My First Major Mediumship Connection That Opened The Door For Me

Many have asked me about my very first major mediumship connection with spirit on the other side.

I've been able to connect with spirit ever since I was young, but my first MAJOR connection happened back in 1979.

My First Major Mediumship Connection 5 Minute Video

Here's a 5 minute video where I discuss it, and through Google Street View, I'll take you to the EXACT spot it occurred!


It was a terrific trip down memory lane… hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Cathy Buie at - Reply

    I have had my own moments where I know ,I believe that this exsistence is not the end.There is something more.I have dreams and even moments where I know my loved ones are around.A lot of people go through life thinking that when they pass it is the end.It’s not.It only ends here in the physical and then you move on to the next stage.Thank you for sharing .It is always encouraging to hear of someones experiences.

  2. Kellyann Fleming at - Reply

    I have had dreams about my grandfather who passed when I was 3 , just recently (July 4th ) my Father passed .Why has he not visited me or my Mother to let us know he is ok? Other people have had what they feel are signs from him but why haven’t my Mother or I ? I do not understand when we both have had similar experiences with her Father.Need some closure I feel guilty for not being at the hospital the moment he passed is he upset with me .

  3. Helen Loves Jesus at - Reply

    You are full of crap. You will burn in the hottest of places for what you are doing! Leviticus 19:31

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Nope. I had a bowel movement this morning, but thank you for your concern… it’s hot here in Arizona, and I quite like it here… Jeremiah 23:28, Job 4:12-21, Daniel 2:19, Acts 2:17, Genesis 41:15-16…

      • B.J. Weimer at - Reply

        perfect response to Helen loves Jesus; I love Jesus as well; but totally believe in you , Blair. Thanks for making everyone feel loved.

        • Carrie at - Reply

          Obviously, Helen is NOT about love…..period.

      • Tommie at - Reply

        LOL, that was a good one, Blair!

      • Leigh Buquo at - Reply

        Helen, I don’t know who brainwashed you, but I would change whatever you’re doing and find what this world and afterlife is really all about. It’s LOVE, PURE, SIMPLE, HONEST LOVE!!!!!!!! You sound like your on your way to that hot burning place as you speak. If you don’t find love in all that you are that just means the devil has you fooled and he shows up in all kinds of forms. All I can do is pray for you. Sounds like you need it.

      • Leigh Buquo at - Reply

        I love your sense of humor Blair, you’re my kind of person.

    • Teresa at - Reply

      Helen James…. John 8:7

      Not very Christian of you and if you do not like this, then why subscribe/Like his page?

    • Ree at - Reply

      Mat 7:1-5 “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”
      Are you telling me that all the prophets in the scriptures burned in hell?
      The Bible is full of people who have the gift of communicating with those who have gone on before.
      Perhaps, rather than assuming that gifts such as these, which are used to help people, come from a loving God, rather than being a tool of the Satan.
      For the record, and in my opinion, Leviticus is one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible. It is also one in which people pick and choose verses as they see fit to make a point in any type of discussions of morals and living a life that is pleasing to God. When it fits the morality of one sitting proudly on their high horse, then passages are cherry-picked and taken literally to back up the attacks. However, when it is pointed out that there are also some very outdated and antiquarian laws also being referenced in that book, then we are told that it was a book of guidelines and teachings based on the world at that time, and is not meant to be taken literally.
      Perhaps, rather than condemning a man to burn in the hottest depths because you see him as a false prophet, you could, instead, quietly pray for the salvation of his soul. Then again, praying quietly for the salvation of others means that nobody would see you doing it, and therefore, would never know how righteous you are.

      • Leigh Buquo at - Reply

        Very well said Ree.

      • Tricia Lee at - Reply

        When my mother was dying, her Pentecostal Pastor came to the house to pray with her. As he was leaving he said to me, you know your son has a a strong connection with the spiritual side of our world. I replied that I thought that was kind of strange coming from a Pentecostal pastor. Usually they’d be hollaring about how “that’s of the Devil” and nonsense like that. The Pastor took my hand and said to me, “What is God but the spiritual side of our world”?

    • Cathy at - Reply

      Gosh Helen I didn’t know you were the one that is making the decisions for God? Also just starting out your response You are full of crap, that doesn’t sound very christian like either. I thought Christians where suppose to be loving and walk in God’s love…oh wait Helen is one who doesn’t walk the walk or the talk….lol. If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t responsed, because it’s people like you that give us Christian a bad rap! Especially going by the name Helen Loves Jesus.

    • Nan at - Reply

      May GOD Bless you Helen.

    • Andrea at - Reply

      If you don’t like the stuff being said on this page, why are you here? There’s nothing worse than a Bible thumper, I mean do ypu even read the Bible…because I am pretty sure the only one who judges any of us , is God himself …but for some reason there are fallowers of my Heavenly Fatherthe perverse his words into meaning what they want, like you Helen! Shame on you…everyone will answer for their sins when the day comes. …are you positive your place is reserved …im thinki ng you should take a look on the mirror before you say such things! Have a blessed day, Love and Light

    • Donna at - Reply

      Helen ? I HAVE news for you! Jesus LOVES what Blair is doing …he is actually an extension of Jesus …he is a HEALER ! Whatever the Question ..LOVE IS THE ANSWER! That is what this is all about ..LOVE AND HEALING and this can never be wrong!

  4. alison at - Reply

    why is it that before someone close to me dies i dream not of that exactly but of things, that after the event,become really clear that i was being given an idea of what was going to happen. not how though.

    • Denise at - Reply

      Alison, I too have those dreams. I usually have a dream it someone passes about 2 weeks later. The most recent event for me however was very different. I had a dream of a friends passing,(I never dream how) and well that friend was given 6 months to a year to live.

  5. Teresa at - Reply

    Well done, Blair! Please continue….. Blessings and white light to you!

  6. Teresa at - Reply

    Oops! Didn’t mean to the James in there Helen…but the sentiment is the same….

  7. Diane Denis at - Reply

    I too had a visitation a month or so after my Dad’s passing – thought it was a dream of sort and woke up crying but very reassured and at piece with his confirmation that he was well and happy and with us everyday and to talk to him whenever we wanted. New it was special when my brother told me he experienced the same thing on the same night. Quite special and made me a believer in the afterlife.

  8. Teresa at - Reply

    BTW Blair…love the haircut! themrste 😉

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Thanks. Nice and short. I refer to it as a “long brushcut.”

  9. nicky cooper at - Reply

    I think that should be the title of your new book Blair,if its not already used. ‘Love Never Dies’ Lovely memory thank you for sharing.

  10. Katherine Overby at - Reply

    Blair that is a wonderful story. Why don’t ugly people just not comment? I have had two experience with tiny pieces of music. I wake up and there is a small portion of a song in my brain that won’t go away. Both times I never remembered on my own what the songs were or who they belonged to and had to ask older relatives if they knew. One was my grandfather’s favorite song during the depression that was a spiritual song that preceded a religious program and the other was a song from my beloved aunt’s high school years. I don’t think I have heard of this sort of thing before. Have you known anyone to experience it?

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Very common, Katherine. Music is a great way for spirit to communicate. I think it’s cool they used very old/obscure tunes to convey your grandfather and aunt’s presence. Very cool indeed.

      • Maggie Dupe at - Reply

        I always wake up with part of music or words of a song in my head. It is always something I have never heard before….no idea what the rest of the words are or melody are….feel very cheerful. As a teenager I heard this a lot, God, how can you be so cheerful at 7 a.m. In the morning.

  11. jill hegg at - Reply

    I just Love your answer to helen loves Jesus. I think she knows not one thing about the life we have after physical death. I feel nothing but pity for her, and if our beliefs are so awful, what is she doing looking at it!!!!!!!

  12. Rich at - Reply

    LOL…now that put an ear to ear grin on my face. Btw, good haircut Blair!

  13. Tommie at - Reply

    Blair, I just watched and enjoyed your video, and I already believed 🙂
    I had a similar experience last month. I recently moved into this apt. in March 2013.
    I’d heard about a woman who’d passed in the apt next to me, in her sleep, after taking too many pain pills, a few years ago.
    I was watching TV, and I saw a white wisp come from where my bathroom door is, and go across the room .I thought, “Oh, that must be Jody” (the woman who’d died) it didn’t scare me at all, and I blew it off. Well, it happened 2 or 3 more nights.
    I’d mentioned it to a couple neighbors, and they thought I was a little crazy.I KNOW what I saw! Well, not long after that, a friend was over, putting up drapery rods for me, I’d pulled my dresser away from the wall, to make room, and there behind the dresser, was a jeweled cross, about 3″ by 3″, with big blue glass stones in it.I thought, “Oh that’s pretty” and set it aside.
    Not long after that, I went online, to one of those “People Search” sites, to see what I’d find under my name, not really wanting my new address and phone # to be there. I then looked up my younger brother, who had been estranged from myself and my son, for many years, due to his “lifestyle choices” (drinking in excess and drugs, and being un trustworthy). Lo and behold, it said he’d passed away in May 2012! I’d said a thousand times, that “Jimmy could die, and we’d never know about it!” Well, I assumed he died in Cottonwood, where he’d been living (for the most part, as a homeless person, whose only “friends” were fellow druggies) since 2001. I e-mailed the police up there, and they replied that he’d been found deceased, in their vicinity.(Turns out, they were talking about some other deceased person) I couldn’t get any more info, so I went to downtown Phoenix, and got his death certificate. It said he’d died in Yuma, of all places(as a transient,of acute alcohol intoxication, with a history of cerebrovascular accidents, AKA mini strokes). After making some phone calls to the mortuary listed on the cert, I was told his remains were with the Yuma County Public Fiduciary’s Office (since he had nothing on him, with a next of kin, and no ID). The Mission and 2 of his “buddies” ID’d him as Jimmy. What they do with these boxes of ashes, is place them into a large wooden box, that resembles a coffin. When the “coffin” is full of these boxes (it nearly was!), it’s buried in the Yuma City Cemetery! A large, ugly, “sandbox” looking place. I was freaking, because I love my little brother, and didn’t want him to end up there! Even though his spirit was long gone. I was able to have the remains sent to me, and have a “shrine” with the black box of his remains, a candle and Bible next to it. My point is: I truly believe that Jimmy was reaching out to me,saying “Tommie, I’ve died, please don’t let them bury me there”, by my seeing the white wisps, and finding the cross (his birthstone is sapphire), and just happening to see online, that he’d passed away! If I hadn’t, he’d be buried in that nasty cemetery, and I’d still be thinking he was alive in Cottonwood. What ever possessed him to go to Yuma, with summer coming on, as a penniless man, I’ll never know. I do know he was staying at the Crossroads Mission there, and they provide 3 meals, a cot, a shower, and during the day, you’re supposed to be out looking for work.He’d missed “curfew” and slept outside, in an area where the homeless hang out, drink, and sleep. Even though he’s gone, I wish they’d done an autopsy, because he may have died of a stroke, heart attack, who knows? But, they can’t afford to do that on every transient they find, I understand that! I know this is very long, but I HAD to share it with you! Do you sense anything else about him? Why he’d gone to Yuma, etc? I’ve had other experiences, such as smelling gardenias, that’s my mom, or Dad’s aftershave, and I know they’re with me <3 Thanks!

  14. Tommie at - Reply

    Yes, “Helen Loves Jesus”, why ARE you looking on here, if it’s so “evil” in your eyes? Why even bother, rather than making such an “UnGodlylike” statement? You are quite obviously NOT an honestly Christian woman, in MY eyes 🙁
    I’m just sayin………………………

  15. SIlverhawk Spirit-Carroll at - Reply

    Such a blessing to see Gram one more time as she was exiting the physical world and letting you know that she was thinking of you. At least you can pinpoint exactly when it happened. Thank you for the assurance that love never dies.

  16. Michele at - Reply

    I used to have spirits come to me when I was younger. I am now a few months shy of turnng 55. No one knew thats who was visiting me and therefore couldn’t ease the scare I would get. So, I figure I must have blocked it and have ever since and wish I unblock it. But, have had experiences on and off through the years. My daughter, who will be 25 next April, will NOT accept these experiences she has as they frighten her.
    Spirits seems to love her and follow her. My grandmother appeared to her when she died in May of this year. I don’t know how to get her to accept it and maybe use it and grow and possibly help others.

  17. Diane Tanner at - Reply

    Hey Blair.
    Thoroughly enjoyed that, clear down to your honesty about peeing on the wall. Lol

    All is well. Wanted you and Wendy to know that your prediction about my company getting very successful is accurate, as you typically are. I was just offered a spot in US Airways center as a vendor, which means not only will I still be the official gourmet caramel corn of the Phoenix coyotes, like last season, but also the Phoenix suns, Phoenix Mercury, Arizona Rattlers, and all he concerts etc also held there. And oh goody. . .The coyotes and suns seasons overlap, So there will be plenty of double bookings. :-/

    Our goal is to leave my deli sometime in September to move into a larger space and finally hire some help. So if you and Wendy want another sandwich before I’m strictly Krml-krn 2 “Di” 4, you’ve got an estimated 6 weeks. Although I’ll always cook something up for you guys.

    Love ya. And keep that great sense of humor. Apparently some people don’t even realize there isn’t a “hell” to send you to anyway, so how could they possibly grasp your God-given gift?

    If you want your snack for the drive to Tucson, let me know and I’ll get some ready. And thank you for believing in me when I wasn’t sure that I believed in myself 😀

  18. Seger at - Reply

    Thanks for sharing Blair!

  19. Diane Tanner at - Reply

    And one quick note. .I love how you could’ve completely not allowed Helen’s comment on here, but chose to let her opinion, as misguided as it is, be heard.

    And I very much enjoyed the eloquent responses everyone had in return. For the most part being very respectful of someone who is not so respectful.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Thrilled to hear of your success, Diane, although not surprised! We’ll come for a visit soon.

      Not all nasty comments make it, but I do let some through that show people’s often misguided thoughts or agenda’s. Besides, it allows Wendy to tsk-tsk me for my smartass replies… 🙂

  20. Lisa Mior (pronounced Myer) at - Reply

    Hi Blair
    I just watched your video and find it so intriguing. My question is a two parter.

    Firstly, do you think everyone has psychic tendencies and it takes something to learn how to use them??

    Secondly, I have experienced repeatedly a dream of my husband dying of a heart attack. I have had this dreams for years and I find myself over him yelling and trying to get him to come back. This dream always wakes me and scares me so much. In your opinion, so you think there is a message in this dream to me?

    Thirdly (I know I said 2, but just thought of another lol). I lost my father 29 years ago and he is in my dreams nightly. I can’t always recall how he comes but I believe he is there as my dad when I was younger and it’s a comfortable feeling. It’s when I wake up, I realize he was there. I would love to connect somehow with my father. Is there a way I can do so. You mentioned in an earlier video last week, all you have to do is just talk to your loved ones who have passed and they hear you. How do I know my dad is proud of me or agrees with my life choices?

    thanks kindly Blair. I like you as a medium because I find you very down to earth and real and not pushing your gift on anyone.

    Lisa Mior

  21. Tommie at - Reply

    My 11 year old grandson is a “sensitive”, and has seen many many spirits, even as a small boy. They used to live in an old house in Prescott,and a woman had died there. he saw her many times. He’s also seen many very scary things, like “devil type” spirits.
    Myself, I usually “smell” certain things.
    I wish I could discipline myself to listen to “that little voice in my head”, because it never fails!

  22. Hilda at - Reply

    My mom passed away on Thanksgiving Sunday, 2008 (Canadian Thanksgiving which is in October.) When I saw her the day before, she was “herself” for the first time in months! She knew who I was (she always thought that I was her sister or her mother,)but this day, she knew me and we had a nice chat and we told each other, “I love you” when I had to leave and blew kisses to each other and of course, a huge kiss(es) before I left. I knew when I got home that late afternoon that she would be gone the next day. I cried my eyes out; her nurse called the next morning and said I’d better hurry to the hospital as her breathing was very shallow. I rushed out, but she died before I arrived. I sobbed and kissed her face all over. I was happy that she died in her sleep and felt no pain. I loved her so much and miss her every day. In 2011, my husband and I moved to the East Coast from Ontario. My mom was born here so I felt close to her because of that but wondered if she knew where I was. There were days/nights when I would reminisce and cry and one of these nights not long after we arrived East, I was crying and closed my eyes. In the darkness of my eyes, there was a bright flash “in the distance.” As it came closer, I realized it was my mother’s face, as clear as a bell. Her face disappeared as quickly as it had appeared and I knew she was with me. I often squeeze my eyes shut hoping that I will see her again, but I haven’t. But, that’s okay, because I know she is with me and always will be, until we meet again. I love you mom!
    Thanks for sharing your experience with your Nana, Blair.

  23. glynis at - Reply

    Love your haircut and your very first spirit encounter. Thanks Blair, for sharing this special moment.

  24. Sandi Harris-Gompf at - Reply

    My first spiritual moments were about death too. The first one was premonitionary – I saw it in my mind seconds before it happened. I was 10 and saw my dog run down the front steps, down the sidewalk, into the street and get hit my a car. I had time to grab her to prevent it, but I didn’t believe in what I saw. When it happened, I felt such guilt. My second time was when my Grandpa died. He came to me in a vivid dream at 3:00 a.m. He was very scared and wanted me to hold him here. I instinctively knew I shouldn’t, and I didn’t. He called my name 3 times and started twirling with the vertex behind him, and was sucked down it. The next morning the phone rang and I knew it was my Grandma calling to tell us. I wanted to tell my parents about these occurrences, but I knew I’d get in trouble for “lying” about serious matters,so I kept it to myself and wished it away.

    Something you said really resonated with me. “Love doesn’t die.” I’ve always believed that and have felt it around me.

    My Dad was not a good father to me in life. Still, I put my career and life aside to care for him and my Mom in their last years. I see him all the time, now. Sometimes he just stands there. Other times he comes to help my animals find the light. They are all together. It seems that he is a better father in death than in life (I know he laughs at that joke and appreciates that I notice he is there for me). Anyway, the love endures and I can see it through his actions in death.

    Thank you for this post.

  25. Sue Daly at - Reply

    Tell me if I am wrong Helen, BUT didn’t Jesus come back as a spirit…:-)

  26. Linda Kinsey at - Reply

    Hmmmm. I’ll bet vile Helen can trace her family tree straight back to the Salem witch trials.

  27. shirley Pedersen at - Reply

    Hi, I am a Christian 73 in August.. My mom & grams were psychic.. I am a little.. My sweet husband died 10-20-10 . We talked & I told him what I wanted him to do after he died.. He did everything the first year .. & 2 yrs 4 mos he came to see me in spirit.. I told him I wanted him to do.. He died at home in bed from lung cancer. I got up at 3:45 in the morning to get a glass of water & he was in the arch way as plain as day. He had on his fav. red plaid shirt.. he was floating in a white gray mist, but I could see him very clear.. I did not handle it to well, even though I was praying for him to come.. I screamed ran in my bedroom and slammed the door. The next day I said I was sorry. & would react better next time… GOD’s truth.. I saw him one time plain as day… It also happen to my mom, the night her dad died (he lived small town) he came to her at the foot of her bed & said do not worry I am Alright. Her sis called the next day to say her their dad died & she of course said I know…… GOD is GOOD.. Shirley.

  28. Nan at - Reply

    Blair, I had a similar experience on the death of my mother.

    We were all in the crematorium, and as you can imagine it was a very sad day. However as I was sitting there staring at my mum’s coffin, listening to the minister talk about her life, there she was, my beautiful mum who through many strokes could no longer speak, appear to me and say “Nan, I am ok, I am happy.” She was in a great white light. She did not have any pain and I was happy she was happy. I felt a great weight lift off me.

    I was sitting there at the service smiling and I couldn’t let anyone know why. My family thought I just didn’t care. I have never told anyone this before and that happened back in 1975. Tears are now pricking my eyes as I tell you this. I love my mum.

  29. wyn at - Reply

    Firstly thank you once again Blair for sharing. Secondly thank you Ree for your response to Helen. 🙂

    • Ree at - Reply

      🙂 Thank you. People are entitled to their opinions, but I always find it’s better to share them from a positive point of view, rather than tearing other people down.

  30. Helen loves Blair's haircut at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    A different Helen here… thanks for sharing your first spiritual experience on the video… love and haircut! Thank you for everything you do.

  31. Holly at - Reply

    Good morning Blair,thank you so much for this,i believe what you are saying,i have seen more than once,so i know what you are seeing. I really miss my husband and I know he is here with me. Every day I talk to him and I hear his responses,at first I thought I was talking to myself but I know I am not. Have a great day and yes I love the haircut too. Tell your lovely wife hello for me. Holly

  32. Hélène at - Reply

    My name is Hélène , but not that Helen who judged peoples well said Blair.

    Blair I am glad you don’t get discourage by those negative people,unfortunately some religion always work that way to manipulate people with fear to get what they whant. This is 2014 people are really waking up to reality spirituality is free , and does not judge any religion and that’s my bag !
    Keep the good work, many years ago people where to afraid to talk about it they where afraid to be judged by religion many of my family members are so devoted in helping peoples and healing and giving a helping hands to help and does not judged ! And you get those peoples who goes to church every day and they do only trouble what a shamed really there are not giving a good example !

    I am proud that you come from Ottawa my home town,keep the good work Blair,

  33. Sharon McNulty Connolly at - Reply

    I have always had a connection to the other side and it is getting more and more intense. I welcome it but would really like to be able to understand it more tho. I know when people are passing because they come to me in their bodies still alive to tell me when they are going or just to wave goodbye. I am drawn to death for some reason and I am able to guide the person across without being scared if I get the chance to be there. I met a woman that reads people and she had a weird reaction to me when she touched me. She said she has never seen a person with so many spirits around her at all times and they go back so far in my heritage and just people’s spirits all watching out for me. She must have been right as she told me things there is no way anyone would ever know about me or my family and friends. Sometimes when I am on fb and I write to someone who has lost some one and then I read before sending and it is not what I wrote but I send it telling the person that is not what I wrote but what showed up so I had to send it anyway they are grateful for the words as they were true and really meant for them so it makes it easier to let go of the person and be at peace. I could go on forever with more stories but I believe I have said enough that you will get a sense of what is happening to me. I should be dead 15 years ago and last year I went to the place of holding before heaven, there are no words to explain it and magnificant does not even come close to it and all the people that are there. I was fully awake at the time and was brought there by my Gramma and returned by her. God told me it was not my time yet and I had more to do here first but no idea what and my husband had a dream at the same time that my Gramma needed me it was very important and we had a stupid augment in his dream on way there and he put me out of car and told me to go it was important. Next morning he work up very mad at me for the stupid argument and I told him he should have went with me because I was taken by Gramma to the place outside of heaven where I met so many people I knew and didn’t know and that God told me he was not ready for me yet. That made my family extremely happy as I have been on dead bed so many times that they will not handle my death for sure I tell them oh yes you will as I will be right beside all of you and they know the signs to look for so they will know I am right there with them. Am I crazy which I don not believe I am; as I have been given a very special gift and I am sure it is from God no doubt about it and best of all I am not afraid of any of it as I am in God’s hands at all times.

    • Beverly at - Reply

      Hi Sharon. I loved reading about you. I just lost my younger brother about 3 weeks ago. So sudden. I had not been able to talk to him for over a year. He was on a bad road of drinking and now I know why he would not contact me. I wish I knew that he is okay. I miss him and this is very hard. I hope that I will get some sign from him!!

      Love & Light

  34. Lana Adams at - Reply

    I just watched your Video of your First Medium Connection, I have lost a lot of loved ones in the last 3 years. My bro. Jerry 38 yrs ago my Dad 2001. My niece Erica 3 yrs ago. and also a Great nephew 2 yrs ago. I just wanted you to know that I do believe our loved ones are near. At first when my brother died it scared me, at the same time I questioning if he was where did he go. Two years later he came to me in a dream. I got a hug, I knew he was ok. I just wanted to thank you for helping so many including myself threw the grief. My niece Erica was in a tractor rollover, it happened so fast and often wondered if they cross over quickly some spirits stay cause they don’t know they have died. That’s when you see shows or here about Ghost or hauntings. I told my niece if someone is messing with you then you come to my house, it’s hard to explain. I know I sound crazy but thanks to you and other medium I feel not so crazy and stupid at time….Thank you Lana Adams

  35. Deb at - Reply

    I liked your little video on your first major mediumship. I have a question for you. How come only certain people come through for me? I had a neighbor I looked after and she came through for me which I am grateful but I want to know why my Dad or Mother in law hasn’t. Thanks I know you can’t answer everyone but I am interested in knowing why.

  36. Toni (your neighbor) at - Reply

    Great story of your first experience. Wishing and was expecting to hear from my own grandma because we were so close, but it’s been 7 months. I hope it will happen one day for me. Thanks for being so positive.

  37. Tammy Kelly at - Reply

    I was so happy to see you a couple months ago.I am in Brockville Ontario. I know you and your wife
    do ALOT of travelling. I am very excited to be able to share with you a Private Travel Club called
    Club Freedom. It has everything even Concierge, Live Chat and savings on everything. You can even
    include your 4 direct family members for LIFE!.
    I am so sorry to post about it here. but its fantastic and I wouldnt want you to miss it if its of some interest.
    Have a great Day Blair 🙂 Tammy

  38. Tonda Malone at - Reply

    Blair, first of all, thank you so very much for sharing that beautiful story about seeing your grandmother. I know you must be thinking of her today, on the anniversary of her passing. Here is a big hug. We all think of those many special days in previous happier days with our loved ones. Instead of being sad, I try very hard to rejoice in those happy memories shared with my loved ones. You’ve often said, that if we are thinking of our loved ones, they may be trying to communicate with us in some way, so I stop and think about my surroundings, and what I could associate with them. Smells, sounds, etc. I hope this day, is filled with loving, fond memories of your Nani. I really do appreciate all that you have taught me about our connections with our passed loved ones. Your seminars are amazing, and I look forward to them all the time. My birthday is tomorrow, and I’m hoping my mom and dad will show me a birthday greeting in some way. Keep up making people happy. This is truly your gift and passion! God bless!!! Tonda Taylor Malone

  39. Judy at - Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. You have done so much, for so many people, I am truly grateful. I had a reading some months back and communicated with my great grandfather. During our communication he said, “Too damned stubborn”. I asked what he meant and he related I had a gift like my great great grandmother and was too stubborn to pursue it. It seems like I have always know there was so much more. Being a young person at the time and now being in my twilight years, it was just something that wasn’t discussed. I am so happy that isn’t the case now and you are letting others know. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

  40. Jennifer at - Reply

    Thank you for sharing! I myself have been sensitive/intuitive for years am just now starting to be able to not only feel or hear them but see shadows or light distortions, sometimes cannot tell at the time who it is, but it usually comes to me pretty quickly. I enjoy your videos and learning more about such things.

  41. Dr. Sarah Young at - Reply

    I have had so many of those experiences during my lifetime, coming from a family of psychic mediums that I finally became ordained in a spiritualist church. I help my sisters in the Blue Star Mothers (mothers of military) who passed to make the transition easier. It is my contribution to the war effort.

    Thank you for everything you do.


  42. Cynthia at - Reply

    That was great, thank goodness for Nana! Beautiful story, Blair (=

  43. Sheila at - Reply

    I just saw your video about your Nani’s visit. It is August 18, 2015. I totally believe and am working on connecting. When I see, hear or find something unexpected or makes my heart twitter, the first person I think of is who I think is stopping by to say “Hello”. I love it. I am going to start reading your books ASAP. Thank you Blair.

  44. marjorie at - Reply

    that was fantastic blair do dreams count?about a month after my older sister passed away I seen her as clear as day she stood in frony of me and said sis I just came to say goodbye then she hugged me and said now I have to go home. my only thought right then was oh my god shes really dead but all I said was yes sis go semed so real or was I justdfreaming?

  45. Jennifer at - Reply

    My daughter just passed. Why tho did I have a dream four nites before it happened that I was at her funeral? I am desperately hoping she will communicate with me soon..I need closure on this.who gives me the visions of what is going to happen?

  46. melody searles at - Reply

    I have had in my life, Sprit connections but the only message I received when I was 16, was don’t go any further turn around and go back, I didn’t and that’s when I had an accident with my mom’s car, and who listens when they are 16. Other times in my life, I have had connections with spirits but no messages. I wish I would get messages. Trying with your tape on how to connect with your Spirit Guides, by the way, love the meditation tapes. I love it when I can connect. Thank you.

  47. diane at - Reply

    i am reaching out.i need help . i am losing faith . i lost my husband of 53 years and i am trying to find some kind of cofort.please help me

  48. Gina Gonzalez at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It is comforting.

    We just had another death in our family. My cousin Steve. He had a very hard life and I have to believe he is free and with our loved ones in heaven now surrounded by love.

    I have a question. Why do people pass away in pairs or groups? Shortly after my brother passed away expectedly, my dad passed away unexpectedly. Then shortly after my aunt passed away expectedly, my cousin Steve (her son) passed away unexpectedly.

    Thank you,

  49. Sharon Hall at - Reply

    You are so luck to have the power to see and communicate with those on the other side. I would love to be able to see and talk to my late husband. I have been to four mediums and there have always been messages from him, but it’s been a long time and the readings are always so expensive.

  50. Donna Craftchick at - Reply

    Thanks for sharing . My fatherinlaw just passed a few days ago . He left us a mess to clean up and I just had asked the angels for a sign that we could get everything done in a timely matter. I think this was my sign. He was a special man and is greatly missed!!!!

  51. Jane VanBeek at - Reply

    Hi Blair, wow the video was awesome! When I was about 15yrs I was sleeping n felt someone sit on my bed, woke up n my it was my Grandpa. Could see him, he told me he loved me n to be a good girl, then was gone. The telephone rang n my Mom was told of her Dad passing. I said I know he just visited me. Was awesome. My husband Brad passed last year 2/16/2014, at 56, a few months ago he visited my daughter Shannon ( Shannon, her boyfriend Jared n Granddaughter Kaitlyn) live w/us, she said she heard Shannon, Shannon, she woke up n saw her Dad peeking in her bedroom, he started down the hallway n sat in his chair. He told her to sit on the couch, she could see his face, shirt, he was surrounded in bright white light. She asked him what heaven was like, he said you don’t go there right away, you go into this room, he said I know why I’m here n I’m ok with it. He died of alcoholism. She wanted to talk more but he said he could only be here a short time but would come back. It made her cry, but she said it was awesome. Little things happen in here in the house, so we know he visits once n awhile. Too cool. Thanks for sharing!

  52. NEIMAH RAY at - Reply





  53. Elizabeth at - Reply

    I’ve finally embraced the part of me that I kept secret for years for the simple fact that I was heavily judged for being different.
    It’s amazing Blair, I agree that my guides have just been waiting for me to be “enthusiastic” about wanting to communicate.
    These days I embrace the messages I receive and no longer hold back when spirit wants me to pass on a message. I get so excited that my clients think it’s funny.
    Messages come at the oddest of times too.
    I was dealing with a tough situation a while back and decided to seek the advice of a counselor. I new immediately that it wasn’t the right person for me to seek help with, however I felt I needed to go back one more time… and low and behold I found out why.
    Somehow a conversation started to which the young female counselor mentioned that she carries a pebble with her… and boom! I began getting images instantly.
    At first I thought if I brought this up she would think I was certified, as I gathered she knew nothing of spirituality; however, spirit guided me gently to convey the images and messages from her deceased Grandmother.
    By the time I was done believe it or not, the young lady who was supposed to be there for me -was in tears telling me that she had longed to hear from her grandmother she missed so dearly, and the images I saw were all at her grandparents farm in one of the fields where she found the little pebble.
    She was so happy to know that her grandmother was there when she picked up that pebble and that she is never ever far away.
    She thanked me over and over as well as apologized for crying.
    I have never seen nor talked to that counselor since, but I can say that she did help me, because she had mentioned that I could call a special hot line to talk to someone anytime and it turned out to be the perfect place to get the advice I needed at the time, and everything turned out to be what I needed too.
    Cheers and blessings to all !!!

  54. Penny Gillson at - Reply

    Very touching! I’ve been loosing people since I was around 9/10 years old! Things like this touch me very closely! Thank you for sharing!

  55. Nancy at - Reply

    Love it. God Bless you, Blair. I have lately been fervently asked for my mother to appear before me, I need her to say she is sorry, as I have since she died forgiven her. But she does not come. Had contact with my grandmother after she died. Many experiences myself. Might have been a good medium too.

  56. Isyanhara at - Reply

    It’s true when my sister got kill. In my country I felt her presence,back them I couldn’t understand, then monday at 5:00am we got the call. Lots of times I can feel her as well Sat my father, who I never met, but I know is him. Blessing to you and your family…

  57. Sandra Barnwell at - Reply

    I’ve had visits right after my loved ones have died. Only I’m on the “other side”. It would take too long to explain each visit, but I KNOW they were real. And it’s so comforting to visit them over there. I’ve also “felt” my loved ones visit me here. Each person (and pets) have their own energies that I recognize. (How, I don’t know, but I do). Thank-you for all your messages, they validate what people like me already know.


  58. Susie at - Reply

    Same thing happened to me with my grandmother, although in a dream, whereby she was sitting in a chair with daylight behind her, talking directly to me letting me know she was happy and in a wonderful place with friends and loved ones around her and that she didn’t have anymore pain and I shouldn’t worry about her.

  59. Gena at - Reply

    One night while sleeping in my back bed room that’s completely dark. I saw a orb circle the size of a small volley ball a pear in the corner of the room by a closet. At first I was in shock but tried to relax and capture in all in and it was gone. I wanted it to come back but it didnt. I believe it was my grandpa who had died a few days prior. It never happened again! I was happy and a little scared but embraced it. I’m trying to reach put to my family on the other side but seem to put up too many block unconsciously, plus I have to many dogs to have the peace I need to do it.
    I will check out your book, as this all is very much what I want to do!
    Thank you, gena

  60. DAWAINE LEMLEY at - Reply

    Thank you so much for the very interesting story. I listen to you when ever you are on and you comfort me as my wife of 42 years passed away after the cancer invaded her body. I have all your books so far and will continue to look for the new ones. Thank you

  61. Bonnie at - Reply

    Beautiful & soothing to the soul!!!!!

  62. denise at - Reply

    My question is this, my 5 year old granddaughter sees
    Spirits. She doent sleep at night she says she has to protect her little brother from the scary and mean ghosts that come at night. I ve tried to explain that they are just people who have pasted and want to talk or rely messages.that she can ask them to go away.
    But there is one in particular who has been very agressive and though a mediem i learned he is my youngest daughters uncle. Who never new my granddaughter. And he wont say why he is bugging her. Her parents ,my oldest daughter and her husband dont want me talking about it .She needs guildance where is that fine line i shouldnt cross? Her mom is empathic always has been.this is not new news. Do i just ignore this?is it fair to my grandaughter?she is very strong energy wise.thanks

  63. dave at - Reply

    i lost my wife last sept. 19 2014 . i was wondery if she was still with me all the time we done everything togerter and went everywhere togeter

  64. Ruth Tompkins at - Reply

    I was very close to my Grandmother my whole life. My husband at that time was at home and i was at the hospital with my Grandmother. He had a watch that he had been searching for and he called me and said y0ur Grandmother is gone. I asked him how he knew that and he said as he was coming down the stairs he heard her say to go lift the cushion off the chair and as he did that there was his watch and he was not a believer at that time. also when i had a dream of her whatever that dream was about would happen the next day. I have not dreamed about her in a long time but sometimes i really wish she would come to me as i really need her right now to help me in my life. Also after my Dad passed away i dreamed i went back to the funeral home after the visitation and as i looked at him he sat up and i said i thought you were gone to heaven and he said i did but i was sent back until Mon as they are very busy up there. It was so real and he was to be buried on the Monday. He also appeared to me in several dreams. I know and believe that there is a heaven and an afterlife. Your body dies but not your spirit. Ruth Tompkins August 18 2015 5;30 pm

  65. Millard at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    This was a beautiful story and I love that you are doing such good work!

    I am a better person for having known you!

    Thank you,


  66. Angel at - Reply

    I used to call my grandma “Nani” as well! I have never heard of anyone else ever refer to their grandma as Nani until just now! Just, wow!

  67. Kelley at - Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story, Blair, how very meaningful. You give us faith of our loved ones being around us forever, so wonderful!

  68. Ute at - Reply

    I’ve been grateful for loved ones past reaching out to me too. The playful way they weave their presence into my “real life” brings me joy and comes most unexpectedly. I feel the connection strong at times and distantly at others. There have been moments where matter manifested so clearly that it was as if my mom was shouting right in my ear: “I’m here, and I love you, don’t give up!”

  69. Denise at - Reply

    I was around 10 when my grandmother died. I was sick a lot as a child and she was my companion a lot of that time. When she was in the hospital and when she passed, I was very upset at my parents for not allowing me to see her. They didn’t want that to be my last view of her. I was in my bed, not asleep yet and I felt something like a light touch on my leg. I opened my eyes and saw her standing by the foot of my bed. She smiled at me and let me know that she was all right, that she didn’t hurt anymore and that she would always be there when I needed her. I told my parents but only my mother believed me. This is why your experience meant so much to me.

  70. Wanda at - Reply

    Simply awesome and thanks for sharing.

  71. Kathy at - Reply

    I enjoyed listening to your “trip down memory lane.” My husband just passed away on 8/1/15 and it has been so difficult. I have been watching for signs from him but nothing has happened. We were married 43 years so this has been pretty dramatic for me. Still hoping to get some type of sign though.

  72. Eileen Bazzoli at - Reply

    I too had the same experience of knowing the exact time my grandmother died. Why she chose me out of 17 grandchildren to visit that morning I don’t know. But she did visit at the time of her death. I did not see her but my dog started acting strange and I told my husband she just died. 20 min later my mother called and confirmed this.

  73. Heather Tripp at - Reply

    Hello my friend! That was awesome! Lost the love of my life, my Mother, last years and when I need a pick me up and a reminder “that love never dies” I always turn to you. My prayers have been answer ! Your coming to Dearborn. Mich and I will finally meet my inspiration and friend!

  74. Lisa at - Reply

    I had a somewhat similar experience when my father died. The night before the wake he woke me around 1 a.m. at the foot of my bed by shaking it. I looked at him and sayed dad why are you here you’re dead? He said to me that he knew and that he had something he needed me to do for him. He said I love you with all my heart and you are the strongest of the entire family. No one is taking my death well your mother is a wreck crying herself to sleep your sister and brother are lost. I need you to be the strong one for all of them and keep the family together for me. I will always be here to help you along the way so you won’t be alone. Can you do that for me? I did it didn’t work out as well as he hoped but I tried and I know he is still there for me to this day. Love never dies I know that well!!!!!

    • Sheila at - Reply

      Hi Heather,
      This is Sheila, an old school mate. I love Blair also. My yoga teacher, a wonderful and loving human being said that we are all on an everlasting journey. Those who have gone before us are just on their next exciting experience of their journey and we still have things to learn and experience in this life. Much love and light to you.
      Sheila McDonald

      • Heather at - Reply

        Hi Sheila, was so surprised you wrote to me. Yes Blair has been my strength through my experience of losing the most important person in my life. God bless you Sheila, oh wait are you going to see our guy in October ? If so hope to see you! Love and peace, Heather

  75. Kathleen P Gray at - Reply

    I am so busy that I keep missing the how to meet our spirit guides. I’m not a goof up or anything like that, if I had one wish for me it would be to be able to contact my guides. Thank you for your message and love,

  76. Mary at - Reply

    I was very close to my grampy and the night he passed I was sleeping in his bed and woke up saw him sitting on the end of the bed just smiling. I was a little girl then. My son passed 9 years ago and wish he could come to me like my grampy did..

  77. Michelle Voudy at - Reply

    Dear Blair, I just watched you video on your first major mediumship connection. You are such a nice guy. I enjoyed seeing / hearing your video very much!! Thank You for sharing such a wonderful experience. I will share a special moment that happened to me with my mother, another time…
    Looking forward to all I can learn from you.
    Michelle Voudy.

  78. Marilyn at - Reply

    This past April our daughter got married. The entire week before her wedding I had this strong feeling that a family member was going to pass before her wedding. Of course I tried not to dwell on it, but I told my husband who told me it was nonsense! Things like this have happened all my life so it is nothing new. Two days before our youngest daughter’s wedding, our other daughter’s 59 year old father in law passed rather unexpectedly. It was a real shock to the family; except, because I didn’t know who was going to pass, I felt guilty because I couldn’t prevent it. Do you think this is just my spirit guide easing the blow for me?

  79. Traci at - Reply

    Blair, that’s such a nice memory for you. Many years ago when my first child passed away as an infant I was in the habit of visiting the cemetery frequently. One day while visiting the cemetery as I was looking up into the sky, the clouds formed MOTHER above me and a minute later dissipated.

  80. melody searles at - Reply

    So you are born with this, can’t you develop psychic abilities if you have been drawn to spirits in the past?

  81. Leigh Buquo at - Reply

    I love your book. Thanks for all you do Blair.
    P.S. There is a typo in your

  82. Leigh at - Reply

    Sorry my puppy stepped on my laptop and sent the message early.
    P.S. there is a typo in the writing under the video. It says 1979 not 1976. Sorry just thought you should know. Hope that helps.
    Leigh. Light and Love.

  83. Marilyn at - Reply

    I watched your video Blair and found it fascinating. I have had many similar experiences, my family call the (gift). Though I cannot predict lottery winning numbers, darn. I sometimes have this uncanny ability to know something will happen before it does. My father who was an electrician by trade also communicates with me by letting me know he’s ok. He likes to turn a light on and off. The day we buried my mother, I was walking down the hallway past my daughter’s bedroom, and the light in her room went on and then off. No one else was back there but me. I thanked him for letting me know that Mom was safe with him and doing well. Many more stories, but good to know I am not strange or weird after all!

  84. Rosa at - Reply

    Please I want to get connected I reserve a seat but don’t know wow to start to be in the Web seminar. Please help….

  85. Rosa at - Reply

    My name is Rosa Rodriquez born 10-28-1959 if your getting this please let me know.

  86. Lonna at - Reply

    My father just recently passed this Sugust 13th I remebr he once told me his mother that had passed when I was in my 20s came to him on a dream. It was hills and valleys, beautiful green pastures she showed him. I truly believe I felt his presence the day of his services. I was not able to say goodbye or attend his services because of the travel, miles and rehab I was going through. That day I took off from rehab and had thoughts coming to set down, play guitar and sing songs. ( I have not done that for a very long time). I knew it was my father. My mind has streamed with all his favorite songs. I appreciate myself more, kinda of like a spiritual awakening. I’ve experienced before in my life.
    Thank you for your messages, sharing your experience and love.

  87. priscillapitts at - Reply

    hi I cant get into my email is their any way u can talk with me on face book I want to know something about my son DALEVIS BESHEARS he died its been about 5 years and it was bad when he left he gave me a han d sign I ddnt understand hand straight up and his feast in the middle of it than mouthed I love u and his brother I miss and love him so much

  88. Susan Jaworski at - Reply

    Great trip down memory lane Blair! Here is what I saw at nine years old, I was on my moms bed after school just lying there resting and I seen white mist form in to the shape of a women’s A line dress and the shape of the head but only in a mist, then it slowly dissipated, it was at the foot of the bed off the floor!, I was in awe but not afraid. I also had a premonition that came true and much more. God Bless (I tuned in to your webinar which I enjoyed)

  89. margaret at - Reply

    I whould like to know if my dad has anything to say my dads name is eager jarriett thanks

  90. connie at - Reply

    i had a son passaway in augst 1st of 08,,its been so hard still think about him offten ,,and wen he passed he left behind 3 beautiful sons just wanted him to no that their ok ,,we are raising the oldest one he is 9 ,,healthy ,,the other two boys grandsons are 7 and 8,,trents brothers,,

  91. cathy at - Reply

    its been two years since my husband passed away. he was only 51 and i took care of him and was blessed to be there when he passed. we were both able to share the same dreams together when he was sick. we would usally go back to his farm house were we lived. anyway he promised when he died we would continue journey’s together through our dreams and the dreams i have about him are not the same when he was alive. he doesn’t say much in my dreams but anyway it makes me sad that we lost that when he passed.

  92. Sue at - Reply

    My first experience was in the early 70’s. A friend had taken me to a Spiritualist church in Albany, NY. (maybe 16 years old) The Minister was Rev. Penny Thorne. She asked if anyone had come a long way to be there & to stand up. I stood up and she then said that there was a tall man there and he was telling me not to listen to my mother because she was leading me down the wrong path. He told me to keep on with what I was doing because it was right. The man she described to me was my grandfather. My mother’s father! He was always very positive with me. My mother is one of the most negative people on this planet! Queen of the pity parties! lol Being around her is very draining to say the least. For the last 10+ years I have worked on this and given her affirmations, etc.. My work with her is complete & I am preparing to go back to Seattle so I can be with, enjoy, love & teach my granddaughters! My younger sister will be resuming her physical needs. Blair, thank so much for this invitation! It couldn’t have come at a better time! Blessings to you & Wendy! O:) <3 (y) Sue

  93. Cindy Angel at - Reply

    Father Vincent Rodriguez

  94. Jackie O. at - Reply

    I wanted to let you know that in the discription of this video, it states your first major mediumship happened in 1979, not 1976 like you had said in the video? I’m just letting you know so that you can change it if you want too.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Jackie O.

  95. Linda Ettinger at - Reply

    Believe it or not at my favorite mexican restaurant the wife of the owner is a medium. After taking my order she than proceed to give me a message from a loved one. I felt truly blessed and emotional after speaking to her. It was a beautiful thing for me.

    Linda Ettinger

  96. Cindy B at - Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Had physical connection where I actually had physical pain and dreams which started when I was ten years old. Nice story of you to share and nice of your grand to come to you. <3

  97. Jen MacAulay at - Reply

    Hi blair. I just watched your video of yoir first time knowing you have your gift! !! I just wanted to say hello to a fellow Eastmall friend and bloor Lee middle school student 🙂 I was blown away watching video and seeing that we had grown up in the same neck of the woods lol. I lived at 7 Capri for many years and my mom still lives there 32 years .. Anyhow just thought it was neat that we used to live in same area. Enjoy watching your live broadcasts you have helped me along with many others. Love and light to you
    Thanks Jen

  98. Tammy at - Reply

    I think it is so awesome that your grandmother came to you. My 8 year old granddaughter is very gifted, she communicates with a number of grandparents, but she is very close to my grandma. I can tell when someone is around, and I had an incredible vision in the clouds that still doesn’t make any sense to me, and I have seen and talked to some spirits, but never my mom, so on her birthday I was having a very bad time and I was crying, I started to call my dad, but he always has a bad time, so I called my younger sister. I hung up and went in the bathroom and out loud, I asked my mom why I couldn’t see and talk to her like Kyleigh, (my granddaughter) when I went back in the other room my phone was lit up and it was on my dad’s contact page. I said ” Thanks Mom” and immediatly called my sister back. While I was talking to her, my phone lit up again and it was on my older sister’s contact page. I told my sister that I had to go because mom wanted me to call dad and Annie. That made my whole day!! I love hearing your story, as well as your books, they are helping my husband through a tragic time.

  99. Donna at - Reply

    Hi Blair! Thank You for sharing this story about your grandmother God Bless Her!

    I loved that she came to you in her favorite color and showed you it was her revealing
    her illness ( stroke ) twisted mouth as she was in life ..and then everything relaxing and
    showing you ..LQQK …at my SMILE! My mouth is no longer deformed ..I am HEALED
    and I am HOME WITH GOD! Such a beautiful gift she gave to you!

    I never heard of you Blair until just recently ..but your a joy ..such a warm and welcoming
    and SO down to earth personality!

    Do you have a chatroom? If not ..I wish you would think about it …would be nice to
    meet and talk with others about their spiritual experiences and perhaps just be there to
    listen to anyone coming in who just wants someone to talk to..a room filled with like minded

  100. Donna at - Reply

    Hi Blair …can you tell me ..have you ever heard of ……”spirit intruders” ? I was meditating one
    day after learning that an old friend of mine who lives in another state had passed. I didn’t know
    how she passed and wasn’t being given any information. I suspected that perhaps it was something
    that had to do with drugs or even perhaps someone else taking her life? I didn’t know. So I was
    laying in bed that night and I thought I would try to meditate and ask her to come through to me …she appeared almost right away and she was younger, I would say “before” all of her troubles began when we used to hang out together in our teens. She looked wonderful and was smiling at me and I asked her ..OMG ..what happened to you??? Please tell me! She right away began telling me what happened ..and at that exact moment …there were 2 small dark figures that appeared on each side of my head …they actually looked like crows / birds ..and they began yapping so LOUD ..drowning out my friend as she was telling me what happened to her! I thought ..what is this? SHUT UP ..what are these things??? My friend kept right on talking to me during this meditation appeared she was totally unaware her words were being blocked out as she was speaking to me ….and this went on until she finally finished the story ..the last and only thing I was able to hear her say as these things stopped yapping was ….it must have been strange ..for them to see me dead like that. And she disappeared. The whole story she was giving me and I never heard a word ….I asked someone about it and they told me they were called ..Spirit Intruders …?? He said are not meant to “hear” her story of what happened ..and they were there to block it. ?? Can you tell me please what you think? Thank You!

  101. Dawn at - Reply

    My uncle came me last night said it me that he love he coming back soon see me glad I got see him last night first time ever that I got see him made me very happy that he came to me last night

  102. Kari at - Reply

    Robert, my dad

  103. Margaret at - Reply

    My brother Bunky

  104. Colleen at - Reply

    Just wanted to point out that your video indicates that you had this first connection in 1976 but your notes with the story state it happened in 1979.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Thank you. The correct date is 1979.

  105. Barbara Larson at - Reply

    I grew up in a family of women who “knew” things. We never questioned and I never felt there was anything unusual about that fact. Since I was young, I too have had a connection. I have, unfortunately, had to learn who I can share with.

  106. Sharon Bishop Fritz at - Reply

    Blairand Wendy,
    What time is out half hour session on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.
    8:00 PM was what I thought I had scheduled. Please call and leave a message for tomorrow’s session 561 743-1273 Thank you

    I got a message that it was scheduled for JULY 1, 2017 _ I was home- no call and not the time I scheduled. –

  107. Emma at - Reply

    When I was 14 years old I had a dream one night that my grandpa loving walked out side to an balance and he wasn’t breathing . the next day my mom called me and told me. What had happened the night Before and all I could say was mom that was my dream last night. It scared me and I feel like it is because I am half native American and to this day that dream makes m wounder if I have a special gift and I still have this drams where I s see things happen to people . I was wondering if my ancestors might be trying to show me who I am sapose to be . thanks for any help Emma belladawna mace

  108. Deborah Patrick at - Reply

    The dreams come true when they come to me. I have been having these since i was little and some are awesome but others are not.

  109. Michelle Broyles at - Reply

    Our 26 year old son passed from a unknown heart condition last year. Shocking and sudden. Our relationship was so close, he had told me he suffered through depression, but would never dream of hurting himself, knowing how it would hurt me. Since his passing, he constantly sends signs to comfort me and help me along this journey. He does everything he can to ease my suffering, of this I am sure. I will always believe, our love will never die.

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