in my home, Daddy passed 20 years ago his was instant, I also cared for him after a stroke. T told no one, until I showed my niece she on her own saw each and everyone…my brother in law, my nephew, my daughter…..hazy but very visable. Strange I saw one more my grandmother, to rightof my father in law..all people I cared for. My life now is at a very difficult emotional period, now my husband is ready to make his transition, non ambulatory, here at the home with debilitating Parkinsons, I am very exhausted, and never stop, frustrated yet determined to llow him to pass with dignity at home. WHY did these loved ones, I gave so much to appear, they knew my embedded spiritually would allow me to see….

  174. Nikkala L. McPherson at - Reply

    I want to share a wonderful experience I had. To start my bed room is completely dark during the day or night unless I have a light turned on. At night the only light in my bed room is the clock, which are red numbers. At the end of my bed there is a vanity with a mirror. I sleep with my bedroom door closed. While sleeping one night as I rolled over I opened my eyes momentarily and saw a bright light above me. At first I blinked wondering “what the heck?”. Closed and opened my eyes again to see this light was still there. Now laying on my back I looked in the vanity mirror also seeing the light. This white ball of light was bouncing from side to side above me. At first I thought it was someone with a flashlight outside my window. Knowing there is NO way of light to come in the window I knelt up on my bed to check the window to find nothing outside. Laying back down” The ball of light” now is next to me as if it was someone standing next to my bed. At this moment I was startled confused so I jumped up and ran out of my room. Then I had my roommate check my room, to find nothing. The next day I was explaining my experience to a friend and with excitement she said “It was an Orb!!” I had gotten a visit from a LOVING SPIRIT!!! Now to explain how I know for positive that this “Orb” was a Spirit that came to me that night. Previously to this experience, I had a guy friend that I had known close to a total of two years. At first he wasn’t my type of man I would date but was a really nice person and we became friends. From the very beginning he made it obvious that he felt differently and I was his “TYPE”. So I decided to go with it and see where our friendship would take us. As time went on we became close. I grew to deeply care for him, then to love him. Unexpectedly he was killed it a car accident. He was only 32 years young . I had not met his parents yet when they came from another state to have a Celebration of his Life. Meeting with his parents the day before the Celebration, his mother told me how much her son cared for me. She said to me “I was the Love of his life” and to my surprise he had been calling her from the beginning of our friendship and telling her everything about me and how much he was falling in loved me. Now to tell you how I knew it was his spirit that came to visit me. From the very beginning of our friendship he was always so happy and excited when we were talking he would bounce back and forth from foot to foot. So much so that I would always tell him “Stop your making me dizzy”. Then we would laugh! Not only to do it again and again. Well that night that his spirit came to me. This beautiful ball of light bounced back and forth above me as to let me know it was him. Yes we never die! Our spirit lives on and will always be around the ones we love. Thank you for letting me share my experience with you.

  175. Laura at - Reply

    What about orbs that are seen through monitors
    Like a baby monitor?

  176. Veronica at - Reply

    Both myself and partner saw an orb above our heads while we sat up.in bed at 3 am grieving over our dog we had lost barely 24 hours before. We described what we saw as we were witnessing this orb which we could only link to our beloved dog who woukd never let us out of his sight when he was alive. As we both saw him we can fully back each other that this was quite real. We witnessed a white and silver orb.

  177. Patty at - Reply

    My bf seen a floating ball of dim light that floated and it was see throughout but had square shaped light around it. It appeared and disappeared. What do you think this was.

  178. michael tibbins at - Reply

    it started about 4 years ago a few months after i stopped drinking alchohol and was not sleeping properly and an orb shaped white transparent ball would be on top of the wardrobe and then start hovering in front of my face.i sit up and start waving at it and it moves away.this has happened every so often ever since and last occorence was 5 weeks ago ony this time it was a transparent sea horse hovering over my bed instead.i must stress that i am definately awake while this is happening.can you explain for me what is going on please

  179. marc at - Reply

    Hi there, i have just come accross these things called ORB’s. I have read your explanation on orbs and i will say, ok, fair enough. But, how do you explaain the incident thats been happening at a friends place. A couple of days ago, sitting in his garage during the day, he asks me, what do i know about orbs, Not a single thing i replied. Then he told me what happened a couple of days before, where a single orb kept floating around on his security camera footage that was currently displaying the view around the perimeter. Today, i went past his house sitting in the garage chatting away, all of a sudden, a single orb was floating around the front of the security footage from camera. It would float around for a few seconds and go out of the screen, now that happened bout 3 times. Never were 2 orbs seen, only 1 at a time. How do u explain that?

  180. Laura Morris at - Reply

    I have a video of orb’s that seem to be concentrated in 1 area of my room? How do I upload a video to show you?

  181. Diane at - Reply

    Why would you see orbs in videos then ? Thank you

  182. Karen White at - Reply

    My name is Karen white and I have some videos I would like to share with you I would actually like you to visit my home due to the strange things that take place here I don’t know what it is or why it is happening but I know I am not going crazy but to back my story up I have a video I took last week with my son and it zipped passed his face plain as day then my phone went blurry then crystal clear and then it appears real fast and then zoom in a curve right for me please help me explain this

  183. Jean Simmonds at - Reply

    Hi I have seen many orbs without camera I can see them with my naked eye .I see orange ones .Also very large white ones . My house has lots of spiritual activity .
    I have lights coming on .TV turning itself off . Mirror came of the wall nothing was broken . I have items moved . Also I have had faces turned up on photos . I also have dreams coming true . Alarm going off , for no reason . But the orbs are becoming more noticeable , I see them every night . I have seen my late mother , also my cat who passed away . Yes I definitely believe we pass on to a wonderful place . There is no death . Regards Jean

  184. Jay at - Reply

    My girlfriend keeps seeing this being at my house,,, she says it has a dark body with a blue head and hands, she also says inside its blue head she describes seeing electrical synapses. Last night she said she felt it sit on our bed. Can anyone shed any light on what this may possibly be, any help would be greatly appreciated?

  185. donna hardin at - Reply

    I have videos of orbs around my grandchild when she’s dancing. How do I look into this?

  186. Arlene at - Reply

    I believed as you do until I moved into my new home and fell asleep presence. I installed a second security system a few days later that is equipped with infered cameras. Over the course of the past week every night at the same time orbs appear in my bedroom and disappear at the same time every night. They move with intelligence, some slower and some faster than the other. My dog can sense them as well.

    • Orbs are very common & everywhere and we have them in our home. they appear friendly and we have studied hundreds of them from moving film and photos. They well most have clear faces. strange but true. They seem to go thru walls etc…. A good book to read is THE ORB PROJECT….. helps u feel better about orbs but they appear inquisitive from what we have seen.

  187. Orbs are very common & everywhere and we have them in our home. they appear friendly and we have studied hundreds of them from moving film and photos. They well most have clear faces. strange but true. They seem to go thru walls etc…. A good book to read is THE ORB PROJECT….. helps u feel better about orbs but they appear inquisitive from what we have seen.

  188. vivian robertson at - Reply

    Hello my name is Vivian. I am very open to hear about the orbs. I have been taking photographs for many years and all of a sudden orbs were showing up everywhere. I also have been video taping them in movement. I can also see them up close. They appear very different than in my photographs. They are very tiny clear bubbles. I also see dust particles here and their, which look totally different. I do not know or claim to know what orbs really are but your opinion is very interesting. If dust is all they are then that’s just what it is and that is o.k. I just refer to them as energy globes. They also sometimes are colorful. Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day

  189. ken at - Reply

    ive seen orbs with the naked eye ,different coloured ones that headed towards the sky ,they were flying about in different directionsken

  190. ken at - Reply

    ive seen orbs with the naked eye,in a variety of colors

  191. Jean Simmonds at - Reply

    Hi I believe in the spirit world .I have seen spirits , I also have lights coming on also flickering . I have faces appear on photos . I also had a mirror fall of the wall nothing broken . Items moved . And lots more . But the last few months I have been aware of orbs out the corner of my eye. Also I can see orange streaks moving very fast . In one of the bedrooms . A few weeks ago I was about to go to bed . The room was in darkness,I was looking through the bedroom window. There was no traffic outside . All the front of my body was lighted up ,I followed the light along the bedroom , it was a very large white orb , it moved along the headboard and disappeard . It was so beautiful . !!!Something I will never forget.

  192. Cathy at - Reply

    Hi. I have several pictures from a trip, I have orbs when enlarged with faces in them. Some look like jelly fish. I have a red orb. That moved location from picture to picture. Not a chance these are dust. I also have orbs in the sky. That move location around a church Stepel. Another distinct orb with a line through it that moves location. I’d be happy to show you.

  193. Kim at - Reply

    I need to ask someone about a photo,but would prefer to do it,in a private email or something

  194. Joy Keg at - Reply

    Can an orb appear to be a fireball. When I was 7 or 8 my parents moved into a house where a murder had been committed. I didn’t know it had happened in my bedroom. One night something woke me up and I saw a red round shape object floating on the other side of the room. Before I could respond it flew across the room and knocked me backwards back onto my pillow. I didn’t feel anything except being knocked down. It appeared to be a fireball.

  195. Valerie at - Reply

    I believe in what you are saying is true. Here is a question. I like having bon fires in the summer. I love taking pictures, on some occasions you can see a purple color blob in the photos but not with the human eye.
    A little history on me. My daughter passed 4 years ago at age 20. Since then is when I noticed the purple blobs in our fires. Also my sliding glass door has a outline of a owl. Not drawn by anyone in my house hold.
    I do believe in the spiritual world. I enjoy reading some of the words you post on Facebook. I will eventually invest in some of your books. Thank you for all the posts and kind words of truth.

  196. Diego Martinez at - Reply

    My wife took a video of me and my son last night. My son was chasing me in his walker around the living room laughing hysterically. But today when i watched the video, I noticed that there are orbs of light going across the room wherever my son goes . Can anyone help me find an explanation to this ?

  197. Sandra Stone at - Reply

    Hi one early morning a friend a I were going out to watch the sun rise in a park up on ahigh outlook the gate was open and it looked like a little community park but we were un unknowingly tresspassing well to get to the point we were just walking on the sidewalk that went around the park suddenly something light brown in color not small but pretty large swooped down and flowed right through half of my body it felt like something thick going through my blood my friend saw it as well as i did it made my body move kind of funny we were both frightened and looked to see if it was behind me but no sign of it .Im wrighting you to see if you have ever heard of this kind of thing happening before and if so do you know what it was and do you think it might still be in my body?

  198. Michele Clarke at - Reply

    I have been disturbed by a twisted solid object like a long white rope coming out of the wall I did not like it at all. Please go onto you tube and find me I’m precious devere and have recent videos of one solid object passing through the wall. I decided I will not give them any further time or noterighty as I don’t want them here full stop. I am Catholic all nd ray everyday so why bother me. I feel I should ask a Priest to cleanse the house. I would really welcome some help here thank you Michele x

  199. P.greasley at - Reply

    We have cctv cameras with infra red you can definately see orbs and NOT dust got videos to prove it.We have loads in my grandsons room we have seen when his been asleep for hours and no one been in his roon to disturb any dust

  200. Sharie at - Reply

    I’m sure some are considerered dust. But since my mother passing away Oct 2015 I have communicated with her flashlight and it responds to me. Then I had an infrared camera that was meant for outdoors. It needed charging. I brought it in my bedroom and it shows way too many to count since summer of 2015. Some aren’t even circles. But they also respond to my voice or commands and will light up my phone with the different colors when I even ask them to. Some it’s pink, some it’s an orange brownish and a small amount of light blue. Videos also show them on me when I get a burn, poke feeling somewhere and smack the area or shake it off it shows it leaving. My husband has viewed them cause they leave him alone. But the color on my phone does change to that brownish color if I aim the cam his way. They also Obey what I say if I mention I’m going to light sage candles or use myrrh or Frankensence in a difuffuser. They just have disrupted a lot of sleep and been draining my energy. Dust doesn’t follow one of us out the door or go out one room and into another. Or also go running under the bed as this camera has caught so much that shows It Not Dust

    • Nikky Comfort at - Reply

      My question is which one is the light like a touch in corner of the eyes ?
      Also the one moving around the body ?
      Could they be my parents who have cross over ?
      How i am going to know which sign is Mother or which sign is Father.
      Thank you

  201. April Balkind at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    I have several of your books, I’ve ordered and absolutely LOVE your beautiful Pendulums (they are the most awesome Pendulums out there, hands down!), and I am currently enrolled in one of your on-line workshops, so it’s obvious that I respect your mediumship talent and advice. However, I am absolutely FLABBERGASTED by and completely disagree with your statement that all orbs in pictures are dust. If you’ve ever seen the show, “My Ghost Story,” which featured hundreds of authentic videos and photographs sent in from people all over the United States, and most of the “Ghost Adventures” shows, you see TONS of footage of orbs that are quite obviously intelligent life forms of some sort, and they also include tons of EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena recordings) that I feel strongly support the evidence. I am not saying that ALL orbs in pictures are spirits—I know that dust can look just like them—but when you observe the orbs that I am speaking of, you can see that they fly with purpose and intelligence, and many of them are captured at night, with no flash, and they are lit up all by themselves. Many of them are different colors of blue, red, orange or yellow, and many of them can be seen to change shape as they fly.

    I am by nature a very skeptical person, so after learning about orbs, I went out looking for evidence of them myself, and I am happy to report that I have some pretty astounding video footage of my own that I believe proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that these orbs are not just dust. I have footage of blue and white orbs flying around in my living room with great speed and precision, and they appear to be playing with my cat and dogs; also, you can see that my cat and dogs can see them. I would be happy to share them with you, if you are interested.

    Respectfully, April Balkind
    P.S. The orbs in your picture do not look like spirit orbs at all, they look like dust to me.

  202. Orbs at - Reply

    My brother moved into a new house I helped him move, it was a nice hot day, anyway as night came we had set the house up, sort of, anyway my great nephew slept on a two seater couch in the lounge an i slept on the three seater, down the far end of the lounge was there kitchen and dining area, the dining erea light was left on I tried to turn it of but couldn’t find the switch, that’s ok I finally went to sleep an during the night I woke up to see an orb stationary a metre from my eyes, I closed my eyes an thought am I imagining this an ad I opened my eyes it was still there, it was the size of a golf ball an was a dark bluish grey with like energy running threw it, it actually freaked me out, what I did was swing my pillow at it then it then it was gone but then I went really cold so I started saying the lords prayer, then things eased, I have been feeling that I did the wrong thing, I will be more braver next time, can you tell me anything about what I experienced, thankyou

  203. Bert at - Reply

    As one comment asks what about orbs seen with the naked eye?
    Dust particles and other things can get into pictures. But what’s seen with the eye is a whole another thing!
    As looking into the back side of a closet where it’s dark except for a translucent pale round image about 6″ diameter. Which when prayers are answered around the general time of the orb? Things beyond self fulfilling prophecies or of human ability at least at that time and in an area with no one to do such.
    Then I have this one question. I don’t know of any hologram being possibly projected into a clear sky. Although there’s military technology no one would know of just like the Philadelphia Project or how far it’s gone. Which for psychological affects; being able to project images into the sky would have profound affects on whoever the opposition would be. Like a terrifying image that’d be perceived as a demonic spirit. Psych ops it’d be very useful and maybe possible. But I seen a ladde in the sky a few times which made me think of Jacobs’ ladder. But I live in a military region where there’s the military and smart knowledgeable people in the military as well as others who may know of how to project holograms in the sky.
    Just like shadows can be projected. How I don’t know, but an overheard comment about me was, “He sees them, he’s just not saying anything!”. Lol, if I can’t photograph itvto prove it no I’m not saying anything. Then there’s fake psychics all over thevplace. But I know of real psychics as others consulted them and reacted according to what they were told. As one fellow being leary about his hand getting chewed and this other fellow being scared of being shot where he positioned hisself to respond if a gun were aimed to shoot him, although as futile as it was. Which christian clergy has consorted with those who have consorted with true psychics as well as police. I kind of figured some preachers veer others away from such so as to prevent themselves from being found out.
    Do you go this deep? Or do you know anyone who does?
    Best Regards,
    Bert Clayton

  204. Laura at - Reply

    I don’t agree with what you have said. Orbs are the lights from spirits present. I prayed for one to come above my head, and I have proof of a huge ball of blue/green light about the size of a fist standing in mid air in a photograph. No flash was used. It looks like the stars at night when you zoom into them with a telescope.

  205. Robert Pepper at - Reply

    What about a triangular shaped light that appears while I was setting up a digital camera. It grows from a dot to a six inch wide light that moves directly towards me and disappears over my head. The light is brilliant white and is in the air, not reflected on a surface. The camera does not omit light or have a flash and the drapes are closed. I spent hours trying to debunk it. I saw the light in the screen that was monitoring the camera.

  206. Matt at - Reply

    Specs of dust?? I videod my son laying on the floor while I was standing when an orb came streaking up from behind his head and arced right by my camera very swiftly.
    Sorry but “specs” of dust do not do this.

  207. Nell Miquet at - Reply

    I have several photos from The Myrtles Plantation
    in St.Francisville, La. with red, blue and green
    Orbs. If you enlarge the photos you can see a face
    of person in each orb from that era. I don’t understand it?
    I have never had a photo with an orb close to a family photo. I do agree with you about the dust
    floating in the air or a small insect in your photo.
    I do know that your loved ones are around you.
    Our love ones give us so many signs .

  208. Ant at - Reply

    Oh ok well that makes sense i used night vision then blacked out the window.shut off tv and saw these white circle things i felt a presents tho it was about 3am..im gonna do this again sum how dust free and see what happens lol..ty for clearing it up tho..

  209. I would like to tell my self that orbs are just camera light reflection, but the orb I saw was moving trying to get away from my camera and had a face in it various faces and I felt a presence how is that camera like subtances.

  210. Mariano at - Reply

    It all started with my pet’s, I thought it might have been the house but no, its me. They’re following me everywhere. I have a dog at my moms house and every night the dog would sleep in my room, I would always catch her staring at the wall or ceiling or following something around till eventually my dog would come real close to me and bury her head underneath my shoulder. It was when I moved on to my next residence where things started becoming really clear, my friend /roommate has a dog and a cat. The cat would come in my room and follow something that I could not see, one night I recorded in my room and sure enough it was clearly following the orbits. This is where the story gets interesting and creepy, the cat started having conversations with whatever spirit/ spirits were in the room, 1 in particular it would look and look all over the room till it found it then it would just break out with this big o’l cheeser on the cats face and it would just stare and smile at the wall or ceiling and then make hand I guess paw jesters to come towards it, it would creep me out so I would take the cat out of my room. Now the dog sleeps in my room and the same exact thing is happening, the dog states and smiles so big in a daze like he’s hypnotized, I have to shake him numerous times to come back to earth, well just right now he was cheesing so hard and almost laughing out loud that I grabbed my phone to record him almost laughing so I did. Well when I played the video back it was like none other, usually it will be an orb or 2 zooming by or floating around but this time it was just tons of orbs flying everywhere like it was snowing. Now I don’t get scared because I’ve never been harmed but I would love some answers. By the way, the cat died a few days ago, found outside my window.

  211. Jennifer McKenzie at - Reply

    Hello. Blair R. I got a question. Can a spirit pop up in the mirror why the person. Taking a pic of herself in the dark useing the flash on a cell phone

  212. Yvonne at - Reply

    Hi there could you tell me or help me find out what I am getting in my cam at night. I go to bed sometimes I watch my cam from my phone. I sometimes see white things moving across my liveing room. They are not round but weard shapes. Can u help me please. Maybe you email address so I can send you some of the videos I saved. My email is

  213. Shelly at - Reply

    I believe and my brother and 2 of my kids can see feel their grandparents (my mom&dad) but I can’t. Im a true believer and I want to know they are around any tips,how to feel or get their oresence to me? Thank You Shelly U. Michigan

  214. Tanya Bishop at - Reply

    What about video I have video and the orbs are going up and down up and down going in circles if you have a way of me sending you the video I would love to

  215. Katharine Stevens at - Reply

    My grandfatehr passed away in saturday afternoon 3-18-17….yesterday which was monday 3-20-17, we had to go tot he funeral home and get everything situated since he is to be cremated. Anyways my mom wanted to see him. Since we werent having a service or anything like that, the funeral peopke didnt do anything with my grandfather like embalming or makeup…whats the point? Hes being cremated. When my mother and i stated that we would like to see him one last time the funeral director or the guy we were speaking with absout my papa said to give him a few minutes. He needed to do a “quick fix”…..i guess shut his mouth, close his eyes, etc….when we were finally called in the room to see him, papa was lying in a cardboarx box altho ot was decorated ao that we couldnt see the box. I wouldnt have minded to be honest but ok. My mother walked over to him and went to tale a “final picture”. Well heres where it gets creepy…Moms camera NEVER messes up. Yesterday it did. She had to adjust it several times before she could take a good picture…In one picture that she took there os a glowing redish tint all over JUST PAPA. In another picture she took it was a glowing blue tint around once again JUST PAPA. What do you thibk about this??

  216. Billy at - Reply

    I understand about dust orbs. But we have orbs flying around at fast speeds in our house and we take videos with different smart phones.

  217. Terry at - Reply

    I was in my bedroom years ago in my earily twenties I saw a ball of light in the corner of the room. I looked out side my bedroom window to see there were any cars driving in the car parking structure. There was no car. The ball of light was the size of my hand. As I laid the bed staring at it I became a fraid. It started floating in midair towards me I watch the ball of light land in the middle of my hand. When it touched my hand it sent this warm energy through my hand entering my whole boday, Then a voice spoke to me in my head ” Do not be afraid Iam with you” Then this peace enter me and the whole room. That was God. I saw it with my own eyes and felt it and heard it.

  218. Terry at - Reply

    What if you see shadows of people is that your loved ones? Just curious. I have been reading alot regarding you Blair on the internet. I believe in what you share. Its a blessing that people like you help people understand more in spirit. God bless you.

  219. James at - Reply

    Great, ok, explains the floating ones. How about the ones that “zip” across the screen faster than a speeding bullet, literally?

  220. Carla at - Reply

    I live in Victoria bc.i went for a long walk at a place called Goldstream park took alot of pics and in 4 different pics at different times 1 circle appeared in pics4times! New cell no flash no light shining ect.

  221. Trueinfo at - Reply

    Please visit my youtube channel and type in ….. ( trueinfo reality ), to see my videos with Orbs and Angel dust on me. They are real and I would like to share. GOD Bless you!

  222. Jacqueline at - Reply

    Hello Blair, Last week i was listening to a song and i cried so much thinking of my dead Dad..after a few minutes i smelled a strong smell of smoke and me and my husband dont smoke.it lasted for about 2 minutes..could it be him telling me that he was near me ?

  223. brad boyd at - Reply

    My father passed last year in March, i was and iam still living out of the country where we are from and raised. My father and i were good friends and had a diffrent relation ship then the other kids.
    There was something he wanted to tell me but before he passed,my wife and i flew back home and we found him in bad shape called 911 and he was rushed to the ER. We never had that talk and he died not passing away in his home like he wanted to. a few days after his death we were at my grand mothers house , she is 98 years old and the mother of my father. I tradditionaly bbq lobster and steak out side every time iam in town , after dark i went to get the food off the grill , i turned the bk porch light on and it blew, so i continued any way to the grill and maby 10 ft above my head was glowing glitter balls of light and one that was really bright , i was frozen and couldent beleave what i was seeing. just a few months ago our power went off like it always does here on the island
    /my wife and i live on a small island in the Abaco Bahamas/ we lit some candles like normal and we started talking about my father . my wife was close to him aswell. Jokeingly we said dad show a sign and the candles went out immideatly . we laughed and said OK thats weard but dident think to much into it . about 5 minuts later i went on the back porch and the same green glowing ball of light that i seen at my grand mothers was in front of my face and zipping around , up and down .
    i couldent beleave it , i yelled to my wife ,, Kelly come look at this ! just before she got to the screen door it zipped away then came back really fast inbetween me and her . it lasted over a minute and the green color was beautiful and glowing green . my father and i spent almost all of our time in the woods hunting and fishing from the time i was born in 1979. could the green light mean its my father and it being green , connecting us with nature or out doors. ?

  224. Trueinfo at - Reply

    Months after my mom passed, I started seeing white specs in my photographs. Even though I had other people in the photographs with me…the specs were only around me. There is no way that I am the only person who has dust around them in every photograph! Please visit my youtube channel and see for yourself…Angel dust, and Orbs. Please go to my channel and type in ( trueinfo reality ). I have several videos and will be putting up more.

    Thank you for your time 🙂


  225. Carrie Mudd at - Reply

    I am about to go to the news with my story that was in the process of moving a few days ago and I do you have a surveillance camera the one in my bedroom was on the television was on it in the middle of the night at about three in the morning I have been asleep at 15 minutes probably because I have been moving stuff at my dads house my dad recently passed away but anyway ; What happened next has shaken me to my core am telling you this out of my life is change my life forever but I was physically assaulted by spirit. Most of everyone I know does not believe in anything like that and I can tell you after watching the surveillance footage they now believe. My legs were thrown open to the fact that they were snap so wide apart that I literally thought they were broken and I’m like how did that happen what happened did I fall asleep with my legs up and they just fell over no way too crazy for them to both fall in opposite directions that far down in order to hurt me so I immediately set up in a grab my legs they hurt so bad and I help them tight and that I tried to get up and I kept falling into the wall all of this is in the surveillance camera a walk to the door to see if anyone was in the house no one was I got back in the bed and covered my head and what you’ll see is the video over the next three minutes is scary stuff! I don’t want to relive it I don’t want to bring it into my new home did my life I have a bottle in my lap I will wear a cross around my neck and I will pray to a Rosary; next I will have a house blessed but I do want some explanations of what about send it to the network.

  226. Jacqueline at - Reply

    Not true, I’ve seen them with the naked eye! One orb almost looked like it had wings my video caught it flying around my head and you could see its shadow on my forehead as it went by my forehead! Plus I see 4 baby orbs always flying in the same spot in a straight row like a marching band! Unless you have a gift as a medium you I’m sorry to say are sadly mistaken!!

  227. Yvonne Cowart at - Reply

    What about videos ?? Lol the orbs in only our living room shut things that are recorded on ours. Can tiny dust shit things ? I’m asking literally . It’s only one also not a bunch. It goes to things shuts it and flies off .

  228. Rickey Simpson at - Reply

    I have videos of orbs. Either that or they are huge balls of glowing dust the size of volleyballs.

  229. Treva Bosley at - Reply

    I recently moved into a place with not so good spirits I’ve contacted a spirit researchers and they agree there is bad spirits here.now I’m asking you before I contact them again, I’ve made a short video of what my cat was looking at and there was a few little balls of light in air.I do know which ones was bugs but not what other was. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

  230. Diane at - Reply

    I bought a home in RI that was built in 1900. Just recently I installed cameras in the home since it is our summer home for security purposes. When there is motion the security system notifies me and records the movement. I am getting regular alerts…There has been really strange sightings….several were flashes of bright light blobs moving …my husband thought it was a bat flying across the room but it has been different sizes and is a lot bigger than a bat even. The others were this large fuzzy oversize ball that floats quickly thru the room…all over….a spiritual reader told me it was definitely an orb….how would I find out who it is? or could I?

  231. Cynthia Ann Swank at - Reply

    Thank you for allowing us to comment.
    My dad visited in a dream I noticed halo’s within his eyes white like donuts. What does this signify.
    Thank you

  232. Alkareem Johnson at - Reply

    I’m seeing orbs everyday all day
    I can relax and even stair at the ceiling I can see smoke or air moving at a high level rate of speed.. Like now as we speak I’m laying down looking at my huge Windows ,curtains open I see lots of them going in all directions..Its not just the fact that they want to reach out to us it’s in they study threw out endless ages.It’s really a war that we can’t see already has begun..The kingdom of light Vs Darkness.My opinion ..Can someone tell me what this smoke is I’m seeing or air???Overall I love the fact I’m made the same but designed different.. It’s real

  233. Heather Collins Atkins at - Reply

    I strongly disagree with your theory on orbs. The first law of thermodynamics; The Law of Conservation of Energy is scientific proof. I have infrared cameras in my home that have recorded orbs moving & my dogs see the orbs. One even chases it. I have proof. Spirits ARE real, human & animal. I have proof of my dog seeing and growling at an animal spirit in our house. You can deny it, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s real.

  234. kate la loba at - Reply

    how do you n know who it is ? whether it’s a good spirit or bad? my son and I are both very emotionally and psychically vulnerable right now. i am afraid. they are actual balls of dust that occur at home, in banks ,stores, walkn outside. its not normal. please some advice. I have been touched by an angel in death and my son is VERY vulnerable right now. Please advise

  235. Stephanie Daniels at - Reply

    Thank you for your explanation of Orbs. I did C a bright light radiating out from a round orblike round much brighter light. It was a mystery, since I tried to take a shot just b4 + this cofiguration was on my Me`Me`s leftside. So, I suppose the dust particle went directly to my grandmother’s solar plexis. I wanted to believe otherwise. She was an amazing source of LOVE all through my difficult childhood. I became a psychotherapist due to her strong faith and I desperately wanted to believe this was a sign for me + my very ill younger sister. Well, you have de-mystified my photo. However, it is true that her spirit is near me, especially when I need support from my Angel in Heaven.

  236. Amanda at - Reply

    What if i believe i caught it on video? I paused it and took screen shots i zoomed in and took screen shots.. it was a video of my daughter crawlinf for the first time last week. Her father passed away almost 2 weeks ago… i cried and begged for a sign that same day… i would love to be more aware of spirits of loved ones around me. Especially him if i knew how to open myself up more… i need to know if hes ok.. if hes with us.. he ended his own life.. so i have many concerns. We love and miss him dearly and i pray that was him or a sign until i can be more in tune..

  237. Xander at - Reply

    Well I’m not upset or offended but on a double shot I have a few pics of my son Xander with an orb with a tail as if it zoom by first pic don’t have it second pic does I know at times what we saw and it’s only with my son Xander I’m jus glad it’s not something that he is scared of or afraid to go to sleep when he was jus a baby he had a family of Blue jays nesting outside his window now the birds momma an daddy bird would not fly away when Xander pull him self up an look out the windows an yes some type of baby talk he had a conversation birds weren’t scared of him at all but as soon I would enter the room or his mother they fly away or he would be talking to someone has we enter the room he look at us then you could tell by his action he was looking for something as if it was in the baby bed with him like where they go …But none taken

  238. Jan cregan at - Reply

    I took a photo of 36 people at a reunion. One person looks like he is illuminating a dusty look. Everyone else in the photo has a clear face except this one person. I had the camera set on continuous shooting, so ended up with about 10 shoots of the group. I can’t explain what I am seeing.

  239. amanda g green at - Reply

    in past 3 months a face of a little boy has appeared on my cousins camera monitor first his happy then hes mad, about when I was 13 years (20 years ago) it seems as if I have actually seen the spirit in Sunday school standing then take off running. well almost 3 years ago at was at my aunts and I seen the same spirit like I did when in 13 it took off running threw the carport by my aunts car. but the images on my cousins camera that he sees looks like the same shirt and little boy that vibe actually seen the spirit of. could this be the same spirit or two different ones???

  240. Turia Miller at - Reply

    I recently captured an orb in a photograph. I couldn’t see it but it appears in my photo. Wasn’t dust it was in the sky and it clearly has a face.

  241. StarSurfin at - Reply

    my son in law has one orb in every picture of him, no flash, daylight photography. Its very distinct and always when he is with my daughter. I have to conclude that is more than just one spec of dust that is illuminated, without a flash, that continuously shows up, with different cameras. Some pictures are a friends camera, my daughters professional camera and various cell phone cameras. Too consistent to be dust or coincidence in my opinion.

  242. Maya at - Reply

    I had a video of a ball of light circling me then disappearing into a wall. Spooked me when I watched it.

  243. we have used audio recorders, cameras and video. we get voices, sounds and pictures of what appear to be a spook… is it? i dont know…quite interesting..when u have a mic and someones talking…. who knows… i know u say orbs are dust… im not sure… i have encountered all kinds of colored orbs…and yes dust does look like orbs, but i believe colored orbs and spirits tryin to manifest… what i cant figure out is, my daughter breeds dogs… sometimes when shes video taping she gets shooting balls of light… usually all around the dog or pups.. im not sure why the balls of light circle the dogs or the pups…could that be a spook or a spirit

  244. That’s all well and good but how do you explain orbs dancing around my wall in the pitch black of night in my living room

  245. Jean Simmonds at - Reply

    Hi I don’t need a camera I see orbs all the time in my home with the naked eye. I see white ones out the corner of my eye . In the bedrooms I see orange streaks darting everywhere. I also saw a beautiful very large blue orb in my bedroom it was as big as a dinner plate moved slowly along the room . There are spirits in my house I feel their presence . They do flicker lights, move items play with the TV . Orbs are for real , what I see is definitely not dust !! Regards Jean

  246. Amanda at - Reply

    Interesting. Ive been thinking im psychic for a aboutt a year now and i see orbs all around outside. Sometimes they will be together like three of them i just saw go into a tree. I dont know what this means. Please help!

  247. Faith at - Reply

    I have gotten videos of moving white round objects in my camera day and night they seem to get more clear and visual.. My dog sometimes acts like there is something around so it makes me think there is something around me and my family…. Last night my dog was being strange and he looked over a foot from my feet his ears went back and I felt something on my legs… Scared me… My dog was like staring at me

  248. Christine at - Reply

    So I get what you saying about pictures with flashes, but I saw a large white lite the size of a person shaped like a bowling pin out side of my window a few years ago in my drive way. I stared at it a bit was in the middle of the night I didn’t feel scared figured a rational explanation would appear in the morning. I couldn’t find anything that would make that the next morning and never saw again. Then recently we thought some one was breaking into our apartment when we were gone so put up video ( no flash) and there is a videos of an orb floating across the top of the door and there is no window for car lights. I thought of that!. And when it was on live mode I saw one go across the seen but the motion detector didn’t pick it up so no video. And I’m a skeptic! But there is some wonder what if?

  249. Lisa at - Reply

    I agree, there are a lot of photos out there with claims of paranormal activity that are really something common. I myself, have seen an orb. I was awakened by a buzzing sound at my right ear. I thought it was a mosquito or something so I swatted it away and began waking up. That’s when I saw the orb. Right beside my bed. Hovering about 3 feet off the floor. Once I focused on it, it shot up to the ceiling near my light fixture and dissappeared. It was a grayish-white color, somewhat transparent, about the size of a golf ball and moved as quickly as a hummingbird. Maybe SOME or even most photos of orbs has an earthbound and logical explanation, but orbs are real, and there’s a good likelihood they’ve been caught on camera and video.

  250. Danibee321@gmail.com at - Reply

    Nah…the 12 pictures i have of me splashing in the ocean at sunset and standing on the pier with a single blue green orb appearing then disapearing throughout the photos in different spots on the lens is not dust. Impossible. You can see the movement even. Especially odd as i felt my sons presence deeply that day and did not notice the orbs til 2 weeks later…im sure you are right about the dust, and i too am right about the orb. There are both and anyone who claims their truth is the only truth, 100%..well they have some growing to do ✌

  251. Marmite at - Reply

    Well if they are dust particles my lot are very clever dust particles coming through walls …

  252. Lane at - Reply

    Take a look at these!!! Most were taken on video and then screen captured. I’m not sure exactly what they are yet are certain it isn’t dust!!!!

  253. mary at - Reply

    I see orbs always a round me ,i have always seen thangs as a little girl but i am69 years old now a d i seen orbs a lot.

    • mary at - Reply

      they are not dust, they are real.

  254. vickie at - Reply

    what about the orbs that you literally see, floating outside your window? No photographs, no nothing! My brother had died a day or so earlier and we DID hear weird noises that nite in the kitchen, but that aside, I was sitting on the bed doing I don’t even remember what, now, and I glanced outside and I saw two bright orange orbs just floating outside the window! I gasped and said, Bill! (my brother), is that you? And just like that, they flew away, very quickly. I am almost sure that was him, and maybe my dad – or other brother? who knows?

  255. k.l.b at - Reply

    that’s not true my friend did that we can see orbs without the flash and with the flash not only that but how do the “dust” change different colors

  256. I have video of my grandma hugging and talking to orbs. No lights on and no camera lights. I think you don’t know what you are talking about. I know now not to view your post or so called wisdom.

  257. Shay at - Reply

    So I took several pictures of my children in front of my back glass sliding doors of our new home and in each picture there are black clouds, or huge black orbs , almost like black smoke. One any each of my children. I need help finding out what it is. No there wasn’t anything on my lens or anything that would be causing the black smoke.

  258. John Ansted at - Reply

    That doesn’t explain what happened to me. My phones video recorder was left running while I was sleeping and it captured lights (Orbs) moving around the room at different times in different directions and some of them stopped in front of the phone and the they all of a sudden zipped away. Now try to explain that. My name is John Ansted and I am from Salem Oregon.

  259. Joyce at - Reply

    l took a photo to show my sister my rug but in the photo orvs apoeared on my suite and floor so when my sister came over l said l dont know what happened to my photo so she said to video at the same spot and as l did so loads of these orbs were flying all around sone cery fast…can you explain what it is and is there anyway l can send you the photo and the video…thanks

  260. Lillian at - Reply

    I have an actual orb that we can talk with spirits and I don’t know what to say

  261. Robert Bonilla at - Reply

    I agree that some, with the way they move are dust particles BUT there are times that they manifest and fly across the room with zero wind effecting its trajectory. Also I have caught some that are massive and bright or discolored (greenish tint/blue tint). I believe some are dust but others I have yet to debunk.

  262. Theresa at - Reply

    My husband was taking pictures of my 3 grand daughters and this white orb went across room trying to get in picture. Why?? My son and I saw the light raced to get in picture. Hubby caught half of orb. I’m wondering what could it have been?

  263. pam at - Reply

    i had never seen an orb before but my brother passed away a few weeks ago and my puppy started growling in the middle of the night at something in the living room. I grab my camera and took pictures this time. and where the ashes of my brother are an orb shot out at me in a circle motion. I was surprised to see it on live shots. i do believe now in orbs…it was not dust!!! it was the size of a 50 cent piece and swirled towards me . I felt com

  264. I took a photo and while the flash illuminated for a brief second I could see lots of ‘orbs’ zipping around but they don’t show in the photo so was this dust or something else?

  265. Tori at - Reply

    What about videos taken with one flying in and out? With no flash on the camera? I took a few today from two different phones and areas of the land, and it’s clear as day. Even when I slow the video down, I see it shoot out of frame.

  266. James Perry at - Reply

    I lost my girlfriend a year ago and now her old cat is passing . Is there a such place as like Rainbow Bridge where Pet’s to be reunited with their loved ones just before the Gates of Heaven. I am a member are you mailing list from your website and I wanted to thank you for all the the help for. people regarding afterlife thank you James Perry

  267. Michael at - Reply

    When I was 10 years old my younger brother and I saw an orange orb. It was about the size of a basketball. It floated across our bedroom slowly and disappeared into the wall. We were puzzled about this. We went down stairs. Our living room was directly under our bedroom. There we saw two orange orbs of the same size float across the lit room into our dad’s bedroom. He was always into pornography. Years later I saw one again. I asked him what it is. He said it was a demon that wanted his soul. By the way, that room was also lit up by a lamp. In all these times there was never a camera involved.

  268. Kathy at - Reply

    Please don’t ever let anyone tell you that what your experiencing is not real! I have been seeing orbs, many orbs, open portals throughout my home for quite a while now both with my naked eye and through my security cameras, not my iPhone camera as much. Because my iPhone takes live shots, you can definitely go back and push the pic (without having to use my flash) and see these orbs moving! I can raise my left arm (my psychic arm, conduit arm if you will) start talking to them and they appear through these portals. Sometimes many come through, other times, maybe 4 or 5. Throw in a full moon and games on. We are all given that sixth sense for a reason. Some are much more sensitive then others but if you learn how to trust that Intuitive intuition especially if it calls on you at certain times, you find yourself looking at the clock and always seeeing that same time, for me it’s being awoken at 3:44 am, often or looking at a clock at exactly 11:11, these are all Angel numbers and I’m meant to see these times. The orbs can be and are very active at these times. I guess what I’m saying is if your seeing them, feeling them, believe in them. You are special, a sensitive! Learn to develope this special gift for your Angel guides will never let you down… many “paranormal researchers” have tried to debunk my clips, they just can’t!

    • Jean Simmonds at - Reply

      Hi Very interesting .Orbs are for real sometimes ,I see them following me around the house .To me they are very visual also my cats , watching them all time.I see orange streaks darting everywhere ,small white ones out the corner of my eye it’s all so fascinating.Every room I go into I see them .My neighbours dog was very ill I sat with him ,and orb came between us It was amazing ,and sad he died the following day . Regards. Jean

  269. In my selfies I always capture a mist in front of me. Sometimes it is more prominent than others. I am intuitive and a healer. What can it be?

  270. Hondo at - Reply

    Well maybe your theory is right and there may be more than 2 answers. I turn on my video on my phone even before the light comes on I’ve seen orbs floating around at different speeds and angles. Just saying maybe you’re right but so am I.

  271. Karen at - Reply

    i had a misty/cloudy-like floating circle the size of a small tea cup saucer hovering over the chair that i always sit in on our small screen enclosed back patio-this imaged appeared in our security camera which is 5 feet from where this image was bobbing up and down . when i went outside so my boyfriend could see if it would move it actually darted and hovered at the back patio screen door before it just went away and we haven’t seen it since. thing is, my cats always come for food and loving through the cat door on the same patio and normally stick around for a little attention-they have not since this orb came around and this is totally out of the norm as they love their nightly treats and catnip…so whats up with that?

  272. Julie Stygar at - Reply

    I am a Psychic Medium and both agree and disagree. Yes, “orbs” can be particles of dust, or drops of rain on a lens. A total possibility. There are many things that can cause distortion on the lens of phones or camera’s. I agree. However, on the other hand I must strongly disagree as I have had the personal experience of investigating multiple places both at night and during the day, the most interesting experience including a vacant state hospital in the evening with no lights. I sensed where I felt the “energy” in complete darkness, pointed to them and my assistant snapped a photograph. There were cluster’s of orbs, some with faces. If these were ” particles” that I had sensed I am puzzled as to how I was able to know exactly where they were? People are going to take away what they will or won’t. I, for one, as a Medium, believe and know this to be true.

  273. I take pictures in the daytime, no flash the orbs appear. Don’t fool yourself it’s true

  274. Hi. I am new to this subject but let me share my experiences and thoughts. I am not talking about orbs in picture. We have an ARLO video camera in our mother’s bedroom for safety monitoring. At start of the evening , you will start seeing few “orbs” lights appear and disappear, zooming fast and slow in the room in different directions. When it hits midnite, that is when you see many of them zooming with trails, coming out of different directions from the walls, ceiling, window. They make right angle turns, circles, straight, forward and then reverse motions, C shape motion, V shape motion, loop. They come in different light intensity and sizes. All have trails. I even recorded one going down through my Mom’s foot part of the mattress then went up from the side. There is one that made a loop and V shape trail. The orbs are white, with trails, suddenly appear and disappear, So far, I do not see my mother reacting to what she got in her room at that moment. She does not know about them. I am shocked to see this thing the first time but now It is just an ordinary thing that comes every nite. As long as it does not bother or hurt our mother, they can come and go as they pleased. Therefore, to me it is not dusts or camera system anomaly. I always treat these “ORBS” with respect and just enjoy how they exhibit themselves while video camera is on. Thanks.

  275. Ken at - Reply

    My home is full of these orbs, clear spirits moving around the house. Its like seeing a clear energy go past me they circle me. They even go back an fourth as if trying to get my attention.

  276. Jean Simmonds at - Reply

    Hi. I see orbs every day In my house with my naked eye I have never tried to take photos .Idont need that proof .Some months ago I was preparing for bed the room was in darkness. The top of my body was lighted up ,next the light moved along the room all I could see was a massive blue orb it was beautiful, it was as large as a dinner plate , then it just disappeared.At that time I was due for an operation on my shoulder it was very painful .I was told it was getting worse .A few days later my shoulder improved .I cancelled the operation the doctors were baffled , my shoulder now is back to normal .Something I will never forget . Jean

  277. Candice Billings at - Reply

    I would like to show some pictures I have take since my husband of 29 years passed away.

  278. Cynthia Moore at - Reply

    Hi my name is Cyndy.
    I’m sorry but, I have to disagree with you on the whole orb subject.
    I don’t want to offend anyone and I believe we all have a right to our own beliefs and feelings and we also have the right to express them without judgement from others. That being said.
    I believe each spirit is uniquely different. I believe some are stronger and capable of more than others.
    Their Personality is probably alot like it was when they were alive.
    Example someone who was a sprankster alive is probably the spirit that hides your car keys and when you go searching for them puts them right back where you had them. If they were shy then there spirit probably is also. Maybe they are the flashes you see out of the corner of your eye but, are gone when you try to get a better look.
    The stronger ones more than likely show themselves in pictures but, the weaker ones may show themselves as orbs.
    I have a couple hours worth of video caught on my security cameras that I believe will convince even a non-believer.
    Anyway this is just my opinion you can take it or leave it. I do however hope that you take the time to at least watch my videos before you delete my comment. Thank you for your time

  279. I was in vegas a few years ago and was taking a picture of the mountains at night. While i was holding my camera i saw a gold thing bouncing across my screen. I snapped 2 pictures of it. If you are interested in seeing it please email me.

  280. Chuck Cullen at - Reply

    I have video footage of green,red,white,blue,gold orbs dark spirits footage of of the higher power the truth they come to me everything is real all religions just believe at the end just make sure u choose the light love the light love all elements earth universe there is a portal that orbs which is gurdians that protect all of us at all times it’s all in the making now I’m awaking n miracles blessing come to me ten fold I am choosen for uh greater matter this is just first life to go through the bad to fight for love but now I got it I rather be uh lover than uh fighter I have a gift all spirit orbs come from the light example street lights, I have aliens dragons what they imagine comes to life but is invisible from other dimensions, stay humble unuff to realize to expand your dreams follow signs numbers they all tell u something,my power my energy is limitless I am the sun one of my animals in s the owl which is the lord of the underworld, I have many orbs from everywhere who protect me I can stare at the dark sky as I make stars tickle n the moon walk to me literally y’all might think this is unbelievable but magic is real it all is maybe not Easter bunny ok since I left hawaii I been protected from ancient hawaiian warriors all my life I get held down in my sleep they say it’s uh sleep disorder promise u it’s not they hold me down drag me talk show me visions the devil lurks hidden in many ways don’t let him win look with great alert I come with love truth peace freedom justice I’m a demon slayer I am as one with the light it’s there for the taking so take it,the footage I have n power is just unfolding it’s worth uh fortune it’s sacred n will be told this is my philosophy

  281. Elle at - Reply

    Well I “felt” an orb (a rather angry orb) at a hotel once. I got out my vivitar camera to see if I could catch it and there it was after a few shots, up near the ceiling. I asked the little “f——er” to hold still while I take the other shots. Apparently it didn’t like me swearing at it and cane back with “friends.” DOZENS of them in various colors (would live to know how to recreate all those hues of “dust” that appear like magic when nothing causes that much to appear in the first place)
    Each multi burst shot fired off at 1/8th of a second at the very least and every orb was in a new position in that amount of time.

    The real truth was when the room instantly got so cold in the middle of summer, that the heat cranked up to 85 degrees, with me swaddled in blankets did zero to warm me up. I eventually needed to leave the hotel room.

  282. Mari-ann at - Reply

    Hi I’ve just read your article on orbs in photos as I am looking in to orbs in photos being different sizes and colours for my best friend as recently she has been experiencing and sensing spirit activity around herself and her dog , she took 3 photos on her mobilphone of her dog in her bedroom all 3 show a large gold in colour clear orb centered over the dog’s face and head in two different places then further down on the dog’s body !
    A couple of days later she has taken a photo of her self which again showed a large clear orb that is orange around the edge and gold in the middle over her face , she then took another photo moments later off a completely different part of her bedroom to check for herself that it was not the camera on her mobilephone, The photo was perfectly clear no dust specs or large orbs anywhere in the picture.
    As a sceptic on orbs in photos yourself would you feel that as she has been experiencing and also sensing spirit around herself and her dog and the change in colour of the large sphere appearing in different places around the dog and centerd directly over my friends face and head that it could be spirit trying to show her they are watching over them in all ways they can that are less frightening and upsetting to there loved ones on the earth plan !!

  283. Bella at - Reply

    I tried this a couple times on Snapchat and I think I communicated with my
    Deceased Grandma..idk if it was the right thing to do but I asked if she would go in front of the camera, I had the lights off and I was taking a vid with the flash on, and I saw an orb go by..I’m for sure that it wasn’t a speck of dust bc when every I do see dust it’s much smaller

  284. Debbie at - Reply

    I saw an orb as a 4-5 yr old child, in a friend’s backyard on a cloudy spring day. I remember it clearly. She had gone in the house for a few minutes and I was outside alone. The orb floated down to the ground a few feet away from me. It looked like a clear glass bubble and I wanted to touch it, but everytime I would get close to it, it would rise about a foot in the air and float away. Finally, it rose off the grass and drifted up to the sky and I remember standing and watching it until it was just a speck. Right after that my friend came back outside. I tried to tell her and her mom what I had seen but couldn’t find the words. After visiting different websites on the subject, I’m convinced it was a guardian angel watching over me because I was out there alone. I’ve had many unexplained events in my life and that is the earliest one I have a memory of. Would you tell me what you think it was?

  285. Brittnie at - Reply

    I have a video from my iPhone two in fact from two separate times I visited Bobby Mackys Bar and Haunted Ghost Tours.
    I’m not sure I believed ever or till I visited the second time when reviewing my taped recording I saw an orb the second time.
    I really wish someone could review it and give me feedback??
    Thank you for your site

  286. Laura wyan at - Reply

    I understand what you’re saying regarding dust particles and moisture being mistaken for Spirit orbs. True Spirit orbs do infact have images of Departed as well as living people in them. They also have beautiful images waiting to be discovered. I’m currently working on a website that explains this hopefully it will finish soon I’m working on it myself and learning as I go so it’s kind of a mess right now but hopefully I get it straight soon.

  287. I have orbs that cause the motion detector to go off and I see them then on the tablet. This just started last Friday at night. Some are small and some larger. Some are clear and some are white. They may move slowly and then dart quickly and to the corners and are gone. If I walk through the dining room my roommate says they leave quickly. What is this?

  288. I was awake last night and on my bedroom wall just a certain spot not the whole wall was cluster of bright little lights just floating around in a small place, it didn’t freak me out and my first thought it was a spirit so I sat up looking at it and decided to look out my bedroom window facing that wall to see if something was shining from the outside and there was nothing and did this twice to see if something outside was creating this and I look back and it left in a blink. What does this mean. My husband laughed at me.

  289. Jorja Tierney at - Reply

    This is good because I saw orbs last night and also I see shadow beings and sometimes people but I don’t know why and my mum just said I was special because no one else sees them

  290. Dave at - Reply

    Why did I see a face of my dog In an orbI do believe you that most of it is dust but how can you explain when you’re doing a video and you see the order of shooting around in circles really fast and then toward you when you’re taking a still photo I believe the orbs are Darst 100% because you’re just catching it at that moment but hell is it that if you’re doing a video and you were seeing it should around you as you were actually talking to a loved one at that moment in the video shows the word shooting back-and-forth it’s suchA fast manner they clearly dust wouldn’t go up downside left right diagonal super fast and then toward you is if you were watching something and it’s physical form shooting around the room

  291. debbie at - Reply

    I had a little boy go between me and my camera,rhe camera was on me.i didn’t see him till I played it back.Hes a blonde boy around 19,my neighbor says his name is Billy.How well are you associated with r h neg blood type in people?

  292. deborah shepard at - Reply

    yesterday both husband and I saw 6 times when i was taking pictures didn’t get them watched shooting like orbs stars shooting around the room.Mom is 91 chf doctor doesn’t give her real long.I was just getting up when my two dogs sitting there.Was taking picture of the dogs and saw this 6 times .Is it close then for mama the family here for her it is scary never had this event before
    Can you help me please

  293. I was sitting alone in the dark watching tv in the living room of a house I used to rent. Everyone else was in bed. From the left side of me a little ball of light about the size of a dime crosses from my left side to right in front of my face and continues into a little scentsy I had plugged in. It was very bright and imperfectly shaped. Was definitely not a bug. No wings no reflections. I’m really into paranormal world but this was one of the most profound things to happen to me. I was paralyzed by what my eyes were seeing! I wasn’t scared until after I realized what just happened. I had felt negative energy while in bed at night and saw shadows in the complete dark. Some friends were staying with us at the time and had been seeing shadows and hearing the husbands name being called. The only place I felt uncomfortable was the bedroom though. Like something was going to grab my feet or attack me.

  294. Jean Simmonds at - Reply

    Hi My house is full of activity lights coming on ,lights flickering , objects moving ,faces appearing in photos , orbs I-see them every day ,day and night . This is all normal for me ,no camera needed,About six months ago I was due for an operation on my shoulder owing to a bad fall .The pain was intense, I was advised to have the operation as soon as possible. Few weeks befor the operation was due , I was preparing for bed the bedroom was in darkness , I looked down my body was lighted up.I was in shock ,the light moved all I could see was a massive blue orb moving along the headboard then went through the wall .Two days later I cancelled the operation all the pain had gone ,the doctors were baffled ,I call that a miracle, I am living proof . Jean.

  295. Joyce at - Reply

    Some are dust but I have pictures of my brothers grave which are huge ‘orbs’. I tried to debunk the huge perfectly round ‘orbs’ and it is not a ‘fingerprint’ because I debunked that with taking pictures right after those ‘orbs’… and trust me I tried to debunk. I couldn’t nor could anyone else debunk these pictures. So yes most are dust but definitely not all.

  296. If what you say is true than why do I have orbs moving all around in a video of my daughter and her puppy playing. It was going all over the room almost following my pup and my daughter.

  297. Dianne Utterback at - Reply

    White ball of light came into my house and I have it on

  298. Alexia telles at - Reply

    I have photos of real orbs caught in photos .. shit that will creep you out moving ones they be flying fast . The high vibrancy light helps you see them . I took a video and saw three fly by I was laying down in the video camera faced looking in front of me I took another video and I couldn’t see it again that proves your whole theory wrong because I caught orbs on camera and tried to again and couldn’t

  299. Stephen at - Reply

    Not certain what the meaning of these orb’s are/but have seen what appeared to be a small golden circle the top halve looked like an indian head piece “not feather’s” but gold rod’s the centre had what looked to be a face from distance.As i got closer to it there was no face but a symbol of some kind. And it came right up close to my face/eyes as if it was some type of probe studying me for about ten minutes then vanished.

  300. Jose at - Reply

    I have many videos of multiple orbs going in different directions all over my house. what do I do about that

  301. Jean Simmonds at - Reply

    I have been. Seeing orbs for a few years now .No camera needed they are very visual to me mainly they are small and white and seem to follow me around the house .Sometimes I see orange streaks darting everywhere at amazing speed.I also saw a enormas blue orb in my bedroom it was the size of a dinner plate moved along the room quite slowly and disappeared.Now I can see them outside at night . I am in my seventies my eyes are very good for my age .why I have developed this gift now I have no answer . ?I have photos with unknown faces .Lights switching on objects moving , shower has come by itself three times .Regards Jean

  302. Joanne Herring at - Reply

    I have a question about a different orb. It was large and bright, white and silver, with a tail. It flew right at me. It went through me and hit my sleeping husband, who jumped. He never woke up. It was quick. What would that be?

  303. Ingus at - Reply

    Yesterday at 1am near graveyard Me and My friend was taking pictures. Same environment, same time, same camera, same settings and for some reason orbs was shown it pictures only with Me, but the other dudes pics at the same spot with same conditions was without orbs. Ps I deep into esoteric and mysticism that is only difference between two of us. So In My experience orbs do not show up just because of flash or they are random dusts.

  304. Susanne cicero at - Reply

    I was taking care of my mom while she was dying of cancer. I was hanging up her robe in the closet when I suddenly felt something let go of my heart. I turned around n said oh momma no. There was a bubble like orb floating over her head n slowing disappeared into the ceiling.

  305. Joshua Clark at - Reply

    Can I email you a video that is happening right now as i speak im trying to find answers to this. Its on my brothers security cam happening right now hes actually on way to house to see whats going on its never happened before and we have clear and strange orb video

  306. Dawn M Matera at - Reply

    I have security camera’s at our shore house. The camera’s are capturing orbs floating inside and outside of the house. They do not take the same route, and its happening at different times, sometimes different days. Explain that

  307. Sharon at - Reply

    I’ve seen 4 10×10 white squares float by me different days actually one was a long rectangle PLEASE can you tell Mr what it is Google has nothing I’m not afraid at all.




  309. Fiona at - Reply

    I totally understand you saying that it’s Dust etc I have myself taken photos with people saying oh there’s an orb and I know it’s not because before I’ve taken the photo I’ve seen dust fly by through the camera before I’ve taken the photo. But however I have caught other huge white balls that couldn’t be dust. I’ve also seen on quite a number of times white flashes appear in reality and big white balls fly past me in the presence of another person. I’ve caught so many on camera that go so quick and sort of bounce around. I’m very Spiritual I’m not sure it’s a loved one or maybe it’s good energy from my Angels. But I do know the difference between dust and and big white balls moving so fast around. I understand and take into consideration you don’t believe in Orbs but can you explain what these big white balls and white flashes are in reality?
    Thank you

  310. nikol at - Reply

    Interesting take on it. I’ve heard that before. I. would normally agree, however, I recently installed surveillance cameras in ny house. They have night vision. Meaning no flash. I was watching my dog at 330 in the morning on her bed playing. Her bed backs up the dresser that has the remains of my two previous dogs which she stares at and barks at a lot. While watching her two orbs shot across the screen from top to bottom. she stopped playing and is now sleeping in the living room. The orbs went right on her bed and off camera. I truly believe they are spirits and my dogs; one of which was her best friend. She refuses to come back to bed.

  311. Sheila Graham at - Reply

    Good try but my orbs show up in ALL my non flash pics❤️

  312. Romel at - Reply

    Ours is taken by our home surveilance system. My wife showed me the video and it was a bunch of white pieces og things flying over my head pretty fast then disappeared.

  313. Jimmy at - Reply

    I have pictures taken at night without flash and you can see orbs. They taken in my bedroom while I was sleeping. My daughter sneaked up to my bedroom and took the pictures. she also got some on video.

  314. Connie Carter at - Reply

    U couldnt b more wrong , walk a day or better yet a night in my shoes and u probably wouldnt make it out alive , but for sure loose your mind and orbs are just the beginning of what hell im goin thru the devil is real , demons are real , ghosts are real , shadow people are real , spirits are real and those orbs can spin like a twister and they sound like bumble bees , and when they land they turn into people aka invisible people like faded or a blur or energy but nevertheless people u can see what they look like if they boy ,girl , and young or old , they touch me , I can touch them , im being bruised and scratched by demons and they are moving things in thin air as I watch , I feel them crawling on me and inside me so until u experience anything like this dont tell me they aint real.

  315. Betty Moore at - Reply

    I need to ask is it the same with an outside video cam??? The first time we seen it was March 31,2018 at 6 something am . We played it off as just some kind of light you could not see it with the naked eye. Two months have past since we seen it again which was last night early morning around 2 am still could not see it with the naked eye . The small circle of solid light floats around it does not it reflect off anything or does it shine on to anything. It’s not anything like us turning a flash on or off. What is it what could be making this????

  316. Robyn at - Reply

    What are your thoughts on orbs caught on video? I found this article, because due to installing video cameras in my house, I’ve caught an orb (and a disturbing voice). I’m a little concerned. I’ve never felt uncomfortable in my house, but I have on occasion heard noises that I wouldn’t expect. I guess I’m just wondering whether or not to be concerned…your input would be greatly appreciated.

  317. Sebrina at - Reply

    My son went up to bed last night , he saw 2balls the size of quarters the light was a yellowish white.
    First they were around his navel area then they started what he called “fighting with each other”.
    My son doesn’t believe in the supernatural.he believes in science and was looking out widow to see if there was a car or any light shining in that would’ve caused the 2 light balls.
    He found nothing scientific to support the light balls.
    I have a question could they be angels or loved ones? Why are they appearing if they are?
    Thank you

  318. Marla Duvall at - Reply

    I have a picture of me and my ex-boyfriend. We went to California in 2016. The very first picture off the plane and the train was taken in Long Beach California. Mind you we ran away from Michigan was trying to escape an addiction and to really say to get away and start our life over. I had no money no job we knew no one. The picture shows there is something above my head it’s not an orb a circle thing no it is more like a figure of some sort that’s just above my head. There’s way more to the story and what happened out there there’s nothing over his head I don’t know if you can help me. But if you would get back to me I will leave my name and my email he has not been right since we came back the place was very evil to me. Some crazy things happened while we was out there especially mentally to him and me but I personally have came back to Earth and got my mind back basically. But there was something about that trip that is very disturbing. I don’t even know if I really made sense or if you want to get back ahold of me I guess it was worth a try I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. Thank you for your time.

  319. Tee Tavarez at - Reply

    I have living proof of orbs on video. no lights , no flash. Definitely not dust . They were caught on my surveillance cameras at home. I’ve experienced paranormal activity as well. With evil entities. If you’d like to see and take further research into my analogy contact me.

  320. audra at - Reply

    What about an encounter my daughter had all the lights off shes in bed trying to sleep and a glowing light circular in shape intelligent “thing” zooms in her room hovers over her face then goes straight through the wall.

  321. Holly at - Reply

    My orb appeared years later after I visited him at his grave. The picture was years old but I am so curious to find out what what it means.

  322. cherry at - Reply

    this makes total sense !!
    i have seen orb in my rm just yesterday ( i actualy said ok i’m
    not sure if your robert or allen i love you but i’m busy and it puff away
    my son robert died 71717 and my big brother died 122417
    i know and feel them my husband and i both smell cigert smoke
    we don’t smoke and there’s no one around I was very close to both of them
    i’d give anything just for a few seconds to tell my son i’m sorry i let him down
    i know he loves me but i feel crazy

  323. Too many articles were they are said to be “dust”. Um sorry but my security camera live feed caught my MOVING orbs/ specs of light. Not one or two, but i witnessed from my bedroom, while grandson sat in the midst, 20-30 plus moving orbs. Most went up from the floor or down from the ceiling and vanished. A few went across the room and one went spiraling and like the rest, vanished. The event slowed once i was upstairs and stopped shortly after my grandson came upstairs. He is 9 he saw them too. Im in tune slightly to these things so not surprised and not really scared. I’ve been in this house 9 years, if something malicious was up, i would know by now, right? I am also a genealogist so i figure they are my ancestors. Laugh all you want, it happened.

  324. Grace at - Reply

    Hello Blair, my grand daughter has seen a black orb in her bedroom and it is making her afraid, she won’t sleep in the room, the cat has seen it too and follows it around.
    Can you shed some light on this?

  325. Bekki at - Reply

    Just because you don’t actually know what they are you can’t tell people what they aren’t. I’ve seen them move like flying around zooming floating and bouncing. I don’t know what they are, who they are but I know this, there is something very alive about them. The ones I see. The ones I’ve videoed. I find it comical that you are stating you know they are just dust etc, when infact you might have seen some that are just dust, but then you haven’t seen real orbs. I don’t know if they are grandad or aunt penny, but they are as real as anything. A being or creature who knows.

  326. Debbie at - Reply

    Every single picture we took of my daughter since she has been born has had an orb in it but it does not show up that much she she got a man and married him. We even used the same camera and took separate pictures of 14 people one at a time and the orb showed us a huge bright orb in my daughters pictures. I know its another person from the other side for sure cause when she was a baby she would talk to whoever it was and she would say let me sleep now and she would say the name verna

  327. branden at - Reply

    the orbs you see flying around in your home videos are weak spirits that are trying to communicate with you but are to weak to take a bigger or better form so as a result they take the form of an orb but they cannot be seen with the naked eye unless you are a medium/spirit medium that’s why they try to communicate through video or photos but i would suggest to be careful as they have a chance to be evil but it is highly unlikely the chances are the spirit is good but never use a weegie board as there is a very very low chance of of summoning a friendly spirit and a very very high chance of summoning an evil spirit which will most likely try to kill you are badly hurt you. with the orbs if you see eny that are not white that could be a passed family member of a soul that desires to hurt you

  328. Jennifer Taylor at - Reply

    As a fellow psychic medium I’d like to know your explanation on the orbs seen with the naked eye. Bright orbs along with black ones swiftly zooming by your face, windows, near the ceilings, in the corner of your eye, fading in and out while having feelings of a presence/presences around you at the exact same moment which is confirmed by your pet meowing and chasing these “orbs”?

  329. Jill at - Reply

    I saw orbs in a tube moving fast around me then took pictures. 5 pictures and it definitely was not dust!! Very bright and the tube split into 2 or 3 but it went around my whole room and I have never seen or heard of an orb of light until 2 years ago

  330. Moonbeam at - Reply

    Bravo I would normally agree, but there are about 20 orbs hovering outside my front door. Explain that.

  331. Lin at - Reply

    I agree I have my inside home camera and u see the orbs at day and night,

  332. Melissa martin at - Reply

    I am so sorry to hear you call yourself A spiritual person and you cant feel or see the orbs. Yes I agree some may be specs of dust but my father passed a few days ago and I sat on my front porch crying so hard looking at the church across the street. well. the sun got bright then dim then bright I felt the need to take a pic during my grief and I took several and what I saw later was umdeniable. my fathers orb surrounded by the holy spirit.If I could send it I would. dig deeper. dont shut yourself off if you really do have gifts

  333. Victoria Karmelowicz at - Reply

    So, seriously asking this, i took a video of my two children playing basketball in my sons room at his grandmothers house. About, a half hour or so prior to arriving to my mother in laws, i spoke with a new neighbor who told me she is a medium and expressed that i have many loved ones near me…ill get to the point…
    I posted the video and a very close friend commented about orbs that i didnt see because i didnt watch the video, so i watched it and legit saw balls of light zooming in front of the camera towards the end of the clip
    Are you speaking of video footage as well or just still photographs? Im not gonna lie it did warm my heart and i do feel much better after speaking to my neighbor but, do you think that these orbs are orbs or just something entirely different?

  334. Teri pedro at - Reply

    ok this is what happened the other night. I smoke outside and i love to look at the stars. I am on my front porch and i finished my smoke. I am facing my front door looking up I am that way so i don’t get the glare from the street lights when i am looking at stars. my roof is simple overhang with a gutter. so facing the door looking up and i am thinking what is out there i want to know and right then {THIS IS SO 100% TRUE} I am not crazy or on meds or it was not car lights or someones flash light or the porch light it was off. A big ball like 2ftx2ft transparent ball of light like skimmed the roof dove at me and flew up My heart jumped out of my chest like u would if a big rock hit your windshield on the freeway unexpectedly and i tripped off the one step. as it flew up i seen like 15 feet of this light its like smoke not solid glowing transparent so its a ball with like 15 ft of ribbon trailing it. but the ball was not solid but it was round and very fast. super cool. now i am kinda scared. Clearly there is really stuff out there. i never thought i would be so privileged in witnessing this awesome thing but i am a lil scared. now i dont tell stories or exaggerate thing that happen can anyone tell me anything please thanks teri

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