Can Our Deceased Loved Ones Still Hear Us?


WATCH the video, please. The following is only a thumbnail summary. The video IS important.

I've been getting a LOT of questions regarding “can my deceased loved one still hear me?”

I recently answered this on Facebook and it went viral, gaining over 100K views in one day… watch the video for my answer!

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  1. Betty Maddocks at - Reply

    I strongly felt my husband’s presence for 3 yrs post his death. I would talk to him before sleep and the same knocking sound would happen. And when I literally spoke out loud to him telling him of my wishes it happened in a dream that night. Some friends have told me their spouses have appeared before them in human-like form. What I wished would happen is that we could tune them in daily for: how do I do this or that etc. and have them answer?

  2. Cathy Hooke at - Reply

    Thanks Blair! Really needed to hear that right now! Have a great weekend

    • Tamara Single at - Reply

      Thank you for the video. I was just talking to my husband on the way to work who tragically was killed on his motorcycle. We (me and my younger boys at the time) were unable to say goodbye. We also had experienced knocking (always 3 times) for a month throughout our house. I actually had a team of investigators with a psychic come in and we got a EVP and also the psychic did tell us that yes he is here and is very protective and you and the boys and that my cousin who I loved dearly and was taken from me as well at early age of aids is with us and watching over us. I loved these two men with all my heart and still till this day have never recovered. I lost my feeling to love anyone. I closed myself off to people and should be more loving in which I am trying. I think I might need to get a reading done. I am sitting here crying as I type this so how do I get in touch with you to schedule one?

      • Helen at - Reply

        Hi Tamara, I too experienced the knocking 3 time. When I woukd go to bed, in our bed, I would hear the knocking on the wall over my head. It was loud, clear, and no one else was ever in the house with me. I thought it was my deceased husband, as what else could it be. Thank you for sharing. It’s been almost 7 years since he died in my arms. I have not heard it lately. Blessings to your family.

      • Gina at - Reply

        Awe, amazing story. I hope you get more signs. I’m looking into spiritual connection with the spirit realm. Kinda like a spell but not, it’s inner self connect with a Loved one who’s passed.

      • steven at - Reply

        Aww don’t be like that I’m so sorry for your lost and my wife lost love ones and aunts dad mom and grandma I understand I lost my brother and father I do understand but u have to love for yourself so sad I’m reaching out to people

    • Jessica at - Reply

      I wanna know if you can reach out to my ex husband and find out what really happened to him cause I know in my heart he never killed his self and know he would have never left me or his kids with out him in our lives because I lnow how much he loved them and enjoyed life and his girlfriend had him dead 8 hrs before he was dead and I also wanna know if he is the one man with the trash can over his head that is trying to communicate with autumn and if its his twin thats the little wizard I just need answers to heal and let go and want him to know I never gave up and never stopped loving him.

  3. sara at - Reply

    How do the deceased love ones show us signs? Can they be in two places at once?

  4. Fairity McCowen at - Reply

    Correction: ( Sorry I am tired from work) The angel I had saw was at the time of 1:00a.m. and his at 1:15a.m.
    Not scholl but meaning school, (6th grade)

  5. Cheri Ferguson at - Reply

    I literally teared up a little watching your video. I think about my loved ones who have passed every day – yesterday would have been my Mom’s 79th birthday and tomorrow (7/13) is the 2 year anniversary of her death. I literally see 7:11 on the clock constantly and I always say “Hi Mom” because I feel like she is directing me to look at that exact moment. Your video made me feel better and confirmed what I already know – they are waiting on the “other side”. Thanks, Blair.

    • Allyson at - Reply

      Cheri, reading your message the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I shivered, your story resembles mine so very much the same.
      My Mum would would also be turning 79 this year on 30 November. She died suddenly, we did not get the fast enough and I was 10 minutes last ( luckily my daughter and her husband were with Mum.
      Weirdly I too have been experiencing “7 -11” constantly she died. My Dad past away in 2000, he lived in Victoria so too far with all the holidays, he died after dinner while napping. Suddenly as well. We had not seen him for a while and I was to fly out and see him at the end of October( I’m Canadian- October is Thanksgiving) , I just missed seeing him. I tell you this because I started seeing “9-11” daily or more some days. I have had many other things happen since I was young, usually associated with someone passing. I feel them with me always.

  6. Chatty Kathy at - Reply

    Yes, I know they are with us. There have been subtle signs letting me know. I have not been brave enough to ask to speak with them just yet. I think the very worst thing is not being able to put your arms aruond them and just hold them.

  7. irma at - Reply

    Is it ok to be mad at the deceased? I really am madd that my sister inlaw died and left us a mess to clean up plus her children to raise. I tell her how mad I am that I’m still raising children that are not that great how much bs we have gone through, I am truly surprised that my husband and I are still married, this death has taken it’s toll on me personally and my marriage. I feel like I’m paying for her sins:(

    • Sue at - Reply

      I’m sorry, and it is none of my business, but that sounds really cold!!! It is not the children’s fault their mother passed away! I pray for you! I truly do! You really need to let the anger go, because it is not getting you anywhere. Have you ever considered her children’s feelings, or even your husbands? The world does not revolve around just you.

      • Amanda at - Reply

        Actually, Sue, your response sounds cold. She is trying to cope, she has the children who have been raised differently and is doing her best, and it sounds like it wasn’t a fun place to be. She’s stressed and needs help and understanding. Not judgement.

        Irma, thank you for doing your best, and you and your husband are blessed to have each other. You didn’t need to take all this on, but your heart guides you. It’s tough, and I’m impressed with your willingness to take this on.

        • April at - Reply

          I’m right along with Sue on this one. Irma seems very cold hearted! It’s time to let things go because you can’t go on feeling hatred, its not healthy or good for the children. These children did nothing wrong and I bet they’re paying for the consequences. I feel for these children!

          • D'Nice at

            I agree that the children didn’t ask for their mom to die. I pray that the kids don’t be neglected because of how Irma feels. But my heart also goes out to Sue. It is a major responsibility to raise other people children. Please be patient Sue and nurture the children through this time.

    • nancy at - Reply

      Yes, anger is in the grieving process. Please get so emotional support for you/kids at a furneral home, it’s should be free or a church. Everyone is affected in this. Take care.

    • Shelley at - Reply

      Your a horrible person!!!! Hope those kids leave you as soon as there old enough to look after themselves!!!(18) such a shame on those kids

    • Gina at - Reply

      Mad is one thing but, but resenting her for what’s obviously some addition she had which is a disease. I think you better pray to your higher power and pray she’s okay. Pray for you too, forgive her, she’s not hurting anymore. Why did you take them? It’s not very fair to keep children you feel are a burden. Someone out their would love them correctly. How can you be this way to your dead sister? You know that she’ll be around for a while still right.

  8. Theresa Elcess at - Reply

    Thank you so much have a blessed day.

  9. tonya cueni at - Reply

    Hi Blair! What you do for people is great! I hope some day to meet you.I believe i have received signs from loved ones .I am still trying to talk to my spirit guides. Thanks Tonya

  10. Simon at - Reply

    A few years ago, a cousin was going to get married and he asked me to video the wedding.

    A couple of nights before the big day I dreamt of a lady who was wearing flowing white clothing coming to visit me. Although there was no verbal communication I knew that it was his late mother / my aunt who had come back to reassure me that all would be well and that she was very happy at everything that was happening.

    I think that he and his wife were both happy with my filming – after all, they still talk to me!

    Oh also, after the speeches at the dinner party I saw the happy couple kissing whilst sitting at the top table. With the camcorder still on the tripod I switched it on and zoomed in. They had no idea at the time…



  11. Rita at - Reply

    Oh…..Thank YOU for that info…My mother passed 15min. before I got to the hospital where she was….I loved her so much….and miss her so….

  12. Leonie at - Reply

    Thanks Blair – confirming what I always knew!! I talk to my loved ones all the time! Love to you and Wendy.

  13. Sue at - Reply

    When I sleep, I dream of my lost ones, and sometimes it’s people I don’t even know. I know they have all passed and need help in some way. I just wish they would come to me in my waking hours. Trying to learn how to communicate when I’m awake. Any suggestions? I also dream of things to come, which usually most of the time happen. Sometimes it can be very scary.

    • Gina at - Reply

      I’ve been looking into different herbs and self meditation and really concentrated, I have not actually tried it, but while I was reading this article the bedroom doors moving a I feel a presence. For the last 25-30 minutes. I’m not trippin, it’s More moving than from a breeze in the apartment. The chair moved a bit and I hear breathing.

  14. Katie at - Reply

    Thanks Blair my grandma just died july 5 and my cat died this past Friday we have had lights and the cell phone acting weird and my cousin dog even talked we think it’s her letting us know she’s ok

  15. SIlverhawk Spirit-Carroll at - Reply

    Thank you for making it clear to us as to how our deceased loved ones still hear us even after death, I always tell my beloved that I miss him and that I love him and always will love him.

  16. Sheila at - Reply

    I am so glad I found your site and watched your video! I took care of my grandmother for the past 4 years and when she passed I was with her wehn she took her last breath. When she took that last breath, I swear I felt a sense of peace come over me – like a swoosh – and I couldn’t cry! My heart was heavy and I couldn’t breath, but I couldn’t cry becasue I felt she was at peace. Now…I cry…I miss her more than I ever thought I would. I do talk to her and actually feel her presence but thought it was only my imagination. I also talk to others that have been in my life and at times can feel their presence or feel that they are hearing me. Watching your video confirmed to me that what I am feeling is real and that it is not my imagination or wishful thinking!

  17. Carla Rae Guzman at - Reply

    My mother had a massive stroke on a Sat. morning & we removed her from life support Sun. night. Although she couldn’t talk, she could answer questions yes or no. At one point saying no about removing the machine. I think she wanted to see her brother who came & we had her machine removed. I wanted to ask her if she was ready but afraid she’d say no. I always wondered if she was ready to go or not. It has always bothered me since. I would like to know if she’s happy with us or not. I have prayed for my mother to visit me. I so desperately need her advice. I want her to tell me if I should move on from my long time boyfriend of 8 yrs 35 yrs friendship he broke my heart cheating. I feel so strongly in my heart that we wi work things out. But I need to know what to do. I always valued my mothers opinion.

  18. Teresa Markert at - Reply

    After Mike my husband passed I always knew he was around a smell things moved and our very first cardinal all winter. So here is my question I have not sensed him here for awhile has he moved on? Thank you for making me feel better…

  19. geoffrey gibs at - Reply

    Hello everone can anyone explain if my late mother still watching over me i sometimes talk to hear i look at a photo of her and ask questions to hear but i dont seem to be getting any answers am i wasting my time can anyone help

  20. Leslie Ann Collura at - Reply

    My Mother died after a auto accident just two blocks from our home. I was called at work and a friend took me to the hospital. My Mother was still alive, but told me she had pain in her chest. I just feel that not enough was done to prevent her death. A close friend, who was a doctor was in surgery in the hospital next door and was not able to come before she died. I keep reliving that moment when I found out she was gone. Did I do enough??? My life changed so drastically when she died. Everything changed. She died almost 25 years ago and yet I still miss and think about her everyday. Sometimes I feel she is with me. Am I crazy? I am always looking for a sign that she is here and I just hope she knows how much I loved her and miss her still.

  21. tara boyd at - Reply

    i just loss my husband on sept 25 of 2014 i miss him so much
    i really needed to hear those words blair thanks so much .

  22. maggy at - Reply

    I lost my husband recently due to a car accident, it has only been 4 weeks. I am experiencing difficulties in accepting his death and that I have to raise our 1 yr 11 month son alone. I am so scared, I am sad and angry. The space he left in my heart is just bigger than the universe. I am scared to accept that he is really gone. I smile but my smile is not from within. How can he be gone so soon 🙁

    • My husband passed away 10 months sgo from small srokes that gave him demantia. I took care of him from 2012 to july 8 2016. I miss him so much i cry every day for him i get mad at God cus i know he could’ve healed my husband if he wanted too but he didnt.I call my husband to come and hug me i tell him i love him so much and miss him i cant make it with him.i just cry cry cry for him.can he really hears me when im crying for him? Oh my God i want him back!i love you honey so much.

  23. Confidential at - Reply

    My beautiful mother and I has an almost secret bring the youngest child.. I looked after her until almost the end…When she passed I was heart broken…7 months after her passing I had a dream that we were at her funeral and she was sat beside me and comforting me as I was crying uncontrollably . I couldn’t see her face , but i could smell her perfume, recognised her hair, body frame , and the clothes she wore. It was like I couldn’t see her but felt her, and she couldn’t hold me but I could feel her!

    I woke up after 5 hours sleep, refreshed, not at all tired, and ready to face the day, but unfortunately it was only 6 am!

  24. Tina Ann westwell at - Reply

    Hi Blair my daughter was at her Nan’s house and she said she could smell my perfume their when I was at my own house why? Thank you

  25. carolsilverstein besade at - Reply

    10 years this April 1st my grandson was killed in truck accident. He was just 21. I would live to get peace of mind and know how it all happened. How can I connect with him. My husband died in five months 2 yrs before him and wonder if they are together.

  26. herambh at - Reply

    Awesome video. Hope whT u r saying in this vid is 100 percent true.

  27. Gail basss at - Reply

    you do make a person feel good about knowing that there love ones are allways there . Thank you

  28. Jack at - Reply

    really enjoyed your video on if our loved one’s hear us. I believe they do although I can’t prove it. My wife passes away 11 months ago and I have received many after death communications from her.
    They obviously comfort me since I miss her very much. Hopefully they will keep on coming

  29. sandy at - Reply

    ive lost everyone in my family and have been begging for a sign they are ok. i gey nothing. why not?

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Signs are always subtle. IF you are desperately trying to get a sign, you’re likely to miss it. And they ARE okay. <3

  30. kimberly clemmons at - Reply

    I cant really talk about my sisters death, I do know she came to see me 3 days after I saw her spirit , a grey mist in a flower form that would just fold into itself. hard to explain, I know it was her.

  31. Dianna at - Reply

    I was wondering who is the dude that is haunting us he stomps in our hallways and where’s heavy boots and has tried to scare us several times what does he want and how can we help him and the family we see in our kitchen also every night around 5 in morning move on telling them doesn’t seem to work we tried so what can we do to make them move on? we are spiritualist and can see them and talk to them but sometimes they don’t seem to hear us or refuse to .

  32. Carol Eques von Buettner - Brooks at - Reply

    Thank you .
    With all gratitude , Thank you .
    My best friend , navigator , exquisite horseman , exemplory , extraordinary man , my husband Paul passed on May 18 , 2015 .
    Luckily , I got to sit & chat with him after he passed for 4 hours – hopefully I made his passing easier .
    He shows me every day that he is with me via Cardinals , Robins that stay near me , sing to me .
    I hear him & sometimes dream of him – his seat in our truck is still his .
    He is well now … ( we promised we would NEVER leave us …. even if one of us passed . And a Promise is a Promise ! )
    Wow . His funeral is tomorrow – I shall bring his ashes home with me & as promised , take him everywhere with me as if he were still in physical form – as prior discussed .
    I must rest in the thought that he is well , knows I am doing the best I can for him , and …. how wonderful for ME was it that I had ” My Paul ” for 8 years !!! Lucky , lucky girl !!!
    Thank you for listening -Thank you for your message .
    Kindest Regards ,
    Carol Eques von Buettner – Brooks – wife & life partner of Paul James Brooks : Extraordinary man .

  33. Mary at - Reply

    My husband passed away very unexpectedly a year ago a mth after we were married after being missed diagnosed with pneumonia when in fact he had terminal lung cancer. I miss him terribly and everything reminds me of him. He left me numerous signs and I have finally been able to move on but love him just as much and miss him just as much. I have not had any signs from him for a mth. Has he left me? I desperately want him to come to me again

  34. Neusa at - Reply

    I am deeply depressed, my husband died on Dec,16, 2014, I had to go to Brazil to resolve a problem that in the end I could have done with email and phone calls, he died and I wasn’t by his side. My suffering is so big nobody could imagine we were together for 10 years and I was 74 and he was 79, but our love was an inspiration. Hope he still can hear me because I talk to him all the time.

  35. robert neufeld at - Reply

    My wife died two years ago. We were married for 47 yrs. I still cannot believe that she is gone and that I am alone. I miss the hugs, kisses, intimacies, the arguments etc. I talk to her all the time but so far I can’t seem to move on. My cildren and grand children are very supportive but until one experiences this type of loss, they have no idea of how it hurts. They are hurting but are moving on. Sincerely Robert

    • Joann at - Reply

      I k ow how you feel Robert, I just list my husband of 40 years, miss everything about him and I, I understand when you say no one knows that kind of pain of losing a spouse, the pain is unbearable and heartwrenching, I also have many supportive family members and they are moving on, but I just can’t, I miss him so much, he is all I think about, I am so lost, I will pray for you Robert, for you to have some peace and comfort..Your friend joAnn

  36. Coelyn Snow at - Reply

    My husband passed April 15, 2015. He had lung cancer, CHF and pneumonia. I was able to take care of him for 6 weeks. I miss him very much! I am hanging pictures of him blown up and hung around the house. I hope and pray that someday I will see him again. We had over 40yrs together and I loved him very much. It made me feel good that Dick could still hear me. He was a Vietnam Vet and his death was caused by agent orange.

    • kathleen mauser at - Reply

      my husband John. passed on March 31 2015. also a Vietnam vet he too died from many illnesses caused by AGENT ORANGE. I am having a hard time with all of this. I do not know how to move on.

  37. Ute at - Reply

    After my mom transitioned (we had a challenging relationship in life), I’m an artist, and I couldn’t stop making these safety pins with beads on them in this pattern: black, white, red, yellow. Eventually after making hundreds in jars, I started giving them to friends. They told me that these were the native medicine wheel colours and that made a lot of sense to me since I had studied with a Shaman. A year or so after she passed, another new friend pointed out that they were also the colours of the German flag. That hit me right between the eyes, lol…..because my mother was of course German and had lived there until she immigrated to Canada when I was an infant. In life, my mother had always gently “mocked” my spiritual beliefs. Somehow, I felt like she was trying to tell me that “yes” she was still “there”… a different way. There are other magical things that manifest in my life at pertinent times in ways that only my mother would understand…..I appreciate her so much more now that I don’t have to get to her “body” to connect with her. There are probably other ancestral influences as well. As I age, I’d like to know them better and express my gratitude for living the lives of struggle and poverty and challenge, that allowed me to live one of relative ease and fluidity. That doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced challenge, but I APPRECIATE diversity and embrace the changes in direction those experiences guide me to flow.

  38. Deborah Fochler at - Reply

    HI: I had twin girls on May 14, 1977 and on Feb 5, 1994 one of them died. The day I found her the policemen could not get a bird to leave. I had flown inside and just would not leave. While kind of weird too much other stuff was going on to dwell on it. She was buried on Feb 7 and it was snowing and freezing rain. During the funeral a white butterfly flew around my head and actually landed and sat on my shoulder for a few minutes. My daughter attempted to “brush” it away and it refused to leave. Finally after about 2 or 3 minutes – it calmly flew away. After reading your books, I realized what it was. I have seen the butterfly several times. This year on Feb 7th (snow on the ground) I had a moment of intense sadness when I realized that she has been dead longer than she lived. A few hours later I went out and as soon as I opened my door a white butterfly appeared and for some reason I held out my hand and it landed on my hand and stayed for a few seconds before flying away. Earlier that morning I had told a friend I would give anything to just hold her for a second. I got my wish.

  39. Helen Sweet at - Reply

    Signs?? yes, yes, yes. My Grandma: smell of bleach (1965), my husband gave me signs (1975), and my Mom (2012) has given me many, many signs and still does. (flashing time on coffee maker, lantern light turned on, and if I can’t find something, I ask my Mom..and voila…I end up going right to whatever. I know my Yorkie, Keisha, can see my Mom here, she will just stare and completely ignore me. This all gives me such comfort..I don’t cry 24/7 now..but I miss my Mom so much, it hurts deeply. Some signs: little birds & butterflies come close, when Keisha and I sit out front, little feathers appear from nowhere, seem to find coins from ‘Heaven’..last year, even a $20 bill blowing down the road in the winter, while Keisha and I were out for a walk, phone rang, no call display showed up. I firmly believe my Mom is with us and I know she hears me. Thank you Blair…for confirming. I wish there was a direct line to Heaven so we could phone and a stairway..I would climb it, for a visit………….Mom, I miss you, I want you, I need you! .. and I love you!!

  40. Linda at - Reply

    Hi Blair I can’t tell you how much knowing that my loved one can here me I have felt bad since my mum passed because I didn’t get to say good bye and tell her how much I loved her your message has been great for me thank you

  41. Sandra Wilson at - Reply

    Comforting to know this. Ty for the info.

  42. Rita Calvert at - Reply


  43. Helena Williams at - Reply

    My husband died suddenly 3 years ago and it has been very hard. I talk to him all if the time and hope that he does hear me. My mom died 7 months before him but she was ill and her death was easier to accept but she is still missed. I can only pray and hope that the pain of the loss gets easier to deal with

  44. ROHAN PEIRIS at - Reply

    So very heartening to hear you say this, Blair. Thank you
    Rohan (from MEL, AUS)

  45. Linda at - Reply

    i just watched the video. There are times I smell flowers. My mom has passed and she loved flowers. I have smelled cologne my dad has passed as well. I have not gotten anything from my baby boy who died at birth in Oct 84. How can I get some kind of sign from him. I never got to see him alive.

  46. starla at - Reply

    hi Blair love your articles read your books, my son passed away at 34 on Jan 2015, I know with out a doubt he comes through my 2yr old grandson, he hugs me so tightly and doesn’t let go, and be sees his picture and calls out his name, a .edium told me my grandson was my father in a previous life and that’s why we connect. I felt my son sit on my lap when I meditate, phone will ring no one there. I’m very spiritual and I recognize the signs love does not die, I talk more now then when his was here in physical form, thanks for all you do. THANK YOU STARLA

  47. Marcie Marine at - Reply

    I talk to my husband in my thoughts. I wish he could help guide me in the decisions I need to make
    for myself and our kids. I know he hears me, but it is frustrating that he doesn’t answer. I need to be assured sometimes that he really does hear me. I also talk to my mother-in-law and my grandma who I remember as warm and comforting.

  48. Sheila at - Reply

    My ex husband Jim has been gone for about 8 years now we haven’t been together for years even before then , but I always dream about him , is he trying to tell me something or what does this mean?

  49. Cathy Spears at - Reply

    Yes Blair, I strongly believe and know for a fact this is true. I have been able to communicate with those who past in my family from a very young age. I always knew what was going to happen, before it came to light. It could be from someone coming to meet someone, to someone just wanting to know if someone was okay. And I could tell family was around me by the scents they wore while living. From after shave to simple cooking vanilla. And make-up. All these things have a scent. My experience, about this subject came when I lost my father, I was 19 and pregnant with my daughter. I wasn’t showing and I was only about 3 months along when he past. We were all in the living room watching tv, and before I could tell him, he past in front of my eyes of a massive heart attack. For a week I was kinda in shock, as I had planned to tell him he was going to be a grandfather. I was sitting at my parents house, in a chair and I was talking on the phone to a relative, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. In the doorway, I saw my father, standing there, He turned and looked at me and smiled. Then he walk to the bathroom door, and disappeared. And at that moment I knew he knew about the baby, and he was happy. A peace came over me, and the shock was gone, for I knew he was okay.

  50. Vicky at - Reply

    I hoped they could hear us. Now to hear from them!
    Thanks Blair.

  51. Pat at - Reply

    Thank you, Blair.

  52. Evelyn Campbell at - Reply

    Thanks so need to hear that..keep up the good work

  53. annmarie at - Reply

    hi i lost my mother in law due to a stroke 1 year ago yesterday, wondering if she has a message for me or did she know we were there when she passed, we loved her so much and i feel like she is with us and wants to tell us something. thanks blair hope u can help me. thanks

  54. Betty at - Reply

    My husband passed one year ago. Since that very day I sing the song “Unchained Melody” to him everyday while I am placing a lit candle before his cremated remains. This morning as I was going to do some errands that song played on the car radio. It’s not a song that you hear too often anymore so I know that was my husband “singing to me”. That was his way of telling me he hears me sending him all my love and he , in turn, was sending me all his love.

  55. Natalie Peters at - Reply

    Blair is the absolute best and when he says they can hear you, they can. He has been spot on with my phone reading, at the live event I saw him at and with things that have shown up later.

  56. Jackie at - Reply

    A few weeks back, I went on a local river with my husband and youngest granddaughter to check his baited poles for catfish(Yum). I saw several Great Blue Herons take flight while going upriver and then I spotted…a gift from my deceased friend(Whom I miss daily)…a Great Blue Heron feather peacefully floating downriver. I told my husband about it and he said if I found it again when going back down the river he would stop so I could get it. I spotted it and he stopped and I retrieved it. The feather is large and beautiful and was barely wet from being in the river! I thanked Candy for my gift and told her about the coming of my 1st grandchild in December. I know she will be there in the delivery room in spirit to hear that baby announce it’s arrival into our world! My life is good!

  57. Natalie at - Reply

    Thank you for putting this so simply. Been carrying this guilt for not being there when my dad passed. This has helped me move on.

  58. Carla Guzman at - Reply

    Thank you! I always worried about my mom. After having a major stroke was put on ventilator. We could ask her questions and she could answer by shaking her head yes or no. At one point she told us not to remove the machine until after she seen her brother, in which we waited for him. It always haunted me when we did remove the ventilator we never asked her if she was ready to go. In my heart I think if she had said no, I couldn’t have made the decision to remove it. I pray every day that she forgives us for not asking. Thank you for all you do to bring comfort to us all!

  59. Mary Beth at - Reply

    It is very reassuring to hear you say that our loved ones never leave us and that they can hear us. I speak with my beloved Mother ALL THE TIME and I truly ‘feel’ her presence. She gives me signs constantly…I believe everyone receives ‘signs’ from their departed loved ones—they just need to practice opening their minds and hearts to the possibility and recognizing these signs.
    Thank you for what you do, Blair. It is such important work!

  60. Bev Johnson at - Reply

    Thanks for this message, Blair. I talk to my husband, all of the time, and I am so glad to know that he does hear me. Also, I have been being more aware of “signs” from my sweetheart. His favorite musical group was The Monkeys and their song, “I’m A Believer” and one of his favorite songs was “I Only Have Eyes For You”….recently, I have been hearing both of these songs, when I turn on my radio ( at home and in my car). He passed on July 3,2013, so it’s been 2 years. I miss my ol’ boy , terribly, but I am content in knowing that he is safe and whole and no longer suffering. Thanks and have a blessed day!!

  61. Leiana Damron at - Reply

    Thank you for the reminder Blair… Been so depressed I have been overlooking the signs ..!! I’m so alone – NOT ANYMORE.. thank you & God Bless – love & light

  62. Valerie Sheldon at - Reply

    Blair, thank you so much!!
    I for one have been getting alot of signs lately, through dreams, songs, finding feathers or coins.
    I have always been able to feeling my parents and grandmother around me and it always brightens my day to know they are here with me. Even my pest from the past let me know they are here with me. Such a good feeling. I pray that those who do not yet understand will be inspired with you help and your beautiful word and teachings.
    In love and Light,

  63. anna at - Reply

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have given the other day in facebook I heard a song that my husband dedicated to me I was having a rough day I believe now that he wanted me to hear this song to help cheer me up

  64. Kim at - Reply

    My husband passed 3 yrs ago tomorrow. Is it possible that I am trying too hard to find signs that he is still with me??

  65. Dorian at - Reply

    Thank you for this video! It helped me alot

  66. rebecca bianchi at - Reply

    Thank you Blair. I speak out loud often to my loved ones who have passed. It gives me comfort as does going to the cemetery to talk with them.

  67. Kathleen at - Reply

    My Mom told me way before she died that she would always be with me after she died. I hear her every day talking to me and I know she is with me

  68. Mear Tilden at - Reply

    Thank u so much love your news letter I have lost a son and mom I talk to them everyday i feel there engery my son leaves me penny my mom dime I asked my mom to help with my dad and oh man she does lover it video thanks u are so love. Mear

  69. Diane McDonald at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    Let me just say that overtime i listen to one of your video’s or read one of your articles you are a ray of hope and sunshine. You truly are an angel sent to the world to help people who are grieving over the loss of their loved ones. I talk to my mom all the time but sometimes people just need the reassurance every now and again from someone and who better than yourself who would know best and communicates with our loved ones continuously! Keep placing sunshine, hope, love and belief in people’s hearts, your are truly a kind talented soul!!!

  70. Casey at - Reply

    When my husband is in my dreams I don’t remember the details, just that he was there. Wish there were some way to remember the dreams. Also, can he be in 2 places? If the spirit is always around, can he be with me and his grandkids in different States at the same time? I find my self drawn to the clock at a specific time and also see the same numbers on addresses, I don’t think it is coincidence, I wish I knew what his message is.

  71. LeRoy Minsky at - Reply

    Keep helping and healing people on there journey. Thanks god bless..

  72. DAWAINE LEMLEY at - Reply

    Mr Blair Sir: You are s God send for sure. Tuesday will be one year since my wife has passed on and I am having a hard time with her gone. I am 82 years old and I miss her so much. We always took care of each other but I just could not help her with her cancer this last time and i feel I left her down. My wife was unreal, she never complained about any thing, no matter what. I am so glad I checked my E Mail tonight and there you were. I am glad I seen your little comment on they can still hear us. You helped me tonight more then you think. Thank you so much.

  73. Kelli Pepper at - Reply

    Thanks for et ting me know that love never dies

  74. Donna Kuz at - Reply

    Thanks Blair, I always read your emails and newsletters as you always have something interesting to say and something for me to learn. You help me along my spiritural journey.

  75. sandra vincent at - Reply

    I just lost my son and I was saying goodbye when I felt him leave his body , it really helps knowing he still heard me

  76. Anna at - Reply

    Hi Blair. I feel my mom everyday. Thank you for using your gift to help people understand. I do miss your predictions though.

  77. Nancy at - Reply

    My husband passed from pancreatic cancer april 29th, 2014 and my son passed 8 months later in a motorcycle accident. I took care of my husband the last 4 months and we forged an even greater bond than we had the 34 yrs we were together (living). My son,however, was a tragic accident. I think i was as angry as i was hurt. It was new years morning….he”d been celebrating….he was on his bike, tried to pass a car, and lost control. They say it was instant. I believe my husband was there and snatched him up. I never got to say goodbye. He was/is my heart. I see signs of them both. Sometimes I smell my son’s cologne. Sometimes driving i will smell cigar smoke from my husband. He was a hunter, and sometimes i’ll see a deer on the side of the road just standing there and i’ll just go ‘hey george’! I don’t get as many signs from my son tho. I have his pickup and when i drive it i remember vividly him driving, and how he would sit. I know they are both near in spirit…….i just wish it was physical! I never thought i would be a widow at 65 just shy of our 30th anniversary or that i would lose my son just shy of his 30th birthday. What significance is ’30’? I haven’t been able to figure it out. Thank you for being there blair.

  78. Joan Thayer at - Reply

    You are the light of hope. Thank you for all that you do.

  79. georgina doiron at - Reply

    hi Blair, i really enjoy listening to you. My husband Guy passed away 35 years ago, thursday July 17th.,1980. it will be the anniversary of his death this coming Friday,july17th. he left on the Tuesday morning early, i was so tired, as i was pregnant with our second child, but something prompted me to get up to look out the window, and i saw him turn the corner,of the townhouse complex we lived in. that was the last time i saw him alive. he died so quickly two days later in a tragic motor vehicle accident. my sister told me that morning, that he seemed not himself, and said that he just had to get home to me,my son of 3, and our child that was not born yet. after all these years, i still talk with him. i have only felt his presence once, and i don’t know why. could you help me understand why. Is he somewhere, that he cannot communicate? i truly believe in angels,spirit guides, and all that you say. i just need a sign. i love you my husband, and i know you hear me. just once to see you or have a sign for me.

  80. Sara at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    Loved the example you used with you wife down the hall you can’t see her…..

    When my Father passed he was in the hospital. I knew when I left that it would be our last time together. I came home laid on my bed and it was like a miracle, my curtains were drawn and they opened and there was my Father the time was 12:10 a.m. He hugged me and I can still feel his cheek on mine and I said I love you too they are waiting for you . And as soon as I said that the phone rang it was my sister and she said we have to go back to the hospital. I walked over and closed my curtains once more. At the hospital I checked the records and Dad had went into transition at 12:10 a.m. We never lose them there journey was complete and when ours is we will reunited once more.
    Thank you Blair for the healing assistance that you share with others.


  81. Linda McCleary at - Reply

    Thank you! I used to feel silly talking to “air”, but I don’t anymore and it’s encouraging to get some validation.

  82. Kim at - Reply

    I’ve always “known” things but never had any validation until I spoke to you and was a part of your online webinars, read your books etc…. knowing my father is still with me and he does hear me, healed me from years of heart breaking grief. I still miss him of course, but just knowing what I know now has let me move on and heal. Knowing my beloved dog is waiting for me as well, is an extra added bonus! My hope is for others to learn what I have learned, so that they may heal and move on as well. Thank you Blair, you are amazing!

  83. Ada at - Reply

    When I am at my lowest and am hurting I feel both my parents around me .a few years back I was listening to my oldies on my computer all of a sudden my grandson comes out of his room and says grandma your momma loves that song and she loves and misses you too! Just had to shar☺

  84. Heather at - Reply

    Thank you for reminding me my mom can hear me, I talk to her all the time but sometimes I think its just to make me feel better, then you remind me they CAN hear me! AS ALWAYS your my best friend since I lost my Mom. Love and peace, Heather

  85. Lorie at - Reply

    Love your short videos that are always packed with so much soothing and comfort!

  86. kelly at - Reply

    Loved the Video n love all the info I get from ur page n emails….Please come to Sydney Australia

  87. Deborah Bauman at - Reply

    If the love wasn’t there in the first place, how can I be sure about it now?

  88. lori at - Reply

    Thank you , it is good to know that when I talk to my loved ones who have passed that they can hear me. I never got to say good bye to a few of them and it has bothered me. I had a priest tell me one time that death was just like being on the other side of a curtain. It sounds like it really is

  89. Juliette Norman at - Reply

    Blair, I think you lift folks up; and your message (of our loved ones never leaving us) brings me comfort. I believe it! Peace, joy and thanks for your continual attempts to help us mere Earthlings find peace, despite devastating loss. 🙂 Julie

  90. Sue Dulian at - Reply

    Since I first found out about you and I’m not sure how I did it but you were on facebook and I had just lost my only daughter. She was only 45 and the love of my life as a friend and daughter, I was feeling so helpless and then I really got hooked on you….you have taught me so much and I do feel my daughter around and I do pay attention to the signs. I mean when a butterfly lands on you shoulder it’s a little hard not to notice. I’ve done so many of the things you have told us about and they all worked…God Bless you Blair, you have helped me more than I could on my own. Thanks for helping Sue

  91. Christine lake at - Reply

    That was good news. And if you think about it makes perfect sense. Thank you for making it so obvious.


  92. sandy at - Reply

    thank u for ur video it helped a lot my mom passed 2 years ago and I still miss her so much and think about her every day.

  93. Vanessa Briggs-Drake at - Reply

    My husband died of sudden cardiac arrest July 8, 2014. I am very in tune to my loved ones. I have seen shadows, smelled cologne, smelled his favorite food. What more do I need to do to feel his presence that I am not doing? I speak out loud to him & ask for his help. Now we are living with friends & I want my own apartment. I need his help. He was such a financial wizard. He worked for corporate america for years.

  94. theresa at - Reply

    this is so helpful for me because 2009 my stepdad shot and killed my mom the day after i got there. my brother and i went to the store and he shot her three times about 10 minutes after we left. there is so much more to this story but this is the short version. i just wanted to thank you for this imformation. since my moms death i’ve so wanted to talk to a medium because i feel it was my fault she was murdered and i will always carry this guilt with me. this will stay with me till i pass.

  95. Abigail at - Reply

    I have a brother named cooper and he has Down syndrome and can’t talk. Can he hear me when I am talking? I am just so confused. Please help me.

  96. Jessica at - Reply

    I need serious help with dealing with a problem. I see no end to this it is draining me. I promised my mom I would take care of my niece. For the last 15 years it has been one thing after another. I just can’t deal anymore. I feel like I am letting my mom down.

  97. Marie Hubert at - Reply

    My son was in the navy and passed at the tender age of 21. So said it was an accident but caught the navy (government) in so many lies. We have no peace cause we really do not know what happened to our precious boy. He passed in 1999 and until this day I can’t get over losing him and do not have a happy life anymore. I did not get to say goodbye and tell him I will miss him and I loved him so much.

  98. Deborah at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    I want to know if I had a dream or was it a message from my family on the other side? With in 2 weeks after my x-husbands passing, I was asleep and dreamt that I was driving my white jeep and stuck in white snow, as I opened the door to exit, I saw my x husband and my son Justin who passed in 2011 standing together and behind them were my son Jesse who passed in 2000 with my dad who passed in 1999. I said to all of them I guess I am going to have to get a tow, I am stuck! A lot of white around all of them like clouds and the snow, then I woke right up! Do you think this was a message from them? I must say that I loved my youngest son Justin more than anything and he was next to his dad, with his brother Jesse standing behind him with their grandpa, My dad, and I think he was there to prove to me this is the truth because I could never believe my x husband. What do you think this was a visit or a dream? Deborah

  99. Sophie daniel at - Reply

    I lost both my parents recently only few months apart, I don’t feel them hardly dream of them although I wish I could. I miss them terribly as I was an only child. I talk to them but no signs or I’m blimd?

    • Marcia McLendon at - Reply

      I lost my parents a few years ago, a few years apart. I woke up one night and saw a vision of my mother at the foot of my bed. It was more than a faint vision and she was smiling. Another time I walked into my dining room and the scent of her was so strong, it almost knocked me over. Really, it sent chills through my body. I haven’t received anything from my Dad, it makes me sad, but I am telling you, don’t give up! They loved you and they ARE there!

  100. Jean Karpinski at - Reply


  101. Jonni Duncan at - Reply

    I talk to my mom ALL the time!

  102. Marcia McLendon at - Reply

    lost someone July 31, 2015, that I had known for a long time. Don’t know if I will hear from him, but last year I lost my cousin, who was FIRM believer in the Afterlife and keeping in touch. We were best friends. I have yet to “hear” from her and I knew I would! Am I missing the signs?

  103. susan at - Reply

    Hello Blair I lost my 21year olddaughter to a hit and run driver in heart Is broken I need to conect to her .how can I get a reading from you

  104. Denise at - Reply

    Hi, I lost my mother 7 years ago. Strangely I also lost the relationships of my two older sisters over my mothers death. Including my brother, but he has been out of the pitcher for a while. (Long family story) After my mothers death I took loosing my whole family very hard, to the point where I had to go into theraphy & grieving groups a couple of times. I was very close with one sister and her chidren. I felt my whole world just fell from underneith me and my mother just stood there and did nothing just left me behind with no support or help from her. My mother’s last words to me were “Denise please stay away from your sisters there not healthy for you.”
    So when ever I would get lonely for my sisters I would remember those last words my mom said.
    Still broken and sad I would try to find answers from her or any kind of signs that she is close by me She must know how alone I must feel. My question is: How could she just leave me like that knowing I have struggled all these years no signs, no nothing! it’s not fair to me or to my husband and children. It’s like when I was little, always feeling left out! Why do I feel like this from her??? Even now? Can you help me please…….
    Thank you.

    • Nina at - Reply

      is my mum looking over us as I was the one who was not there when she died i was in Rome for holiday. I miss her so much as mum died of Cancer but had a massive heart attack on the 17/09/2015 please tell me why i was not there why.

  105. Denise at - Reply

    Question! Can your love one also try to guide you instead of signs. I try to keep an open mind now on my mom.

  106. Jeannette at - Reply

    Thanks so much for #Gift 2! I will talk more often to them all!

  107. Wanda at - Reply

    Yes, they are around in spirit and thanks for the example given.

  108. Mary Herbert at - Reply

    I lost my husband on April 2 2015 . We would have been married 64yrs on April 11 and he would have been 85 yes on April 26, We have 14 children. The day that he died I was with him earlier. And had gone home. My daughter called me to let me know he passed away. She took me to the hospital,he was still in his room. I held his hand and told him I was sorry I was,nt there when he passed over. I hope he forgives me I love him so much.I wish I could feel his arms around me .

  109. Cathy Dee Baker at - Reply

    I love to have your newsletters your wonderful tell wife hi too

  110. deb at - Reply

    thank you , for the message hugs

  111. nancy at - Reply

    When my friend died, a angel told me. I felt it. And knew.

    I knew when my Aunt died.

  112. Judith at - Reply

    I am having trouble reaching my spirit guide(s), and love ones. Many of my relatives have passed over including my son but I have not been able to contact them.

  113. Joyce at - Reply

    Can my mom be watching over me? She died 1967. I was only 2/12 Sometimes there I would smell a Lilac scent. I don’t smell it anymore!

  114. Constance Dere at - Reply

    Can our loved ones help us after they are in Heaven?

  115. Dale at - Reply

    I have had some really awesome moments where there was no doubt my daughter and probably my granddaughter with me as well. My sis has a unit in her car from GM that tells her when she needs oil changes and such. (Message center) I had never been in her car, knew nothing about it. Let me step back a little, earlier that day, I had been telling her how much I missed being called momma. Her name for me. We were leaving the beach and I told her, I think you have a message. I DO NOT KNOW WHY I THOUGHT THIS. She hit her message center and up popped up, luv u moma,by Mat
    Matt is her brothers name and naturally everything had to be shorted for lack of space. Thank God she saw this as well, nobody ever would have believed me. I have had other, what I call now “GM” moments, but this was HUGE.

  116. sheryl at - Reply

    i always feel my loved ones and see the signs from them and it’s very exciting and it helps you learn to deal with death a little easier. it’s truly amazing.

  117. Whit at - Reply

    This reaffirmed what I knew. Thank you! I talk to my loved ones in spirit daily. And then some 🙂 I wish more people knew, or could open themselves up to the fact that this is possible. It sets your heart free.

  118. Carole at - Reply

    I do talk to my husband constantly & I would really like to believe he hears me. He was alone when he died & I didn’t say goodbye……I don’t want to say goodbye. I talk to him about everything I would have talked about as if he were still here. I say “goodnight Babe” every night & hear in my heart his reply of “goodnight Sweetheart” just like we did every night for 24 yrs. I want so bad to believe he can hear me.

  119. Char at - Reply

    Thank you for allowing me to expierience this gift you are sharing . This is so comforting .

  120. Patty Foster at - Reply

    Thank you. I truly miss my loved ones and it is great to know they can hear me!♡♡♡

  121. Ellie Wendt at - Reply

    Hello Blair, M husband of fifty two years passed away only one week ago. He passed as soon as I left the room . Had I been there I would have told him I love him, but he left before I could. You have said they know, and I will take comfort from it, but its confirmation I truly need right now.

  122. Anne Kochera at - Reply

    I have not recd an email regarding this call right now so give me a website or something to listen in please

  123. kathy at - Reply

    My mom died and had advanced Alzheimer’s at the time of her death.will she be able to understand now?can she understand me

  124. mi wa son at - Reply

    I’m really interested about my grandma I miss her so much I really don’t know what to ask common question is she okay

  125. micheal at - Reply

    I lost my boyfriend 4 days a go he hadcacancer I miss him so much

  126. Rebecca Mozingo at - Reply

    Can you tell me if my youngest son and only grand child well every come, and see me and my husband. There be a disturbed by the daughter in law to keep them alway from us.. No phone calls or mail from either on. Its been 10 years senses I saw them. They only live but 12 miles from us. My son doesn’t call us or take our phones .We been really sick my husband and I .. ..Can you tell me if he well every realized what he has miss, and doesn’t he every know what he has done to us. And to his son which is 14 years old now. Last time we saw our grand son is when he was 6 years old .He really love us at that time… I do try to send him cards to him on precious occasion. But I do not if he gets them.. Help Please. !!!

  127. julia at - Reply

    I am one of four-teen children how can my deceased parent be around all of my siblings if we all live in different states

  128. Kay at - Reply

    After my Mother passed , she kept ringing the chimes I had hanging in the Dining Room window. There were NO windows open and NO fans going. I knew it had to be her because she hated them when she was alive. lol She also knew how much I missed her. It continued until I finally told her I knew it was her and that I knew she was there with me. I’ve had a lot of death around me and a lot of things happen so I always pick up on things. It ALWAYS makes me feel so much better.

  129. Dianne at - Reply

    Dear Blair, thank you for all your reassurance that our deceased loved ones are here with us. Myself, I’ve had many Godly encounters in my life that proves your theory right, but it wasn’t until the most recent years that I began to embrace these experiences, unafraid of what others may think. I am truly blessed. By profession I am a prolific writer of greeting card sentiments, and I often freelance for magazines. Gratefully, I have been many times published and I feel strongly that I have a spiritual guide leading me the way. However, these days I have a burning desire, more than ever, to reach out to people with my words of love, healing, wisdom, and understanding. My question to you is this: Do you have the ability to foresee just where my writing endeavors will lead me in the months to come? Mine is a patient but persistent heart, I know I have a purpose and I feel an overwhelming need to find total fulfillment in that purpose.

  130. Dianne Cogar at - Reply

    Dear Blair, thank you for all your reassurance that our deceased loved ones are here with us. Myself, I’ve had many Godly encounters in my life that proves your theory right, but it wasn’t until the most recent years that I began to embrace these experiences, unafraid of what others may think. I am truly blessed. By profession I am a prolific writer of greeting card sentiments, and I often freelance for magazines. Gratefully, I have been many times published and I feel strongly that I have a spiritual guide leading me the way. However, these days I have a burning desire, more than ever, to reach out to people with my words of love, healing, wisdom, and understanding. My question to you is this: Do you have the ability to foresee just where my writing endeavors will lead me in the months to come? Mine is a patient but persistent heart, I know I have a purpose and I feel an overwhelming need to find total fulfillment in that purpose. Thank you for your resources and your valuable time.

  131. rose defazio at - Reply

    My question is that when someone dies very sudden and very tragically do they suffer I feel as if my life stopped the day my son died. Iam always so sad can you help me

  132. CAROLE at - Reply

    Thank you, Blair!!! I feel my mother around me and watching over me all the time. I was alone with her when she passed, praying day and night as she lie dying in excruciating pain from bone cancer. I prayed and prayed to God to take her into the palm of his hand and care for her. I also asked my dad, my nanny and many relatives to meet her as she goes to the other side. My mother gave me a beautiful Waterford Eagle. After she passed, and they took her away from our home, I went outside and looked up into the sky and I saw what looked like and eagle (although it may have been a turkey vulture) I knew that was my mother looking over and being with me. My 3 greatest losses were my Nanny, my Dad and then my Mom. I so very often see the birds come in three and I just somehow know that it is a sign that they are all with me. I have always believed that with all my heart, but now I am convinced. There are no coincidences. Thank you for your words of wisdom. You give me peace! Your friend, Carole

  133. cynthia at - Reply

    This is so true when my son passed I tried to talk to him not knowing he could hear me but he did cause a few day’s later I found what I was looking for so he took me to it boy do I miss him.cindy

  134. Evelyn Yerly at - Reply

    My brother died about 30 years ago he was stabbed 8 times. I got to see him 3 weeks before this happened and I really don’t know what really happened to him. All I know is he was fighting for his wife. I just wish I was able to find out what happened to him and if he is at peace. I miss him so much. And if he is around me.

  135. Pattye Blake at - Reply

    Six weeks ago the man I loved for almost 20 years, died of a heart attach. I was at the hospital, but there were too many people working on him, so I wasn’t able to say good bye. I loved this man with all my heart. He was so good to me. Since then his family have been very cruel to me. They accused me of stealing a ring that he got at his retirement from work. I had the ring for 2-3 years in lieu of money I loaned to him. His family said I tool the ring off of the desk, in his room. I refused to answer the text I received, other than the one I sent back saying I didn’t steal the ring. These last 6 weeks have been hard on me. I know he would be very upset with them for treating me this way.
    He has told me thru the years that he was going to take care of me when he dies. So far I have not heard from any lawyer that this is true. Can you tell me if this is true…I so badly want to talk to him. I just want to know his spirit is with me, even though he was cremated.

  136. Angel Barnes at - Reply

    Interesting topic! I am an empath sensitive who always seems to draw paranormal activity to me. I am looking for ways to become a psychic medium. I meditate and am very open to direction .

  137. Shirley Bose at - Reply

    My sister Carol passed and I always talk to her. She comes to me threw dreams and everyone of them feels like she never left and we are kids again. She (I) believe answered me in my car using the radio info that scans radio station letters, song titles- singer/band names,etc. I heard a song that flooded me with memories of a times we both shared. Sound came threw those speakers the best I ever heard in this car. I laughed out loud and said, ” Carol, remember this playing in Joe’s (our brother) Chevelle with the top down and the smell of the leather seats with the warm wind blowing our hair, always reminded me of Joe’s car”. As I was enjoying the song I look down to see what time it was but the clock it wasn’t there, nor was anything with song title, BUT there was two little words : me to. I was so over whelmed with joy. She answered me !

  138. Heidi at - Reply

    Blair the question I have for you is you and others have said when we die we go to the other side and we are energy also we get reincarnated with many different lives , one life ends and one life begins’ so my mother passed in 1979 been told she completed her mission so she is with our creator my father bad bad evil man to me he passed in 1992 but is in school until he learns what he did wrong I would I know as a stupid human weather I am talking to my parents family or whoever or if they have been reincarnated already or is this where time is not important would be glad to pay for that answer just to know I love the knowledge you have given me and will continue listening to your seminars and get your book ThankYou if you are reading this and I get an answer.Heide Paulus

  139. Jeff crock at - Reply

    Advice please

  140. sandra worley at - Reply

    Thank you for the information.

  141. Susan at - Reply

    I had an older sister who (died about 3 years ago, 74) was hard to get along and she was always jealous of all of us siblings, so with all in my family who died and you said love is always there from them but what about someone like my sister who had bad thoughts and all can she put things on me since she didn’t like me or others in our family????????

  142. Debbie at - Reply

    I just watched the video and you answered my question. I have been talking to my husband. Last night when I was on my computer I finished what I was doing and put my computer to sleep but it kept turning back on . It did this about 6 times finally I asked my husband are you doing that? So I said a prayer and had to shut my computer off. Thank you for the video!!!

  143. Cindy at - Reply

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to have questions answered, that I have wondered about for years.

  144. Gina at - Reply

    I know my loved ones that have passed are near me, I have been working to know my guides, do you know names of other peoples guides?

  145. elizabeth at - Reply

    my momma passed away at her home of over 50 years i am 56 but was a big mammas girl i loved her dearly i took her passing so hard i almost took a hand full of pills to stop my pain a pain i never thought i could ever get over well i made her promise me over & over again to please come back to me she promised she would well that promise was kept she comes to me almost daily and its not my imagination she passed with 5 brain tumors and lymphoma well my granddaughter who is 10 has had 3 dreams where my momma has come to us see i along with my katy my grandchild were in her dream and this dream was long and wonderful katy could tell me every thing that was said and how she visited with us she had a cat and a dog with her see i had just got my little 3 year old a doll we named it elly and that was her dogs name then the cat she had name was tc well we had a cat with that name when i was very young and katy didnt know that so i knew that it was her she said she wasnt ick anymore and she was proud of me for taking such good care of my grandkids i cried alot in this dream she then said it was time for her to go and i started screaming with saddness and she told us that she had to go but dhe will come back now there are many other things she does like change the tv to cancer commercials turn off the tv all kinds of other things people tell me im crazy but i know its her tell me what you think but no matter i know its her

  146. elizabeth at - Reply

    you know i was so so lucky to be there with my momma while she laid in her bed in her bedroom waiting to pass i took care of her and that morning i woke up later than normal i jumped up ran to her room and she had the death rattle and was not responsive oh my goodness i was loosing it i thought i was going to have my own passing with her well i was crying and telling her how much i have always loved her and how i wasnt going to make it with out her well to my surprise i looked over at her and she had a trickle of a tear coming from her eye and i kew she was feeling my sadness and pain caused by her going away and i knew it was hurting her but that was my last wonderful gift from her she was not able to talk or open her eyes but she did give me that goodbye and im so lucky dont you agree

  147. gale bellew at - Reply

    Thanks Blair, I really needed to hear this today !!!

  148. Debbie Kusmierz at - Reply

    I went and saw Blair in Detroit when he was here. It was a great night. A lot of families were able to hear from there loved ones.

  149. Fran Lynch at - Reply

    I can’t get my link. I get the message that says it has been sent, but I don’t get it. I get the message on my phone. Please help, I have missed webinars I really am interested in.

  150. Lesley Dreghorn at - Reply

    My husband passed away last week . I justwant to know if he can look down on me , and can see how hurt I am .

  151. ram at - Reply

    I’m very confused because those who have had near death experiences or have died for so many minutes state that they’d seen their loved ones on the other side and if that’s the case, how can the deceased still be here with us?

  152. Sandra Young at - Reply

    My son died very suddenly in march this year and I’m struggling so much i find it hard to let my emotions go I’m constantly looking for signs it’s really hard xxxx

  153. raymond porter at - Reply

    I’ve been in the hospital every night and day for a week straight when I went upstate to visite my poppa when he was there for his cancer. He was very loopy on meds and was unsure if f he knew I was by his side. But I left for one night and he passed the night I wasn’t there. Is there a reason for that and why do I feel guilty for not being there for him when it happened. He was my best friend and just need to know if he can here me talk to him still. Thanks a bunch

  154. Carol at - Reply

    My mom died very angry at me and would not say goodbye to me the day she died, she also wouldn’t talk to me so I never got to say goodbye. I’ve said I’m sorry to her a million times, I’ve told her I love her and I know she hears all that. But how would I know whether or not she forgives me.

  155. Leila Stack at - Reply

    My mother passed away on May 2, 2015. We had a video made for her funeral. It had still pictures of her past life. We were shocked when we watched it, her mouth was moving in almost all the pictures like she was saying I love you and I am alright. She even had my mouth and my sister’s mouths moving. Like we were talking to her. I never seen anything like it. So I know our spirits live on.

    • valerie jaime at - Reply

      mom does forgive you. she passed at a strange time for you but it was her time and she is with you always

  156. valerie jaime at - Reply

    i have medium powers. iwas told by mant psyicics and i tell people things about the dead. i do talk with my mom and dad everyday. a light turns on frequently in my home and i know it is them. please contact me. i also dream and see when people pass and they do. thanks

  157. Melody at - Reply

    Hello Blair, I to hve the thoughts of why cant I say what I need tosay to my dad and sister who have passed? I wished I could tellthem all the things they see and I see that it is wrong and then listen to the comments they want to say to me, when will I be able to hear them? or feel them? I am so lost without my day, and just last week my sister passed and I didn’t get to say goodbye.. and it hurts, as for my Dad, I really wished I had a direct line to talk to him.. I know what he would say to me about things going wrong… thanks if you can help me with this… thanks again Melody Hagar

  158. brenda newman at - Reply

    I loved the video.

  159. elizabeth at - Reply

    Thank you for the video it answered my question. My son of 23yrs old just passed away on the 28 of Nov. I was not with him he was taken from me with his two sisters by my inlaws husband passed away in the year 1997. They have informed me Iam not wantwd at his funeral which is today. This pain Iam feeling Ive never felt before and I dont feel his presence and Im driving myself crazy just wabting somekind of sign from him. I dont know what to do

  160. Cassie at - Reply

    I lost my husband is two days after we had our son and I don’t know what he thinks of our son.IF I’m doing a good job raising our two kids..My daughter which was three at the time was with him when he passed away and she’s eight now but she still doesn’t understand she thinks it’s her fault. Please help.. My son also ask about because he never got to know him because he was only two days old..Please tell my deceased husband to help me find Someone to share my life with I’m lonely now

  161. Eva at - Reply

    Six years ago I came home fro work and found my husband had died. Eight weeks before him his mother. Rich was very depressed and was hooked on pain pills because of his back. The autopsy ruled accidental overdose. In my heart I fell it was not accidental, that he took all the pills to end his life. I will never be able to rest until I know the truth. What can I do to get through to him to show me a sign of the truth.

  162. Galana Hamby (Gail) at - Reply

    I recently signed up for your Webinar on loved ones,I didn’t know where to find them.I really do believe in life after death.If there is another Webinar please let me know. Thank you

  163. Heather at - Reply

    My 26 year old son passed away 10/27/2015. I speak to him every night. Shortly after his death, I would always say goodnight to him and tell him how much I miss him. I would hear a LOUD goodnight – like he was yelling – I giggled and told him he has to find his “heavenly voice” haha 🙂
    Last night, as always, I was speaking to him. I turned out the lights to go to bed. All of a sudden I heard in my ear “peek a boo”. Amazing!!
    Thank you Blair!!

  164. Heather at - Reply

    My son passed 10/27/2015 Blair, I know you are busy, but the police ruled his death as a suicide. I know it wasn’t. I need to hear it from him. Travis John Tallon. Born 07/03/1989. Blair, if you hear from him, please let me know.
    I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. 727-851-2822

  165. stephanie meza at - Reply

    Good evening Blair,
    Since I saw your webinar I have been visited by my loved one but the sad thing is I still can’t tell who it is. Is there a way to better focus on the energy. They also seem to be funny with me. I feel them touching me as well. Can they do that to reach my pigheadedness?

  166. Judy at - Reply

    My husband Harry Haselden

  167. Diana at - Reply

    Thank you Blair and I will keep in mind that my love ones are around watching me and listening to everything I say but I may have to watch what I say that is not a bad thing, do they watch everything I do like going in to the shower or making love with my husband in bed lol.

  168. Mary at - Reply

    I wasn’t able to get on the other day and here the discussion but recently in December I lost my eldest sister cremated I woke up in the morning to the strongest smell of rose and some other perfume. It was so overwhelming it was almost nauseating. It lasted for about 10 minutes. Could this have been her?

  169. Pam at - Reply

    Thank you my mom is 88 and in a nursing home and not doing too great .Her time is coming and we all need to hear that to hopefully handle her passing better.My brother is already passed as my Dad too. It’s great to know they are close by. I was never able to tell my brother goodbye so hope he hears me.

  170. Pat at - Reply

    I want to believe our loved ones are always with us but how could a person that passed be with more then one family member at the same time especially in different states. This is one of the things that make me question the after life. Please help. Thank you.

  171. Traci at - Reply

    My husband killed himself and I was wondering if he has been with us. Can he see or hear us whenever he wants

  172. Rose at - Reply

    While I was in a twilight sleep I felt a energy of somebody in my bedroom. I tried to wake but could not. Could not move at all. This energy crawled in my bed next to me and whispered something in my ear which I could not understand. I was able to hear the rumbling sound of the bed as the energy crawled off. I felt it leave the room and instantly upon it leaving I woke up in terror. After that I had several other episodes Where many at one time would be there. Too long to describe, but I was soooo scared I smudged my house and asked the energy what they wanted. I told them that if it was a negative energy not to come back. If they were positive or good they were welcome to stay. I have not had another one after that. Could you please shed some light on this for me????

  173. debra boyett at - Reply

    Ive lost 4 granddaughters a daughter a sister nephew and niece in the last 10 yrs my daughter and granddaughter 022014 on my birthday in a car accident i never got to see them afterward as they were destroyed and its ripping me apart not knowing what happened to them and i never get a sign from them they left behind a little girl that has asked why i need something

  174. Connie at - Reply

    I was with Peter for twenty one years, and the day of his funeral was the last time I saw his three boys and the grandchildren I had each and every weekend. I believe that I can’t continue with my grief is that they left me alone to do it. I still love them but I am very hurt.
    Is this one of the reasons why I have a hard time getting signs from Peter.

    Thank You Blair

  175. Karen horne at - Reply

    I know mins hears first late ex husband tickles my ear..

  176. Angie at - Reply

    Hello Blair: Hope all is well with you? Just wondering why I keep on seeing the number 49 everywhere i go,,,eg: I look at the clock and its 6:49,,or my address 549 etc etc,, and I always get this dreadful feeling something awful will happen? Why cant I not shake this off

  177. Sara at - Reply

    After my father died for about more than 2 years . I had a feeling that some Jules relative wanted to hurt me by some chance. Suddenly I became to see my dreams. Even if I just closed my eyes . I became so worry especially after seeing him forcing me to go to the kitchen. And he tries to destroy it . And that continues for than a month . Is not only that but I saw him graphing someone I knew from his dirty cloth and wanted me to follow him . Of course I spoke to the church. After that we felt some strange activity inside the house. There was a lot of prayer . Until we removed the the old kitchen for remdling and found some wearied stuff hidden between the chef of the kitchen . Then I stopped dreaming about him and everything returned so quiet. I am still don’t belive what happened. But it happened . A

    • Sara at - Reply

      I’m sorry I forgot to mention that I start see my father in my dreams after he died for about 2 years

  178. Joyce at - Reply

    Thank you so much Blair for that video! its so nice to know our loved ones still hear us!
    my mom passed suddenly at age 69 and I do believe she comes around and in my dreams
    so often as well as other signs! we were all devastated and its been 15 yrs but her memory lives on
    and so wish I could get message from her! Have a goodnite.

  179. Denise at - Reply

    Thank you, I already know that but it’s still very comforting to hear it again.

  180. HELEN KOZAK at - Reply

    thank you so much for that message it means a lot to me

  181. Kristie at - Reply

    Where can I find the webinars?

  182. Elinot McCartney at - Reply

    Thank you Blair…I get mail from someone called Padre. Hong Cong address Family tell me it is SPAM……but is it? Promises,promises if I only accept his guidance….. So far I have just read them told him I walked with God.

    • Andy at - Reply

      I have also got mails from Padre. Lots and lots of things written. Did not read the full details. He says something about guardian angle guiding me. But I want to communicate with my mother. Please if anyone can help me in this. I do not get any signs or symbols. I miss her so much. Please help.

  183. Andrea at - Reply

    My mom had told me the other day that she doesn’t feel the presence of my brother because he died to quick could that be the reason why he hasn’t been around my mom

  184. Heather at - Reply

    Hi Blair my bf died February 14th I found out the bad news from his cousin can he here me and is he here watching over me? I talk to him all the time is he ok? Please let me know .I cry constantly it’s tearing me apart

  185. tisha at - Reply

    Me an my husband were together for 4 years this March 28 His 48th birthday would’ve been March 25 th..We were married on May 16 th 2015 I’m 45 never married I loved him so much he was my best friend we we’re married less than 7 months when he died it was on December the 5 th an I’m so confused I don’t understand why he had to leave so soon…He left behind his only son who I now have…Its like what did I do I feel like I did something wrong…I find myself looking for signs an listening an wanting an hoping to see him one last time 6 days shy of 3 months that he has passed..Will I ever get a sign or see or hear him one last time….

  186. Carol Dunster at - Reply

    I recently lost my Mum and Dad within 12 months of each other. I now look after they beloved white house rabbit. I sometimes get the feeling they are around to check I’m looking after him ok. He meant the world to them. As a family we miss them both very much. To lose one parent is hard, but to lose another so close is very hard and to accept.

  187. Susan at - Reply

    My first husband died after a very trumultuous relationship. He was a functional alcoholic, and I was the perfectionistic spouse who could not accept his frailty ( even though he was a good provider). Other than his drinking, he was a very good man. He died one day of a sudden death coronary at work. I was so angry that he loved alcohol more than me that I ranted and raved and drove him away. How do I let him know that I have forgiven him now that 18 years have passed? I do not feel him nearby, but I still miss him. And I still love him. My current husband once told me” I wished you loved me as much as you obviously still love him..” Would he hear me even though he has moved on???

  188. Susan at - Reply

    My first husband died after a very trumultuous relationship. He was a functional alcoholic, and I was the perfectionistic spouse who could not accept his frailty ( even though he was a good provider). Other than his drinking, he was a very good man. He died one day of a sudden death coronary at work. I was so angry that he loved alcohol more than me that I ranted and raved and drove him away. How do I let him know that I have forgiven him now that 18 years have passed? I do not feel him nearby, but I still miss him. And I still love him. My current husband once told me” I wished you loved me as much as you obviously still love him..” Would he hear me even though he has moved on???

  189. Stephanie L Dougherty at - Reply

    Thank You. I was awakened to this fact by going to the Library and reading Sylvia Browne books. I love this day and age where we can get the messages we need from Spirits wonderful guides like you. I look forward to the live broadcasts every day. I got my books, Please Thank Wendy for her great work behind the scenes. I’m having Bariatric surgery on the 29 March, going to see if my Dr will hold or pin my Angel to his scrubs as he does his work. Love and Light to both you and Wendy.
    P.s. does she use gorilla glue on the boxes. Lol. I had a little trouble getting the box open. No complaint it was just funny. Thanks Stephanie Lynn Bruffett Dougherty.

  190. Julie Boileau at - Reply

    I talk to my parents every day they have been gone for 11 and 10 yrs how they respond to me sometimes they go through my Tv they turn it on or a white light goes across it they also pop me on top of my head to get my attention or to warn me about something so thank you for your video it has helped me alot to conferm that they really are here with me every day.

  191. Alessandra at - Reply

    Mr. Robertson,
    I am curious about what I saw. My current husband had cancer and was in the ICU. I was sitting beside him, holding his hand. Suddenly, I started seeing all these (maybe Angels?) things flying from room to room. They look like light with sort of a human form. One stopped at our door and looked at my husband and then me, and then left. It went to stay with someone else in another room. I knew at that moment, when it looked at me, that he didn’t need it, because he wasn’t going to die. I just knew that he was going to get better, even though we had been told that it was too late. He did get better and now is in total remission. Were those Angels or maybe Death? They seemed to be helping the dying.
    I did feel good knowing that there is always something there to help those who are dying. We never die alone (well that’s the impression that I got).

  192. nader dabestani at - Reply

    my step brother dreamt that my dad beheaded me and was not regretting it . What does it mean

  193. nader dabestani at - Reply

    my step brother dreamt that my dad has beheaded me and didnt regret it. What does it mean? Please tell me.

  194. Pam Blondheim at - Reply

    My son died fro suicide. I tried to revive him unsuccessfully. He called me to say goodbye, and I didn’t get to him before he ended his life. That was over 7 years ago. I still feel guilty, and have had no signs of him being with me. Please help me..

  195. Deborah Avalos at - Reply

    Knowing my RJA can hear my apologies, pleas to forgive me and can hear me tell him all the time how much I love & miss him everyday.

  196. kathy morgan at - Reply

    I have a few very specific question. Do we decide before we are born how we will die? I am confused as I have listened to some who have said that we can heal ourselves of sickness if we become as 1 with our higher self. my confusion with this statement is what about children who know of nothing and they come into this world or shortly there after have cancer and eventually pass away? My daughter was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor at age 4 she passed at 5yrs old in my arms. I talked with a medium who really truly gave me so much peace and she told me that this was always terminal no matter what I did it wouldn’t change. Her and I chose before we came to earth for this to take place. So how can we heal ourselves of disease if all is already predetermined? I would love if you could shed some light on this for me because I feel so confused by it. Thank you so much for your time I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  197. LyndaRobinson at - Reply

    Blair my mom and I had a love,hate relationship, I forgave her, but i ,only feel my Dad, does that mean ,She still wishes to carry on the way we were, or she upset, I have adopted a couple ,I call Mom and Dad cause I respect them ,need Them in my life.

  198. Deanne at - Reply

    Really enjoyed your video, people need to be reminded that our loved ones can hear us. Also how you explained even after the body dies the spirit moves on. I just wanted to ask you a question which I am sure you will answer yes, but in any case; Do/Can our loved ones protect us from harm? I have had 7 accidents over my lifetime not all by my choice either, and in the last one the car was even totalled . I have always walked away unharmed, never been serriously injured but for some strange reason I never feel alone either. My son (25 years ago), my little brother (21 years ago )an now my Dad 3 years ago. I do feel my brother alot, different thoughts that come to me. Like why did I just think of something we did together as kids. I would like to believe it is because he is with me at that very moment. Alway think of my father when I am repairing things, he taught me a lot. My son I seem to feel when my middle child is around even though he was my oldest child’s twin brother. Something I think about. You do a great job an I love the fact that you are down to earth an not all about the hype .

  199. Tracey at - Reply

    Hi Blain am enjoying your site.Unfortunately when you tour my area in June(NL) I will be on another Continent so maybe next time.In the meantime I’ll have to surf with your media outposts instead.All good things come to those who wait & I can be very patient unless there’s Chocolate involved then it’s out the window!! I’ve started the 3 simple steps from your webinar yesterday so am patiently awaiting.
    After my Husband passed 17yrs ago the lights would often turn themselves off & on & he loved switching the tv channel to the Hockey channel usually while I was on an exercise machine.We just kindly asked him to return to what we were watching.Doesn’t happen much lately but I had Relatives which were very perturbed by this.One even sent an Electrion to my house for repairs.I have a need to reconnect now the kids are grown & other than the pets there’s just myself in the house.


  200. Linda at - Reply

    Can our. Deceased pets send us sins? Can we connect with our pets spirit.

  201. yasmine anthony at - Reply

    My fiance was killed 3 weeks ago today in front of me and my son (2 years) i am so lost and confused but i am so upest that he left me here. My life has been upside down andd all i want to do is talk to him or see him or feel his spirit. My 2 year old son told me daddys neck hurt and lift his head up and pointed to where his father was shot at which was a surprise but i knew he talked to him and i heard my 6 year old in her sleep call his name and sit up(still sleep) and say i dont wanna go this way i wanna go that way. But he wont talk to me. Hia father says i need to relax nn he knows i am mad at him but why wont he talk to me. I need him so much and im so upset he wont communicate because im running crazy right now

    • Elizabeth at - Reply

      My entire family has died and I’m all that’s left

      • Carol at - Reply

        Elizabeth,You’re never alone,God will always be by your side.
        Ms, Carol

    • Jodi at - Reply

      I’d love to connect with my great grandmother, I’m begging you to help me, Please Blair

  202. Rosetta Leadbitter at - Reply

    My husband died in Nov 1999 in the first year I heard from him then it stopped, and I do not feel him around me at all. I talk to him all the time and ask him to help me with problems but I never hear anything from him or feel his presence . Do they always leave you after a year. It has been over 16 years now and I have been losing my belief in the after life. Can you give me any advise, I have been going through a rough time health wise and have asked him to help me but I never feel anything from him Thank you Rose

    • Monica at - Reply

      It will all be OK honey .my husband was killed 1 week ago ..he has sent many message.u have to open minded to allow him to break through I promise he will show u

    • Monica at - Reply

      He’s there I feel it

  203. DAWN at - Reply


  204. Sharon Ryan at - Reply

    My husband passed away from a rare form of cancer- in 2013, On his death bed he kept telling me that he would be back. Since his death- my entire life means nothing to me. His sister, and his children often tell me that they have had contact with him- Why Haven’t I-
    Am I being punished for something I did? I just need some type of message that he is OK and that he really knows who I am , and that he is looking out for me. I just can’t understand WHY
    he has not contacted me

  205. Barb at - Reply

    Blair… the Bible says there is no proof that the dead can talk to us let alone hear us and I have read other mediums say the same. so what do I believe? I want to believe that my deceased husband can hear me talking to him and he can see me crying. he died dec. 30/16 after spending the last 6 months of his life in the hospital. we were married 46 years and this type of grieving is not what I had expected. I thought we would live to be in our 80’s. he had just turned 69 aug. 1 I want to know if he will recognize me when I go to him and if we do continue on as husband and wife. I keep reading the contrary on different sites on the net.

    • Tiffany at - Reply

      I’m 26 and my husband was 29. I just buried him today in the Philippines where he is from. We have been married for seven years on the day before he had a ruptured aneurysm. We had so much left to do, we don’t even have children, and he wanted them more than anything, I just wanted to spend more time alone with him and to prepare better. He should be here with me now, in body, showing me all the things he did and places he went when he was growning up. This hurts so much. We did absolutely everything together and I thought we would have time to keep doing all the things we love. I don’t even feel like I ever want to move on or have children with anyone else, but it is so hard because I’m so young and it will be so long before seeing him again, if I really can. I wish he could tell me that he is ok, that he is happy. I want to now if he is suffering from the loss of he life or if he is happy to be out of this often difficult journey of life. I want to now what he wants me to do. This is so unfair for us both. He was so loving and good to me and to his family and everyone he knows. He was not egotistical, he was so sweet. He was so hard working, and for the benefit of everyone else, hardly for himself. I don’t think I can put someone else in his place. Sometimes I took him for granted and said or did things thing that made him feel bad about himself. But I love him so much, I want to know that he still loves me and is not mad. I hope his life was satisfying enough. I talk to him in my head and out loud.
      I hope he will find way to respond.

      • Jeff c at - Reply

        Tiffany, my experience is similar. I really believe that we all have those regrets. I have PLENTY. I understand that that stuff is wiped away when they leave us.

        You might check the Forever Family Foundation’s web site. They have an EXCELLENT, science-based course on dealing with pain and loss. It’s called “Love Knows No Death.” It can reduce a lot of the pain. It’s not about moving on. It’s about staying with them.

      • Monica at - Reply

        Honey I just lost my husband of 18 years ..I’m only 38… I can feel him all around .and no your belief in the passing will allow the room for him to visit

  206. Donna at - Reply

    Your a very kind man God Bless You and Thank You so much for helping all of us who grieve the loss of our loved ones by teaching us about the spirit world and helping us to understand that Love Never Dies that our loved ones have just changed form shedding their physical body and the Essence of who they are is their spirit which never leaves us ..your a very kind man and a wonderful teacher, thank you for sharing your special gift with all of us !

  207. Carla at - Reply

    My best friend the love of my life died 5 weeks ago today, I found him. I miss him so much and feel so lost without him. I can’t hardly eat, I only get a few hours of sleep a night, I only 3 days ago started sleeping by myself had my son to sleep with me cause I couldn’t sleep by myself. All I see is him and mostly the way I found him. I try to keep the images out by trying to think about good times but it is hard. I want to talk to him and tell him that I love and miss him but more then anything I want to know he is ok and in a much better place. I need help but don’t know what or where to go about it.please Can someone help me to talk to him and let me know that he is ok and that I love and miss him. I want him to know that I am sorry I was not here with him. Please help me

  208. Justina at - Reply

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking these things and that there are people here who understand exactly what im going through from A-Z, losing a loved one, grieving and wondering why there seems to be no contact or feeling that they’re here!

    I lost my mother recently to breast cancer, I often wonder “where are you?” I was pregnant with my daughter, who came 1 month early, and born while she (my mother) was on her death bed at home on hospice. It was like my baby was destined to come early just to meet her and almost like my mother barley held on to meet her, they met she cried and and told me she was beautiful and seemed heart broken but content at the same time, that was the last day she was conscious that same day later on she laid down and wasn’t comprehensive or responsive but started praying (we were never Super religious) and asking god for forgiveness and just a lengthy prayer that make me cry every time I think of it. The hospice nurse told me that when they start to talk about religion and pray that they were near and it was almost time, I didn’t understand it at the time. and that was it, the next 16-18 hours is something that haunts me and traumatized me, I’d never experienced death of anyone close let alone watched someone that I LOVE (is an understatement) pass. As a teen just the thought of her passing would make me weak and sick and here it was happening! I couldn’t do anything about it.

    The “family ” was all there together for the 1st time in years. We all got along for her sake, it was a gathering shes always wanted. But it was always her and I who were inseparable. I had ONE real dream of her telling me everything would be ok and telling her I missed her and we said our I love yous, I was even asking her questions regarding my childhood home and what she wanted me to do (even though she had a will). It was soo real I could feel her when I hugged her, I could smell her. I woke up crying and that was the last time I really spoke to or seen her. So why haven’t I felt her or had some kind of sign since then? Nothing, I’ve asked her if she see my daughter growing or when I’m having a tough time I talk to her but no reply. I just want to know if shes knows. Thank you for reading,

    • Viviana R at - Reply

      Your post made me cry. I too lost my Mom last September. I had just given birth to my 3rd child two weeks before she became ill and was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She came to my home under the care of hospice and passed 4 weeks later. I had always had nightmares of her dying since I was very little and seeing her pass right in front of me is painful till this very day. I am the youngest of 6 and she was my best friend. She was in my dreams every night but for the last month they have stopped. I am not in a better place or healed by no means. Still grieving and feeling like I will forever be grieving. I feel your pain. Our story is all too similar.

    • James at - Reply

      Hello I read your comments and was touched by your love and feelings towards your loss.
      He is fine in heaven
      I know this 100% as I to lost someone very special my mother the love of my life.
      I was visited by my mother and other family members that had passed years ago.
      You need to calm down relax and open your mind to your loved ones to allow them to contact you.
      Your upset and mental upset is blocking your contact with them.

    • Monica at - Reply

      Your mother waited for your child to come before she passed over…I had that exact experience it may just be to soon for mom to communicate

  209. Dawn at - Reply

    Thank you, Blair, for this message.

    • Viviana R at - Reply

      Your post made me cry. I too lost my Mom last September. I had just given birth to my 3rd child two weeks before she became ill and was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She came to my home under the care of hospice and passed 4 weeks later. I had always had nightmares of her dying since I was very little and seeing her pass right in front of me is painful till this very day. I am the youngest of 6 and she was my best friend. She was in my dreams every night but for the last month they have stopped. I am not in a better place or healed by no means. Still grieving and feeling like I will forever be grieving. I feel your pain. Our story is all too similar.

      • Diane at - Reply

        I lost my mom December 17. 2015. I miss her so bad. She died Of kidney failure . But 5 days before she died I broke my wrist, i fell at work while my mom was at dialysis when I got home she was outside waiting for me , she was so worried about me, 5 days later she was in the shower and was rushed to the hospital no brain activity I knew she was going to die, the next day she went to be with the lord, it broke my heart, I loved her so much. I will never be happy like I was.

  210. Sandy Barras at - Reply

    Some people don’t see the bond pet lovers have for what ever pet they love. I had a mini male dauchsund, Sammy for 15 years. I had to say goodbye Sept 5, 2012, when I had to go into a nursing home at only 58 years old. Some days, when I wake up I feel he is sleeping right next to me, and if I move, that will wake him. Then I remember, he’s gone. I miss him so much every day. I have zero family support, not even my son. What I would give to have him back. Are there dogs in heaven? can they see and hear us as well? That would mean everything to me….Thanks…

  211. Nona Baker at - Reply

    Thank you so very much Mr. Robertson your Video helped me feel and really believe what I think I’ve known all along or @ least what I have hoped to be true. I lost my Husband after 42 years of Marriage on April 24th, 2016. He had never been sick even rarely had a Cold or a Flu Bug until a year ago,he was diagnosed with Cancer, only to find out @ this time he had, had this possibly a few years before his diagnosis. I miss him so very much, I cry @ the drop of a hat,everything reminds me of him. My health has been bad for 14 years and he always took such great care of me without ever having any complaints. I talk to him literally ALL THE TIME and have wondered so often if there was a possibility that he can hear me, I feel that he can. I talk to him about anything and everything! There are little things that still happen around the house, etc…that I KNOW is Steve letting me know he is with me and will continue to be. Thank you again for the Video.

  212. Nancy Knight at - Reply

    Blair & Wendy
    ITs me Nancy from Dresden Ont ., How is your beautiful wife I think yous two are a perfect match.Blair Sylivia Browne says that when we go to take a bath we have to tell the spirits to get out cause they don’t know they just want to be around us they’ll leave if we just ask them to while we bathe.(that’s very important to me ).

  213. Lisa Castello at - Reply

    Hi I lost my husband on June 12, 2016, he had Congestive Heart Failure and suffered a year and a half, I didn’t even get to tell him goodbye and that I loved him and was sorry I wasn’t there when he fell on the floor, I should of been there for him but I heard his voice call me at 230 am in the morning it said help me Lisa I got up and made it just in time before he passed away so I was with him when he passed away but just minutes before, he was on Hospice for almost 6 months would of been on June 24,2016. 6 months on Hospice we just wasn’t expecting him to go so soon. He was blind in his left eye almost blind in his right eye he had Diabetes too, he had so many health problems so sad he was also just 49 too, he had Heart disease on his Dad side of the family which made it more difficult for me. Anyway, I just wanted to ask if he can see us? I am living with my Dad now and trying to put my life back together, when he passed away my whole world changed we were married for 21 wonderful years, He was my one and only Love. Thank You, Elizabeth Castello everyone calls me Lisa

  214. Linda Sammons at - Reply

    HI I Lost my Husband of almost being married 41 Years and I have had quit a lot things happen I believe its him I sure hope so Just want to know if his Spirit is with me all the time and in bed with me. I have felt certain things and I believe things have being done by him Like Lights flicking on and off Him saying something once in awhile to me. We had a strong Love More things have happened. I have heard silverware move in the Kitchen and no one in there. I felt like he is just looking at me that’s happened in bed and other wise to. Still more things have Happened I just want to know if its him and if he is with me all the time, he was creamated cause I couldn,t afford to go the other way. I hope I can find out I lost him in Sept 2014. Thanks !!!Mrs Tony Sammons {{Linda }}

  215. Linda Sammons at - Reply

    Thanks for you Video on here. Mrs Tony Sammons First name is Linda

  216. Jan at - Reply

    The love of my life, who I was dating for almost a year and a half, suddenly passed away one year ago. After one week after he passed, my cat, who I have had for ten years, started acting very strange. She was staring and following with her eyes as though someone was in my apartment. This continued on for about three months and then it stopped. I truly believe this was my deceased boyfriend who came to let me know that he is still here.

  217. Stephanie at - Reply

    My boyfriend of 15yrs took his life please reasure he hears me talking to him I’m grieving so much been 9 months and I cry every night help

  218. Chris at - Reply

    My young wife died while kayaking at harpers ferry WV on 6/6/16. I beat myself up because I wasn’t there. Maybe i could have saved her, maybe i could be with my wife. Which is where i want to be. My 2 step daughters were there and witnessed the whole tragic event. They want to live me with me, not their father. So I am fighting for custody. Even though everyone tells me that she is all around me, I don’t feel her. Maybe I want to much, I want to see her, talk to her,hold her again. I really want her to smile down on us all. Tell us we are going to be ok. I do know with my heart that is not for these girls, I would be with my wife. Not a second goes by that I don’t think of her and miss her. She is my soul mate, and I will wander through this life,empty, only a shell of a person I was when I was hers. I can only live for our girls. I want to honor her life, she was such an amazing woman. So why hasn’t she made herself known to me or the girls? Where is she? Is she busy with other things? Will she be waiting for me as husband and wife? I left her wedding ring in her urn and I will never take mine off. It would kill me all over again if I see and it’s like nothing special to her.

  219. pam at - Reply

    my sister died in july I cant come to turms making me ill do y think wen I talk to her pic she hears me and she with me

    • Monica at - Reply

      I know she hears your cries to her ..u have to be open to have the experience of her presents

  220. Jeff c at - Reply

    I lost the love of my life to breast cancer on June 14th, despite doing everything I could to save her. This has destroyed me. I miss her and love her with all my heart. I am studying “Love Knows No Death” (terrific!) and other life after life material. Last week I put her name on an apartment building that she had run for me. It had given her a sense of purpose. I wanted to honor her. Last night I lit a candle for her at a hospice ceremony.

    I have her picture and ashes on the mantle and I talk to her all the time, crying a lot, too. Like a little girl. The one-way communication bothers me. I hope she can come to me while I am sleeping. I ask her for that before I go to bed. I will study this site.

  221. june rudolph at - Reply

    I LOVE your articles but am not on facebook (I’m 87 years old) and would like more of your videos. How do I access them? I think I have mostly all your books. Where should I go to get more of seeing spirits? Thx

  222. Jeff at - Reply

    Well, I am glad they are okay, but I don’t like the last sentence.  I can’t put it into words.  It’s kind of like the whole moving on thing.  If this is true – and I hope it’s just a general statement – it would really hurt.  It all comes back to the dilemma – I don’t want to live the rest or my life alone, but I also don’t want to let anything get between me and the love of my life.

    I am just grasping at straws, and I am desperate, but I would like this one a lot more:

    “Know this:  Your loved ones are okay.  They are around and watching you.  But they also want you to become independent and move forward and live the remained of your life fully.  However your partner knows of the pain you’re in, and they miss you just as much.  They want you to be as happy as possible (temporarily) until the two of you are together forever.”   Or something like that.

    • Jeff at - Reply

      Sorry – this is supposed to be the first part of my post:

      I have downloaded the free Blair Robertson book “Afterlife.”

      This quote really gets to me: “Know this: Your loved ones are okay. They are around and watching you. But they also want you to become independent and move forward and live the remained of your life fully.”

  223. norman alston at - Reply

    I saw a appraitionof my mom inmy house one week ago september2016
    she had died of cancer

  224. Jeff at - Reply

    I read “Afterlife,” and Blair says that we shouldn’t overdo the practice of talking to our loved one’s picture too often. I thought that was okay – I have been doing it for a longtime with my girlfriend. Several times per day. I hope she’s not mad at me. I have been doing it because it makes me feel as though I am in touch with her. I get pretty emotional.

    • Monica at - Reply

      I can relate to the pain u feel .never stop reaching out.they hear u

  225. Eunice at - Reply

    y husband passed may 16 2016 he was at home bedridden for4 months before he passed he was under hospice care at home but I have been feeling so guilty that I didn’t do enough for him my daughter has seen him since he passed two days after he wanted Me to sit in his chair so he can talk to me but all I could do was cry he told my daughter she’s not talking she’s crying he still hasn’t come to me is this because of the guilt I feel

  226. Karen White at - Reply

    I truly believe in what you say as for my husband he had lost his brother a year ago and can’t seem to get past it and find his way back to his family and now we have a grandson the newest addition to our family he brought some spirit back into my husband but then when I thought it was going good my son and his girlfriend broke up and now we don’t get to see mason our grandson anymore and we have been told recently that he is being mistreated I want to intervien and get him back k here with us cause they wasn’t good parent they had dropped him off one day and didn’t hear from them for two months it’s ok they know he was in good hands and he was safe but now he is gone the house feels empty and the reason I am going into so much detail about my grandson is that I had taken lots of picture and took videos of him growing up and being silly now this is where I had mentioned to you in my first email about videos see my brother in law couldn’t have children and he absolutely loved little ones my husband wanted Mickey to see his first grandson so bad and we had it set up for Mickey to see him, see Mickey lived with us on his final months on earth and one weekend I had planned a get together for Mickey to meet our grandson and Mickey had passed away on that Wednesday well one day several month after he past away I was video taping my little movie star and that’s when I started not I ing weird things happening and that is why I started investigating the after life and what happens cause one certain video I am taping my grandson and he was laughing and waving at the camera and he stopped and looked up in the corner of our kitchen and pointed smile and said Mike Mike and waved at the ceiling I just about fell over it scared me at first and then the tears came cause it should have been my husband wittnessing it cause he needs it really bad and now I am catching things all the time and it’s like he isn’t shy about being noticed but one day my lite one was playing like normal and all of a sudden he screamed the scariest scream I had ever heard him scream and took off crawling and crying my name so fast he climbed up on my lap and grabbed me and wouldn’t let go and he was shocking really bad I figured it was a spider we live in the country well since then it has been real crazy around this house I almost want to move I was video taping one night witnessing little man learning how to walk my husband came home from work and I have him my phone to watch the video and about 25 seconds into video there was it seared to be a white looking orb shoot crossed the screen and then turned and came right for my face and as it did you can hear the creepiest growl I had ever heard my husband said hey what was that I hadn’t ever heard when I watch it so I started watching the other videos and you can hear spooky noises in two other videos what could it be it Is starting to mess with me when I am alone in the house and hear four days ago I had fallen asleep on our loveseat I suddenly woke up with the most horrible pain in my chest and it is so bad I went to the doctor he took xrays of my chest and he said my lung collapsed he had also mentioned he has never heard of anybody sleeping and collapse there lung he showed me the xrays and said it looks like somebody grabbed the bottom of my lung and tried to squeeze it into and things have been really strange at times hear I know this is long and drawn out but I apologize for this and see my little see Mickey here at my home one day he had been playing and he was reaching in the air and laughing and he crawled over to the table where I had some family pictures I grabbed a picture of Mikey and ask mason my little man do you know who this is he looked at me and squieled and said Mike Mike could he be hear protecting us from what ever it is that is here it hasn’t always been here I have lived in this home for ten plus years what could it be and why is it hear oh one more thing my husband and myself don’t smoke never have can’t stand the smell and some times you will smell smoke like somebody is smoking right next to you should I be worried and could this thing be trying to take over my house it breaks my dishes and slams doors now when it does that I leave my husband is a construction worker and is gone a lot what can I do to make it go away and will my brother in law ever show him else his brother and make him feel at ease and let him know it’s ok to move on cause he is at Pease and he isn’t in any pain anymore I will be eagerly waiting for ur response so you can ease my mind on what to do you are more than welcome to come see for ur self if you like

  227. Tammy at - Reply

    Thank you Blair and Wendy, for everything you do, I really appreciate all the input thay the two of you do,so that ones like me can get special messages from my loved ones.Dont have facebook anymore please contact me by email or text,.Thank you Tammy.

  228. Karen Baublitz at - Reply

    I talk to my husband all the time. I am sure he hears me. I get messages back through music or dreams. Love never dies.

  229. marsha at - Reply

    I love your explnation of love never dies, I speak to my husband several times a day every day and I do get signs he is there, I love it , it helps me to go on. That is how I know he is with me all the time, and gives me streanth to do things that have to be done I never did before, Thank youBlair!!

  230. Gloria Jackman at - Reply

    I , also did get the chance to say my last my last good bye . But , I do think she understands that I couldn’t get there in the morning so early . But I never miss a night with her when she was in the hospital. I know she with me because I wouldn’t never be able to get over like I did . Thank u for the light . Love never dies

  231. marsha at - Reply


  232. Gloria Jackman at - Reply

    I am glad I am a friend of your on Facebook because I have learned so much that help me out dealing with my parents death . No

  233. Natalie Chang at - Reply

    My husband passed away just over 3 weeks ago. He was my everything, surpassed on,y by our children. I am trying to be the best mom I can be but miss him so much, it hurts terribly. I cannot afford a reading, I am incredibly in debt from medical bills, he passed from a brainstem hemmorhage. I wish to know if he is happy, and that I miss him and will do my very best for our children. I want him to know that no matter, I will make sure the kids are fed and loved.

  234. Karen Reese at - Reply

    We live in the physical world and the spiritual world is right next to us, but has different plans or levels. We are unable to pass because we are physical form but spirits or loved , inclueding pets, can pass through booth sides if the choose to. Jesus had to die to for fill the profit to cross over to the spirit world so all life can continue on. Some people choose to come back if they feel that that they have not completed something in their physical world the same as pets.

    I asked God one day duing a dark part in my life to send me a cat who is looking for a home. The next day a cat was sitting on my door step. I asked were you sent from er the Boss upstairs and she cried out. I had Gypsy for over 26 human years and then old age and illness er cross over the came and I helped her cross over and she sits on my desk on her Princess Egyptian Cat Urn.

    Yes friends have seen her visiting and walking around, crying out, jumping on the bed, including playing with her toys. Every time she is around the light go on even when no one is on that room. One night she jumped on the b
    ed on top of me, I could not see her put felt and heard her purring! Then I felt someone sit on my bed and take my hand and asked me to for give them, because they wanted to tell me something. I said your forgiven and you can rest. Gypsy the cat jumped over me and hit the floor and I said take care of my brother.

    I always told my cat Gypsy, that soul mates are not always human, they can also come with 4 paws and a tail. Guardian Angels that watch over us. I always told her that she protected me and watched over me when I was sick ,loved me unconditionally. Now it is Gypsy’s turn to get her halo and watch over my brother in the after life, that in a ” Blink of a Eye” , she will be hearing me calling her and will come running and say your finally home !

    We live in a world were religion puts such fear in the after life, that people fear death. Death is only the beginning and we are just guest on this planet. Real life starts when we cross over!

    Yes if the spirit is strong they can communicate with you or if they choose they can let you see them. Not all spirits are evil, only man kind is evil in their heart! God is both God & Evil , for he is the creator of the universe.

  235. Victoria Rivera at - Reply

    Can our loved ones still hear us if they murdered and we we’re not there to say I love you or goodbye. My grandson was murdered this past April at the age of 18 years old and it breaks my heart every day because I couldn’t tell him how proud of him I was and how much I loved him.

  236. Desiree at - Reply

    Please help my what would have been the man i would marry died a little over a month ago i cry and talk to him but do not feel him with me i finally got all my might to go back to the cemetery today and just felt so alone amd just cried why do i not feel him is he really with me

  237. Connie Stover at - Reply

    Thank you do reassuring me that my my husband still hears me and still sees me even though his body is gone but he still lives on.

  238. Barbara at - Reply

    Hi, my question is this. I have tried to talk to my mother, however do they ever really answer you. I only felt her presents once and that was a long time ago. Thanks. Barbara

  239. Julie at - Reply

    Does my dad know much I miss hem he been gone one year

  240. nan at - Reply

    best friend

  241. Karen at - Reply

    Really need some words of wisdom from my mom Mabel Brown. My family is in a tough spot, n my mom would no what to tell me

  242. Patricia at - Reply

    Yes I want to connect with my dad he passed away 2 months ago

  243. rebecca at - Reply

    What I don’t get is when you die your supposed to go to heaven then how are our loved ones still around us. I lost both my parents this year four months apart just trying to make since of this.

  244. elinor mcCartney at - Reply

    Thank you so much……….

  245. MARISELA SOSA at - Reply

    This is wonderful Blair because i’m always talking to my son and i ask myself if i’m crazy for doing so. I know now that is a good thing.

  246. Andrea at - Reply

    Thank you Blair, I am looking forward to tonight.

  247. Susan Weidner-Moennig at - Reply

    I talk to my mother, daddy, gramma, & grandpa every day.

  248. Angie DeLeon at - Reply

    My husband died August 20-2016 n I miss him so much we were married 43 yrs n have 3 girls n 2 boys.I feel so alone I want to go with him I pray to God I ask the Lord to come for me I just don’t no how to live without him I keep telling myself that he can hear me I call out for him every day I’m so depress I don’t no what to do please if you can help me.I want to be with him I love him so much it was just him n me growing old together I took care of him 24-7 I never left him I did everything for him I loved him so much.I have a pillow with his favorite shirt on that I sleep with carry his picture n ashes with me please if he can see me r hear me tell me.cause I don’t hear r see anything. Thank u

  249. April Deleon at - Reply

    So my daddy is dead he pass away august 20. 2016 and I miss him so much he adopted me when I was 9 months I grow up with him, he taught me everything and but then he got sick…Im only 13 and it was my first Christmas without him…everyday when I get out of school I go up to his picture then kiss it and every night I have a pillow with his favorite shirt on it and I hug it every night…..then it going to be my birthday soon it on January 29 but it going to be my first birthday without him…when I’m alone I talk to him it make me cry but make me happy to know that he is still here with me…I love him so much I wish that he was still here and answer me.

  250. Anandhi Krishnan at - Reply

    I want to talk to my deceased husband any possibility..

  251. Anandhi Krishnan at - Reply

    I want to talk to my deceased husband

  252. Ca Trina at - Reply

    My older sister passed away when she was born and a year later i was born. and lately i keep hearing hey mommy! and last night someone grab my hand and then i heard laughing. Could that be my sister?

  253. Marleen Oliver at - Reply

    Thank you for sharing your video Blair Robertson! I know our loved ones are among us through spirit & so are angels, as well as here on earth!!! Love & light to you & Wendy!

  254. Melissa at - Reply

    Hi my friend past away five months ago i k hime 11 years i havent seen his spirit still dose that mean he never cared or he might just dont want to scared me or he know am ok ?

  255. Candace at - Reply

    Thank you Blair this really helps I lost my boyfriend Feb 8th 2015 and there’s not a day that goes by that I miss him I feel he is here leaving me signs that he’s here and makes me feel better hearing it from you that his is.

  256. Barbara at - Reply

    I have a question. You said that our loved ones hear us. If they hear us then they must know if we are happy or not. I also think I heard that they are happy and have a well being. Is that true even though they can hear us and know we are not?

  257. Rebecca at - Reply

    This was very comforting, I just wish I could communicate with them… at least once more. Thank you for this post! Rebecca H

  258. Kelly mcguinness at - Reply

    Hi. My husband took his life three years ago. We have four children three in college and one I. High school. I’m still devastated so I reached out on messenger to a psychic recommended to me. We set a time for a phone meeting. I asked if she could perhaps give me some validation and she flipped. Told me my husband killed himself to get away from me and that now because I questioned her my youngest was going to suffer. I’m scared.

  259. Kelly mcguinness at - Reply

    It looks as if my message never sent. I will be brief. I am very afraid. My husband took his life 3 years ago. I reached out to a psychic and we set a phone appointment. I asked if there were something she could tell me for validation. She then attacked me, told me my husband killed himself to get away from me. Although that because of what she thought an insult my youngest child was going to suffer. I have the whole transcript of this conversation. Just don’t know what to do and so afraid

    • Classic gypsy scam. The psychic was a fraud. She cannot curse your child for “insulting” her. Next time, use a reputable psychic.

  260. Cristy Batterton at - Reply

    I just finished watching your video about you saying that they are here just because you cannot see them and I started crying because I’ve always felt that they were here but they’re all the time standing right by his her sitting by us doing the things we’re doing outside or inside and that’s sort of why in a way I haven’t missed them because I know that they’re here but I’ve never heard anyone else say that they felt the same way until today so I meant quite a bit to me thank you

  261. Charlie at - Reply

    Dear Sir, I lost my wife in Nov 2016 ever since that day I have been having a very hard time at times I feel so alone I would like to know is she still around me I love and miss my wife JoAnne so much thank you Charlie

  262. Stacy at - Reply

    Have a loved one that committed suicide how can Ik he is ok?

  263. Elinor at - Reply

    Thank you again Blair. My husbands best pal from his youth has just passed. I feel so jealous .I know they are happy to meet again and all their old mates are with them now while I am still plugging on. I talk to him all the time .Will that annoy him? Sometimes there is a white feather o. My pillow but that could just be from the pillow or am I just being silly?

  264. Betty Wilbraham at - Reply

    My boyfriend of all most two decades passed a couple of weeks ago. Our dog passed a year before. My boyfriend really missed and loved our dog who we named after him. Every day he said he would think about our beloved pet. Will we be reunited with out pets when we pass. Are they together?

  265. Joanne Rich at - Reply

    I have had “mini” signs from deceased loved ones. My Dad has been the most vocal. Not only in dreams, but sometimes in the middle of the day leaving no doubt as to what he wants me to know, so I AM a believer. My youngest son died Dec. 21-2016. Am having a very tough time with it. He collapsed at work & never made It to the Hospital. DOA no warning or signs of any sickness. This is leaving me VERY unsettled..

  266. diane at - Reply

    my son died then my husband died then had a house fire so my heart is breaking but i feel i need to see them each to talk to them to see them once again but the other nite one of them came to me they touched my toes i w oke up said what r u doing here poof they were gone thinking thats a sign but i miss them both i want them back but i no thats not gonna happen ,i never see their faces a friend told me iam not ready too yet when iam ready their faces will shine thru iam sorry for venting but this is a HUGE loss for me iam scared thank you for listening!!!!

  267. Cathy at - Reply

    Thanks Blair
    I really needed to hear that! I lost my husband, the love of my life and best friend a year ago at the end of this month. I am still very much struggling with guilt over not getting him to the hospital quicker then I did. But I never knew he had legionaries disease, I thought he just had the flu. I have apologized over and over to him and I need to know he hears how remorseful I feel and need his forgiveness, so your video has helped me.
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart

  268. Would like to know if myhusband got a message for me. Miss him a lot

  269. Jewels at - Reply

    Dear Blair
    When my son was 3 yrs old, he told me that he really liked how grandpa looked in at us thru the window!!! Both of my parents had passed away before he was born.

    We lived in a duplex on the 2nd floor, there was no way, anyone could look in at us thru the windows,
    I did not have any family photos, so he had never seen a picture of him,
    (There were no other grandfathers in our life, so grandpa was never even mentioned)
    I thought, this his experience was amazing.. really cool, so he finally did get to meet his grandson!
    My son is now 30 yrs old and he recently asked me, how do loved ones appear to us, in physical form or what, he asked me, how did he know it was his grandpa that looked in at us thru the windows? Great question, how did he know is was his grandpa since he had never met him and he never had seen a photo of his grandpa.. my father had always wanted a son.. it never happened and both of my parents had hoped that I would have a son.. sadly they passed away too young and did not get to meet their grand children.

  270. Dorothy at - Reply

    Thank you so much. Love never dies.

  271. Gloria Helman at - Reply

    Dear Blair,

    I believe our loved ones are around us….Yet I only get signs of like lights that flicker or something drops, etc….
    I hope they hear me when I talk to them…..I just can’t tell…

    What would be signs I would get from them that they hear me…

    I hope they are ok……

    Gloria Helman

  272. Jane at - Reply

    Thank you for excepting me for your newsletter. I just lost my husband 3 weeks ago. And i find listening you and your word is very comforting. Thank you jane martin

  273. Linda at - Reply

    I don’t have much memory left on my phone. It wouldn’t load video. I’m just going to assume that my loved one can hear me. Going to go to the library next week and check out one of your books. I feel like you get me closer to my loved ones, Especially my brother Bobby

  274. irene at - Reply

    My partner died and I found him lying down on his face I never got to say goodbye intact had an argument with him the day before I feel I can’t get closure b7t his favourite colour was orange and sometimes my tablet will have an orange border on both ends of it is this a sign I get angry sometimes at him even though he’s gone and other times I cry he died Dec <18 2016 please I'd love to hear from you he was 78

  275. Barbara Lechler at - Reply

    Larry this is Barbara from FLORIDA I was in Miami with my girlfriend Carman my mother came through last person I expected to hear from it was just wonderful God has sent you twice to me when I needed to hear what you were saying I just want to say thank you that’s it simple thank you for being there for so many people and myself Yours truly

  276. Brenda Genthner at - Reply

    My Mom crossed over last Monday night, April 3rd. She joined my Dad who passed in October of 2001. I feel them both with me all the time. I have heard my Dad speak my name several times and have had signs that he is here. Thank you, Blair for confirming what I already knew..Love never dies..

  277. Sheila Davis at - Reply

    Thank you for the video, I lost my husband in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago and it still hurts to this day, I was on the back and suffered bad injuries, sometimes I blame myself for the accident, if I had’nt stopped to go to the bathroom maybe we would have been at home when he had his heart attack and I could have saved him he was only 51, too young to die. I would just love to know that he is OK.

  278. Id like to know if my husband who passed a year ago can hear me when I talk to him and why he doesnt visit me..

  279. Leona at - Reply

    When a loved one passes, the message was they can hear us? Do they hear it verbally only? Can they hear our thoughts?

  280. Do our loved ones stay mad at you if they died while you were fighting or if you wronged him/her so to speak, or do they forgive you?

  281. Regina Casale at - Reply

    Dearblair I was sitting in the living room watching TV all of a sudden I felt a hand on my back nobody was in the room.My father was in the bed sleeping.

  282. Janice Thompson at - Reply

    Thank you for your video. About a month ago my spouse committed suicide. A shock to me and every one who knew him. I live with regrets and of course unanswered questions. It is comforting to know that he can hear me. This is unlike any death i have experienced, and I have had my fair share throughout my life. I suppose it is the same reason my emotions are a roller coaster ride still. In time i know it will get easier. Thank you for confirming that he and the rest of my loved ones can hear us.

  283. Line Elliott at - Reply

    I was having a terrible day and I was talking to my mother who passed away 3 years prior. I asked her to give me a sign
    and a few minutes later the television turned on and I was alone at the time. Never happened before or after, funny part is that she always struggled with remote controls when she was here in a physical world. Now she can use it with no difficulty it seems! I also feel her touch sometimes. I know she’s watching and listening. Thank you for all your good words!

  284. Julie at - Reply

    My son passed away 1021/14 he visited me twice in first year he has not visited me since does he still visit me nit i dont see him?

  285. My mother past away 3 yrs ago. I miss her so much. I look at her pictures and talk to her all the time. I don’t think the dead can here us because they are dead, I want to know how she is doing. If she is ok. Does she know how much I miss her. I have so many things I wish I could talk to her about.

  286. Nicole at - Reply

    I see constantly on digital clocks date of my mother passing away & date of my grandmother’s b day & mother’s. Idk if it means there still with me? When they were alive, they always over worried about me. Maybe it’s still the same up there??

  287. Ruthann Krawitz at - Reply

    my mother pastaway March 8th 1981 I know in my heart she knows what happen to my sister Brenda Ceceila Crowley. We Secach every where and can’t locate her where abouts she disappeared when she was just 16 years old in 1980 . This is before my mother passed. And my father pastaway in 2012 I feel that one of them or maybe both know where my sister is. I want answers. My husband Bruce pastaway on March 20 2017 I just want him to know I truly miss him and love him . And tell Jesus Christ to answer my prayers.

  288. Kim chancellor at - Reply

    Do our loved ones ever sad when they cannot see or touch their young child while up in heaven

  289. I was and still am close to my brother whom I lost,we was so close,,I have heard him call my name,and I do feel his presence,I just don’t want it to sound crazy,thanks,Blair,looking forward to your newsletter

  290. For me, as normal people, we find it hard to hear something from our dead loved ones. So, the best way to contact them is through visiting a medium. Via this gifted reader, the deceased can hear anything we want to give them.

  291. Shelli at - Reply

    Thank you for these words of comfort. I have been wondering if my brother, who pasted on 4 months ago could hear me. I was also looking for a sign that he is here with us. I think i was getting angry because we were not getting any signs…i know now…i was. Thank you.

  292. Julie at - Reply

    Wish you could teach me how to home into this

  293. Terry at - Reply

    I talk to my parents everyday. My mom and I were very close
    She was and is my rock. She use to tell me if you find a penny pick it up because it’s penny from heaven and someone is thinking about you.

  294. Diane Spring Herzog at - Reply

    I want to be able to see all your live videos. Is there a specific time everyday that you have them. I love seeing them live. 🙂

  295. I truly believe my deceased loved ones are around and that my Angels/ Guides are with me. However, I do not really get many signs that they are around – why is this? I just wish they would give me more signs or hear them.

  296. Cheryl at - Reply

    are you having any seminars in Maryland

  297. Peggy at - Reply

    Thank you so very much for all you give to me freely. All is a great heal and truly appricated.

  298. Jayanthi Manickam at - Reply


    Some one help me, I have to talk to my dad at-least once. I have to ask few questions to him. He is passed away on 2012. Can u please write a reply to

  299. Rasheen Ruffin at - Reply

    I was wondering there are familiar spirits out here, can they hear and answer our questions to our loved ones.

  300. Brenda Sheehan at - Reply

    Just a simple..”THANK YOU!!”

  301. Ellen at - Reply

    Blair. My husband passed 8months ago and I still grieve terribly. I watched your video and want to know how do you know for sure our loved ones are around us and can hear us. I do want to believe this but have doubts. I talk to my husband sill the time, beg him to come to me in some way of a sign but nothing. If I had that I know my grief eould subside a little bit. Hope you have the chance to respond to this because I want to believe your words but have doubts.

  302. HiMr.Blair, I wanted to tell you how comforting it is to watch that small clip. You put it wonderfully as to …we can’t see them ,it’s like they are in the other room. My sister dropped her body in April..and I am still aching for her to be here with me. She was the firecracker in our family. So, thank you so much for what you do. Tammie

  303. Helen at - Reply

    Fifteen years ago I was living in my own home with my beloved pets. I was
    in a very stressful job and I was not doing very well but I was in massive denial. One night I was very upset and upstairs in bed and I was crying to myself and I heard my Grandmother’s voice who had raised me call my name. My Grandmother passed away 30 years earlier. I knew it was her and I just felt so much better and I said good night to her and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning I felt her essence all around my home. Now I know that she came to me to start the process of getting me out of a very bad situation. I am safe and sound with her love and protection.

  304. I just seen u on internet. First before I do anything.. are u FREE,. I don’t have money to pay.. but I believe in what you was saying.. please let me know . ASAP. PLEASE.

  305. Deezy at - Reply

    Hi Blair
    Both my mum & dad have passed. Id like to know that they are still around me & can hear me speaking to them. Do you think they are sending me signs? I occasionally see feathers but not sure if I just want it to be a sign rather than it actually being one. 🙂

  306. Brenda Drake at - Reply

    I would love to know if someone on the other side has a message for me. How do I contact you for a reading? Is it affordable??
    Thank you kindly.
    Brenda Drake

  307. I would like to talk to my dead husband i have seen him and he has touched me my husband died suddenly he was not sick please help me

  308. Debbie at - Reply

    Since my hubby passed away..everyday anytime i take a picture in our bedroom his in it.. Ghost like ..its so comforting..why is he always in my pictures? Please help

  309. Hi
    I lost my son 19 months ago he was also my best friend Life is Hell without Joey. The pain just gets worse I want to be with Joey.


    I liked this but there’s no place to like or share

  311. Todd at - Reply

    If my deceased Father who passed from a suicide a few years ago is still with me in spirit, then I might ask why then is there a Heaven if all these deceased loved ones are always roaming around us in spirit? Is there no Heaven and no Hell or is it all just a biblical myth?

  312. Lori at - Reply

    My husband died in a motorcycle wreck 6 months ago. I wasn’t able to say goodbye. We always said that we would pass together holding hands. We were always together and did everything as one. Very seldom did you see one of us without the other. I always told him we were soul mates. Now that he has gone I have been through so many emotions. I have made some decisions and I feel he is mad at me for some. He came to me in a dream and told me he was happy but I didn’t get to ask him any questions. I don’t want him to be angry at me for anything.

  313. Charles at - Reply

    My father died two weeks ago in the hospital 3 hours after I left to come home. I missed being there with him instead of a bunch of stranger doctors. My mom passed away 7 years ago in hospice after I left, I feel so guilty of not being with them. I want to hear them, feel them talking to me or feel their forgiveness. Do they forgive me? Are they waiting for me? I’m 60 years old and the only child and I took care of them the best I knew how and ability. I miss them so much every single day.

  314. Debbie at - Reply

    My son died on 12/16/18. I laid him to rest 12/26/17 im broken im in pain. I miss him. The wrost thing is how do i live out the rest of my life. Never seeing no phone calls. Im crying everyday. Im on meds i go to therapy. But nothing seems to help. I never got to say goodbye. Im forever broken.

    • Vanna at - Reply

      I had lost my beloved mother on 5/7/2016 around 7:30 pm until now in my dream I still feel she still alive. I know I love her so much but I nerver told. I assume she know. I alway dream she alway with me. Mom I love you so much I wishing you could come back to me. Since, I lost my mother i’m So lonely.

      • Vanna at - Reply

        I need help and I know she want to tell me something. I need her to forgive me. I want to know if she have message for me. I’m very stressful. Am so happy when I had dream see her seem my world come back to normal. I need help. Are you affordable?

  315. Maureen Holtham at - Reply

    Hi Blair

    If your husband dies many yrs before you,will you still see him say 20yrs on
    II am on my own and this yr would have been our Diamond Anniversary I love him just as much now as I did when we first met, I am so lonely and can’t wait to be with him

    Regards Maureen

  316. Candy lopez richardson at - Reply

    My mum can hear my dead dad calling her name and she hears him snoring why is this and what should she do about it

  317. Irene at - Reply

    I’ve had your letter for a while my partner died two yrs aga I found him lying face down dead I miss him and his son to we never got. To say good bye but I keep finding dimes the last one Easter Sunday is this him I’d like to know is my mother still with me thank you so so much

  318. Tammy Alberti at - Reply

    I was so happy I watched this video, my husband took his life on Feb 9th, I was not able to tell him how much I loved him. And now I know he knows. Thank you!

  319. Tammy Alberti at - Reply

    I would also like to know why he did what he did at the time he took his life. Just so many unanswered questions, Im heartbroken.

  320. Jeff at - Reply

    The video is gone!

  321. peter at - Reply

    two friends; one close(#1) and loved died young (40) while the other distant(#2) died 2017 and who was last seen or heard from when friend(#1) was buried 5o years ago. In early 2017 friend (#2) died and because my life was very hectic at the time remained unknown. Suddenly upon awakening one morning in late 2017 with my life calmed down, I sudden saw his youthful face come rushing at me smiling and withdrew just as quickly leaving the block initial “G” in its place. Awakened I check google and discovered he had died 6 months earlier. One day in November my desk lamp started to flicker (first time in my life this has occured) as I was checking out an e-mail birthday card site to send to the son of friend #1…one advisory of an upcoming birthday appeared with his name and suddenly a second one appeared and was blank(?). I knew it was a sign from friend (#1) that he wanted me to send a birthday card for the both of us which I did. His son had given me his dog tags and I wore them with mine . The lamp blinked 2 more times and last blinked in June 2018 (I think to say goodbye)…

  322. Gary Bates at - Reply

    Hi Blair I lost my dad three weeks ago. I said goodbye on the Thursday. But I never got to hear his voice again but I have had coincidences that says my dad. For a start on the day of his funeral the wrong grave was dug. We were annoyed but then laughed. But it was my dad all over his sense of humour is he at peace but I want him to appear to me and hear his voice

  323. Keisha Moultrie at - Reply

    I’m constantly talking to my deceased boyfriend photo is it possible he can hear me.

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