signs from our deceased loved ones

5 Common Signs From Our Deceased Loved Ones

You aren't imagining it. You really can (and do) get messages but most of us miss the signs from our deceased loved ones.

Receiving signs is irrefutable. According to Bill and Judy Guggenheim in their book Hello From Heaven!, 125 MILLION American's have experienced after death communications. And that's just the USA alone. Isn't that incredible?

Connecting with you from beyond is a courtesy.

Think about it. When you take a flight somewhere, it's a courtesy to contact loved ones back home to let them know we've arrived safely. Right?

Well, it's the same with our deceased loved ones when they pass over.

They want to let us know that they are okay. Our loved ones want to assure us and encourage us. To bring us peace.

If you are open to them, you'll experience them. Love never dies.

5 common signs from our deceased loved ones

We have five senses. Naturally, spirit is capable of using them to connect. Here they are in order of most common to lesser standard…

1. Deceased Loved Ones Can Connect Through Sight

deceased loved ones visual signsThe most common way to receive signs from our deceased loved ones is through sight. More accurately, our mind's eye. By this I mean that we might “see” a past memory, or “see” them in a vision.

Our deceased loved ones love to make connections with us while we sleep. Visitation dreams.

The key, though, as I discuss in my best selling book “Afterlife” is that there is a major difference between dreams and connections. Both occur while we sleep, but are entirely different.

Dreams are typically nonsensical. We all have them and experience them. You might see yourself getting up and going to work on a giant rubber duckie, floating down your street. You wake up and say, “what the heck was that all about?”

That was a dream.

A REAL Spirit Connection Is This…

A connection is where you see–in no uncertain terms–your passed loved one. They may simply appear and say nothing, or they might have a message for you. But the overwhelming feeling is that of love. You'll feel loved, not frightened in any way.

What about visual signs when you are awake? Of course, our deceased loved ones can use virtually anything to bring you signs.

Again. Anything. A bird, dimes and pennies, a street sign, a song on the radio, a feather, repetitive numbers, something you see on the news… anything visual can be a sign.

A key signature of spirit, however, is that the visual item will stand out in a very unique way.

If you're loved one's name was George, and you see a street sign that says “George St.” then that is likely a sign from spirit. However don't be silly… if you drive past George St. every single day, it is not a sign! There's a difference.

I have a hummingbird feeder outside my office window. They come all day long to it. Spirit would not use a hummingbird to get my attention, as another example. That said, if one flew into my office, this would be highly unusual and could be a sign. The difference would be marked.

Just like the connections when we sleep, the “connection” will stand out. You'll *know* that it's a deceased loved one sending a message.

Ron's family was British. His mother loved going to Times Square to feed the pigeons. Ron, on the contrary, loathed them.

“Every neighborhood has pigeons, but in our ‘hood none come around probably due to my negative energy towards them. A year ago I was home with the flu. I was on my couch with a big blanket and a hot cold-medicine drink. Out of nowhere, a pigeon landed on my window sill. It was a very small ledge, and he had a hard time staying on, but without a doubt, it looked like he was trying to peer in to see me. We made eye contact and then he flew away. To be honest, I thought it was a coincidence, but when Mom was alive and knew I was sick, she'd always pop over to check on me. I felt great.”

2. Deceased Loved Ones Can Connect Through Hearing

deceased loved ones hearingThere are two ways that spirit can make us hear things.

The first, naturally, is by actual auditory sound. The other is by mental sound.

When I say Elvis, can you perhaps “hear” his voice singing one of his songs? Sure you can. So while it's not an external sound you are hearing, you most certainly can hear sounds and voices that nobody else can externally.

So, when you hear your deceased loved one say “I love you” and you spin around startled as to who said that, now you'll know where that came from!

Naturally, while you are asleep, they have the ability to communicate to you. They won't always, of course, but they can.

Of course, you can hear actual things such as songs, words, and noises that will bring you back to your deceased loved one by way of a connection.

A client of mine, Nina, lost her husband to cancer some years ago. Nina has moved on and is happily remarried now. But she was stunned to find herself in her car one day waiting for her son to get out of school.

Nina told me, “I don't listen to the radio as I'm often lost in my own thoughts. But I turned it on, and I heard the 80's song, ‘Lady In Red.' That was the song my first husband and I danced to as he loved seeing me in red. It then struck me that it was the anniversary of the blind date where we first met! I was flabbergasted and started to cry. He was still there with me!”

3. Deceased Loved Ones Can Connect Through Smell

deceased loved ones signs smellMy Mom used to use Pond's Cold Cream. It has a unique smell to it. When I do smell it, it instantly reminds me that she's here.

My Uncle, who taught me my very first magic trick, used to smoke a custom blend of cherry tobacco in a pipe. I'm allergic to smoke, but every once in a while I'll get the distinct smell. It's him.

The distinction in the connection is that the scent will be clear in the absence of it. In other words, nobody smokes in my house, let alone cherry pipe tobacco.

Be open to connections of smell.

The last two are less common, but nevertheless, still available to be used by spirit.

4. Deceased Loved Ones Can Connect Through Taste

deceased loved ones signs tasteThe other day I had an overwhelming taste of chive onions and a very, very light hint of saltiness. Weird. But I hadn't had onions in days. Then it hit me! Chives were my Dad's favorite, he'd pour a bit of salt into the palm of his hand, and he would dip the end of the chive into the salt and then bite off a piece.

You might “taste” Mom's cooking for no reason, for example. There will always be a link to the person or particular memory. That's them saying “hi!”

Be mindful that these signs from our deceased loved ones are the easiest to miss and discount.

5. Deceased Loved Ones Can Connect Through Touch

deceased loved ones signs touch

I dare say that your deceased loved ones do touch you more often than you realize. In the busy-ness of our day, we don't notice the touch on the shoulder, the warmth of them holding our hand, etc. But they can and do do this.

How do I know? When I do mediumship connections for clients their deceased loved ones will almost always tell me that they are holding my client's hand, touching a shoulder or something similar… and they FEEL it then. So, it happens. No question.

Be Open To Signs From Our Deceased Loved Ones

Love never dies. Be open to these connections.

When our loved ones pass they want us to know that they are okay. They want to let us know that they are good on the other side and that they are with all the loved ones that have gone on before them.

If they suffered in pain, they want to assure us that they are now restored, happy and alive again, this time in spirit.

Remember, love never dies.

Have you signs from our deceased loved ones? Please briefly share your connection below to inspire and encourage others.

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  1. Anita at - Reply

    I can hear my daughter saying ( Mom ) from time to time . She died almost 7 years ago . From suicide . When I hear her say mom it helps me .

    • Debbie Gudonis at - Reply

      I have always seen the signs when people have passed on since I was young. My friend Rick who was an amazing man and our neighbor at the beach died Father’s Day after a brave battle with Pancraetic Cancer. The Friday before he died I had the feeling that he would die on Father’s Day, he loved Father’s Day and I felt like he was going to visit his Dad who had been gone a while before Rick. Rick loved his boat and loved to fish on the beach, our beach, it was his spot. Today a week after he passed, I stood in that spot where he fished in about 2 feet of water and I saw something tumbling in the waves and thought is that a fish, it wasn’t, it was a beautiful perfect rose right there making its way to the beach. A rose in the ocean in his spot. It was an amazing moment even my husband who was a non-believer was in shock as I picked up the rose. In my entire life I have never seen a rose in the ocean. It was Rick letting us know he is here and ok.

      • Ginni at - Reply

        My 36 year old daughter passed away nearly 2months ago. I really miss her. Hving a sleep this afternoon I dreamt I was thinking about her she walked thru the door and said mum ialive I never died . I sad too her but I had a furnnual for u . And everything. I said why how did u do this and why she said because u were with me everyday while I was sick and they couldn’t treat me they wanted u out of the way so icould get better so they faked my death. A crazy dream it was I know that wasn’t true in life . She appeared too me again the other night and told me she was ok and missed me and that I should look after myself because she worried about me this she said toome when she was alive she was concerned about me .

        • Juana at - Reply

          A few years ago my boyfriend. Passed away from cancer its being very devastated every since he passed away its weird cause i dream of him but cant reamenber the dream… I miss him dearly and sometimes i find my self lost without him… That i call for him to come for me he promised he would never leave me…..

        • Indi at - Reply

          This message is for Ginni. I lost my son 4 months ago. Last night I had a dream of him trying to convince him he had died. He did not believe me. I really wonder what that means…

          • I had same dream well very simular. My sister passed away last March then I had a dream that she said she was really not dead??

          • Lewis at

            My new girlfriend, widow for the last. 31/2 years, same for myself. We really like each other a lot . She had a hard time grieving , and me too. She was in a black hole, but I drew her out of it, she is not sure about ever dating again, but she says I changed that. Her dream was , she was entering her house where I was and her deceased husband wearing a large black coat, much like a duster coat, wrapped his arms or hugged her from behind. Preventing her from entering the house. We have been dating past 5 months. Sharing comfort, enjoying time together. What do you make of this dream, ?
            Please and thankyou.

      • when my first passed away ten years ago i scents she was here i could smell her scent i was with her everyday and my husband could feel she was here as well

        • My fiance passed away about 4 months, and a couple weeks after I had a dream we were driving in the car, and I had to tell him he died and he started to cry.

    • geraldine bourdon at - Reply

      my husband died in “09 having gone thru a heart valve transplant, he only survived for six days, his heart was too weak. we didn’t get to say ” goodbye” I couldn’t forgive myself for not saying so much I wanted to say the night before his surgery ( we both knew he wasn’t going to make it, but, neither would admit) he passed on feb,22nd, on my birthday, may 6th… I was living in a metal building, no trees around, yet when I looked outside, there was the most beautiful red bird sitting on the mailbox ( my husband knew this is my favorite bird) this was one of many, many signs I have received from him, and although I still miss him so very much, he will let me know, he is always with me, finding a penny, hearing “our song” when I walk into a store, and what wonderful comfort it brings to me. I may not see him in the physical form, but I know one day we will once again be reunited, of this I have no doubt, as if God allows him to give me all these signs that there is “life in the here after”..there is a good reason for God to be allowing this to us comformation.>and I never cease to doubt

      • Fiona at - Reply

        After reading this. I take it as a sign from my mum who passed this year on 22nd February. I see signs everywhere, so comforting. My Dad was woken up the other night by mum calling him asking where he was.

        • shey at - Reply

          I take comfort here, my father also died Feb 22nd and was wishing he also communicates with me.

    • Karen at - Reply

      After reading you website on signs from loved ones that have passed, I scrolled to your ‘comments’ section. The first name to appear was ‘Anita’ ….my Mom’s name who just passed less than two weeks ago. I took this as a sign from her.

      • Betty at - Reply

        The night my grandmother passed, that I’d only met once in my life, appeared as my/a lounge room window Mosaic. Yes a perfect mosaic of glass colors forming her face. She was warning me of some issues my dad has. And a bossy message I was too young to understand or remember. Tho I told my dad..a lady was mad at you and I had to tell you things but I forgot. The following day my dad got a call from overseas informing his mum passed. He later came to me crying demanding a reason why she came to me. I guessed it was his real mum, he was adopted young. I wonder why she came to me, I had an older brother and sister that would have been more understanding than I.

    • Karen at - Reply

      The night my Mom passed away, I went home so sad, but somehow expecting a message from her. Her passing left me worried about how things would be with my brother, who I had some ill feelings and I worried how I might react when I saw him. When I arrived home, I noticed a copy of the front page of the NY Times that my Mom had given me. It was from her day of birth in 1921. Wrapped around it was a sheet of highlights from that year. Included was the winner of the Kentucky Derby that year. My Mom always loved watching the Kentucky Derby, which I found very interesting. The winner that year had an unusual name…’Just Behave’! I took that as a message from my Mom and it certainly sounded just like something a mother would say!

    • Nancy Knight at - Reply

      Please dont think that I want to get rid of you I seem to love both of yous Im 66 yrs if I didnt want to hear from you Id leave you s alone and not write anymore I want so badly to know how my pare nts are doing .I miss them so much I always get on when you
      say your deceased loved ones but I don’t get picked , I realize that there are many people the same as me trying to connect with they’re loved ones I always want to hear from you .I’ve been asking about my Guardian Angels name too.

      • Katie at - Reply

        Nancy, ask God for a sign from your parents and he will show you. Try praying before you go to bed for the night, ask God for a visit with your parents and he will send them to you. I have prayed and received visits from all of my lost loved ones except my Grandma Sandy but I know one day she will visit me. All of my visitation dreams are the same. It’s always in a room with no end and light shining so bright and white that I can not see my loved ones faces but I know it is them. We never speak with our mouths, only telepathically and I always awaken relieved to know they are OK but also very sad that I could not stay with them. Theven love you feel during this visit is not going to be earthly, it is the love of God and it is amazing! Rest assured your parents are ok and you will see them again. Heaven is real and your parents are around you still and all you have to do is ask for them to show you. I hope you receive the comfort you need. God bless!

    • James Moore at - Reply

      I get goos bumps in my left arm
      a mirror went dark red
      a face on the wall
      cold in wone corner of a room

    • Yes!! My son died same way and I hear him say “hey mom” in a very casual way.

    • Debbie at - Reply

      I am sorry for your loss Iost my son from suicide to and i have heard mom, sound of footsteps walking upstairs I can go on and on love to know they are here but does not take away our pain

      • Jonathan at - Reply

        I lost my son to suicide Feb 24th this year. I hear him say Dad all the time and have had extended conversations with him. I have always been kinda “strange” like this, but sometimes I think I just going crazy. I could tell so many stories, but it brings me comfort that I can hear him. Since his death, we have had so many strange things happen in our home. I have seen his face on walls and on the floor. I have a friend who is a medium. I didn’t know this until after my sons death. She says I’m a medium. I don’t know, all I know is I miss my son so very much.

    • Cynthia Neil at - Reply

      For the last couple months to have been thinking about and excited about coming to see Blair in Palm Springs. I’ve noticed the number 44 regularly popping up. I first dismissed it as a coincidence. Then it was showing up more often. I was getting frustrated. Then all of a sudden it was like a light turned on. My mother passed away when she was only 44 and in June this was the 44th year she has been gone

    • Amanda at - Reply


    • Jamie Iorio at - Reply

      She is letting you know that she is ok. Trust me. She is ok and that she loves you very much and is sorry. God is good

    • My Auntie Sue, she just passed this past week.
      Today I am watching a British program of Miss Marple an they mentioned Croft End an that was a street for Auntie Sue in England and it gave me such a wonderful feeling!

  2. Marilyn at - Reply

    My husband would always get words to song mixed up. Whenever my family and I hear “It’s a small world, after all” we know it is him. He would always sing “It’s a small world, isn’t it” and we all crack up.

    • Domenica lentine at - Reply

      Dreamed he was smiling and saw his face don’t remember other things

  3. Bhrenda Drakeford at - Reply

    My mother always connects with me through animals birds insects that we both enjoyed looking at such as the male cardinals miniature goats that scare easily and snails. I say to myself that’s what mom always loved to look at or old 500 records we both use to sing too sitting at the kitchen table. She passed in 2002.

    • My only sister died on December 22, 2017. I miss her terribly can t fine the words to express the pain I feel. She was afariad of during. I’m so lost without her. I ask her to let me know if is is ok, but have not received any signs…i cry all the time. I’m hurting so much…

      • Lana at - Reply

        You will receive signs Wanda, just give it time. My son died in April 2017, I have dreamed about him 4 times, each time it only lasted for a short time and I would wake up. I remember the dreams, but I wrote them down so I wouldn’t forget. So far my son has visited me 4 times in my dreams. Ask you sister every night if she would be in your dreams.

  4. Lisa Faehnel at - Reply

    I believe my Husbands deceased mother saved my husbands life… I was sleeping in the bedroom and my husband was in the living room.. I heard 2 big bangs that woke me up.. so I went into the living room to see what caused the bangs…my husband was sitting on the couch and in a soft voice told me to call 911 because he could not catch his breath..He found out at the Hospital he had pneumonia. If I did not wake up, my husband would not be here today..thanks to my husbands mother for waking me up..

  5. debbie at - Reply

    When my brother died I woke up smelling cigarettes and a famous celeb visit me everytime I see his picture or hear his song I would cry and het hot

  6. Sharon Laakkonen at - Reply

    When I become stressed about things I fell a slight pressure on my shoulder, when that happens I know Daddy is telling me not to worry, things will work out. He is also good at reminding all his kids that he is around by leavings pennies, face side up, all around. My Mom gets our attenion by moving things from their normal places and putting them someplace other. In turn we find something we misplaced.

  7. Chele at - Reply

    My younger brother was killed in 1989 in a auto accident. When we were younger he use to sneak into my room, while I was asleep, ant tickle my feet. Every now & then, when I’m sleeping, I feel something touch my feet… I know it’s got to be him. I also have had a dream of the ‘crash site’ (and his funeral) where he’s laying there and all of a sudden he ‘wakes up’ and lets me know he’s alright (always seems to freak me out)

    My dad, died 1997, always smoked cigarettes in the bathroom (which would leave this ‘aroma’ for short time after he finished…Anyway, shortly after he passed, I was at the dentist, where all of a sudden I smelled that smell. To this day, I still get a wiff of that aroma & know dad’s there 😀

  8. Marlys at - Reply

    well i lost my son going on, ten years day before Mothers Day.Dustin was 11 years old,and born with the worst heart cond,He was a Special Lil Man,In every ones heart.Any was one of Dustins auntie was dianosed,with cancer.And one nite i fell to sleep, and i had a deam of my Dustin showing me one of his medals,I heard his voice,But didnt see him.Well he handed me his medal and told me to give it to my auntie.So that morn i woke up,I thought of my dream.And i look in my jewery box and i found it.So i went to Dianes and handed her Dustin medal.Everytime she wore it it gave her the streneth.And the out come was good. I went through a monagram, and they thought they seen a few spots.And i worried about it, and Diane gave back the medals,I wore them every day and my out come was good.So i know that our loved knows when there are needed.I miss my Son so dearly.

  9. Lynn at - Reply

    My mom passed in July. It was very hot that year so I went to the cemetary daily to water the flowers. I was sleeping and heard a phone ring and it was my mom’s voice and she said thanks for taking care of the flowers.

    • Tammy DeFilippo at - Reply

      My mother in law passed 8 months ago in December. She loved beautiful flowers so I planted some at her grave. I was there watering the flowers & bent over pulling some weeds, when I stood up I saw a large heart engraved right ontop of the area she was buried. The grass hasn’t fully grown back & is patchy. The heart is perfectly shaped within the dirt and the patchy grass is in the middle if the heart. I got the chills all over because I didn’t see it the previous times I have been. It could be coincidence but I believe it was a sign if thanks that she sees the flowers.

  10. Gloria at - Reply

    I have had both visual and physical connections to my parents who had passed away 30 days apart in 2011. My husband and I were starting to build our home just before my parents passed away. One day we drove up to the site and a double rainbow appeared out of nowhere and lasted until we left the property. I had been sad because they never got the chance to see the property we bought or the pans for the house. I believe this was their way of showing me that they were there.

    I kept experiencing light touches, like butterfly wings on my hand or arms. I had gone to see a gentleman at Lilydale, NY and he said it was my Mom letting me know she is still with me and watching over me. I truly believe that. It has happened numerous times.

    Also lots of pennies…in really weird places. My 1 yr old Grandson suddenly looking over at my parents pictures and up towards the ceiling. Quite a few little signs. They give me peace.

  11. Sandra Urban at - Reply

    While visiting my mom’s grave, I asked her to give me a sign to let me know she was there. This was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky…well, the sky opened up, and it downpoured on me! I stood up, threw my hands up and said OK, OK! I turned around and there was a double rainbow above me! My husband witnessed this whole thing, he was in the car, it made him cry.

    • Dori at - Reply

      I had a similiar on the 1st fathers day after my dad past. I made a card, and on the front , I asked God to pass this on to my dad. On the inside, I wrote a poem to my dad. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Suddenly, the sky turned total black, and lightning was coming down . then the black sky changed back to sunny again.. I laughed, and looked up and said Thankyou Lord. It made my day… when I got home, my husband, and our company , were freaking out. they said ” did you see that?” again I laughed…

  12. Sandra Urban at - Reply

    Another time,I was at my daughter’s godmother’s home, and she was taking me on a hike to the cove about 1/2 mile from her house. I said ,”Ohh,maybe my mom will visit, you know she comes to me as a seal (she loved them). Pony said no there haven’t been any seals here in many years. Well, just as we get to the cove we look out and lo and behold, there’s a seal, my mom ♥ It blew Pony’s mind and I just smiled!

  13. Rena at - Reply

    My husband passed away 11 yrs ago. One night I was just about to fall asleep when I had a feeling of someone leaning on the bed, over me to kiss me good night, as he often did when he came home from work.

    I also have dreams that he has come back to life. In my dream he picks up and carries on with daily routine things, right where he left off before he passed


  14. Kristie at - Reply

    I dated the love of my life when I was 15-16. We broke up because I was young & dumb and scared of love. A few years later he contacted me out of the blue when I moved back home after my divorce. Some things has happened to him in the Navy and he was paralyzed, but I has already known he was and it was ok with me. We stopped dating after a while, my fault again, and I didn’t see or hear from him afterwards. I always wanted to talk to him and explain why things turned out the way they did and hopefully, if nothing else, regain a friend. I saw his cousin, my good friend, in a store a while later and found out he had passed away the year prior. I was devistated. He remained on my mind for years. I eventually found his grave and visited it while I was engaged to my ex, hoping to pour out my heart and tell him things that had been left unsaid, for closure. A few nights later I has the most vivid dream with him in it. I KNOW it was his spirit coming to me. He told me we didn’t have much time, and I told him there was so much I needed to tell him and he responded ‘I know’. Them he said he had to go and got up to walk away. I asked him to stop, sobbing in my dream. He told me he loved me and would see me again. Then he was gone. I woke up crying. I think about that dream all the time, and I wish he would visit me again.

    • Janice Struble at - Reply

      I also dated my love of my life at 16 and 17. We broke up and 37 years later got back together! We became engaged. We were so in love. Thirteen months after we got back with each other he passed away after not surviving a liver transplant. That was in June of 2011. I have had many signs and know he is around. We ALWAYS know when someone is our true love and soul mate. I loved your story Khristie… so similiar to mine! God bless you! Jan

  15. Mary Jo Ralston at - Reply

    My mother passed away one year ago today. A week after her funeral, during my sleep, she called me on the phone at work. She said “I’m here! I made it!” We talked for a bit, then she asked me “is it two or three?” I asked her two or three what? I don’t understand. “Two scoops or three. I haven’t made coffee in such a long time, and I can’t remember.” I told her she had always used three. “Ok – gotta go make coffee. Everyone is waiting. I love you! Bye.” I woke up and knew instantly that my mother had found a way to make contact with me, and that she was with her family, and that she was fine.

    My father passed away February 1st. I’m still waiting for a sign from him!

    • Billie Jo nair at - Reply

      My father passed away 7 months ago of lukemea, I hadn’t drempt of him till lastngt. I can’t remember him saying anything to me but he looked like he did before he got sick. I also had my son in my arms as a baby again, he’s 22 now, there was a tornado coming twards the place we were living in I’m guessing. I tried to look outside the door w my son as a baby in my arms & the door was ripped completely off from the tornado. All the sudden my father alive and well came running twards us and things outside wer getting intence, I mean life threatening. Locomotive was being tossed about & Hugh bolders ( big as a house) wer comeing at us. He was directing me wer I needed to go to be safe, and I can rember screaming for Dad to follow us but he didn’t. Then I woke up confused and crying. I miss my father so much my heart still hurts.

  16. rochelle shater at - Reply

    my dad died 10yrs ago last nite I had a dream that I was packing didn’t know ehere I was but my dad showed up and said you have everthing lets go then I woke up been wondering about that all day he look like he did when he was younger so happy to see him like that but I am curious what that means

  17. Beth McCause at - Reply

    My husband died from cancer 13 years ago. My son and I have found pennies on our walks.
    On 12/30/01, this was his one year anniversary of his passing and we were staying at the Disneyland Hotel. Before we turned in, we went to Build-a-Bear. I made a bear with a heart inside that said “I Love you Greg.” I dressed the bear as a carpenter, because that was his career. I sat it up on a tall dresser cabinet next to a touch lamp. At 3:30 a.m., the touch lamp was on. It was as if my husband had been admiring it. He knows I can’t sleep with the light on. I acknowledged him by snapping a picture.
    My husband knows I can’t sleep with lights or ceiling fans on, so he turns them both on at the highest speed or wattage to get my attention by using the remote next to the door. I tell him I love him and go back to bed. However, on one occassion I was dreaming I lost my front top tooth and knew I couldn’t go to work this way. Beep…on comes the fan and light. I check on our young son and he was asleep. Went back to bed ad back into the dream. The next morning my son comes into my room and says…”mom I have been rolling this around in my mouth all night.” He spits out his top front tooth. I believe my husband wanted me to get the tooth before he choked on it.
    I am scared of the wind and can’t sleep. When my husband was alive he held me and told me I would be alright. One night the wind was so bad and I was in tears. I was laying on my left side. I felt his large right hand on my ribs and heard his voice say “your okay.” I instantly fell asleep and woke up rested, considering I only slept 3 hours.
    My father-in-law passed away 9/15/13 and I was out of town. One day I woke up from a deep sleep to the taste of coffee. I don’t drink coffee, but he did all day long. I actually got up and brushed my teeth to remove the taste after acknowleding his visit. Later that day I came home to my 18 year old son who asked me if I could smell cigarettes. We don’t smoke, but he did. My son said he showered, washed clothes, and where ever he went he smelled cigarettes, including when I walked in the door. He could smell it, but not me. I told him his grandfather said hello.

    • Tammie-Lee at - Reply

      That is beautiful you are so blessed to have contact

  18. Barbara Arispe at - Reply

    My son got married in Poland and I was having a pity party because no one was able to come with me and of course my son and future daughter-in-law were busy with their plans and no one spoke English, so I was alone a lot. I started talking to my mother asking her for some sign that she was there with me. The night of the reception, my daughter-in-law’s cousin (who spoke some English)told me that her brother & his daughter had the same birthday but didn’t know how to say it in English. Her brother finally got frustrated and yelled out 5/5. I said May 5th and her cousin said yes May 5th. That was my mother’s birthday and immediately my pity party was over because I knew I wasn’t alone after all!!!

  19. Patricia Mayhew at - Reply

    The last time I seen my son was at my house for Christmas 2013. I had a very overwhelming feeling that I needed to make his Christmas the best ever. Did not know why I had to make it the best but I just had that horrible feeling. I had made a huge dinner and I noticed that he went back several times for more. I loved that he so enjoyed my food. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. After dinner we had cocktails out in our garage. My son was sitting on his motorcycle and I started to video him for some reason. I just had this overwelming feeling that I needed to video him. I never video anything. While I was videoing my son my husband threw a firecracker at my feet and it went off. I jumped so high and almost dropped my phone that I had been videoing my son. My son laughed and laughed at that moment. He so enjoyed that moment. Shortly after this on January 13th, 2014 he passed away from a horrible motorcycle accident. He was only 27 years old. I have since been so grief stricken that I can’t stop thinking about him every minute of every day. I feel so guilty like I should have told him that I had a horrible feeling that something was wrong at Christmas. To this day I am so worried that he suffered so much in death and I wonder if he is in a good place because he wasn’t into realigon that much. One day after his memorial I was laying in bed and I was looking at all his pictures on the computer. I was crying so bad and then I heard this very loud sound of a firecraker and I even thought I smelled it. I was the only person in the house at the time and I knew it had to be a sign from him because he so enjoyed that firecracker at Christmas. I also find sticks from trees all over my house that I don’t have a clue how they got there. He loved to hike in the woods and I think the sticks were somehow connected to that. I don’t know if I a going crazy but I have to believe he is trying to let me know something. I love when weird things happen now.

    • Terry at - Reply

      I had a similar thing happen to me when my son was 11 (in 1982) passed away. It was about 1:30 in the afternoon, the kids were do home about 2:45. I had this awful feeling something bad was going to happen, so bad I couldn’t breath and I walked around my house in tears. My husband had been working two jobs, my thought was he hasn’t been eating right and something was going to happen to him. So I made sure dinner was ready when he got home about 3:45pm so we could sit and eat before he went to his second job. I told the kids to make sure they were home by 4pm because we were going to have dinner together. About3:50 I got a call from my sons boy friend that there had been an accident and that I need to come. I ran out the door it was only across my back yard, I found that my son had been shot by his friend. His friend had already called 911 I covered my son and told his friend to stay with him and ran out the door screaming for my husband. My son lived 25 hours and I thank God every day that my husband was there to be with him. If I had not gotten that fear he would have been gone. If you hadn’t gotten yours you may not have had your pictures and your very special memories. It’s been 32 years since I’ve lost my son.
      Sadly the boy the shot my son passed away last year. He never forgave him self for killing my son. My daughter reached out to him over the years and he was very grateful. We truly believe that my daughter was getting a message from her brother to find and help his friend. It took her a number of years and he talked to her often.
      We who are left behind have got to learn to forgive ourselves for things that happen that we have no control over and truly to treat every day as if it were our last.
      As a side note: The day after my son passed my daughter and I were at the store, when I went to start the car every electrical thing in the car went off. The lights blinking, the horn blowing, the radio going off and on. It only lasted for a min. but both my daughter and I looked at each other and yelled Sean and started laughing.
      It never happened again.

      • Kelly at - Reply

        Let go of the guilt. He was probably a lot like my brother and was gonna do what he was gonna do no matter who said what. Be gentle with yourself the way that he would be towards you.

    • Shelley at - Reply

      That is lovely and yes I would say it’s your son

  20. Phyllis at - Reply

    My son passed away last January. For his funeral he had on a black suit w/Marion shirt. About a week after his funeral my husband & I saw this boy around my sons age wearing the exact same suit and this kid looked just like my son. Thought it was wierd but nothing more. Then the next two days I saw the same kid wearing the same suit at my work( I work at a college) he never looked my way but that’s when I realized that was a sign from my son. I haven’t had any dreams of my son although most all other family members have, I have that little piece of visual sign lettinge know he’s ok.

  21. Janet Brock at - Reply

    I have a home in Virginia and Georgia. Late last fall there was a katydid on one of the windows of my Virginia home. It was very cold, and could not figure out why it was there. It stayed for a week and disappeared. When we got back to our Georgia home where we have an enclosed sunporch, I found yet another katydid. This one stayed half the winter in bitter cold temps. It took me minute to figure it was my father. He taught me so much about insects and gardening. It was a love we shared till his dying day! I used to love to visit that Katydid. It lived on a blind getting the warmth of the sun viewing my father’s back yard.

  22. Margaret Ashe at - Reply

    My parents,an uncle & aunt come to me as Rosella parrots – I asked them for a sign that I would understand & know was them and within days 3 birds flew towards me as I was mowing and when I stopped to look at them a fourth had joined them, they fluttered over my head chattering away to me. They then flew off together. These birds are generally only singles or pairs, I have never seen 4 together & never seen them stop over the top of someone. Since that day I regularly see them – not always 4 together but generally at least 2 and not always when I am home, it can be anywhere.

  23. nancy at - Reply

    My brother passed March 2014.Two days before this my mother’s song was being played on the radio(I just called to say I love you)I had shivers, I knew she was waiting for her boy and thanking me for taking care of him.On the Tuesday my brother had begun his journey and I lend over to whisper to him that Mum was waiting for him that she had plugged in the kettle,and he should go and have a cup of tea with her..He did…..The song that was playing at that moment was another song of Mum’s.The Prayer..She was letting me know that he had arrived..God Bless my family in HEAVEN..

  24. Jo Ann Maloney at - Reply

    My Mom & Grandma knew I had a fear of death years ago & when my Grandma was on her death bed, she promised she’d give me a sign that she’s ok. My Mom & her sisters brought her dress to the funeral home & apologized to me saying that Grandma wanted a certain dress & to make sure I knew she was sorry it wasn’t the dress she made for herself with the material I picked out for her that was imported from Italy. They buried her in my dress! And my Mom passed in 2008 & I would smell her many times. One night when I was sleeping, her & my Grandma came to me & looked so beautiful, younger & pain free. They didn’t speak to me but walked with me for a long time & smiled lots. I know they were both telling me they were alright & I have nothing to fear. And I don’t any longer have a fear.

  25. Lisa Christophet at - Reply

    I live in the desert and after living here 19 years, canada geese are rare. Since the tragic deaths of my father and brother, two canada geese sometimes fly over me and honk. Once two of them swooped down between my house and my next door neighbors right above the roof line while my mother and I were out in the back yard sending my daughter over the wall to school. (the kids used to hop over the wall). My daughter said those same two geese flew above her all the way to school then flew away. Recently, 18 months passed and I have not seen nor heard any geese. Then sure enough while walking my dog a few days ago out of nowhere two geese flew over me honking. I actually looked up and waved and screamed “Heeellloooo”

    • Mike at - Reply

      Since my brother passed away in 2012, I often cross paths with a pair of Canadian geese. My father passed away much earlier in 2000. My father and brother were close when they were both alive and did many activities together. Canadian geese are not as rare here in the Northeast, but before 2012 I can never remember just seeing a pair, it would always be larger groups, and usually only certain times of the year. Now I see these two quite a bit throughout the year, and they are a comfort to me. Also, I see them more often when I’m going through any difficult times.
      I hope you continue to see your geese in the future.

  26. nancy at - Reply

    thank you

  27. karen conroy at - Reply

    My Mom passed of melanoma in 2009. I was unemployed at the time which I thought of as a blessing as I was able to care for her while she was dying but was tough on me afterwards. I worked 3 part time jobs while looking for work. 1 was dog walking. My mother’s absolute favorite color was blue – everyone knew this. The first 3 days after she died I would be walking the dogs & crying and I would see a VERY unusual butterfly land in my path on the road and spread it wings slowly flapping them – the butterfly was black with bright blue spots on the edges of it’s wings. Finally I had to look up what kind of butterfly this was – it’s called a “mourning cloak” I almost fainted. After that I only saw it on tough days. BUT I started finding blue jay feathers… constantly. I have a huge collection in antique jars. I got them every day for about the next few months and now occasionally I will find one (really tough day or on my birthday – last year) I always say thanks Mom

  28. Pat Scala at - Reply

    My mother & I always had a joke that she would live to 103! Welll, she passed at 91! One day I’ m driving to work around 7:30am & I say out loud to myself, come on Mom, people say I will get a sign if U hear me! That afternoon driving home from my job….a car was driving very slow in front of me…I glanced at the license plate & it said. “PAT 103”. I know that was her sign!

  29. DeVona at - Reply

    My husband died on Christmas Day 2009 and it’s been awhile, but he made himself known quite often at first. One night I was awaken by someone touching my cheek, it startled me, but I knew immediately it was him. It warmed my heart and made me smile

  30. Patricia McGill at - Reply

    My Dad passed away May 10, 2012 after battling prostrate cancer. I was making homemade soup & started talking to him and said I wish I could of made you homemade soup & wish you could of seen my home. I got goose bumps on both of my arms, i immediately said oh you are with me Dad. I love you. My younger sister has a red cardinal visit her back porch, then she saw it again. I told her its Dad acknowling you! He took her to St. Louis cardinals game when she was little our middle sister has forced our Mom to change her will, sign over her property, sent us letters we can no longer contact our mother. I ask my Dad what should we do? Should we fight it? Should we turn her in for elder abuse? We have broken hearts, my Dad tells me don’t do nothing, you will be ok. So I listen & try to move on but some days I cry. I miss him so much.

  31. Karen at - Reply

    When I was going through my separation with my marriage, I can remember standing in my room crying and looking up to God and ask “why, what else”… I had the radio on at the time and first the song “That’s why I pray” came on and then “My little Girl” I knew it was my Dad. I went to bed comforted. This was long before I discovered I was a Seer Sensitive.

  32. Bill McGarry at - Reply

    In 2009 my father became ill and when his doctor called him to give her test results, my father call my wife and I to come and be with him for the results. He was diagnosed with Cancer. Over the course of 2 years since he lived alone in Georgia my wife and I stayed with him at different times. He passed away in the presence of all of his children (7) July 15th 2011.
    On the way back to our home in South Carolina we drove through the Ga mountains. There is a spot in the mountains where you can stop and take pictures and my father always had us stop there whenever he was with us.
    When we got to the spot we viewed not one rainbow but two rainbows. We stopped and took pictures of this because I have never seen two rainbows at the same time. To me this was a sign from my father that he was with the family members who have passed and that he was in a better place.It gave us comfort knowing he was no longer in pain and was home.

  33. Tammy Blakeley Main at - Reply

    I see numbers like I might not look at the clock all day and then when I look up its 3:33 or 2:22 I know its a sign from my mum. It didn’t start happening until after she passed away….And if its no sign I am going to think it is cause it makes me feel like shes still around me…I miss her soo much.

  34. Isela at - Reply

    When i was up in the altar gettiing married, i had a fly just come outta nowhere and land on the tip of my nose…i continued to do that thru out the whole ceremony. And at some point i got an overwhelming feeling of love…and my deceased father came to mind. I knew for sure it was him trying to connect with me on my special day. I smiled and thought to myself “really dad, a fly?” I will never forget it. RIP Dad xoxo

    • Teresa at - Reply

      Isela…..I’ve been sitting here missing my husband more and more while going through everyone’s stories. I must say, your “visit” gave me quite the chuckle! Thank you for sharing!

      • Carol Borland at - Reply

        When my brother David died of pancreatic cancer he always said dragonfly a would be him after he’s gone well we see them everywhere we don’t live anywhere from water (where you see dragonflys) and they come in our front yard all the time. My 6 year old grandson came running in one day and said grandma you know those flys you and mommy and auntie like well one just landed on me in the front yard. That is surly my brother. We gets signs everywhere and I know he is around us a lot.

  35. bernadette at - Reply

    I suffered a very sudden and unexpected breakup with someone I had given my heart to more fully than anyone before him. I was devastated,laying on my bed, crying my heart out. I felt at that moment that my soul had exploded into a million pieces. I remember that I had my hands balled up into fists and drawn up to my face. I felt something unseen slip into and over my hands. I felt the touch and warmth of someone holding onto my hands. It snapped me out of the immediate devastation I was feeling. I laid there for awhile trying to pull some reason out of the sensation. All I could deduce is someone, and I don’t know who (it could have been a number of my deceased immediate family) had come to help me through the shock I had just went through. I pulled myself together a little and said out loud “thank you” and the sensation departed. Its something I will never forget and always be thankful for because I was completely alone and broken at that moment.

  36. clarissa gamez at - Reply

    My mother-in-law died in her sleep suddenly about 6 years ago. she comes in my dreams a lot always has a message for me to pass on. My husband and his siblings took it very hard she was young and no one was expecting it. The last thing that happen was not knowing my brother-in-law and his family came into town and went to visit her grave of course like everyone does he talked to her and wish she was here to see the kids and he wanted to know what she thought about the baby. Well that same night she came to me in my dreams and told me what to tell him and when i called and told him what she said. They both cried because they said how did i know that.No one was there at the time and no one knows what they asked but i answered for her. she comes to me quit often.

  37. kathy at - Reply

    Our neighbour passed on late Dec,2013,He was like a grampy living beside him for 18 yrs, HE always had treats or money for the kids when we visited.WE just recently bought his house for our daughter. The day we were handed the house keys my youngest boy found a toonie on the floor of the tv room, My son is only 10, he saw this as a sign right away !I had shivers down my spine as he told me whst he found

  38. Dianna Harris at - Reply

    Thank you Blair, shortly after my daughter passed she came to me in a dream and we had a finale hug, it was real & I’ll never forget it..Wish she would come back though 🙂

  39. Lynda at - Reply

    The evening my father died I was alone in my home in the back room. I didn’t know then he had passed. Well I heard him call my name really loud as if was in the front room but no one was there. I received a call from my aunt about an hour later telling me that he had past an hour ago. He lived in Texas and I in California.

  40. kathy finnerty at - Reply

    I know my husband is here with me. it wasn’t pleasant when he passed, and I have felt a guilt that will not go away. I know when he sends me a sign. I will fill a birdfeeder only to see that the goldfinches have returned earlier than normal. he lets me know that he is here. the birds singing when they returned this spring, a mental list of things that need to be done. if I could just hold his hand one more time. he was my partner, my real other half and I am having a difficult time dealing with all of this. I just want to hold him one more time.

    • Sandy Hassinger at - Reply

      I am sorry for your loss. My husband died June 30th 2012. He was my love and I miss him so much and feel so alone. I just never have experienced anything and wish I would have. I would love to talk to him one more time or hold him but it is not possible b

      • Cynthia Lee at - Reply

        Hello Sandy,
        Just want to tell you that he has sent you signs but you have not noticed them yet.
        Look towards the sky he says.
        I hope this helps
        Cynthia lee

        • Tiffany Vansciver at - Reply

          My grandma was my mom..we had a bond like no other . Still waiting for a sign or goodbye something:(

      • Marian Devenny at - Reply

        My Darling Husband died on the 19th July 2012. Like Sandy he was my life’s love. My husband died of cancer and in the last weeks he said that he would try to send me a sign that he was alright. I have never experienced anything. It would be such a comfort if I did.

    • Natalie Baker at - Reply

      I am going through these exact emotional issues. I met my soul mate after a few real bad years. We loved each other very much. My Junior just passed Nov. 28th unexpectedly after seemingly recovering very well from a stroke. I have overwhelming guilt over not having obtained help for him fast enough, not staying at the hospital long enough on Thanksgiving day, assuming I would see him the next day. I didn’t get to say goodbye. I was too late getting to the hospital when he passed. I’m keeping myself as open as I can to his signs. When things are real tough I can feel him touching my head and my legs when I lay on the couch. I hope to start getting more signs that I understand. It’s only been a few weeks.

    • Elisha Gouge at - Reply

      I understand your pain I lost the love of my life on December 8th 2014 the hurt and paid is so unbearable. I am so sorry for your loss. I live with guilt as well and it’s an awful life to live. Everyone always say stay strong he’s here with me I listen and look for signs all the time. Not to mention I am to clean the house we live in and go thru his stuff. I pray God helps you each and every day I don’t know what God plans are which is what I hear as well. Just know I said a special prayer for you

  41. Stish at - Reply

    The 5th anniversary of my husband’s passing is coming up in a few days…he actually passed on his 70th birthday. He has always been around me. He comes to me when I sleep often. I actually hugged him in a “dream” and could actually feel his body. He has kissed me as well. There is a song that he used to love to dance to and it pops up on the radio often and “coincidently” (I don’t believe in coincidences..things always happen for a reason) it’s usually when I need some encouragement or it’s a special day or a thanks from him, etc. He sends this song to 2 of my daughters as well. With one daughter he also turns street lights on or off when she drives by. Just one. We all smile when these things happen because we know he’s letting us know he is around. A few times in the house I get the feeling that he’s around – you know that feeling that you get when you see something out of the corner of your eye. That’s what it feels like and I know it’s him because it doesn’t scare me. I talk to him every day. We spread his ashes in 3 different places – one at his parents’ grave and 2 other places that he spoke of from his childhood. It happens that I pass these places every day and I always “talk” to him as I pass. It’s usually a “Good Morning” …hope you are well, etc. and always say “Good Night” to him on my way home. I let him know that I’m going to a grandgirls hockey game or judo or wherever I’m going and who I’m going it with…just to keep him in the loop….as if he didn’t know right? So he is with us, I know and keeps sending us signs just to reaffirm this. I do miss him to a certain extent, but then I know he is with me always.

    • sue at - Reply

      My extremely loved maltipoo has recently started putting her paw to my face making me look at her and her eyes are filled with so much love that It feels like she is trying to tell me something. It feels as if she is telling me my husband is ok or that its him reaching out cause he also loved her and me. Could it be he is there trying to let me know through her?. I feel crazy but it feels so real.

  42. jennifer willsey at - Reply

    I was in church one Sunday, and the Priest was reading the gospel. As I looked down and read slong to myself, I “felt” my sister inside of me, like I was looking through her eyes, or her through mine. It was the most wonderful feeling!!!

  43. Cristy at - Reply

    November 1st, 1997 my 3 1/2 month old son passed away from SIDS. The night before was Halloween so we were out with my oldest son who was 3 at the time trick-o-treating. I worked a weekend shift and had to be at work that night by 11 pm. For whatever reason when we were back at home and I was getting ready for work I told my husband I didn’t think I should go to work. However, we needed the money and I didn’t think twice about it because of it. Before I got off my son passed away. That night I had the most vivid dream…I was holding him in my arms as he breastfed and we simply stared into one another’s eyes. When I woke up I found both my breasts covered in dried breast milk. The strange part is that I had no breast milk…I stopped nursing him one and a half months prior to his death.
    I don’t think this was my son I KNOW it was my son. To this day that dream comforts me and reminds me of the bond my son and I shared.

  44. Kathleen Kennedy at - Reply

    I remember someone telling me that if you see a penny or a dime its a sign of angel….I work as a custodian so a lot of the time I have to work in buildings by myself which makes me nervous and most times I always find a dime on the floor. I feel a little at ease then because I feel there is a loved one watching over me. And there have been times when I have been in financial distress and out of no where comes money….I remember one day I was mopping my kitchen floor with the radio on and was thinking about how I had no gas in my car to drive my daughter to school. Then they announced a contest which asked if you could name an actor and the movie he played in, without thinking i called in and got it right and I didn’t even know what the prize was…..well the prize was a 50 dollar gas card ! And I have had a lot of other financial help and I would like to thank who it is watching over me and my family.

  45. Lori Sokanoff at - Reply

    The morning after I lost my father my husband called from work to check on me…I was standing in the kitchen telling him of an incident the night before while he slept. I was devastated at losing him and was talking to my best friend on the phone, telling her of my loss. My father had spend the week before he passed in my home where I was trying to nurse him back to health after surgery. He always sat in the same lounge chair, where currently my two cats were sleeping. As I was talking, I saw a “movement” in my peripheral vision near that chair while at that exact moment, both cats and my two dogs all jumped up and looked to the very same spot on the chair. I knew it was him. As I was telling my husband this story the next morning, the kitchen lights did three long blinks before returning to normal…Hi Dad, I love you…always ♥

  46. Ella Faith at - Reply

    My daughter Rachel passed away 8 years ago, on her mass card we put John 11.26-He who believes in the Lord shall live forever. I had opened my bible to Thomas Kinkade’s Stairway to Heaven picture which had that passage on it. When we got to the funeral home they had the same picture on the mass card and the guest registry. Tow weeks later I was beside myself, I prayed to God, this is what I said; “God she was never mine, but you trusted me with her, now I need to know she got home safely, she always let me know when she was here with me.” I opened up Rachel’s bible to the exact same passage! Even better it had been highlighted by her! And even better then that, she highlighted the words underneath it, they read; “Yes, I do believe!” Thank you God for this blessing!

  47. Deedee at - Reply

    My good friend died of cancer, a long battle(2 yrs), as sick as she was we went out every week for coffee, her and I plus two other friends we grew up with. The last time I seen her, I knew it would be the last and I so wanted to give her a hug, but I didn’t. A few months had passed and I had the most awesome dream, we all pulled up in our cars to go for coffee, got out of our cars and she gave us all a hug and said she was fine and told us to get on with our lives. It was the most awesome hug I ever felt, with so much warmth. Such a vivid, clear dream, felt so real.

    • Michelle Moore at - Reply

      I feel your pain as I too lost my best friend/ sister to cancer. On one of her more better says she sat and told us what day she would die, 2 months later she died on that day. The night before while sitting in her room and watching her struggle to breath I wrote her a goodbye letter of course not knowing she would leave me the next day. About 1-1/2 years later while I was in the shower suddenly I got hit with a Nicole out of nowhere. I can only believe that was her. Every now and then I feel someone touch while I’m at home. At work someone is always calling my name….Not sure who that is.. thanks for letting me share..

  48. Linda Mulville at - Reply

    I lost my husband of 30 years to cancer in 2000 and since remarried a wonderful man who also lost his wife to cancer in 2000. The day my husband passed there was a triple rainbow which I’d never seen before. Oddly enough my present husband and I feel my husband and his late wife got us together. We weren’t aware that we had grown up around the corner from one another and had also raised our families with our late spouses only a couple of blocks away from each other. In our newly we’d days to our late spouses we lived also around the corner from one another. We both were married on the same date to our large spouses. Now either on the anniversary date or close to my late husbands anniversary date of his death we always see a double rain bow . Now I ask??? Is this a sign

  49. Lore VanHouten at - Reply

    My beautiful 32 year old daughter passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last year. We said good night, and the next morning I was leaving for work and checked on her. She had passed away. We were very close. She lived with me her entire life. I was in shock and devastated beyond belief. I still am and always will be. Ever since she left me on 3/2/13, I have been having vivid dreams of her,mostly arguing theshe is still alive. I show her the urn carrying her ashes. We both agree that we have to tell everyone that she is alive. We hug and cry. This is a recurring dream. I know that she is watching over me.

  50. Geri Goss at - Reply

    My Dad passed away about a year and a half ago. I had a reading about 3 months later. The medium told me he would leave pennies for me. In one of the many instances, I was at work. I work in a school kitchen. One of my jobs is to open. This includes recording the temps of the coolers. I opened a sandwich cooler and recorded the temp. A little while later I took something out of that cooler to make a sandwich. I tried to close the door, but it wouldn’t shut all the way. I looked down at the top part of the door. There was a penny laying on the door keeping it from closing.
    The cooler is no where near any of the registers, and I was not working with money at the time.

  51. Michele at - Reply

    My father had passed away and one night my mother heard the door bell ring.. She got up and went to door. No one was there. On her way back to bed she saw my brother( who has Down syndrome and is non verbal at this point in his life.. Really had not spoken since our father died) well he was standing in The corner of his room looking scared. My mom went in his roon to encourage him to go back to bed. She went to pick up the blanket by his bed and it burst into flames . The lamp by my brother’s bed had accidentky been knocked off and had laid there smoldering under the blanket. The fire had already burned thru the carpet and into the subfloor. My mother called the fire department. They arrived and after getting out fire . They handed her a picture frame that had a picture of my father. The wood of the frame and most of the glass had burned the only part not damaged by the intense heat of the lamp laying there on the floor was the part where my father’s face was . Looking out at us. They said the only reason my brother’s bed had not gone up in flames was because of that frame and glass that had been between the blanket and the lamp. If the door bell had not awakened my mother, she would not have gotten up or checked on my brother and they would not have been able to avert the fire. The only thing that would wake my mother out of a sound sleep was either a phone call or the doorbell .. And a phone call would not have gotten her to the door past my brother’s room. And my dad knew that ..and We know without a shadow of a doubt that he saved my brother and mother that night..

  52. Stephanie at - Reply

    My mother passed away 6 years ago from cancerand my dad 3 years ago from congested heart failure. When I was 8.5 months pregnant my blood pressurr wrnt up. I called my husbamd at work and told him I was on the way to get him to go to the case room to get checked. On my way to grt him I was praying to my parents that me and the baby will be ok. I looked in my rear view mirror amd saw my mom!! I got a fright and started to cry. I thought something was wrong. I told my husband what happened and he reassuresd me she was there to comfort me and to let me know she was with me (because if she was alive she would have been!). I took comfort in that. We were boyh fine and a couple weeks later I gave birth to out little miracle, our little girl whom we named Angel. We called her that because we feel she was an angel sent to us by two very special angels! I felt them with me that day, like I always do and I know they are with us all the time watching over us! Tomorrow is moms birthday, so Happy Birthday mom ! Miss you both and love you ! xoxo

  53. Kristine at - Reply

    When my dad passed away in the house while sleeping 911 was called and a week later on Saturday same time 911 actually called the house to ask what the problem was because they had received a phone call from that number with no one on the other end responding. They told 911 operator no one had called them that evening from their home.

  54. Kristine at - Reply

    After my dad passes away unexpectedly, I was hanging up the phone from my step mom (after talking about my deceased dad) and the phone rang with a not so normal phone ring and it was not hung hung up yet! This happened along with several other strange occurrences and I knew it was probably my dad reaching out! I have a lot of stories of wierd occurrences right after his unexpected death!

  55. Kristine at - Reply

    Yikes here’s another..after my dad passed unexpectedly and young age my step mom went into her car the day or two after his passing and talk radio was blaring loudly! She doesn’t set her station to talk radio but my dad always had his station to talk radio! Same station!

  56. Kristine at - Reply

    It is hard to rehash all the signs my father continued to share after he was deceased..hands on shoulder, bird looking into house etc.

  57. Denise at - Reply

    Last week, it was pretty breezy here and it blew my front door open. As I went to the front door to close it, this Hawk screeched so loud, and jumped off the tree branch so hard, he snapped it.. Then he joined 2-3 other Hawks. I believe my son visits me in the form of a Hawk. Since his 14 month Angelversary in January 2013, they surround me in VERY strange places <3 I have a very strong spiritual connection with my only son in Heaven. He was very fascinated with the afterlife when he was with us here 😉

  58. Joyce Hunt at - Reply

    My mom passed away last October at the age of 95. For the last almost year of her life myself and others took care of her 24/7. It was her wish to pass away at the home she had lived in for 70 years and we fulfilled that wish. She wasn’t sick or anything like that. Her mind was still sharp but her body just became weak, to the point where she couldn’t stand up any longer – even with help. That was five days before she passed. We brought in a hospital bed, brought in hospice, stopped her meds, and the nurse started her on morphine. During those 5 days, most of the family – who were able to – came to visit. I have 4 siblings with 2 of them living out of state. Although one came with his wife the Sunday before, sensing they should be there. She passed away during the afternoon but throughout that morning many family members who couldn’t be there, called. Even her great grandson who was stationed overseas. Every time, we would hold the phone to her ear and even though she couldn’t speak any longer, we knew she could her them because she would try to move her mouth and open her eyes. To me, she was waiting to hear from everyone before she went to be with my dad. My sister in law has the ability to communicate with loved ones who have passed. The Saturday before my mom passed, my sister in law was at home and thought she heard footsteps on her basement stairs. She knew her husband, my brother, nor anyone else was there. She went to the steps and ‘saw’ my dad. He told her to go tell my mom he was waiting for her. So she did. After the funeral, my son – who was extremely close to my mom – was walking around town and saw a money tree in a store window. The only other time he had ever seen a money tree was the day my mom retired and received one from her work. I’ve never before experienced anything – to my knowledge – from a loved one who has passed but I have had 2 experiences since my mom’s passing. Both having to do with phone calls. The first time, I was at my mom’s house with my son and was calling my sister from my mom’s phone. While it was ringing, I could hear myself having a conversation with someone. The other time, I was at home and was calling my sister from my home phone and it went to voice mail. However, it wasn’t my sister’s voice mail – it was my mom’s. And I know I dialed it right and their numbers are not even close to being similar. My daughter said she had a dream one night where she was holding her 3 year old daughter in one arm and saw ‘something’ move onto her other arm and reached out to hold my granddaughter’s hand. My daughter knew it was my mom, her grandma. It made her cry to the point that her husband woke her up wondering what she was crying about. One more thing. Across the road from my parents house (which is out in the country, where I grew up) is a tree and on that tree, I have been able to see for several years now the outline of my dad’s semi profile face, as if he’s looking out at the pond he made. Now, since my mom has passed, I can see her semi profile face next to my dad’s looking the other way. And above them, I can now see the outline of a baby, which I believe is the one my mom miscarried with. I just hope, since the farm has been left to us 5 siblings, that we do the right thing with the farm. It’s still up for debate, as my sister and I want to keep it in the family but my 3 brothers want to sell it. I will be devastated if it is sold.

  59. Tracy at - Reply

    Someone very close to me died. I was crying and talking to him and felt tingling on my cheek–I know he kissed me

  60. Sally at - Reply

    My dad came to me in the middle of an unrelated dream. He said, “I’m proud of you kid. Tell your mother I love her.” Then he was gone and my dream continued.

  61. Mary Jo at - Reply

    Many years ago I was walking my dog, and passed by a home that had a garden filled with petunias. My grandmother used to grow hundreds of petunias, and whenever I smell them I think of her, and that’s what happened that day. I continued on my walk. Suddenly I felt a column of cold air envelop me. It was an extremely hot, muggy day, but I felt as though someone had turned on an air conditioner. I looked around and could see nothing that would have caused cold air on such a day. I believe it was my grandma.

  62. Cayce at - Reply

    Both my parents were “deaf mutes” and I first lost my mother when I was 6 yrs old. She died in a car accident and long story short, when I was 31 yrs oldm my father passed, and my mother came to me for the last time. As she visited me in my dream state, we both were above my father, as we both looked down, I knew he had already passed and my mother told me, “It’s my anniversary and its time for me to cross over.” The first time my father came to me, I was sleeping on the living room couch and when I looked up, my father was sitting at the end of the couch, and in sign language he asked, “What happened?” I then signed back to him that he had passed and he asked me “how?” I told him that he had a massive heart attack and then he looked around my living room with the expression of confusion and then he was gone. Six months later, I had moved into a new apartments and my father came to me again, only this time when I saw him, and he was like in his 30’s, he was thin and his hair was jet black and when I started to use sign language, he stopped me and I heard his voice, he said, that he can talk and that he was happy and he had better leave because a storm was coming. And of course I used my sign “I love you” with my pinky, index and thumb sticking out as he was leaving. There was a ball of energy from afar and when he was leaving, he vanished into energy and merged into the ball of energy and the ball of energy took off. When I awoke, it was a beautiful day in Las Vegas, NV and I was curious about the storm, so I turned on the news and there was nothing about any storm to be expected that day. And a few hours passed and we were suddenly hit with a storm. I truly believe it was one way to validate my vivid dream. By the way, hearing my father’s voice in a normal tone was so “AWESOME!”….Thanks for allowing me to share this.. Love and Light… Cayce

  63. Glenda at - Reply

    After my husband died I began to find pennies as I walked or entered or left stores – almost anywhere. I thought of him and thanked him with each find! He was always quite a joker and I knew for sure the pennies were from him when I entered a restroom at the YWCA and saw a very shiny penny laying in the bottom of the toilet! I laughed so hard and sent my love to him as I flushed it down the drain! Wasn’t going to pick that one up!

  64. martha romo at - Reply

    My father passed away in Jan 3, 2005, about a week after he passed I was making my husband lunch before he went to work, and he left I went into our bedroom. When i got in there I smelled colone. I first thought , why is he putting colone on for work(construction worker), it was so strong of a smell. So the kids was ready to go to school, so i took them, came back. and that smell was still there real realy strong, then i thought hey thats not Armando colone, oh wow thats my dads. I got a little scared and i ran into my mothers room and i said . mom i smell daddy in my room and its like a bottle of his colone broke. She said, “baby dont be scared just go back and tell him u love him”. So i went back, but when i got back the smell was gone!. that smell couldnt have gone that fast unless it was him telling me he was ok. That was the last time ive ever got any kind of message from him. My mom passed 7 months later. And i can hear her in my dreams. in fact i went to see Brian and she came to see me. Thank you Brian i will never forget that.

  65. Sherrie Jacobs at - Reply

    My son crossed over in 2007. He sends me so many signs because he knows my heart is broken. He leaves pennies. He sends owls and hawks. He shows the number 143 a lot. (shorthand for I love you). Trucks pass with his name painted on the side, songs have his name in them on the radio, door bell rings although door bell wires are cut, tv channels change and volume changes, phone rings once, etc. I have had a number of “visit” in my dreams. The difference between a dream and a visit for me is that in the visit, I KNOW he is dead and ask him how he can be here. He always looks so beautiful and shining around the edges. When he said he had to go, I asked why…. he disappeared but was still talking and laughing. He said, “Rules, rules, rules” ! I love that visit. His grandma and brother also got to visit with him. SO AWESOME.

  66. Jenise at - Reply

    My mom passed away in 2009. Her name was Magnolia. She comes to me in dreams when I ask to see her. One day I was driving down the street thinking about her and how I wanted to put purple flowers on her grave and something said look up. There was her name on the street sign. I never knew there was a street named Magnolia in Chicago. At that time I though it was weird but no I know it was a sign for me and that purple flowers are just fine. It made me smile.

  67. Meghan at - Reply

    I often have all of these things happen to me and most frequently are the dreams, they are incredibly vivid and when it’s someone I am closer with I will dream of them around the time they pass and wake knowing they have died, before anyone has told me. I find constant reminders of the people that have passed. However I have this older lady that comes to see me often and it’s very aggressive and scares me somewhat, are you able to help me talk with her she will not speak with me just yells.

  68. Karen Feinberg at - Reply

    My Mother’s dog was a black cocker spaniel that died 35 years ago. A month before she passed the girl that took care of her was in the kitchen and heard her calling “Trixie”, she asked her who was Trixie. My Mother said it’s my dog, didn’t you see him. The year after my Mother passed, the day before her birthday, I was going into a supermarket that I don’t always go into. There standing outside was a man with a black cocker spaniel on a lease. I couldn’t believe it, you hardly see that kind of dog anymore and also pure black. I walked over to the man and was petting the dog and told the man about my Mother’s dog. He said this must be a sign. I think it was, being her birthday was the next day. She passed in July 2012 at 5 mos. short of 100.

  69. Danielle Falcone at - Reply

    I lost my mom almost 13 years ago….i see her in my dreams, but she never says anything…i smell her all the time..this certain smell…and there is this lady that works at Wal-Mart…i see her only when im thinkin of my mom….looks just like her…..i still have questions because my mom died very suddenly..i really need to connect with her so i can have a peace of mind

  70. Elizabeth at - Reply

    I was on the phone talking with a friend and she was letting me know that she was going in for surgery and as she was telling me what they were going to do. I heard something tell me that she would go through the operation ok but shortly afterwards she would not be ok. I did not want to believe that so I blew it off. When she came out of the operation and was ok I did not think much of it. What happened next blew me away and I am so sorry I did not get to tell her about this because I thought she would be on the look out for some problems. Well, here it goes she came home and I was watching her dog for her and I had returned the dog to her and had to leave right away because of a previous engagement. So I left and then I received a phone call that she had passed I could not believe that this happened to her and I feel I was wrong for not saying something to her. I have that regret for not telling her and live with that every day.

  71. Denise at - Reply

    I have had several experiences with my loved ones that have passed. But my mom, about a week after her funeral I dreamt that I was on the couch watching TV – and she came out in her green robe, and sat in HER recliner. After a few minutes she said she was cold (she always was cold) so I suggested she go back to bed. Then it hit me and I said “Wait a minute Mom, you are dead”. She looked at me and said “I am – well that sucks”. It made me laugh and feel warm as that is what she would have said when she was alive. Even with Alzheimer’s she never lost her humor. I miss her, but know she is here with me. (P.S. – Her recliner occassionally will rock with no on in it) I can never get rid of that.

  72. Diane Ouimet at - Reply

    I keep smelling coffee. Mom had a pot going 24/7. I don’t have any coffee in my house, I am a tea drinker, so when I smell coffee, I always say, “hi Mom, love you”

    And I keep finding dimes! Not pennies, but dimes, I am confused about that one?

  73. Renee Koch at - Reply

    Shortly after my mom passed, she came to me in a dream. She was a young adult and was smiling and laughing with her friends. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. I went to her and asked her if she knew who I was and she said,”Yes, you’re the daughter I’m going to have one day” In life her body was riddled with arthritis and she was crippled. On the other side I know she is young and happy and free from pain!

  74. Margaret at - Reply

    I believe my daughter sends me hummingbirds. Never noticed them till after I lost her. Now they come from out of nowhere and hover in front of my face. One time it was so close I could feel the breeze from it’s wings on my cheek. Brought me such joy! <3

  75. Jennifer Rorick at - Reply

    Hi, I always read your posts. I find in them a confirmation to things I already know and feel. While I cannot see them I have 3 that are always with me. I know by a touch or smell and once in awhile if I really pay attention I’ll hear them. It is an amazing feeling knowing that while they are gone, they are still with me, still loving and protecting me, guiding me away from negative things and toward positive things.

  76. Mary at - Reply

    About a week after my father died in 1994, I was working quietly by myself in my office at work. Suddenly I heard a voice say “Mary”. It startled me because I thought that I was the only one in the immediate area! I walked out of the office saying “hello”, but no one responded! I walked around the area and saw absolutely nobody. I walked to the office across the hall, and asked the coworker there if he had called me, but he said no. Then I asked if he had heard anyone else in the area, but he said no.

    So, I went back to my office and thought for a moment, and tried to remember the way it had sounded. My father used to say my name with an Irish brogue(accent), because his mother immigrated from Ireland and he loved everything Irish!! After playing it back in my mind, I realized that I had heard my name exactly like the way my dad would have said it! I figured then that it was him just letting me know that he was okay 🙂

  77. Janette at - Reply

    A few days after my mother passed at the age of 96, I was sitting in my friend’s, and a friend of my mother’s, house at her computer. I was just overcome with the feeling of love, real love. It lasted several minutes and was very intense. I just knew that my mother was letting me know she was fine on the other side and that she loved me. Later, I smelled the scent of mint at my friend’s house. Mother used to grow mint in the backyard for iced tea. This was a nice memory. Later, at Christmas, I went over to another friend’s house to exchange gifts, including several sewing patterns that were my mother’s that I was giving to my friend. We were sitting in her living room, and just as my friend was opening her gift of the patterns, the doorbell rang. There was no explanation for the doorbell ringing, but I knew that was my mother saying hi on Christmas day. Christmas was always special at our house. I have asked my mother to help me find her misplaced diamond ring. I keep hearing it is in the small box, but have not found it yet. I am sure, with her guidance, I will find the ring. I have shared these stories with others, and have heard interesting stories of certain songs being played at a significant time, coins, and much more.

  78. anna at - Reply

    I think my husband is trying to let me know he is here with me. I have a small block of wood with his name craved on it. after he passed away in 2012, I painted it and put it on his urn. when it stands up it shows his name Jon every few days it is still standing up but now it is backwards NOJ.

  79. Esmeralda at - Reply

    my grandfather died in 1998, I was 12 years old, I was a kid but I always thought of him, he lived a full life and died of natural causes, so I know he didn’t suffer. By the time I was born, he was already very old, my dad was one of the youngest of his kids. So I didn’t get to know him as much as I would have liked. When I gor married, I started realizing that my grandfather would never get to see me walking down the aisle, or meet my children, and every time I thought about it I cried, it made me very sad. That’s when I started to dream a lot about him; 2 years before he passed, both his legs were amputated below the knee due to diabetes, but every time I dream about him, he’s always standing, walking, etc. He looks the way I remember him when I was a kid. When I was pregnant with my first child, I cried a lot because my grandfather would never get to meet him, and vice versa. 2 days after my son was born, while still in the hospital, my grandfather appeared in my dream, he was standing at the bottom of stairs, holding my son, and I was standing a few inches away from him, he looked down at my son and then he looked at me and said, ” so this is your son”. I cry every time I remember or talk about that dream. I actually can’t think about him without crying because I believe I still haven’t gotten over his death, and he appears in my dreams every time I feel sad about his death. I kow its his way of visiting and letting me know he’s gotten to know me and my family, but I never did get to know him.

  80. Carrie at - Reply

    My brother, Bill and I were very close and only 15 months apart in age. He passed in 2009. About 3 months after he passed, he came to me in a dream (a connection). We hugged and I asked how he was doing. He said, “I have a lot of reading to do.” I asked what did he have to read and he said, “Thessalonians”. I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t read much of the Bible at all and wasn’t even sure what that part was even about. I took it as a message that I was supposed to read it. After reading “Thessalonians” I & II, I could see that the message to ME was:
    “You are doing the right thing and following the right path. Keep doing what you are doing and HANG IN THERE!” It has been very comforting to me. My husband and I also get lots of signs from our other loved ones who have passed: Birds, butterflies, pennies, smells, flowers, music, etc……very comforting.

    • Carrie at - Reply

      P.S. TODAY (March 27th) was his birthday!

  81. Debbie at - Reply

    Hi Blair:

    Sometimes I get a “feeling” and it makes me cry. It is at these times, I believe my father, whom I was very close, is in my presence. Is this possible?

  82. Karen Irvine at - Reply

    My Mother passed in 2000, the same year I was diagnosed with Ms. I had to go to so many Doctors for my Disability Insurance, it was overwhelming. One day I was driving home in the car crying with frustration when suddenly the inside of the car felt bright, warm, sunny, happy, I felt euphoric. t feeling lasted for a good five minutes then slowly faded away. I knew it was my Mom giving me a hug and letting me know that was what it felt like all the time for her now. I went back to feeling normal again, but a peacefulness had settled over me now.
    Another time she came to me in a dream, smirking with a secret ( my sister called the next day to tell me she was going to be a Grandmother) and she told me she had a cell phone now ( she never had a cekpll phone) and I could call her whenever I wanted,
    My Dad passed at a very early age, 43, and has been gone for 41 years now. He comes to me often, but not in dreams usually. His visits are when Im very much awake. He came to me in. Dream and I was standing in a hospital, and repetitive signs flashed at me…the stand up calendar with a month and date, my Ubcles name, and a flashing DANGER sign. The dream wouldn’t leave me alone ( his messages are something I have to pass on or they won’t leave my head, he’s very persistant with his warnings) so I calld my Uncle and asked if he needed to see a Doctor, he laughed, but wrote down the date, five years later on that same day he had a quadruple heart bypass. I called him still the hospital and he pulled out the note he had kept with the date. Same date, just 5 years warning!
    I have had dreams of my best friend dying. So real that when I woke up I called her to make sure she was ok. Her son called to say they were expecting. The next time her son died, after that her first grandson, etc. I finally figured out it was her Dad giving us a heads up on new Grandbabies, opposites you know. Sometimes I gave her to weeks notice.
    My Aunt (my Dads sister)was in the hospital with her family by her side, and we had sod delivered and it was sitting in our driveway. I had my Dad singing The Geeen Green Grass Of Home in my head. It wouldn’t leave so I called my cousin in the hospital to tell her DD was singing on of their favourite songs ( we all grew up with guitars and singing) I thought I did my job but the song wouldn’t leave. I turned on the radio,a I tried singing other songs, after a good 15 min of this, I called my cousin back and said “sing to her” after that the song was gone. Weird
    My Moms favourite bird was a Robin, I went to the cemetery to do some planting, Nd it was at the beginning of my mS and it was difficult to walk. I couldn’t find my Grandparents grave and went back to the car very frustrated, until I looked up and a few rows down was a Obin chirping at me. I walked right up to her and she looked down the row then flew away. I said ok, grabbed my stuff and walked right down to my grandparents headstone. I always say Thankyou and acknowledge their appearance and they just keep coming.
    I have always been intuitive , but if you take the time “to smell the roses” as mt Dad always said, you can feel them in so many ways. My Dad has been gone so many years but still visits regularly.
    I have a new grandson and he as in is exersaucer playing and all of a sudden his head flies back and it’s like he is watching something flying around on the ceiling. My daughter said he has been doing it all week. His Birthday was coming up. His cousin was named after her and when I was holding him and mentioned his cousins name, he threw his head back and did the same thing. I know he seen my Mom.
    Einstein said “We are not human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience….we are spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience”

  83. Shelley at - Reply

    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories!
    Just over two years ago now, my niece lost the love of her life, he was in an accident.
    He was a very beautiful soul, they had plans to get married and spend their life together.

    The Morning of the accident: my husband came home from night shift and told me; there was an accident just down the street from our home, “a truck is in the ocean” I looked at him and said “I hope it is not James”. Not even five minutes passed, when the phone rang. It was my sister, crying hysterical telling me that “James has passed, you need to go be with (My niece, her daughter) until I can get there”. I was one of the first persons at the scene with my niece

  84. Lorraine at - Reply

    Thank you for the timing of this, Blair. It was 2 years ago today that my Dad passed away. Often right after he passed, my daughter and I would find coins in weird places. Dad could never walk past even a penny on the ground. He always had to stop and pick it up (even when he had trouble bending over, he’d get on his hands and knees to get it). I’m hoping at some point today he gives me another coin 🙂 Although, I won’t turn down any paper currency from him.

  85. april at - Reply

    Thank you so much Blair! I would love to share my story. My oldest brother passed 2 yrs ago. One night as i was praying I asked him why were you so mean to me growing up? This really bothered me even after all these years! So i continued to ask him. As a few nights went by,,I continued to ask. One morning i woke up and i decided to go on face book..To my surprise my brothers picture had become my profile picture! I just sat here and tears rolled down my face..I felt he was saying he was sorry.Since that i have felt no hard feelings about him! Now that was amazing! What a huge difference that has made in my life..I can now move forward..
    Love & Light

  86. Carol at - Reply

    My husband used to ask me “Penny for your thoughts?”, since he passed 4 years ago I find pennies in places where they shouldn’t be, on a stand that I had just dusted, in my car everywhere. When I see a penny, I know he’s nearby.
    In ’02 my son was in Iraq, in the Air Force and my youngest daughter was expecting her second child. There was a chance that she wouldn’t carry the child full term. I was nearly frantic with worry over my son and daughter and unborn grandchild. One night, my mother came to me in a dream. I’m not one to dream or remember if I do. She was beautiful as she was when she was in her 30’s. I felt a wave of love fill me like I never felt before, my mother had a strained relationship, we seldom got along, but the love she projected was wonderful. She told me to not worry, everything would be fine. My grandson was born healthy and full term, I witnessed the birth, awesome experience and my son came home healthy and whole. I will never forget the feeling of love from my mother.

  87. Liz at - Reply

    I had two things happen, my husband always asked me about my grandfather. He knew he liked to hunt and fish and wanted to know more about him. I use to tell him that I wish they could have met, that he really would have enjoyed spending time with him. My husband is now buried up the hill from my grand parents. As I was leaving right after they buried my husband I was driving down the hill. I turned the radio on and the last song I had played at my husband funeral came on, it was right at the end of the song. As I passed my grand parents grave, the last song played for my grandfather at his funeral came on. I just knew they finally met and were together and letting know.

    The second thing that happened was one morning my 10yr old grandson and I were laying in my bed talking about grandpa and how much we missed him. It was the first time my grandson opened up and told me how much he missed his grandfather. There was no one else at home, my little dog was sound asleep on the foot of the bed. All of a sudden we heard a sound of a squeaky dog toy in the room. (My dog doesn’t play with squeaky toys although she does have a couple. She has a squeaky dog bone which we use to tie the mylar balloons she like to drag around the house.) My husband use to tease her with it, it got her attention so that she knew he had her balloon by squeaking it. My grandson said: “what was that grandma” I said it sounded like a dog toy but there isn’t one in here. He said the dogs balloon is in the hall with the toy, I then remembered she brought it in the room the night before and I put it up on the chair so we wouldn’t step on it. I got up went to the chair and squeaked it, my grandson said “thats the noise we heard”. I know it had to be my husband letting us know he is alright and is still with us. I know people think I am nuts when I tell the story, but it made me a true believer.

  88. Lena at - Reply

    Hello Blair,
    What a lovely article, thank you for sharing.

    My mom leaves me dimes. Along with the dime comes that comforting feeling all over my body, and that ah-hah moment. There are other times that I see a dime/s, but those are just normal dime moments, like you mentioned in the article, there is a different sort of sense that comes in those moments of contact with passed over loved ones.

    Thank you!
    Blessings to you, Wendy and all that pertains to the both of you,

  89. Paula at - Reply

    My ex-husband who I remained close friends with and always continued to love him deeply since our divorce in January , 2000 passed away on our son’s 16 birthday December 1, 2013. It’s been so hard, its overwelming and I cannot stop crying. I often go the cemetary which is right across the street of my work. One day I cried and cried and as I left and said “Please Rob, just give me a sign, a sign that you are ok”. I got into my jeep and was making a left hand turn on a street when in front of me I got blocked by this huge tractor trailer with huge lettering on the side “Robert”….I felt this happiness come over me because I know that was him as I’m on the road a lot. Our older son who is 21 has witnessed this too on his own. The other day I went to the cemetary again and as I was driving back to work the same truck passed me by again! It’s got to be him!

  90. Jamie at - Reply

    Since my mom passed in 2012, she has appeared to me in my sleep several times. A few weeks ago I was dreaming that she was at the door when I answered it. She showed me a cell phone and wanted me to fix it for her. She said to look at the blinking light. When I looked at it, there was a heart icon blinking. I looked at her and said “wow, I’ve never seen that before”. She smiled and then disappeared. I then woke up and knew it wasn’t a dream because it felt so real.

  91. Dawn at - Reply

    Hi Blair,

    O.K., I tried your suggestion of asking loved ones who have passed to contact me in my sleep. Mainly my brother Danny who passed when he was 3 years old and I was 2. The other night I had a dream I met a gorgeous man, about 30 in the dream. I felt overwhelming love for this man and was so happy to see him. He kept showing me these huge orbs and told me when I see them, it is him around me. He kept flashing them, big and bright, some white and some blue and told me over and over it was him. For many years I have taken photos and often have huge white orbs appear in them. I also have random humming birds fly up to me, hover in front of me, fly around my head, hover in front of me again and then take off. Sometimes they appear so quickly that it scares the crap out of me. This happens often. I also often see flashes of light out of the corner of my eye.

    No name was mentioned in my dream, just so much love and happiness. In my dream I kept saying excitedly, it’s him, it’s him, look, it’s him.

    When I woke, I knew it was Danny, but older. I just knew it and I was so happy. Right now at this moment as I am typing this and thinking of him, I have this high pitched ringing in my ear.

    Really cool!


  92. Carla Guzman at - Reply

    My mother was getting a home permanent when she suffered a major stoke on a Saturday morning, passing away Sunday night. I went to meet a friend at a bar for a drink, when all the sudden I smelled permanent solution! I was just getting ready to ask my friend, do you smell that? When she asked me first. She also smelled it. We were looking around to see if somebody had walked past us, and the only people that were around us were men. I told her about my mom. She said I think you just had a visit from her. I think so too! I have smelled it a couple of times since then also.

  93. Sue lombardi at - Reply

    I read what you said this morning. I am always looking for signs from my parents and my brother. My brother Tony passed away 6 years ago. He was 50 years old. Today while driving home, I looked up and there was a big truck in front of me. On the back of the truck in Big red letters was TONY’S fine foods. I could feel him. My brother Tony was definitely around me today.

  94. Karen at - Reply

    I had one just happen last night… I am at a crossroads in my life and was crying very hard and I looked at the clock and it was 11:22… My dad’s bday. I know he is my guardian angel and I know he was right there with me. 🙂

  95. Silverhawk at - Reply

    Lately I have been thinking of my loved one who crossed over from a violent heart attack. I still talk to him and let him know that I miss him and that I think of him.

  96. Claudette at - Reply

    My heart feels your sadness Sandy Hassinger. My only love went to spirit on June 30, 2009. When you are emotionally charged they cannot reach out. I was running in circles searching for him before I realized he had not gone anywhere. Only then I felt him reaching me with gentle energy touches that quieted my anguish. Now my dreams of him are abundant and I can feel his kisses and see him. His love is keeping me going forward. Reach out to others going through the same trauma and share your thoughts. Life continues forward and our connected energies keep us focused.

  97. louise black at - Reply

    Hi Blair, you did a reading for me on Jan.21st. During the mediumship part of the reading, a man came forward holding what you said looked like a calender, and he was pointing to the 21st, the month was not clear. You said his name was a J name, and that he was a grandfather figure. I had no clue who or what you could have been talking about, but you did tell me that just because what you said didn’t make sense at the time, that it would later on. I just chalked it up to the comment you made, that Jan. 21st was also your fathers b’day and you said,that you just remembered it. But something kept nagging me every day about that J name, so, one day while I was doing my usual walk, I prayed and asked for someone to tell me who in my family had a J name. As soon as I finished talking, a voice said, his name is Julian, the voice was as clear as if someone was standing in front of me, then it hit me, the name Julian goes back several generations on my fathere side! I looked everywhere for something to connect the 21 to, Feb. 21st came and went, nothing happened. Then….. on FRIDAY, MARCH 21ST, when I checked our mailbox, there was a letter from an atty. that was handling the estate of my aunt, she was in the bloodline from Julian. The letter was notifying me that her estate had just come out of probate and if I wanted to pursue claiming her house and one acre of land, to contact him within 30 days! After I read the letter, I looked at the calender, and it was the 21st. I was just as speechless as I was the day that voice said his name was Julian, talk about goosebumps, and picking my jaw up off the floor!! So, after that, I got some guidance, and Julian came in again. He was My greatgrandfather, and my aunts grandfather. The name Julian, has been handed down for many generations. He wanted me to know that he wanted me to contac the atty., and to get the estate for me. He wants it to stay in the bloodline as long as possible, and would I leave it to my son. He also paid me a compliment! He said he knew that I loved birds and flowers, and that he knew that I would make the land green again! He also said to view that letter as a winning lottery ticket, its there for me to take. But, I said that because of our financial situation, and my husbands illness, I did not have the money it may take to get it, he said for me not to worry about the money part, that the money
    would come to me.My aunt also paid me a compliment. She said out of all the nieces and nephews, that I was the most grounded, and her favorite niece,and the most responsible, and that she also wanted me to take it, because if the church that she left it to kept it, they would auction it off, and no telling what would happen to it. They had no children. This is the last piece of land in Julians bloodline, and I guess that is why he came through to you, Blair, to use you as the messenger for what he wanted me to do!!!! Thank you Blair, for doing what you do I can’t wait to see where this goes. The way this all unfolded still gives me chills.

  98. Rita at - Reply

    After my Mom passed away, I received a statue that was in her room when she died. It “glowed” for 6 months and then stopped. Why did it glow? Why did it stop? I miss her everyday.

  99. anna at - Reply

    Hi Blair
    I lost my husband April 14/12, my husband had been really sick for a while in and out of the hospital. I would always say to him please promise me you won’t give up and leave me. He would always promise me he would stay. on April,14/12 we watched a movie with our daughter after the movie was over he was acting kind o strange so I phoned his nurse and she told me this is gonna be hard but you got to tell him it is ok if he needs to go that you will be ok. It was very hard but I went over hugged and kissed him and told him that i set him free that I would be ok and that I would always love him. within 5 minutes he smiled and said he was now happy and he passed away. It has been very hard since he left I see a few things that are out of place now and then but I keep hoping to feel him close to me. but I know that he is not suffering any more.

  100. Pat at - Reply

    Hello Blair, Jan 2005 the weekend was 20 degrees. I kept smelling Lilies at the entrance of my home, Monday I went to pick up the mail(15 miles away)and went to my Dad’s house to give him his mail, as I went to park I saw a pink thing and clothes laying on the ground. I walked over to find my dad dead,frozen, I think he came to my place to let me know he passed over, but I usually only saw him 2x a wk except I had seen him that Friday, because he had heater trouble I was trying to get his furnace working, I could not do it, he said he would call the other neighbor. apparently that guy could not do it. On my trip back from Ireland in 2007, I was delayed in London, so my arrival time back to home airport was almost 6 hours late which made for along 2 hour drive back home. I talked to my Angels asked them to get me home safe cause I was tired. When I got within 25 miles I could smell my Dad’s cigar. I thanked them all when I arrived home safely. Each time my dad comes to me he would puff cigar smoke into my face, I told him he was choking me with all that smoke please just a small puff would be good.He seems to also come when I am on the phone with my sister she also get cigar smoke. I also get a burnt food scent I believe it is my mother(she burnt food all the time)passed in 1996, we were not close for 20 years prior. I get other people visit at my bedside,3 actually, psychic friend said who they were. All my women relations, great gram, one of her dau, and my other great gram. One sits at chest area the other at hip and the other at the foot of bed. One should always listen and feel for signs of loved ones coming through.

  101. Debbie at - Reply

    After 4 years of being gone from US, my sister and her family came to New Zealand to visit me and my family and we spent the summer holiday (January) away at a lake house down South on North Island. Second day into our stay, my daughter (9 yrs & her son 18 yrs) went out on a kayak together about lunch time. They headed toward an island in the middle of the lake. Time passed and 6 hours later we’re wondering where they were. My sister decided to get on another kayak to find them…eventually we had Coastguard trying to find them and luckily did. It was a close call and a good lesson for all of us to appreciate our family. The very next day a little baby Mynah bird (normally just a pest) was following us around the front deck of the house and wanted to hang out with us. I thought to myself that it was probably my dad visiting (passed 7 years ago)and making sure everyone was ok. My daughter is like an animal magnet so I know he would of known she as well as all the kids, would look after it. The bird (Claudia…they named it) hung around for a couple days then one day disappeared. That to me was a definite sign that my dad is watching out for us.

  102. Ellen Gottwald at - Reply

    I totally believe in loved ones communicating with us.I have had many experiences with this,when m mom passed away I was so upset one day I was alone & crying missing her so mch I said mom I only I knew you were alright I would be alright.the next day my sister who had to drive about 2 hrs come to tell me she had a dream last nigh about mom,he said to tell everyone she was all right,the exact same words I had used.

  103. Andrea Bryan at - Reply

    I lost my baby brother a year ago, he was not just my brother I raised him and had such a unbelievable bond with him, the day he passed I even felt his spirit leave. I had always worried about him all his life just like a mom would for her child, so after him passing over my worry was consuming me it was awful, five months after his passing I went to sleep, and I was dreaming I was conversing with people I did not know, then all of a sudden someone came from behind me and wrapped there arms around me, it made me smile, I turned to see who it was and it was my brother hugging me tight with a big smile on his face, as soon as I saw him my legs trembled and I began to cry and woke from my dream. I feel so very blessed to have had that dream. He was certainly letting me know he was ok and not to worry. I realized that it took five months for him to let me know he was ok because I could barely handle it that night. Anytime sooner I might have had a break down..

  104. Prudence Shaw at - Reply

    My husband recently passed away suddenly from a heart attack in our home. I kept his pillow on the bed with his favorite pjs. I felt him lie down in bed and heard him breathing softly. I had to turn the light on to see if he was there then I hugged his pillow and kissed him goodnight as I always did and then I heard him say good night Sugar Babe I love you. Sugar Babe was his pet name for me then I knew for certain he is still with me every day. I do miss him so much but know he is watching over me.

  105. Tina Nilsen at - Reply

    I lost my beloved husband Alan in Dec. 2012 to cancer. Every night laying in bed I would ask him to wait for me, for him not to take the journey without me. One morning about 8 months after his passing I woke up, picked up his urn (I sit him by my bed side every night) and walked down the hallway into the den. As I went to set his urn on his memory table my computer came on across the room by it’s self and diplayed my log in name “Tina”. I looked at his large picture I have on the wall above his table and said “Baby I know that was you”. I then walked over to the TV and hit the on button, not changing the channel or anything , just the ON button. I turned to walk in to the kitchen and as the TV came on the song “I Will Wait For You” came blaring out of the speakers! I spun around and the TV was on a news show. I started to cry happy tears because I knew it was him telling me that he would wait for me!! I kept thanking him and telling him I heard him. I was so happy I could have ran out in the street and screamed “He’s going to wait for me! He is very strong and gives me and our boys signs all the time that he is still here with us. If I didn’t truly believe I would not be able to breath without him. He always was my life for 35 years and he always WILL be my life till we are together again.

  106. Pam Slavens at - Reply

    I have been using Blairs Tranquility meditation. My 18 yr old grandson was murdered in nov 2012. I have so wanted to make a connection with him. A few days ago I continued meditating even when the tape was done as it just felt so good. Patrick had a cat when he was a child and I could not remember its name for nothing! Why I even thouht about that cat ai dont know. But while I was meditating all of a sudden Patrick was there and he held out that cat to me! Patrick was grinning! And then I knew it was “Kitty Kitty” Patrick had a real thing about shoes. He loved his shoes and only wore the And when they were worn out they were still as clean as the day we bought them. He showed me his feet! And he had on beautiful white shoes and I heard him say “New pair everyday!” I felt so blessed. I would not miss meditating now! Just in case.

  107. Susan Carol Nesmith at - Reply

    When my father was ill, he was staying at a convalesence center. After he passed, my husband and I went to the director’s office to pick up his things. I glanced out of the window and saw a ‘Big John’s’ pizza delivery truck. I was stunned. Everyone knew my father by the name ‘Big John’! I saw it as a sign that he was okay on the other side. That was over 2 years ago and I still miss him terribly!

  108. Docia Vagnerini at - Reply

    My Father came to me twice in my sleep it was so wonderful! My sister loved Elvis and I made a promise that whenever I heard Elvis on the radio I would not change the channel,and I haven’t,so now everytime I hear him it brings me to that special place of remembrance of her. I am constantly finding pennies and I don’t know who is sending them but I definately appreciate the connecting,whoever it is. I miss my Mom so much and have not received anything that I’m aware of from her, it sometimes makes me feel she’s mad at me for something,but maybe I will someday and it will be so wonderful.

  109. Suzanne at - Reply

    I often feel my Mum and Dad and quite often see them – when my husband and I dance to “String of Pearls” (their song) – they are there, dancing right along.
    My Mum always wore Yardley’s English Lavender and shows me she’s there when it comes wafting across the breeze. My Dad used Aqua Velva and I notice it quite often.
    My husband and I regularly invite them (and his departed Dad) to our table – we prepare a plate for them and when supper is over, the food is given out to the “wee ones” in the garden…
    It is such a joy to know they are so close…. my Dad can often “be found” standing in the yard, rolling his cigarette, in his Tilly hat!

  110. Tina Davies at - Reply

    My 18 yr. old son Richard died by suicide. My younger son James and I found him, he had hung himself. When the paramedics got to our home, they would not let me go back downstairs where his body lay. I only wanted to hug him – you get to hug your baby when he is born, you should be able to hug him when he dies. In my shock, I listened to them and the next time I saw my son’s body was in his coffin and I knew he wasn’t there, that was only a shell. But for 3 1/2 months after he died, I regretted not just going down there and hugging him. It almost killed me. One night while asleep, I saw Richard standing there in my dream and I said to him “Richard, I don’t think I can do this, all I wanted to do was kiss you and hug you – I can’t keep on, I just want to die too”. He said to me “I am here now, Mom. You can kiss me now.” So I put my arms around him and kissed him on the top of the head. I immediately woke up and I could still feel the kiss on his hair on my lips and the insides of my arms were so warm. And that regret was gone. That was my very first step in healing. Today I facilitate a survivors of suicide loss support group, I teach workshops on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention(after the suicide) and I counsel individuals and families with suicidal thoughts and grief after suicide. I speak at presentations on suicide and I always have and will believe that Love never dies. Love to you, Blair. xoxoxo

  111. Jenniffer Jude Slachtovsky at - Reply

    I have a question Blair, what does it mean if we see a loved one in a dream or dream state and we are frightened for some unknown reason? This has happened to me before and as much as I believe and know my loved one comes to me in peace and with the best intentions, often I still feel afraid when I am confronted in my dreams, why do you think this happens?

  112. Jen at - Reply

    My dad leaves me dimes almost everywhere I go. One time after going to the grocery store, I had picked up Romaine lettuce and put it in a bag. When I got home, there was a dime between the lettuce and the bag. 🙂

  113. Marilyn Martin at - Reply

    My husband was a mechanic and often worked in our garage at home. After he passed, our son was working on his car in the garage. I came home from church and my son said” mom, I swear I did not do this, it just showed up” There on the garage floor , in sawdust that my son had thrown down for an oil spill were two perfect boot prints…as if the sawdust had been spread around them. Beside the left one was a a small circle. That did it for me. My husband was disabled and walked with a crutch under his left arm. I just wish we had took a picture, but we know he had been standing there:)

  114. Sylvia DeBorger at - Reply

    You say our loved ones contact us to let us know they are well. What if they aren’t well? What if they went to Hell and are burning? Will they still contact us, or is it only the ones who went to heaven who will contact us? What if they aren’t loved ones, but we still had a close relationship with them here on earth? I hated my husband. I don’t know how he felt about me. Is there a chance he will contact me?

  115. Margaret Marlow at - Reply

    I was an unbeliever until my son passesf in a car accident. I received so many signs from him I was compelled to write a book about my experience. I am now a 100% believer in an afterlife.

  116. Barbara Robinson at - Reply

    I lost my mother 14 years ago April 6th and would like toake contact again. She came to me within 2 weeks of her passing. My mother appeared as a white glowing light one morning very early. She said Bobbi, mommy here I just want to let you know everything is ok now. No one ever callede Bobbi but she. I was so mad at myself for not beingpre awake to talk more. I was so tired . My father has been deceased for 16 years and I would welcome a connection there also, but nothing . My mother never said where she was or who she saw and I would like to talk more.
    Hoping for another connection soon.

  117. Katie Velasquez at - Reply

    Last night I had a most unusual dream of talking with my mom and she kissed my cheek. I felt it so clearly I woke up with a jolt and could smell her in my room. She has been gone for 3 years and I miss her terribly.

    • Wendy Irwin at - Reply

      My mom passed 8 yrs ago, the last time I saw her ( in a dream). She and my granddaughter were walking she was asking our granddaughter how school was, they were chatting and mom was so happy, she stopped where I was standing to talk to me, and of course I started to cry and asked her why she had to leave me, she told me she loved me and that she hadn’t left, she was always there. I couldn’t stop crying she kept telling me everything was fine. Then her and our granddaughter walked away. Talking…our grand baby was a baby when she passed, she said her only regret was not being there to watch our Lillie grow up. But that dream was as crystal clear as if she were still living. She told me before she left I would know when she came back because she would rub my head. I know she’s here tho….

  118. tina pullman at - Reply

    i was setting up pictures of loved ones the other day and dusting them my mum my brother my sister and dad have all passed, and i followed your instructions with the candle and i picked up a snowglobe that always reminds me of my brother with 2 kids on a teetertotter, i don,t think i have wound it since i bought it but decided too. and i had forgot it plays james taylor you,ve got a friend and i could hear my brother singing along. i think i got my message ahead of the saturday night connection. thanks

  119. ali johnson at - Reply

    My boyfriend Will and i dated on and off for about 15 months. I was scared to death of commitment and he was so patient and loving and kind to me after having been in a 5 year damaging relationship prior. He was a NAVY SEAL and 38 years old. we live in Las Vegas and him having friends from all over had a friend come in town wanting to stay with him and have him show him around. they went out to eat and they were driving back to his house and the street he happened to be on there was a hidden stop sign that crossed into a major street. he was not wearing his seatbelt (which was weird bc i had always known his to wear his seatbelt) unfortunately and went thru the stop sign and was ejected from his vehicle. it kills me every day that i was at work and had no idea until later on.
    2 days after his death i was on the verge of waking up and as if i called him on the phone i heard his voice ” Hello- Hi… (sigh) ive gotten” as i lay there awake feeling like there was an earthquake inside my soul begging him to finish his sentence a song that i had not thought about in months came to my mind. a song that i already knew was for me (passenger- by deftones) i felt him all day long with tingles and goosebumps and signs… the next night i had another dream. he has always written me letters of strength and love and light and courage and this letter i knew was from him it was written on golden white light paper that had the look of doilies (sp) a thing that reminded me of my grandmother as if she popped up to say hello and ive met Will. in this letter were words so beautifully written that one cannot fathom or explain the joy and light and beauty of it. He complimented my strength and dedication and all the things he loved and told me while he was alive… he told me this life was so beautiful and that i am creating it. He told me that he loved me with all the love the universe could possibly surround me with (and just IMAGINE FEELING IT) i have never had someone love me so hard and take so many chances to show he was mine. i felt so undeserving even while he was alive. it has now been 7 weeks and 3 days since he passed. i get lil signs every day. even if its just a feeling. he told me in another dream he wouldnt leave me while im distressed like this and that he missed me and wishes he were still on this side to be a part of my life.
    all these dreams were on the verge of waking.
    a week after he had passed i was trying to get myself back together and go to work. as im walking across the parking lot a car hits me and i roll up onto the hood and cracked the windshield with my head. i felt llike he was with me and protected me bc i was just fine and had no concussion or dizziness or anything. his phone was still on at this point so when i was released from urgent care i was at target and i sent him a text that said “i just got hit by a car on foot- please be here now” as SOON as i hit send i felt an energy rush come over me and almost knock me over into the aisle with a slight dizzy spell. (the only dizzy spell i had at all so i know it was not from hitting my head) as if he were saying “ARE you serious? ive freaking been here!!!”
    i had the darkest day of my life yesterday to where i wanted so badly to take my own life. i know in doing so it will not bring me to him or anyone i care about. i have decided to make one goal a day to have a reason to survive no matter how small the goal. i miss him so much and sometimes it seems almost unbearable like my heart will just give out. thank you for taking a moment to read this. hope you all have a good day. love and light with you.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Get help immediately if you are having suicidal thoughts. IMMEDIATELY.

  120. Naomi Connelly at - Reply

    Hi Blair;
    I was hoping you could tell me who tried to contact me and my husband on 4/14/14.

    I was home alone watching the HBO Documentary about the kids grief camp in CA, I was crying like a baby and obviously thinking of the love ones we have lost. The family came home from football practice and saw the last 10-15 minutes of the show. (My daughter politely asked that I not cry on the chicken I had just pulled off the grill)

    Shortly after I received a call from a 923 number on my cell phone, that was the only thing that showed was 923, no area code and no other numbers. I heard the phone but when I saw the number I was hesitant to answer. Just after, my husband also had a missed call from the same number with a voice-mail of static for a few seconds. I quickly reminded the family that it was probably someone reminding us they are still around but I am not sure who it was. If you have any insight it would be most appreciated.

    Thank you for all you do, you are truly a gift.

    Naomi Connelly

  121. Nancy Summa at - Reply

    I have Christmas Bells that I leave up all year long. The only way for them to play their tunes is by pushing a little button which is up on the wall. Every now and then, they just start playing the Christmas songs for no reason. You have to push the button for them to play but they will start playing on their own. This is how I know that my deceased loved ones are with me. I never know who it is but they make the bells play by them selves.

  122. M Sosa at - Reply

    When I was 10 my grandfather died…thanksgiving night. I saw him walking away from the place my parents and I were. I knew he had died at that moment, I remember crying and telling my mom he was gone. She didn’t believe me until we got home and she got a call saying my grandfather died of cardiac arrest…at the same time I saw him. Same think happened with my grandmother…I knew she was dead the morning she passed…before we had word. She visits me often in dreams, has helped me through tough times.

  123. Karen Dillon at - Reply

    i could write a book. I started seeing 11:11 every where i thought i was going crazy. I was with my dad when he died at 11:11 now me and my family find a dime and a penny together everywhere. 11 cents its always a dime and penny. My mom after she died my husband was out of town and i felt someone lay down in bed i said larry are you home and my Mom said no its me im here. i have so many recently my christmas cactus bloomed 2 white blooms out of nowhere. never does that. My brother in law died and my cousins going to. so it was a sign i knew it im intuitive some times. I need to learn about it. anyways they were both on dads side of the family.

  124. Lori Salisbury at - Reply

    There are so many signs to pick from. I had one in mind that is very distinct to my mom. She would often wear timeless perfume from avon when she would go out. However, she didn’t go out often due to her breathing issues nor could she be exposed to a lot of smells. I have walked through a cloud of the perfume twice since her passing. Each time I have turned around to make sure I was alone because I was outside. Once I confirmed I was, I smiled knowing she was with me. I also wanted to share that as I was trying to get down to the bottom of the page I noticed a few names stick out when my cursor would stop. Again, it is my sign from her to say, you found this page for a reason- you are not alone, we still love you etc. Thank you for sharing this to remind us.

  125. Christine Sorenson at - Reply

    My mom passed away at easter 12 years ago at only 57 years old. My grandfather, her step dad, about 2 years later. My gramma, her mom, passed away last December. Today (easter Sunday), my girls were home for the weekend. My boyfriend was looking out the front window and said “there is a duck coming up our driveway” A duck? We are not that close to water. I opened the front door to see, and around the corner comes not one but two ducks. A male and female. They walk around our front lawn, as my daughter and I stand there, crouch, taking pictures and talking to them. They are NOT scared of us at all. At the same time, there is a bunny hopping across a lawn across the street. I just kept thinking how weird this all was. Just a few minutes ago, I remembered reading this post about signs from loved ones. Could this be what it was??? I may be thinking about this for a while….

  126. Nancy Hooper at - Reply

    Hi Blair,
    I keep finding dimes-in random places-I think that they are being sent to me as a sign but I don’t know who from or why. I always pick them up and say thank you. Any insight? Thanks

  127. Melody Drinkwater Wagner at - Reply

    After my Dad had passed I had a dream. My Dad was laying in a coffin in my living room. I was vacuuming but I didn’t feel scared or frightened. I felt at peace and was comforted. My twins were playing like they felt at peace also. When I woke up, I cried and felt a happiness with in me. God I miss him and my Momma sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! I know we’ll be together again. My Momma and I were best friends. My Dad was a construction worker. My husband and I were renting their house, they lived else where. My Dad was working on the house right next to us. He passed away in the street next to his truck. It was very early in the morning. The twins and I had stayed the night at my parent’s the night before. My husband was home and still asleep, he worked 2nd shift. My husband felt guilty that he was asleep, he felt he could have helped. My Dad had lung cancer. He worked until the day he passed. He just did not show how sick he was. I went for a walk the day after. In the street was his blood and syringes they had used on him. It unnerved me so. And…………………this dream made me feel at peace. Thank You Dad for this dream.

  128. Nancy Wenn at - Reply

    My husband passed from pancreatic cancer April 29, 2013. I was blessed to be able to stay home and care for him the last 4 months. It was indeed blessing. asa

  129. Nancy Wenn at - Reply

    My husband, George, passed away April 29, 2013 from pancreatic cancer. I was blessed to be able to stay home the last 4 months and care for him as a bond was formed greater than what we had for 34 years. He was an avid hunter….for all seasons – bow, black powder, shotgun, etc. One day on my way home from work I saw a buck standing on the side of the road. This in and of itself is not at all unusual. But this buck just stood on the side of the road staring at me. I stopped the car because I didn’t know which way he was going to go. I just looked at him and said ‘hey baby’ and smiled. He stood there looking for a few minutes and then calmly walked away. I knew it was George. 🙂

  130. Barry Bruce Nichol at - Reply

    My father passed away May 27, 2014. I work at the cemetery he was cremated at on May 29th. At the time he was being cremated I was sitting outside having lunch with my co-workers by a lone tree thinking about him and feeling sad. There was no wind in the air when a single very green leaf floated down out of the tree and landed on my shoulder.
    I would like to believe this was a sign from him. I miss him very much.

  131. Bonny Chrystal at - Reply

    My (very much loved) Dad passed on 9/9/2007. Dad was an agnostic and never believed in an afterlife, or spirits.
    Two months after Dad had passed, I was (at work) thinking about him wondering if he had “made it into Heaven”. I asked him to send a blue feather and that would tell me he was OK.
    My patient’s teacher immediately said to him “Let’s make a picture, I have these feathers… Of course, the first one she pulled out was blue!
    I carry it in my wallet taped to Dad’s picture.
    Thanks, Dad. I love you, too!

  132. JOANNA at - Reply

    My Mother passed on April 23, 2011 … 2 days before my birthday 🙁 She was a good cook & made our family dinner every day at 5:00 pm. The other day I was in the kitchen making my 11 year old son & myself dinner at 5:00 pm and all of a sudden I felt as if someone was standing behind me and I felt a nudge on my back then it felt as if someone pulled my T-shirt as to get my attention… I thought it was my son!! I turned around and nobody was standing there & I just KNEW it was my MOM!!! She had a very unusual name of FERNANDA…. not too long ago my cousin was at work, a mail person and low & behold on the ground engraved into the cement was “FERNANDA” right on the sidewalk! I know this was my mom telling my cousin hello, she was very close to her and helped in raising her. I am so thankful to Blair Robertson for teaching me these techniques on knowing how to tune into knowing when family members are trying to get my attention! I am very new to all of this however I am extremely overwhelmed with joy that I am learning all about the different signs of my deceased family and friends!!

  133. Joanne Cudney at - Reply

    A couple of months before my dad George passed, whenever he would come over to my house, he’d bring me one rose, either from his garden or he’d grab one from mine on the way in. My dad and I LOVED the holidays so the first holiday without him was Thanksgiving and I woke up and went downstairs to start cooking and I was so sad and crying because my dad would always come over early to help cook:) Anyway I went outside to throw something in the trash and as I turned to go back into the house, there was this beautiful pink rose (the ONLY rose on any of the bushes) sticking up high above the one bush, and I immediately knew it was my dad telling me he was there with me and I suddenly got this surge of joy and love and I couldn’t stop smiling.
    Also when my grandmother who had raised me had passed, I played the song Time To Say Goodbye by Bocelli at her funeral and decided that it was our song. Months later my family and I were celebrating my birthday at a Mexican restaurant and I was crying saying that this was my 1st birthday that my grandmother wasn’t here to celebrate with me, when my son suddenly said Mom, do you hear what’s playing on the speaker right now? We all just sat there in shock as we listened to that Bocelli song playing in a Mexican restaurant and I knew at that moment she was telling me she wouldn’t miss my birthday for anything! Again I was smiling! !;)

  134. Tammy Smith at - Reply

    My Mom passed away in 2001. Yesterday, June 16th, would have been her 67th birthday. Of course I had been thinking of her all day. I was at work and got up to use the printer. Looking outside I see a cloud in the shape of an Angel, which gave me goosebumps. Then about an hour later, I was walking down the hallway and found a feather on the floor. I work on the 3rd floor for a high-tech company, there are no birds in the office. I knew that feather was from my Mom. I picked it up and saved it and thanked her for the signs. Love you Mom!

  135. Cynthia F at - Reply

    My mother passed away in November, 2013. I have had a couple of things happen to make me feel like it was her trying to tell me she is here. The first time, I had been at her home cleaning some things out and I was about to head back home. I had been talking to her telling her that I was leaving and that I loved her and I picked up her daily devotional lying on her bedside table and opened it and it opened to that day’s date and the words just spoke to me. I thought then…it is you, mom.

    Another time I was at her home and I was outside with her dog. There is a wind chime on her porch in a place where no wind ever hits it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it make a sound…until that day. All of a sudden I heard it gently chiming. Mom knows how much I love wind chimes. Again…it had to be her.

    Also, since her passing, there were a couple of times at her house where a hawk decided to stay on a tree for a good long time just screaming away. It was almost irritating, not usual for this at her home. It was her; had to be. My dad and I were on the porch one day and the hawk…or a hawk…landed in a tree way too close for comfort next to us. Weird. These things never happen to us. Hawks are huge up close!

    So…the reason I am on your website and writing my comment is because while I felt like those moments were probably her, there was still a wonder about it. Today, my wonder has turned to knowing. Now I know. She definitely comes to visit me. This morning, I woke up out of a dead sleep to the strongest smell of her perfume. I was so confused. It was so strong, it felt like someone had sprayed it in my nose, could almost taste it. I was still half asleep and finally got the smell to go away enough to breathe and go back to sleep. When I woke up again, I started thinking about it and was still confused, but I knew it had to be “a mom moment”. My husband walked past the room and I told him what had happened and he just kind of looked at me like he felt sorry for me and didn’t say anything. I’ve had a real hard time adjusting to life without my best friend, my mom. When I went downstairs, he told me that the reason he was so quiet when I said something to him, was that when he walked past the room earlier when I was still sleeping, he smelled a strong perfume smell coming from my room.

    There is no more wonder. I now know…it is definitely my mother.

  136. Suzanne J Lindsey at - Reply

    Suzanne J L

    My Dad died with cancer in 1982 after being retired for only about 1 1/2 years. About 5 months later I unexpectedly got pregnant with our 3rd child. We already had 2 daughters and weren’t planning on having any more kids. This was the first happy thing that had happened to our whole family since Dad’s passing and everyone was very excited. Back then you didn’t find out the sex of your baby until delivery unlike nowadays. About 3months into my pregnancy one night I had a dream that I saw my Dad and I had a little boy with me that was about 3years old. This child had brown hair and eyes unlike my daughters who are blond with hazel eyes. I introduced this little guy to my Dad saying this is your grandson. No one in our family thought I’d have a boy since most of the family is female with no brothers and only one nephew. Sure enough when baby arrived it was a boy. I wish my son could have known his Granddad but I know he’s watching over us.

  137. Megan Mold at - Reply

    In April 2014 I went to visit with my mother, who is widowed from Dad for 18 years. While staying with her I noticed she kept her bedroom radio on quite loud. When I put the kids to bed each night in the room across the hall I would pop in and turn her radio down so they could go to sleep. I chuckled to myself that she must be going a little deaf as she aged. I noticed when she went to bed the radio volume went up again. During the stay she suddenly fell gravely I’ll and passed away unexpectedly. It was so devastating, one minute we were having a lovely Easter holiday and the next I was saying goodbye to my best friend and adored mother. Over the next few days my husband and I moved into her bedroom to accommodate other relatives arriving for the funeral. I hadn’t thought much about the radio by my Mothers bed, so I turned it on softly and said out loud I’m sorry I keep forgetting to put it on for you. Later that night we were in the lounge room when my daughter screamed out from her room “Nannas radio is broken it’s turned up on full all of a sudden”. We all ran down the hall and into the bedroom, my daughter was quite shaken. I burst into tears and said thank you to my mother, I knew she was giving me a sign that she was ok and still near. I think I’ve had a few other subtle signs, it’s so comforting but still doesn’t take away the terrible loneliness I have, I was so blessed to have such a kind and gentle mother.

  138. Kay at - Reply

    So my grandfather passed away suddenly about a month ago. One day he was fine, the next he had bleeding in his brain which led to two brain surgeries — the last one leaving him in a coma in the ICU for two weeks before his death. Now I’m not sure where I believe his spirit was while he was in a coma because early on in the coma, I could feel he heard me. However, when there was a second bleed in his brain, he wasn’t the same. This was when my mother (his daughter) received a phone call from a blocked number at around 4 am only to hear static on the other end. Meanwhile, the entire time he was in the coma, I had extremely vivid dreams every single night of him waking up, and shaking all of his limbs while laughing at us saying “See! I can still move!!” because the doctors told us he had severe brain damage and would not be the same if he woke up. The night after my grandfather passed, I was awake, very upset and the entire room got so cold. It was early September and still warm outside but I was freezing, in sweats and under blankets. Shortly after, at 2am, I got a phone call from “No Caller ID” and was too scared to answer…which I regret now. Since then, various members of our family have had experiences in dreams, hearing knocks at the window with no one there, etc. During a religious ceremony at her school, my sister was approached by a stranger who told her she was compelled to let my sister know that “he is safe,” though the woman didn’t understand what that meant. Yes, I have had small occurrences around me like songs on the radio, etc. but the phone call was the only time I KNEW he was reaching out to me, but I think he knows he frightened me and since then, he’s sort of left me alone. I’m not sure how to get him to understand that YES I was so scared at that time but I’m dying for interaction and some clear communication now.

  139. Yanny at - Reply

    Hi. I found your site while browsing the internet searching for dream meaning of a deceased loved one wearing red. A few months after my mom passed away, my cousin Gen dreamed of my mom wearing a red shirt and black pants and she smiled at her. Last night, I dreamed of my mom. She was very young looking, very pretty, and sexy and she is wearing a red sleeveless dress. My mom is not fond of wearing dresses so I find the dream a bit weird. However, her face look expressionless. She didn’t smile at all when she saw me. In the dream I told her I was pregnant and handed her the kit as evidence. She said congratulations but I could not hear her voice. She told me I was gong to have a baby boy, but the expression on her face remains the same. Could there be some message that I am not getting?

  140. sheila at - Reply

    A friend died 08/06/14 and my door bell has been ringing ever since. It started with a total of 3 phone calls in the morning, no one there, then the hardwired smoke alarms started beeping and acting up and then the door bell started to sound. Our door bell is a lower tone than the one we are hearing. I have heard it at least 12 times now??? I think he has given up on the phone and the smoke alarm. I think it is my friend trying to make contact so not knowing why we just say hello, wish him a smooth transition, encourage him to carry on ??? It is quite an awesome experience. I asked my mother to show me a sign if she could but I never really did get a sign that convinced me it was her but this fellow, he didn’t believe in life after death… he has shown me a sign and I am convinced now that there is no such thing as death. I thank him for that.

  141. Deborah Dills at - Reply

    Recently, on January 20th 2014, I found out I had been adopted, but never told by either one of my parents. It came as a complete shock to me since I am 56 years old. Not even my brother, who knew and was shocked when he found the adoption documents in a metal box in our dad’s apartment. I called some of my relatives that I only knew as my relatives and found out they all knew I was adopted. Of course, I was very hurt that neither one of my parents ever told me, and took it took their graves so to speak.

    Although my adoptive mother and I were never close, and she passed away in 2004, I can still hear your voice singing a childhood song in my ear now and then. It was called “Lazy Bones” and she would sing it to me when I was very young, taking naps when I was about 3, and went like this–
    “Lazy bones, sleeping in the sun, how you gone to get your days work done? sleeping in the sun”.

    Ever since I found out about my birth mother through a DNA test, I feel that both mothers are watching over me. My husband left me and walked out of our 33 year marriage a year ago, and although I am sad and feeling stuck, I do feel that my adoptive mom, who will always be my mom, although we fought while growing up, and I had to run away and join the Navy, is guiding me towards a happier and better life.

    What do you think?

  142. Ivo Kruger at - Reply


    Me and my mom was completely inseparable. Throuhg trails and tribulation we struggle through life together. My mother past away on 26th May 2014 at 22:10 the evening at the age of 55 in my arms very suddenly after a major stroke. Two days ago it was her 5th month away from us, wich was the 26th October 2014. That evening i missed her so much and started going throught personal documents of her at 21:10 the evening. In a case where all her personal documents was, was old passports and ID documents of her when she was still a teenager. I opened her ID for the first time and saw somthing very strange.. Her first ID Was reached out to her on the 26th May 1975 on the precise day and moth she passed away, just the year that was different. I fount it completely strange untill i read this article on the web today

  143. Tanya McGuire at - Reply

    My dad passed away a little over a year ago. He has come to me in my dreams several times but normally doesn’t talk. He has showed me a number of things trying to communicate with me. Example: He never legally adopted me but he was showing me legal papers where it was written that I was his daughter. He was always alive in my dreams. This last time, I woke up and he was right above me. He was looking at me straight Into my eyes. I pinched myself because I was so happy to see him and went to go hug him but he slipped right through my arms and I looked above him and saw the light. He started floating up towards it. I swear on my life, my dad was there in person. I was looking at him like I see anyone who is actually alive on this earth. He let me know that I couldn’t go with him but that we would see each other again soon. I felt like he gave me such a priceless gift all throughout my life. He always did things for me that he never had to do. And even though it was over a year ago that I was telling him that it was okay to go… He literally came to show me that he’s finally let go and now I believe he can put that life to rest now. I had the pinch mark on my neck when I woke up that morning. Please don’t ever stop visiting me… I love you, Dad. Me

  144. J.C at - Reply

    My grandfather recently passed, I am playing with my kittens and my door it sound like faint knocking, is that a sign? And is it possible for me to talk to them? I want to see him in my dream.

  145. J.C at - Reply

    Can you please talk to him, please and the rest of my dead relatives

    • Mildred. Reyes at - Reply

      My. Brother. Louie. Died. From. A. Really. Bad. Car. Accident. I. Miss. Him. So. Much. We. Were. So. Close. If. You. Can. Send. Him. A. Message. That. I. Love. Him. So. Much. And. Miss. Him. Alot. Could. You. Tell. Him. To. Send. Me. A. Sign. That. Hes. In. Peace

  146. Deanne Boyd at - Reply

    A few weeks after my husband died he came to me in a dream. We were in this pitch dark room trying to find a door and each other. We found each other at the same time we found the door. We held hands and walked out in to a beautiful white area. I saw some other people who I knew (in this dream but don’t know who they were now.) So we talked for a little while and my husband went to sit down on what could had been a white cloud. I went over to check on him and he said he was fine and for me go do what I need to do that he will be right there waiting on me. That’s when I woke up feeling him and knowing he is waiting for me is a great feeling. Wish I could have that dream every night.

  147. A.F. at - Reply

    I have an ex who passed away unexpectedly in 2008. We dated in 2003, and went separate ways, and never reconnected. In 2008, I had an urge, and I mean a strong urge to contact him. I hopped on my Myspace (this is when Myspace was popular) and decided I would send him a message. However, before I sent the email it was as if something told me to read the comments. While I read the comments I read “We’ll miss you buddy.” “Sorry I missed your call”, “Miss you.” I thought to myself “Oh, he must of moved.” As I continued to scroll down that’s when I found out that he passed away. I often tell people that I had the email written out in my mind…I just needed to type, and send it. I often wonder if that STRONG urge to write him was his sign letting me know that he had passed. Again, we had no contact since 2003, and that was in 2008.

    In the last few years I would think about him, and just carry on, but May of this year I decided to start talking to him. I miss him immensely. I always let him know how much he meant to me, that he is sorely missed, and I hated that we never reconnected.

    I needed 10 cents, and was frantically searching for 10 cents in my car. I said his name, and asked ” If you can help me, I just need 10 cents.” I put my hand in the glove box. The strange part about this… I searched this glove box prior, and found nothing. After I asked for his help, I decided to check the glove box again, and I pulled out a quarter. My ex was a giver. He would give you the shirt off his back, or his last cigarette. When we dated we were both broke. I want to believe that was him.

    Every since I started to talking to him….I see repeating numbers. This past Saturday I was in Walmart looking at computers. I touched the computer screen, and saw “4:44.” I often see either 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. I never would see any of these before reaching out to him.

    I now see “Chicago” almost every day. He was from Chicago. I turned on the TV, and where were they? Yep, Chicago. I was scrolling through a blog that I follow and it happened to have a picture of the Chicago skyline. Again, I want to believe that is him giving me a sign.

    I recently wrote him a letter. I put the letter by his Marine cover (that he gave me while we dated) on the dresser. I asked out loud “Did you by chance read the letter? If so, can you knock one time on the dresser to let me know that you read it.” I received one knock. A little side note about his Marine cover. A friend of mine said “How strange is it that you still have his Marine cover after all this time?” I thought about it, and thought, hmm that is strange. I have moved a plethora of places, thrown copious amounts of junk away, and have lost many things, but his cover I always kept.

    I have a candle that sits next to his Marine cover. It has 3 wicks. I had all 3 wicks lit. I asked “if you can hear me, and are with me, can you blow just one of those flames out…. I looked down at my phone, looked up, and one of the flames was burned out. 🙂

    I asked him “Did you really love me?” I heard a whisper that said “Yes!”

    I was reading something, and I smelled a freshly lit cigarette. I don’t smoke, but he did.

    It is a wonderful feeling to know that he can hear me, and is with me. When we dated, he helped, and took great care of me. He was a great guy who had a heart of gold. I hope he knows how much I love him, and how much he means to me.

  148. MG at - Reply

    My husband passed in August 2013. His mother has gotten signs but I still have gotten none over a year later. The only thing I can think is that I didn’t love him enough.

  149. L.G. at - Reply

    It’s five days before Thanksgiving and lately I’ve been feeling very blue. In March 2013 my dad passed away from pulmonary fibrosis. We didn’t have any idea he was that sick until he went into the hospital and got worse over the 26 days he was there. We didn’t even know what killed him until the autopsy and his lungs were over 60% fiber. My family has been kind of in limbo since before he passed due to my brother’s wife not getting along and not liking our side of the family.

    Anyhow, last year for the holidays, I was super excited and couldn’t wait for the holidays. This year, however, I haven’t been happy, am not excited to make my signature pumpkin bread and pie. Thinking about it, I figured out that I was in survival mode last year. I had to hype myself up in order to hype my mom up. I felt that I had to be strong to help her get through the holidays without her husband of 35 years. This year, that survival mode has diminished and I have been very emotional.

    Thankfully, for three days I have experienced signs from my loved ones. On Friday as I walked into my apartment with dinner for my husband and me, I heard my dad singing, “She’s so co-o-old, she’s so co-o-old…” He used to always sing that Rolling Stones song, “She’s So Cold” all the time. His voice flashed through my head and stopped me dead in my tracks, filling my body with warmth and making me smile for hours afterward. That night I had a dream of my maternal grandmother who passed away in 2009. She walked into a restaurant where my mother, husband, sister, and I were eating. She was beaming in a beautiful blue dress, smiled, and gave me one of her warm, strong hugs that seemed to last for several minutes. She asked me if the dress I was wearing was new and that she loved it on me, then the dream was over. I woke with a smile and eagerly told my husband about it. Then last night (Saturday), I had a dream of my dad. He and my mom were coming to visit me at my apartment and he was incredibly happy. He was smiling and laughing and seemed so at peace. I asked him, “Elevator or stairs?” thinking he would choose elevator as he always did. He replied, “Stairs! They’re just right there!” I felt his hand pat my back (a feeling I miss immensely) and woke with a smile on my face.

    I have always believed in signs and visitations from deceased loved ones. I’ve had them before from the many loved ones who have died in the past 5 years, but these have felt the best thus far. I believe it is them telling me that the holidays will be just as exciting and fun as they have always been and that they are happy and at peace in heaven. In reading many pages that explain these signs and visitations, I know for sure that’s what they are. The explanations are exactly what I’ve been experiencing and have brought me peace. I guess this Wednesday of baking my desserts will be fun and the holidays will bring me joy once again.

  150. Shayla at - Reply

    When my grandmother passed away 4 months ago I seemed to always see white butterflies everywhere, and in the oddest places. A couple weeks after her passing I was on a hike and a butter fly landed on a leaf in front of me I stopped and put my finger out the butterfly fluttered up and landed on my finger and it walked with me for a little ways then flew away and joined another white butterfly.
    I always cry and say out loud why don’t I feel you around. Last night I was woken up by someone very strongly pushed me I say straight up and no one around. I couldn’t help but feel that that was her humour a strong push saying “here can you feel me now”

  151. mysteriousmunchkin at - Reply

    My father died over 10 years ago from cancer. He was a heavy smoker. The week he died, I dreamt of him the entire week. He was sitting at the edge of my bed and was trying to communicate a very important message to me, and in that dream he was pleading with me to listen to him as I layed in my bed giving him my fullest attention. In this dream, I understood and received the message, but when I would wake up, I would forget the message he was trying to tell me. This dream went on for a week, but on the 6th day, I dreamt that we were in a field of grass and tombs… was sort of a small hill where we were headed. He looked at me, and without speaking let me know he was scared for me. I then voiced to him, don’t worry dad, I am going to be okay. At that very moment, I turned into that little girl he always ran to and would pick up, and this big bright beam of light introduced itself into the sky just infront and overhead the sky above us. I saw him convert from the sickness that had overtaken him to a clean man in the flesh as he let go of my hand and i walked him to the light. He looked back for a slight moment as I followed and he said, you can’t go from this point on, but I still tried. As my face got about an inch close to the beam of light in front of me, it was so profound to take in, so powerful that it literally took my breath away and I had to take a step back. I wanted to walk him all the way into the light just to make sure he was going to be okay. I took a step back and saw the light completely envelope his body, then in a split second, the light and dad were gone. He died on my birthday and I never had any dreams again about him until just last year. I was dreaming that I was with my old boss in a small bar somewhat like the bar in the show “cheers”, there was an area with a bar to drink and have seats, then in the other side of the bar there was a separate room with a rug and a pool table. My boss was a lawyer at the time and was seated with a paralegal whom we both knew. Boss turns to me and asks if i wanted to see my father. In the dream i said yes. He dials on his phone and talks to someone, then told me, go shop in the stores and i’ll call you when he arrives. I looked at him like he was crazy because he knew dad was deceased. I went sightseeing in what seemed to literally be nyc and san franciso mixed together as crazy as that sounds. But i headed back to the bar early just to see a shadow image of my dad getting out of a yellow cab in broad day light. He was all shadow, not like a person. I couldn’t see his face, clothes, shirt color, nothing. Just a dark shadow image of him. I could hear the door slam as he got out and tipped the driver, and i was dressed immaculate in a black business suit, black pumps and a black briefcase. Started running up that street like that little girl again….. I got in the bar and my boss was sitting with the paralegal looking at my dad. My dad was a full image now…..i could see his face, what he was wearing, and he was in the pool table area chatting with friends that had passed away on the left of the pool table. My brother who is still allive, was seated to the right on a chair watching over me like a body guard. My dad approached me just before I entered the pool table area and gave me a hug. It was like a grown up girl business daughter and father hug, but I wanted to hug him and kiss him and never let him go. He introduced his friends to me, they were all waiting for me, shook my hand and i entered their pool table side for just a quick moment, but my dad said “you can’t enter our side, it’s only for those of us that crossed over okay, but i have save a spot where you could sit down and watch us from, come here i’ll show you. Have a seat in there and you’ll be able to see” He directed me to this small booth with a window and the walls were covered in 1970s panelling with a green office chair made of metal from the 70s. I was able to see from the other side of the room without crossing over to their side as my brother watched over like a body guard making sure nothing happened to me. Recently I was chatting with my boyfriend in the living room and I could literally see a shadow of my dad behind my boyfriend. It was a transluscent shadow of dad. I am wondering what this means. Can anyone tell me?

  152. mysteriousmunchkin at - Reply

    2 weeks before having that experience of my dad being in the room while i was chatting with my boyfriend, I dreamt there was a black cobra under my sheets as I got up. My granddaughter was still asleep on her side, but the serpent charged at me, biting me just a bit as I got away and the snake was nowhere to be found in the house again.

    I then dreamt that me and my boyfriend bought a house, but it was still in his old town where he lived so part of it was still his old place, and the rest was our new house. In the dream, he and my 5 year old granddaughter were seated at the table in the living room staring at each other not saying a word, then one of the neighbors walked right in without knocking as if he had been in our house previous times. in the dream he was unwelcomed because he was a child predator, I immediately told him to leave. After that I took my granddaughter to play in her new room which was all pink, but there was a black rabbit at the window sill and there was an erie feeling in her room. I chased the black rabbit, but it jumped off the window sill onto the air conditioner so i couldn’t get it. I then woke up. Can anyone tell me what these dreams mean?

  153. Janet Leiter at - Reply

    My husband passed away on April 2014. We went to a park to swim for the day. I laid the blanket down a about one hour later came a butterfly,,it was around my blanket all day.,would not leave. Took a lot of pictures because I new it was him.. Miss him so much!!!

  154. Sylvia Favero at - Reply

    I have had signs like a dime on my counter, picture frame put down and dreams. They don’t make pennies anymore in Canada, so a dime will do. I wished I had signs more often though, like maybe seeing my loved ones again since Christmas is rolling around that would be a beautiful gift.

  155. missy at - Reply

    When i was reading this i scrolled down to the first comment and the name was Anita 🙂 thats my moms name who passed away year and half ago. I have had many signs, before mom passed she was very sick she woke wide awake and asked me to get my siblings, she told us all she loved us and will pray and watch over us, have fun in life, there is a God and to find faith in him, then she said she was going to heaven. Three days after she passed i saw her while sleeping she floated down and smiled at me, another time she told me not to worry because Jesus lifted her up, i have heard her voice through my phone saying i love you, I have had dreams of my grandparents after they pass telling me they were sorry that they couldnt go on, recently my brother in law passed and my father in law came to me in a dream and said I got him, we couldnt talk just smile, so yes be aware of your surroundings they do communicate 🙂

  156. sharon pounders at - Reply

    I have had many signs from my husband who died of cancer this passed January. I have had TV to change channels to our favorite shows without no reason I have found thingy of his just laying around and had no idea where they come from. I know my husband is still with me and that brings me comfort. I miss his terribly.

  157. Melissa at - Reply

    You know it’s kind of funny.. I have tried 3 times to write stuff about my Grandma on here and every time at a certain point in my stories the whole screen freezes up! My grandma Lana is always visiting me or letting me know she is with me! I have a lot of stories of this and all are my favorite!! At her funeral I played her favorite song “I ain’t as good as I once was” by Toby Keith off iTunes on my laptop and it skipped!! We all knew it was her:)!! Then as they were burying her in the wall I felt a tight hand hold and no one was with in reach to hold my hand!! It was grandma!! She looked Exactly like Paula Deen! And 1 night I was missing grandma and had turned my tv off, and something told me to turn it back on and on to channel 9. Right then there was Paula Deen in a movie saying something that my grandma would have said to me right then!! A few days after grandmas
    Funeral I went to kroger and as I was going to check out a lane opened up and I went and checked out there. The other lanes were packed with long lines! The cashier told me ” she wants you to know that she loves you and that everything’s going to be alright and she is fine. Oh and that her wings ARE tie dyed and her halo is a little crooked just like you thought!” My grandma had never been in that store and had never met that lady before!! I cried and hugged that lady and told her thank you! I am
    Very fortunate that my grandma still lets me know she’s here!!

  158. Melissa at - Reply

    I also have had a lot of things happen with other relatives. I collect Angels and for a while every time
    I left the house when I came home they would all by turned around!! So I would turn them
    Back the right way and the same thing would happen again the next time! Well then I remembered that this had happened to my Great Aunt Bug! And she didn’t know who of our relatives it was . We have 1 common person and that was my Grandpa!! I called her and we figured it out and since then it hasn’t happened! Also sometimes when I’m at the Cemetary visiting him I’ll say “ok grandpa If you’re here give me a sign” and usually somethjnf falls at that exact moment or the wind will blow or something like that.

  159. Phyllis Maggio at - Reply

    Sometimes as I am drifting off to sleep i hear someone say my name. like they called me from another room. I would just like to know who it is.

  160. Fran Calloway at - Reply

    My youngest son, Anthony passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm on 1/6/2014. Of course, I and my whole family is devastated. He was only 31 and had vowed to me numerous times to not worry, he will take care of me in my elder years. Well, he has visited me numerous times. He has squeezed my hand, hugged me around my waist, poked my shoulder, poked my hand twice, gone into my closet and arranged something differently than I had it. That particular time, I think my cat saw him and raked my arm to alert me that someone was there. Sometimes I put the country music station on the radio in my car on my way to work, and lo and behold, it’s playing one of his favorite songs that we used to sing together. Every day I go to the spot in my house where he and I would talk. We’d share our hopes, dreams or just try to get through something that he or I was upset about. He always pulled up a chair directly across from me when we had our private talks. I turn on my video recorder and talk to him, I have learned through this that he answers me by either blurring out or in and out his chair and his favorite mirror that is behind it. It’s an acknowledgement to what I am saying. Oh and orbs, most of the time they seem to emanate right beside and go up, also in reply to what I’ve said to him. Recently, the orbs are a light blue, very pretty. Sometimes, he floods me with them and it looks like an upside down snowstorm. When he’s happy about what I’ve said, the orbs go upward. If he’s unhappy, the orbs go downward. I did go to a medium, he came through and apologized for leaving and not saying goodbye and for not giving me grandchildren. He also said that he used to visit me a lot but not as much anymore. I don’t know why he would slow down or stop, that bothers me. He may think that I’m ok now, but I’m not. So in closing, the deceased do visit, sometimes I can smell him and he’s always in my heart.

  161. Lynda Proctor at - Reply

    My mom died in June 2005 from ovarian cancer and I get signs that she is with me all the time. Sometimes I hear her call my name loud and clear but usually when I’m just about to oversleep. Her voice has saved my butt a couple of times. Sometimes I smell her hair or her skin. It just makes me feel better and it lifts my spirits whenever I get a sign. Lately, I’ve noticed that the night lights will come on in the middle of the day in whatever room I may be in. Once recently I said to myself, “Mom if you are here with me right now, make the light come on, and immediately the light came on.” It makes me smile. Sometimes when I’m driving I talk to her in my mind because I always feel her presence. I talk to her all the time anyway but it’s especially nice when I get a sign.

  162. Trevor at - Reply

    My grandfather used to take a great deal of pride in the two antique wind up clocks that he maintained. On the day he died, they stopped working. As well as this, A few years after my grandmother also passed. I witnessed her passing and it was a devastating, but affirming moment. We all felt peace when she left. During the process of clearing out thier house, my mother was fixing the garden and saw Two collared doves. She approached them and they did not move. They looked at her and remained around her for some time. She jokes that my grandad made them visit so he could prove how nice the garden was after we dismantled the summerhouse my granny put up!

    • Trevor at - Reply

      Just a wee update! I wrote this last night when I was thinking of my grandparents. Lying in bed afterwards I got quite upset, and prayed that God let me know they are safe and that they were looking out for me. When I was a child, my grandmother made the most amazing irish bread, completely from scratch. The smell of it would fill the house. Well, thus morning it just so happens that my mother decided to get up at 4am – and bake bread. I awoke to the smell of my granny’s bread. I’ll be honest it freaked me out a bit. But it was definatly a little faith booster!

  163. BRIGITTE EPPS at - Reply

    Im trying to figure out where to begin, this is new to me. Well i had a dream recently of my daughter’s deceased father. My daughter and i found out last year that her father passed away back in March 2006. The last time we saw her father she was a baby back in 1994. I tried for years trying to find him,thinking she could reconnect with him. Until last year she found out through social security administration that her father was deceased. The person coincidentally she talked to said, he actually know her father and they were friends. And her father had passed away from health issues, but he wouldn’t go in detail too much. He also said she has a older sister. I think my daughter was shocked to find out what happened to her father. I have had somewhat of a guilt on my mind, cause back in 1994 when my daughter was a baby her father didn’t visit her and i often. He came around every once in awhile and i told him he shouldn’t visit us if he can’t come see us more often. After that we lost contact with him completely. And to find out last year he passed away, kinda got to me emotionally. Anyway back to my dream of her father i had recently, i dream that i was at the same place where we first met each other. And i asked God in my dream can i please see him one time, and my daughter’s father instantly came over to me smiling like he was happy to see me. He never spoke or said anything to me. I said to him i was sorry for what happened between him and his daughter. And he looked at me as if he was not angry, but happy. It seem like he gave me a short hug or embrace, and than i woke up.

  164. Darlene at - Reply

    I was asleep when I heard a voice say ” I Love You”. It was pretty loud because I woke myself up by saying “I love you too.” Could this be a sign from my companion that recently passed away in July of this year (2014)? I have never, to my knowledge talked in my sleep, but I answered back.

  165. Teresa Carpenter at - Reply

    I have many blessed experiences from deceased relatives. My first was from my maternal grandfather. I had moved abruptly from my parents home when I was 21. I wanted to be on my own. The neighborhood was not a nice one. One night, grandpa sat on the edge of my bed. He looked right at me and told me to be careful. I moved back home very soon after that and the next night, there was a shooting on that street.
    My brother passed in 2000 at the age of 37. In a dream, my sister told me that he had given her a kiss on the cheek and touched her hand. I wanted the same thing. I was startled a wake by my hand being touched and a kiss to the cheek. There wasn’t anyone else around, so I knew then that I had been visited by my baby brother.
    In 2005, my paternal grandmother passed at the age of 97. She had had osteoporosis and was very bent over when I last saw her. During a dream, I was in a room with alot of people. I was sitting in a chair and my grandma was sitting in a chair on the other side of the room. Food was being passed around, but no one was offering her anything to eat. I was upset, but my grandma smiled at me, stood straight up(the osteoporosis was gone), and disappeared. I knew that she was letting me know that she was alright.

  166. Rhonda at - Reply

    I’ve had a few signs from my late mother. Once she was lying next to me in a bed in my dreams. Once I was at the cemetery and there was a bird on a gravestone that I was looking at. Another time, my first birthday after she passed away, I was walking by the greeting card section of a store I was at, just going to grab a bag of milk. Suddenly, I turned my head, for no reason, and spotted a greeting card, raised up and tilted. It was a birthday card to a daughter with a sparkly butterfly on it. Just today, I was telling somebody about my two estranged sons…..It’s a very tragic and sad situation. However, I remained composed, until I started mentioning my mother, and saying that I wish she were here so I can hug her….and then, tears just suddenly poured out of my eyes….in a way which was much more strikingly noticeable than I’ve ever noticed…..I believe they were my mother’s tears. I think she’s telling me that she knows what’s going on in my life and she’s sad for me. She’s there for me. There have been other signs…like a touch on the back of my shoulder, and other messages…..People might say that I’m reading into things….but when the feeling is so strong, I think there’s a reason for it. Like the tears today…It was an overwhelming feeling…..and that’s the difference.

  167. Katie at - Reply

    My lil cousin passed away almost a year ago and I can’t dream of him why is that all I want to do is have a dream of him

  168. Heather at - Reply

    We lost my great uncle a few years ago. He developed Gan green in both feet, lost both legs before he died. Not long after his passing I had a dream he drove his car up the drive way, walked into the house and he said, “everything is okay!”

    I just lost my grandma in September from cancer. I dream about her all the time. I’ve always been so confused as to why I kept dreaming of my deceased loved ones but always found comfort and love in it all.

  169. kandy Mitchell at - Reply

    me and my husband had an argument we was arguing mother which has passed away didn’t care for him but doing the argument I took my moms rings off my finger and lay them on my table later I put the rings in the jewely box before I have some funny thing one of the rings laying under the cover in the bed I was really surprised to see it in the bed because I know I put all the rings and the jury box I’m wondering but she trying to tell me something

  170. Sharon Stewart at - Reply

    My nephew passed at 42 years old. He lived with his parents a long time. He suddenly passed from heart problems. His parents mourn him terribly. Always asking him to give them a sign he is alright. His father had a white t-shirt on & took it off & laid it on the bed. When he returned the the white t-shirt had turned a ashy gray color with a figure on the front with the shape of a dove on it. How do you explain that? Is that from their son?

  171. Linda Rosario at - Reply

    My mom died just 3 months ago. She was 87 yrs old. Its been very hard for us to cope with her passing. I find myself crying just out of the blue. People say with time, it gets better, but I have a hard time believing that. Anyway, I would like to share an experience I had not too long ago. I pray everynight and ask for signs that tell me she is ok, that she knows that we loved her very much and that she is watching over us…Well, I was driving on New Years eve to my sons house, just to be around loved ones on that, our first New Years without our ‘Mamita’. I was crying and talking to her…I said out loud, “Mamita, you know we loved you very much, right?’ hoping for a sign… then all of a sudden on the radio a song that was playing, I hear this………………………
    ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ‘You say you love me and I love you more’ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯. Enough said…of course she knew we loved her. Not a day went by that we didn’t say’ I love you’. RIP Mamita, we love you til our last breath, just like you loved us til your last breath.

  172. JULIE SOSA-SPENCER at - Reply

    It’s so comforting to know that “LOVE NEVER DIES”!

  173. Debbie at - Reply

    I lost the love of my life a month ago, right before Christmas……and it’s still so fresh and so raw. It was sudden but peaceful, he passed in his sleep. Not a day goes by that I don’t have a memory of him, a song on the radio, someone says his name, anything, I tear up. About a week after he passed, I had what I thought was avery vivid dream. He called me on the phone, but it was wired because I could see him as well. He asked how I was doing. He wanted to make sure I was okay. He always wanted to make sure everyone was ok. He told me that he was doing fine and not to worry about him. Then he said that he’d “check in with me later” That’s how we ended our calls…..He would just call to check in with me. I woke up and had to look at my hand, because I swear I would be holding the telephone. I wasn’t, but it was so vivid. That must have been the sign I begged him for. I needed to know that he was okay and he wasn’t in pain. I think that was his way of reassuring me that he had reached the other side and that he was ok. I just hope he continues to send me various signs, becasue I miss him so much it hurts.

  174. Bhavna parmar at - Reply

    I lost my mum a month ago and si ce then i have a dream in the early mornings that she’s complaining to me why I dont call her. And she keeps repeating in a child- like way that she wants me to call her.
    Her death was due to medical negligence from hospital,at least thats what i believe. It was a great great shock for everyone. And i think she would have been alive..
    I dont know what this dream means but i know its her.. I do feel the comfort i used to get from her in thedream and i feel relieved not scared.
    If she has something she wants to tell me, i really want to talk. I dont want her to suffer due to some burden whereever she is. I want her to be in peace. But i dont know what to do.. She tells me to call her but where do i call now.. I literally wake up after the dream and pick up my phone but where to call?

  175. n. el h, at - Reply

    my father passed away last week from cancer, and my sister had 2 dreams about him since then. both of her dreams were about a storm outside and he is sitting comfortably and warm inside, in the first dream they were both there waiting for the storm to stop and when it stopped. my sister told himm come on lets go the storm had stopped. he replied, no u go im happy and comfortable here! will that be a sign that he isnt suffering anymore? and that he is happy wherever he is?

  176. Chelsea at - Reply

    My mom passed in September of 2013 at the age of 44, due to lymphoma. My aunt had had a dream from her and even my best friend in Florida had one before I did. I was a little upset about it, naturally, but on February 12, 2014 she appeared in my dream. She was beautiful, healthy, smiling a radiant smile! Her hair had grown back and there was nothing but just bright white behind her and she was excited! She hugged me and said that she really missed me and that she wished I could be with her because it’s so beautiful! I awoke in tears of joy!!! But nothing since then. I know not to be greedy but I’d love for her to show up in a dream again someday. She shows up on other ways. Usually music. I’ll put my iPod on shuffle and of I’m in a bad mood, she will play something to fix it. She was always one of the only ones that knew how.

  177. corinna at - Reply

    I remember the day after my son tragically died, my friend was driving me home in his truck, the sun was shining and i was so knocked out from the ativan, that i fell asleep, when i woke i was startled, i said to my friend did you touch my face???/ she said no, i said yes you did, she said no i didnt, i then realized that it was my son holding his hand on my face, there has been so many signs for me, dimes everywhere i turn, big beautiful butterflies, just out of nowhere, but the dimes for me are the truest sign………. because they have shown up in the strangest of places, its never a quarter , or a nickel its always a dime……………………. so i know hes with me……………… love and miss him every single day , forever and always…….:(

  178. Charlotte Hendershot at - Reply

    My dad who was born in Hungary passed away in 1958. The first and only “dream” I had about him was in 1998. I was in a huge auditorium and it was very dark as in a movie theater. The seats were arranged the same way. I asked some people if my father was here. They pointed up to the area he was sitting. As I started down the side aisle by the wall I actually felt myself almost trip as I started to walk up the ramp. I reached nearly the top and there I found my father sitting next to a woman…I went over to him and said, “apuka” (dad in Hungarian) , I put my head on his white shirt, opened collared shirt and started crying. He said to the woman next to him, “This is my daughter” in Hungarian. I backed away a little and when I saw his face, it was though the brightest light encircled his head, showing even minute facial veins and he had on the biggest smile I had even seen…With that I woke up crying like a baby.

  179. Melissa Pimentel at - Reply

    I have many times I get visions, my latest is my aunt Debbie. I can’t make sense of it. She telling me not in voice but in feeling she is bubbly happy and she has a baby boy with her like if it was about to be part of the family. She was surrounded in yellow and white , smiling and happy. I was crying in big tears by the time my vision was over. Now I’m trying to make sence of it. I was awake threw this vision as I always am. But once I tune back in my brain starts racing. Uugh

  180. Karen at - Reply

    My Mom passed away less then two weeks ago. After reading the possibility of signs coming to me, I glanced at the cup of Valentine’s hearts in front of me. My Mom and I were so close. I called her two times a day and as she became more ill, often three or four times a day. I thought…let me pick a heart and see if I get a message from my Mom. I did…and the heart said…’soul mate’!

  181. Vinita at - Reply

    I often see my deceased father in law but surprisingly I never met him because he died long before my marriage. He always says to me I am always with you all. I wounder what does that mean as I never got an opportunity to meet him. Now until recently my husband got a cut in his finger and at night one day before his death anniversary he came in my husband’s dream and again surprisingly my father in law has the cut in the same finger as of my husband. He looked very concerned about something but didn’t tell and said it’s nothing.

    Can anyone plz help me to understand the potential meaning of these two dreams because me and my husband is very concerned about the second dream. was there something that my father in law was trying to tell my husband? Is anything bad is going to happen in my family.
    Please help me.

  182. Nicole Brady at - Reply

    I danced with a loved one in my dream last night. He was shot, point blank in the chest almost 8 years ago. Murdered. He didn’t say much we just danced slow. The feeling Of love was overwhelming, we didn’t say much, just held each other… Then he reminded me that I had to go, that I would be late for work. That’s when I woke up 🙂

  183. Daisy Alvarez at - Reply

    After my dog Mazzie passed away I came home from the veterinary office and was in my room crying. My bedroom door pushed slowly open. It startled me and I did not make the connection that it was her.
    I took my other dog out for a walk that afternoon and a butterfly flew towards my face. That very night i went to bed and my nightlight flickered. The following morning i woke up from a dream where i was carrying my other dog down the stairs approaching my bedroom door when it suddenly opened by itself. I realized then it had been her sending me a message that she was there. This was confirmer by an animal communicator that i made an appointment with a week after her passing. The next signs i have recieved have happened on two different occasions. I found two quarters that looked weathered around the same place one week apart. The communicator adviced that i do not dismiss anything, that i have an open mind and heart, that i thank her for her signs, and that i never ask her to give me any signs as this takes a lot of their energy to accomplish. I hope this helps someone

  184. Daisy Alvarez at - Reply

    After my dog Mazzie passed away I came home from the veterinary office and was in my room crying. My bedroom door pushed slowly open. It startled me and I did not make the connection that it was her.
    I took my other dog out for a walk that afternoon and a butterfly flew towards my face. That very night i went to bed and my nightlight flickered. The following morning i woke up from a dream where i was carrying my other dog down the stairs approaching my bedroom door when it suddenly opened by itself. I realized then it had been her sending me a message that she was there. This was confirmer by an animal communicator that i made an appointment with a week after her passing. The next signs i have recieved have happened on two different occasions. I found two quarters that looked weathered around the same place one week apart. The communicator adviced that i do not dismiss anything, that i have an open mind and heart, that i thank her for her signs, and that i never ask her to give me any signs as this takes a lot of their energy to accomplish. I hope this helps someone

  185. stephanie l at - Reply

    my boyfriend passed away feb5th 2015 i didn’t find out until the 16th of feb , because we had been fighting and i was being selfish and told him to leave me alone , i am 4or5 months pregnant with his baby , i have had many people in my life pass on but with him i started getting signs way before i new of his death, i have never felt a connection like i do with him , my laptop i use everyday just suddenly turned off and i could not turn it back on so i pulled out the spare laptop that he used when he was here and i have an account on it and so does he well for some reason i can not get into my account for the life of me i only can get into his account #2 for the first few days after he passed and i didn’t know anything yet i would start seeing flashes of light with the corner of my eyes like if someone was taking a picture or something and it happens alot it didnt matter where i was i would get a flash , i started telling people i think i need to go get my eyes checked because something was not rite with my eyes i keep seeing this flash then i recieved a message on facebook say that a flash of light is a sign of a spirit letting you no they are there or trying to get your attention , #3 out of no where my 2 year old says one day while he was playing i love you papabear , and i thought what the heck we hadn’t even seen him in 2 months because he was in jail and plus the fighting i didn’t want to see him yet , but i know now be careful what you say to someone you love because you never no it might come true i told my loved one to leave me alone and he told me no i don’t want to leave you alone and well that same day he over dosed and now me and his unborn are left alone without him and i love him and miss him so much but i no he is with me because he lets me no he just isn’t here physically

  186. alexis thornton at - Reply

    two weeks ago today my best friend passed over due to a heroin overdose. yesterday as I was in my house getting ready and listening to music, the songs kept changing about 15 – 40 seconds in. this happened to 4 different songs. finally I walked over and watched my phone skip to a song that I haven’t heard in a while, and it played the whole thing. the lyrics hit me hard as I knew she was directing this song to me

  187. sheila merrington at - Reply

    my darliing grandaughter who i adored died11years ago. i had a photo of her round the frame it had red stones.2weeks before i bought a little angel it was small bell. i stood i next to her photo on the night see died my husband andi lay on bd. i looked my husband had fred spots on his face like the photo frame then we both her bell ringing.

  188. Tracey at - Reply

    (12/1990) A couple of weeks before Christmas, I decided to visit my brother’s grave. As I sat at the foot of the cemetary hill, and before approaching my brother’s grave, I asked God for a sign that my brother would be present with our family for the holidays. We had been experiencing extremely cold temperatures for weeks, and we had nearly a foot of snow on the ground. There was no plant life for miles, and miles. But as I approached my brother’s grave, there was a planter immediately in front of his head stone, and it was filled with nearly a dozen pansies of every color. I had planted these flowers in early spring. There is no way that these flowers would have survived the extreme whether, without God’s intervention. — On Christmas Eve, a bulb fell off of the Christmas tree, and landed on the carpet in front of the TV. I got on my knees in order to pick up the bulb and came eye to eye with my brother’s picture on top of the TV. I said to him “I am mad at you that you had to go away and leave all of us” Immediately after making this statment, the door to the porch blew wide open. The only problem with that is my mom had a shag carpet that would never allow the door to open without someone physically opening it. My dear brother John was there to celebrate Christmas with me and my family, and continues share time with us.

  189. Tricia at - Reply

    A few days after my younger brother passed from lung cancer I was working in the yard and heard him call my name. No one was around. That year a few more times I heard someone call out my name. It could only be my husband home. I could walk down hall and hear my name. I would go ask my husband if he called me and he said no. I know I heard my brother twice. Not sure about who the other voices were.

  190. Alma at - Reply

    My dad died few years ago and his sister(where I live) told me she had a dream about him telling her he does not want his daughter going to his ex wife on the 20th. My dad was married to this woman for a few years and they had a child togheter..then she started cheating on my dad and she divorced him. She has another child of this other man now. I still keep contact with her coz she’s the mother of my sister and she told me before my wedding on the 31st of October she want to give me a party. Why is my dad acting so in my aunts dream? Please help me.

  191. Catherine Geldart at - Reply

    I hadn’t seen my husband for many years. We both suffered poor health and had to return to parents. When I last decided to see him I discovered that he’s recently died and I was inconsolable. My son drove me to the old family house and we sat outside in the car, me crying all the time. Suddenly I noticed two pigeons on the roof ridge of the house, not moving and looking at us. My husband and his brother had both lived in the house and died too young and I know it was them. As we pulled away my husband’s favourite comic song, hardly ever played on the radio suddenly blasted from the car radio my son had just switched on.

  192. April at - Reply

    My little brother passed away March 17 2013. A few days after his passing I dreamed that him and I were sitting on the steps together as he explained the details leading to his death. Then last year when I married, I had his obituary in my bouquet as I walked down the Isle. That night I dreamed of him and he mumbled I love you and I miss you. When I Awoke from both dreams I smiled with an aching heart. My little brother and I were very close. I love and miss him so much. There’s not a day that I’m not thinking of him. Now he shows me his birthday 8:06 all the time or even his date of death 317. When I see it, I smile and say Good morning TJ, I love you. Or hey brother, I love you. I know that he is at peace, I simply miss him too much to let go. He was my little brother but he was my security blanket as well.

  193. Araceli Garcia at - Reply

    My daddy recently past away unexpected on the 19th of was a Friday! I miss him so much one day I was home alone and was thinking about my daddy and missing him bad…I was crying and hurting my heart was shattered and talking to god and asking him to please let my daddy give me a sign that he was ok and that night my daddy came to me in my sleep!… the next morning I felt the love and had a wonderful day… the other time was the next day after valentine’s day I went to my daddy’s grave and took him a rose and a Ballon had a beautiful visit and as I was leaving the clouds opened up and the sunshine came through. ..mind you it was cloudy and dreary cold day and that night my daddy came to me again!…love and miss you daddy…R.I.P AND IN HEAVEN

  194. Karley at - Reply

    My mothers name was Barbara and she passed away april1st … Mothers day arrived and I was headed to go out for dinner with my family. I suddenly saw a woman on the ground I thought was having a heart attack. I jumped out of my car, ran over to her and asked if I could call an ambulance and that I knew first aid. She said oh no dear please just help me up I fell and can’t get up.
    I helped her up and to be safe I asked if I could walk her home. We walked and talked I asked her questions to make sure she was okay. By the time we got to her doorstep I realized I did not ask her name. I said what’s your name she responded “BARBARA” I gasped… and said well ” Barbara Happy mothers day” I got back into my car and cried realizing that was a for sure message from my mother wanting me to say Happy mothers day one last time.

  195. Cindy Fountain at - Reply

    My Dad died 7 years ago this month from complications of colon cancer. When he was alive he and I loved to feed and watch birds. I always wanted to put a hummingbird feeder out, but was discouraged by my husband. We scattered my Dad’s ashes 4 months after his death in a place he specifically told us to leave him. That evening we were at my sister-in-law’s home. I stepped outside for a little quiet time and a hummingbird flew right up to me. He was right up next to my face and I could clearly see his little body and look at him. I immediately had a feeling of peace and I knew this was a sign from my Dad letting me know he was okay. The bird stayed next to me for about 30 seconds. When I went back into the house and told my sister-in-law she said, ‘I have lived here for 5 years and I’ve never seen a hummingbird.’

  196. crystal miner at - Reply

    My boyfriend committed suicide in July 2014. He said his song for me was “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue because he felt “I kickstarted his heart after years of not feeling love”. He actually called me one day and played the entire song on my answering machine…so that song is my Billy song. It seems when I am having an exceptionally hard time or missing him horribly and the radio is on, he “reminds” me of his love with that song. We still have that connection and he often times sends me that song just as his sign to me that he remains with me….

  197. Patricia at - Reply

    My boyfriend and I broke up and a week later I learned he died. This was only about 6 weeks ago.
    The grief still feels so heavy. There have been little signs but one sign stands out. He had asked me for a St. Christopher pendant for Christmas. I didn’t get it for him and he seemed disappointed so I thought it’d get it for him at Valentines Day.
    Well our break up and the his death came prior to valentines day. About a month after his death my friend said she had something for me that a member of her church once gave her and she had a strong urge to give it to me. She handed me a saint Christopher pendant. I hope and pray it was him giving me the necklace.

  198. ang at - Reply

    I always find myself missing my first love, its been four years and he still invades my heart. The day he was murdered changed the person inside me forever. Today I decided to use my computer, which i rarely do. Curious to read different perspectives from people who have lost a special someone and have been blessed to experience signs after they passed. Since the first unique occurrence took place I’ve never doubted his presence around me. I embrace all beautiful signs he continues to show, from his visits while I dream to the fact that I see his name everywhere. I wasn’t planning to leave a comment but as I read this lovely article dwelling on the thought of his sweet kind love. Once again another sign from him leaving me speechless. As I read this “If you’re loved one’s name was George”, “George St.” My precious GEORGE! I truly believe with all my faith you kept your promise to take care of me like my guarding angel. While Coincidences happen often leading people to label these signs illusions. Consider the fact that coincidences can only occur so many times before realizing the countless coincidences cant be just that a coincidence.
    I LOVE YOU GEORGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Amy at - Reply

    My 33-year-old son died July 2014. A few months after that, my husband, who is skeptical of things such as spirits, etc., came upstairs one morning, perplexed. He stated he distinctly felt someone sit down on the edge of his bed. (We sleep in our own beds due to his snoring). It has happened at least 7 times to him….always the right corner at foot of bed. Well, last night I prayed to God thanking him for saving my son, and to please show my son how much he was and is loved. And at precisely 5:00 a.m., for the first and only time, I felt someone sit down on the edge of my bed!! I was awake, btw…I KNOW it was my son!

  200. Jessica at - Reply

    A year ago I was sitting on the side of my bed upset about a situation I was going through. The remote was sitting on top of my television. It started rocking from side to side for about 5 seconds and it stopped. My mama has been deceased for 18 years now. After the remote stopperocking back and forth I said mama if that’s you do it again. The remote began to rock back and forth again and suddenly I felt a warm feeling go down my left arm just like someone had rubbed my arm. I cried and told her that I love and missed her. I was 14 years old when she got killed in a car accident. Seems like it just happened. I’m 34 now and it still hurts but knowing that her presence is always around brings me comfort.

  201. Jessica at - Reply

    A year ago I was sitting on the side of my bed upset about a situation I was going through. The remote was sitting on top of my television. It started rocking from side to side for about 5 seconds and it stopped. My mama has been deceased for 18 years now. After the remote stopped rocking back and forth I said mama if that’s you do it again. The remote began to rock back and forth again and suddenly I felt a warm feeling go down my left arm just like someone had rubbed my arm. I cried and told her that I love and missed her. I was 14 years old when she got killed in a car accident. Seems like it just happened. I’m 34 now and it still hurts but knowing that her presence is always around brings me comfort.

    • caroline annis at - Reply

      I loved reading or story’s. About five years ago I saw an angel she was pale blue with bright orb I was stunned couldn’t move but there was a sense of love and joy then went through my front door it wareal

      • robin at - Reply

        I know HOW hard it is.I LOST my Mother@25 suddenly &I’m 39 now.As I write this,my light is making an energy sound and flickering at least 40 times a second.I switch bulbs…same thing.I KNOW it’s her presence because when I had a touch lamp at 25 years old, it flickered after her death.I would get so angry at God that I would throw this lamp a lot across the room, changed plugs, light bulbs, and a piece of glass from it actually day, it was on and not doing anything.I said if it’s really you Ma, make the touch lamp flicker.I stared at it for 5 seconds…it flickered.I believe that you and I havent got closure no matter how long its been.this is not in my head, I know that this light is doing that because she is with me..not literally, but trying to communicate.she always stressed that I get an education…I’m back in college now at 39 years old, in an abusive relationship.the way I interpret this light flickering is that she is supporting my decision to continue school in order to get a really good job someday to be free from abuse.

        • Adrianne at - Reply

          I experienced the flickering as well right and after my mother past away its was so odd it was an energy that I can’t describe

    • lindz at - Reply

      my mom told me before she died she would lick inside of my mouth to let me know she died and she did the morning she died my mouth was all wet. my dad called and said linda get over here your mom died.

  202. Shan at - Reply

    I love my Nana (Grandmother) my daughter and I called her Nana. She passed away September 2014….she was 81 years old at the time of her passing and she was very spiritual. She prayed for everyone, there wasn’t anyone she wouldn’t pray for. For her age she was in great condition, out of the 80 years she lived on this planet, I saw her go to the hospital once. She had a really bad stroke in September 2014, it was on a Friday…she was taken to the hospital and I was able to see her and even though she was partially paralyzed (on one side of her body) she was still in her right mind so I was able to talk to her and she could respond. I was able to tell her I was there and that I loved her and she told me she loved me too. By Saturday her condition had gotten worse, by Sunday they placed her in Hospice. She was my last living Grandparent and when she passed away it really hurt my soul. The night before her funeral I was sitting outside on my porch talking with my boyfriend when I saw a flock of white birds flying high in the sky. As I sat there and watched them, they suddenly changed direction and flew right above my house …still far in the sky…but they paused (all of them together) then they continued back in the direction they started from and flew away. I thought that was strange because I have never seen a flock change course like that ever. I looked at my boyfriend and said; maybe that was a sign from my Nana. The next day I woke up really early to have some alone time before her funeral and I felt like I wasn’t alone (like another presence was in the room) as I cried to myself. When we got to the funeral I sat with my family and waited for her casket to be opened so I could see her for the last time. When the casket opened, my heart began to race because on the top of the interior (of the casket) there were a flock of white birds. That really melted my heart. Now I will fast forward my story, just a few weeks ago I was on the phone with my mother (my Nana was her mother) and I was asking her does she miss my Nana as much as I do, and of course she said she did if not more. I was at work that day and maybe two hours after that same phone call a guy that I work with walked up to me and said that he found a broken necklace in the parking lot and he handed it to me. When I looked at the necklace it was a beautiful, plain necklace with a heart shaped pendent and in the middle of the pendent, it had the name “NANA”! O my goodness I was in tears, I honestly felt that she …in her own little ways have been reaching out to me…showing me that she’s still around and giving me things. I love her and I always will until time fades!

  203. Alicia Miller at - Reply

    i lost my husband in 2013 he was murderd. It eas so heard to be without him after 15yr.My husband started to come into my dreams,so much to we’re i felt like he hadden keft me.that went on for about 5mo.until i was able to handle his death,the day,our children just life n i thank him n love him soooo much for it.

    • Eve Garcia at - Reply

      That’s so beautiful.

  204. CHARLES JONES at - Reply


  205. kelly at - Reply

    I was walking to a neighborhood gas station it the end of march of 2015. The night before it had snowed maybe 2 inches,but the ground was to warm to keep it from freezing so it was slussy and wet snow on this day.I was almost walking in the middle of the road when all the sudden I was hit on the top of my head with something that was wet and cold. I then quickly felt my head to see what it was and it was a snowball, I looked around to see if there was anyone who could’ve thrown it but there was nobody around me .As I wiped my wet hair I realized it came from directly above me , but the sky was clear there was no explanation of how or where it came from so as I started walking again something told me to turn around , I did and I looked up and there was a bigger white bird almost like flying in a circle . at the time I thought nothing of it. As I walked home I kept going over what had just happened with the snowball, then I thought how weird it was to have seen a white bird at that same time behind me and flying circles . well two days later when I woke up there was this smaller white feather on my nightstand ,at the time thinking where did that come from ,as I dismissed it totally from my mind.later on I repeated what happened to my friend with the snow ball not mentioning the bird or the feather . it wasn’t til the next time thinking about it did I realize a white bird in march is unusual and a white feather from out of the blue had a strange connection , was this a sign from a love one or not?

  206. Cynthia S. at - Reply

    I believe I had 2 communications from a beloved cat that I loved like my child. One time, the Petloss Candle ceremony from fell on her birthday. I lit 2 candles for her and was participating in the ceremony when I noticed the flame in one near burning out of control. I ignored it until the candle holder around it actually cracked. I had to then put out the flame for fear of a fire. It was one of the most bizarre experiences I ever had, as there was no logical reason for that to happen. Another time, I tried to adopt a cat from a shelter that reminded me a lot of her. I was denied the cat for some reason. The cat reminded me so much of my beloved cat, I wondered if it was her reincarnation and got really depressed about it all. A night later, I felt the bed shake as though a cat had jumped on it. My beloved cat had a very distinct jump – I used to joke that it was like she had springs in her feet. I believe she came to comfort me and to let me know that she was still in spirit and the other cat was not her reincarnation. Also that she is still around me.

  207. Sandra Teele at - Reply

    I lost my husband 3 years ago to lung cancer. We were so much in love that we finished each others sentences. Before he passed away, he had decided that he was going to donate his body to Harvard Medical School. The night before I got a call from the University that his remains are being sent back to me, I was woken in the middle of the night raising my head off my pillow and getting a kiss from him. I woke up the next morning knowing it was not a dream, that he did come to me to say goodbye. The next day, I got that call. I think of that night every day.
    I still get signs, and I cherish each one.

    • robin at - Reply

      I have dreams of my dead cats…they are all healthy and running around and I call them by name even if they died 36 years are not crazy.I believe the cats are God’s creatures too.I do not believe they get reincarnated.I thought so too.I really believe that each one of them have their own soul.think about it how many cats if you had each one has a distinct personality just like us humans even if we look alike.

  208. danielle blankenship at - Reply

    I lost my mother on nov.22,2009 and lost my dad jan.1,2015.I havent been able to get past it.He was my world and without him im emotionally unable to do anything. I dont like going out of the the house I dont want to see anyone Im completly lost without him.But i do see him in my dreams. He always talks to me with i love but then i wake and am all i cry alot and cant move on. He tellls me that he was always there and I was just too busy to notice. I dont understand why he would think that because we was always together.i drove him around to doctors and anywhere he wanted to go. We would sit on the porch for hours and talk. I blame myself for losing him. We had to make the decision and was pressured by doctors to take him off the breathing machine even though he was fine on it. He tells me he is fine and alive and moms with him sometimes. But i think he is really alive until i wake and then am upset again.

    • adrima at - Reply

      i luv my dad a lot. He meant all to me. But he left me all alone here. He died 4 yrs ago due to a long term dreadful illness. Though i knew that he was about to die as my family were in4med by doctors. He was really a noble man, wishing for good to happen for everyone. He was my friend, guide and mentor. Such a huge loss im suffering. But he’s always with me. He communicates with me through dreams. How i wish i could bring him back!

  209. Kelly at - Reply

    I have a question – Is it possible to know when a loved one will pass before it even happens – like feeling wise ?

    • Me at - Reply

      Dreams aren’t real. You could have a nightmare of make up things. Your love one isn’t really in your dream at all. You think so much of that person that when you are sleeping the you happen to have a dream where they were in there.
      Means nothing because you dream constant all night long about anything. You could even dream about food. Again means nothing.
      My mother past away last year. I think about her constantly and miss her so much. I understand where your coming from but a dream isn’t them.

      • Carrie at - Reply

        You are right, a dream is just a dream, BUT, a VISIT in your dream is different. If you have had a comforting VISIT from your loved one, you will KNOW it. The “dream” is very vivid–you remember every detail even after you awaken. It’s VERY COMFORTING. The VISIT will not be bad or negative in any way, THAT is just a dream!

    • sonia at - Reply

      My brother passed away suddenly of a heart attack January 5th 2015……in November I called my mom crying that I was worried about him…several times after that I would hear a song or get a sign that something terrible was going to happen. The morning of the day he passed away I felt like someone was sitting on me and I couldn’t get out of bed, I told my daughter I would do anything to just stay in bed I really didn’t want to get up and I didn’t know why. That day ended up being the longest, saddest, hardest day of my life and the worse part is I had all the signs.

    • FR at - Reply

      FI felt something was going to happen to me and was preparing life insurance … I had a weird feeling and thought I was going to die but a few months later it was my sister who passed away:(

      • Sophie at - Reply

        My mother died earlier this year, Sunday, March 27. It was Easter Sunday. Less than two weeks before my she died, I had a sudden onset of a headache so bad that it lasted for days and I ended up in the ER. I couldn’t even see straight and I had problems with double vision. I was sure I’d had an aneurysm or stroke and even starting thinking that I was on my way out of here and I’d actually made peace with it. I had to be evaluated by a neurosurgeon to rule out any life threatening event and a need for emergency surgery.

        Once I was in the clear, and returned back to work a week later, my first day back, actually, my mother was hospitalized. She had issues with COPD and breathing issues. She was very worried about me too and had asked how my MRI and CAT Scan turned out, but I didn’t want to worry her so I waited until I was absolutely certain it would go one way or another. I had used all of my paid time up so I had to work all week while she was in the hospital but this had happened before and we expected her to recover as she did many times before. She kept insisting all that week that I come to visit her on Easter Sunday, which was my day off anyway, so of course I did.

        She died two hours after I saw her. I was the last family to see her alive. So it wasn’t MY death that I was sensing on the horizon, it was my mother’s. I always wondered and still do, if we can sense when our loved ones about to leave us.

        • Nise at - Reply

          I believe we can sense that our loved ones are about to leave us. For months this year, I felt something. I had premonitions and dreams of losing my dog Ginger. Even the way she would look and stare me in the eyes the last few months before her death, longer than ever had was as if she was telling me her time was coming. She was my little soulmate. Sure enough 6-17-16 she fell ill and by 4th of July night she left me…She was like a child to me. I feel she is giving me daily signs though, especially feathers being around me. May God give you strength to get through your loss. Your mother is still around you. She is your Angel. God bless her soul.

    • Peg at - Reply

      I had a vision and a dream about my dad’s death. The day before my dad died. As I was closing my eyes to fall asleep I saw the images of my grandmother, then grandfather, then my father. Each shown to me in the order that they had passed. It was a message that they were coming to take my dad with them. Three months before my dad passed, I dreamt that I was a lot older and ran into a young man in his 30’s at the mall. He had two boy with him and a baby in stroller. The young man looked just like my dad and I told him so. He smiled and said, really?…with a twinkle in his eyes. When I looked closer into his eyes …I just knew he was my dad. Then the two boys around 7 and 5 told me I looked just like their sister (the baby in the stroller). Then the man (my dad) pulled me aside and said, “You will be an orphan soon, be prepared.” Then he ran into a mirrored wall and disappeared. But not before looking back at me from the other side of the mirror. It’s been a year since my dad passed and my mom is still with us. But emotionally, I am prepared that she may pass soon too.

    • Rosemarie at - Reply

      Kelly before my mom passed away i had a dream two weeks before it had happend. So yes, you can know

    • Adrianne at - Reply

      I had that feeling it was this unrealistic thing happened my mother sat me down and told me I will not make it to ur graduation but I will be there in spirit two days later she got deathly ill and past away the lights started to flicker and just weird things around the house no fear though

  210. cat at - Reply

    I lost this special man sully on thanksgiving he always loved the song no place id rather be and i hear it alot i feel hes visiting cause when i hear it i say hi sully and i dedicated a rose bush to him and call it sullivans rose it is now forming buds in it how beautiful

  211. Amanda at - Reply

    December 4th 2014 I lost my best friend which happen to by my husbands step dad (Father in Law). We all were shocked from his death and none of us still can get over it. But here lately I have been dreaming about him. But today April 10 2015, I took a late nap. Now I remember the dream but after the dream and I woke up I didn’t remember it. About an hour after I woke up I was sitting on my couch talking with my mom. I told my mom to lean up so I could grab the blanket off the back of the couch which is actually my father in laws blanket that he called Fuzzy. Just as soon as I grabbed the blanket instantly I remembered the dream. I could see him sitting in his wheelchair in a doorway just smiling at me in a room. I remember turning around for a second time and not seeing him there. But as I walked through the room I seen him leaning over my mother in law kissing her on the head. As I told everyone I could see him No ONE else could. My mother in law couldn’t feel him kissing her but I could see it. She was laying in a bed at the time which she stays in the bed a lot so I guess that’s why she was in the bed. But the whole dream I remember him smiling, never saying a word. He was so happy but still in his wheel chair. I guess knowing after someone dies they don’t suffer anymore and I know he has both legs now but it was weird that in my dream I was actually seeing him as when he was on this earth with us. This has been one of the hardest things my family has went through but here lately all I do is think of him. But it freaked me out cause I never once remembered the dream until I touched his favorite blanket. He had that blanket when I first met him, he used the blanket to keep my babies warm, and to keep himself warm. Never did I see him using another blanket.

    • Amanda at - Reply

      Added to the next one sorry for the double comment.

  212. Amanda at - Reply

    December 4th 2014 I lost my best friend which happen to by my husbands step dad (Father in Law). We all were shocked from his death and none of us still can get over it. But here lately I have been dreaming about him. But today April 10 2015, I took a late nap. Now I remember the dream but after the dream and I woke up I didn’t remember it. About an hour after I woke up I was sitting on my couch talking with my mom. I told my mom to lean up so I could grab the blanket off the back of the couch which is actually my father in laws blanket that he called Fuzzy. Just as soon as I grabbed the blanket instantly I remembered the dream. I could see him sitting in his wheelchair in a doorway just smiling at me in a room. I remember turning around for a second time and not seeing him there. But as I walked through the room I seen him leaning over my mother in law kissing her on the head. As I told everyone I could see him No ONE else could. My mother in law couldn’t feel him kissing her but I could see it. She was laying in a bed at the time which she stays in the bed a lot so I guess that’s why she was in the bed. But the whole dream I remember him smiling, never saying a word. He was so happy but still in his wheel chair. I guess knowing after someone dies they don’t suffer anymore and I know he has both legs now but it was weird that in my dream I was actually seeing him as when he was on this earth with us. This has been one of the hardest things my family has went through but here lately all I do is think of him. But it freaked me out cause I never once remembered the dream until I touched his favorite blanket. He had that blanket when I first met him, he used the blanket to keep my babies warm, and to keep himself warm. Never did I see him using another blanket.
    Other things that have been happening is my radio in my bedroom. It comes on full blast by itself in the middle of the night. ONLY at night!!! Finally after the 3rd night of this , I turned the volume all the way down and turned it off. The next night it came back on FULL blast the volume was turned up again. No one ever touches this radio unless I’m cleaning in my room. So I unplugged it and it hasn’t done anything since we finally plugged it back up about a month later. Then my husband complains every time he takes a shower that he feels like someone is in the bathroom with him. He always plays his music on his phone while in the shower. He said the phone started acting weird making a weird noise, then it fell in the floor. He then looked out of the shower and picked it back up. He closed the curtain and he said he felt really cold air come in around him and our shampoo rack fell down off the shower head. This happened last night before my dream today. Small little things are coming and going.

  213. Lindsey at - Reply

    My mother died 9yrs ago and today is my birthday andher pic just fell. This happened few weeks ago to. Is this her contacting me and what is she trying to say?

    • Pamela Byrne at - Reply

      She was trying to let you know she is near you, always!

      • robin at - Reply

        That’s weird…July 9th is my deceased Mother’s birthday…and,I know u are RIGHT.

  214. kim at - Reply

    My mum passed away 27 years ago, the other day I was just thinking of her feeling a little sad and mmissing her, and the very next day my uncle sent me her pic which he found on facebook.( her old fried had uploaded it) ..He just fwd it to me. I felt as thou she was telling me she is here with me and all is well.

  215. kourtney at - Reply

    On February 19, 2015, I was taking a nap in the evening and then something awakened me. I was in deep sleep when suddenly I distinctly felt a warm breath across my face. I opened my eyes and no one was there in the room with me. My children were downstairs, so I know it wasn’t one of them. Two days later, my dad called from the hospital(which I had no clue he was there until he called me) and told me he had fallen outside twice Thursday night. He had a pacemaker and defibrillator and he also stopped drinking water for two days before he fell. Seven hours after that phone call, tragically he passed away. Someth ing seemed different in him than the other times he had been hospitalized and he really, really wanted to leave. Is the breath I felt related? Please help!

  216. Bernadette at - Reply

    Was with a medium recently and she said my husband had a message for his patents.. One of the things was that he sent a robin every morning to their garden. When I mentioned that to them they were surprised…as a Robin does indeed come every morning and speak to my father in law… You see I now live in Canada and they are in Ireland… I had no idea that happened.. That was just one of the things he said… I am going to your seminar on May 5 the in Toronto… Looking forward to it..

  217. Sylvia Strauss-Kolb at - Reply

    For two evenings now, I have had a strong aroma of my husband’s perfume while I’m sitting in the living room watching T.V. This is very unusual for me because I have a very poor sense of smell.

  218. Antonio at - Reply

    My grandpa and I were very close. He showed so much love for me ever since I could remember. He picked me up every Friday after school and drove me an hour and half away where he lives and brought me back every Sunday for 15 years. He passed away on April 3, 2015. On April 16 my girlfriend woke up from her bed at 4:08 a.m. to go check on me because I was sleeping on the couch and when she walked around the corner she seen him standing over me gently stroking my hair and then he began to sit down and that’s when my girlfriend said benny and he turned around and he looked at her with a smile. Immediately after that she said she burst into tears and he shook his head at her letting her know not to cry. After that she said he turned around almost like he forgot she was there and began to put his hands on my shoulder and began rubbing it and then his mouth started to move and he was saying something, but she couldn’t make out what he was saying. She said that she knew she wasn’t dreaming because she stepped in our dog’s poop and she had to go the bathroom and wipe it off but when she came out he was gone. To some he was dad, friend, uncle, or brother, but to me while he was my grandpa he was also like a dad but more so he was my best friend. I love you paps.

  219. Ted LaPorte at - Reply

    Late July 1996 my older brother Dave had been dead for about three weeks, he died suddenly on June 26 from a coronary thrombosis. This is a blood clot in the heart.
    I was back on the job as a police officer in North Chicago after taking time off to mourn Dave. To say I was upset with God is an understatement, my brother had faults like all of us but he was a kind soul.
    I was in my squad car, by myself , when I passed by crack heads and other undesirables. I felt rage boiling inside of me. My rage was directed to God. I begin yelling, ” why didn’t You take fifty of these scumbags and let my brother live! There is no God because if You existed You would have taken those dirtbags!”
    I knew what I had just said was wrong, with every fiber of my being I knew it was wrong. I then told God that I was sorry. I told God that I was sorry and asked Him to allow me to see my brother Dave one more time.
    That very night my brother came to me while I was sleeping. Dave was wearing a white t-shirt, white shorts, white socks and white ked gym shoes. Dave said to me,” your alright, I am all right. We will see each other again but you have to let me go.” Dave then turned and walked away.
    When I awoke, I was at peace , I knew Dave was in heaven and he was happy.
    You see, Dave died so suddenly I was afraid he did not make it to the other side. Now I know Dave is safe.
    A side note, Dave died on June 26, a day after his 34 th birthday. To this day I see 625 and 626 all the time in different settings.
    God bless whoever reads this. Keep the faith.

    • Lucy at - Reply

      Thank you for your post Dave. I lost my sister 12/13/2014 (Saint Lucys BD) my name is Lucy I was with her for the last 3 years of her life. I went with her to try and get her the transplant she needed it was our last chance. She had a lot of complications and suffered on how she suffered. I find comfort in your dream. I know I will see her again but I miss her so much. I am experiencing so many signs of grief I just pray it gets better as time goes on. I retired to be with my sister and being home isn’t easy either.
      Thank you and God Bless you for your post.

      • FR at - Reply

        I lost my sister too after a battle on bivad then heart transplant… The transplant failed and she passed away… She suffered for 5 months
        I miss her terribly

      • robin at - Reply

        I understand is not fair.I understand thinking why are these people that are killing themselves not dead yet? but the truth is God doesn’t judge we do though-remember that it’s Faith that keepssome of these junkies alive…maybe they have a heart of gold, and believe in Christ.or maybe they have the mother or father sister praying so hard that they get off drugs.I I know how you feel it’s so ironic I see people that live their lives perfectly, eat organic food, exercise, whatever the case may be…and they die’s really a mystery.when I lost my mother, my Nana, and my aunt within 3 years, I did and still feel jipped! I’m still mad at God! you can be mad at God and still love him!

  220. Mary at - Reply

    My father passed away December 31st 2013. Sometime in February 2014 I dreamt of my dad in his coffin but he was in the opposite direction then he really was. I was standing in line and all of a sudden my dad was standing in front of me. He turned around and said he didn’t like what someone was doing. I looked and I said Dad you r alive he continued to walk down a hallway he turned to go in a door he then came out and had a white t-shirt on with his sleeves rolled up and blue jeans on and he was all bulked out but he was so much younger and said to me what’s going on with those new cars. Well 3 of us had to get cars. I woke up shaking and crying that dream felt so weird. By the way my dad always wore t-shirts and blue jeans when he was around the house. I felt so at ease at that time and realized my dad actually visited me in my dream.

  221. Joanne Rose at - Reply

    My husband died in a motorcycle accident nearly 8 years ago. After family and friends had left from the wake and the “party” he wanted instead of a funeral I noticed things happening. One very striking incident was when one of his boots was turned 180 degrees. I had kicked off my shoes toes to toes with his boots. After I had fixed some lunch and sat down I “happened” to look over at the boots and shoes. What a surprise I got when I saw one of the boots no longer toes to toes! I was quite taken aback for a bit until I realized he must have done it as surely my cat did not. This was just one of many things that happened for the first year or two following his death. I still hear his favorite songs on the radio just as I happen to turn it on or get in my truck and head out while turning on the radio. I find it so comforting to know he is encouraging me and is near. I hope others will read of my experience and be open to signs from their loved ones in Spirit!

  222. Tracey at - Reply

    I sometimes hear someone say my name, yet there is no one in the room with me.

    • Glenn at - Reply

      Do you recognize the voice? Is it the same voice each time you hear your name? How frequently has this happened?

      To share: My wife passed in November 2014 following a brief battle with liver cancer, and a week following her funeral, I was alone working over my computer and I heard her voice call me “Honey” in a sweet beckoning tone. I looked up and around and saw nothing. I have frequent dreams of her but have not heard her speak since…

  223. cq03 at - Reply

    Last night I had the weirdest dream… uncle past away 4 yrs ago and last night I heard him call my Grandma (his mom) but I didn’t see him what I saw was my father’s body, which is alive and here with us….I know it was my uncle because his face faded in after he called out….”MOM”…….WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?

  224. Simmy at - Reply

    I lost my mother in October, 2014. I being the youngest child, was very close to her. Her passing away has left me and my family in deep void. However, I dream of her once every 2 weeks atleast….. she hugs me, tells me she is around, tells me that she loves me, or she talks about her favorite food, favorite clothes. Does this mean that she is actually trying to reach out to me through my dreams or is it just my subconscious mind working?

  225. Christina davis at - Reply

    My husband passed 3 weeks ago after long fight with lungand brain cancer i believe hospital killed him i knew he was fixing to pass told daughter, nurses, that if they didnt bpap machine mask off, he was fixing to have heart attack. O one listened, called security when i took it off, knew him too good after 10 years explained to him he what was fixing to happen told bimi tried he said he kwew and understood said wasnt scared but not ready tried to make himcomfortable still begging for mask to be taken off died instantly of heart attack 5 hours later his deceased mama came to me that day and told me not the first timei saw her(details when contacted) feel gulity i need to let my enligtenments know for my own peace of mind i would love an email back im dealing with this alone. Here is abbreviated account of my experiences would love to talk to someone so i can vo into detail. Ive had many more experiences than the 5 listed below, over 20 please contact me by phone text or email

    Dropped water on middle of my head after asking for forgiveness

    Felt hand on my face wi pressure heat and tingling

    Story poppedin bead about okra which allowed me to eat after week

    Hearing him check that doors are locked when im home alone

    Appearing in mist form that enveloped m his hand forming around mine when i reached out and feltheat energy and tingling beforehis hand formed a message for his daughter and niece the first night i brought his ashes home and exactly 3 weeks close to the minute of his passing

    I have many more stories
    Please contact me i need to know someone understands

    Christina davis

    • Peggy at - Reply

      Christina, you’re not going crazy if that’s what you think. I believe all of these signs are what they are! Him letting you know he is near. In the hospital, my dad asked to have ventilator tube removed. I the nurse in the family implored the doctor to remove it. He said your dad will surely die soon afterwards. After pulling in the catholic priest and me being called a murderer for honoring my fathers dying wishes, and finally having many of our 10 siblings accept the possible imminent death of our dad, the ventilator tube was removed after my dad was verbally given the risks and having to accept he might die straight away. He lived for 3 days and could tell each one of us he loved us, which he could not have done with the tube in. You removed your husband’s mask and I’m sure he was grateful. He’s letting you know that now. Accept his signs as tokens of love. Time for you to know deep in your soul you were, and still are, loved beyond measure!

  226. debbie howles at - Reply

    hi i woke up in the middle of the night holding a penny i sat up in bed realised i had something in my hand,i opened my hand for a penny to drop on to the bed.i have no idea where this penny came from i never went to bed with it what does this mean.

  227. debbie howles at - Reply

    this is really baffling me as to where did it come from?how did it get there??what does it mean???

  228. Anna at - Reply

    I myself had many experiences with seeing my loved ones who have passed on. I had even seen a couple of my nieces friends that were in a car crash I had never seen them before. I had told her that I seen 2 young men walking with high school football jerseys .She had later told that where i seen them walking and when she said the location of the car crash and she brought out her year book. It was them.They both played varsity football at her high school. The boys lives were cut short by a drunk driver. .I pray every night for those souls on their journey.

  229. Brenda Kingery at - Reply

    my boyfriends brother committed suicide 3 years ago on April 1st. Since then I had 1 dream of him when he was very young before I ever knew of him standing in our room on my boyfriends side of the bed watching him sleep. He was wearing tan pants a tan and white sweater vest with a white shirt underneath. I had another dream he was sitting at the foot of our bed grey in color very depressed looking. I’ve never spoken to him in my dreams just seen him. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy.

  230. Giusy at - Reply

    My husband passed away 3 years ago and ever since he passed I often thought that it would be nice to have a sigh that he was around and thinking of me .About a month ago I dreamed that he was showing me pictures and then he kissed me and while it was happening I knew that he was dead but could feel his lips into mine and he was also holding my hand I could feel his touch,woke up while he was kissing me and still could feel his lips kissing mine.even thou I cried so hard it felt so good knowing that he was thinking of me and hope that he can message me soon again ,somehow.

  231. Kelly at - Reply

    My brother passed 2 weeks ago today, suddenly. I was having a really hard time and wished for 1 more hug from him and I felt like I was being embraced and a great calm came over me. The last several days I have been noticing birds coming by to visit. When I talked to my mother she told me a hummingbird flew into her garage and a little black bird flew into her work and just stared at her. Both happened yesterday. When she called my grandmother this morning before she could tell her about it, my grandma started talking about a hummingbird right outside her window. I don’t think these are coincidences.

  232. Sherry at - Reply

    My Dad passed away last month. I was here for his passing in Pa, I live in Fl.
    Before he passed I asked him if it wre possible that he come to my hose to visit. This morning, I was startled awake by a rapping on my bedroom window. It was a distinct knocking. I got up thinking maybe my adult son had locked himself out somehow but then realized he’d already left for work. Of course nobody was there or I wouldn’t be writing this. Immediately I thought of my Dad and just know it was him…I’m on this website looking for confirmation I guess

    • Peggy at - Reply

      But you already have confirmation, right? Because you said it yourself. It was a distinct knock! It was your dad’s distinct knock? Correct? People just know these things!

  233. David at - Reply

    A few weeks a go my grandfather passed away. Shortly after, I had back to back dreams about him. He wouldn’t saying anything, he would just stand there smiling. As my family begain making arrangements for the funeral, my one year old son said my grandfather’s nickname when he saw a picture of him. Mind you, my son had seen my grandfather a hand full of times and has never said his name before. With that in mind, I caught my son in a stare towards the wall in my bed room a day before. I’m a skeptical when it comes to this stuff but, I believe there’s more going on than meets the eye.

  234. Alisa Scales at - Reply

    My son passed away 5mos. ago, he loved birthdays. Every year in April he would count down the days and remind me. He would say, ” moma you have a few more days, are you ready for your big day?” This is my 1st year not hearing him reminding me… The day before my birthday, I dreaded that day because I knew he wasn’t here anymore to tell me. I said to myself, ” I know he wouldn’t leave me hanging like this, I’m spirtual and he knows this. I couldn’t sleep none of the am hours of the Morning of my birthday. So finally dozed off. I appeared in my dreams at my deceased grandmothers house. I saw something in the door way in the room My sister and I took naps everyday during our summer visits when we were little girls. I looked again and saw a blurry vision of someones face from a far. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. So I looked again. It was my sons face! Then suddenly I didnt see his face anymore. His favorite color is blue. Now suddenly after he disappeared I saw blue sparkling stars shaped of a flower and then the shape of a bull, Im sure the bull symbolized as my zodiac sign Taurus, and my birthay is in the month of a April. He’d never let me down even after…I LOVE YOU DEON FOREVER, MOMMY MISS YOU and THANKYOU!!!

  235. Sue at - Reply

    Hi there, my good friend passed away May 2 the same day as my mom did.His funeral was May 9 . Before I went to his place with the family and I brought a jacket and shirt of his home with me . When I was at home I smelt smoke ,my friend survived a fire almost one year ago. He was fine a few days ago when I saw him no one know what happened or how he died yet as results are not in. i felt like someone was with me. Then when I got home from the funeral home I took one of my dogs outside brought him in the house then took the other dog out. When I was in the yard my friends son and wife drove up and gave me a flower from my friends casket .I then went upstairs unlocked the door. something would not let me in ,it’s like someone was holding the door shut but it was unlocked. Idon’t know what this means is he trying to tell me something????????

  236. Diana at - Reply

    My step dad, whom I was very close with, passed away November 7, 2015. My daughter is 7 months pregnant with her first child and is naming her soon to be daughter after my dad. I was having a very stressful week, sleeping 3 hours a night as I was selling my business in a few days. I looked up and asked my dad for a sign that he knew my daughter was pregnant and the baby would be healthy and told him the baby would be named after him. I also asked for a sign that I would make it through the week and if I was making a good business decision. I went to bed in the spare bedroom as my husband was snoring. The next morning at 6:00am, April 7, 2015, I felt something under me while I was in bed. I didn’t know what it could be. I got out of bed, and there were 4 pennies nicely placed on the sheet underneath me. I started shaking, put the pennies in the palm of my hand, woke my husband up and he asked where I got the pennies. I told him the story and I thanked my dad and put the pennies in the little jar I save them when I find them. This was clearly a sign my dad heard me asking that all would be fine. I will always have the memory of having four pennies in my bed when I woke up at 6am.

  237. Ron at - Reply

    My parents both deceased on the same day. Car Crash, My father was said to be at fault. A mack truck hit them side on going 100 KLM per hour. Instant death. It was 10:30 that Monday Morning. I was going to take my friend to Jasper Alberta and then on to Calgary. Prior to my going at 10:30 a knock as clearly as my mother would knock came to my door. I went there to answer and no one was there. I knew at that time it meant that there was a death and the knock was so distinctive of my moms knock.

    Well shortly after her death I had a dream and in that Dream I was talking to her on the phone, as in my dream she had called me. I said, Mom is that you she said of coarse who else do you think it is. I said but you are dead aren’t you; her reply was I don’t think so. Then another time she came in my dream and I could see her again I said Mom are you not aware that you are Dead. She said I don’t think so I’m here aren’t I.

    Last night before Mothers day May 09, 2015 My dad would have celebrated his 80th birthday if he were not killed in the same crash. Well I went to bed and Mom came to me in my dream again only this time she was about 30 -36 no more and her hair was salt and pepper she wore Navy Blue Slax and a Blue or Lilack top. She was telling me since the hike in gas prices she could barely stay above board with every thing she and Dad had to pay. I said tell me about it. It takes my new car 9.1 liters to go 100 Klm. Ten I said to her as she looked me directly and I said Hey mom don’t you know you are Dead. She said I don’t think I am I am here aren’t I. I put my arm around her and started to walk down the street with her then I woke up.

    I am trying to figure out why she keeps coming to me and why I keep telling her she is dead and she disagrees with me.

    Also after My Grand mothers Death, I was devostated as she was more a parent to me than my own parents put together. Gram was my Idol and she loved me more than all the others I could feel it when she was alive. Soon after her death I began to dream of her. Every time I would dream it was the same dream. She would be sitting on the edge of my bed as I would walk into my room and she would say, “come to Grammy” with her arms stretched out wanting to hug me. As I hugged her I began to realize that this was a dream and how I missed her so. I was 17 years of age at her death and I was 37 when the dreams stopped. So frequently they came and each and every time I would wake up tears streaming down my face. So I asked mom then what does Grammy want. She said why don’t you go to the grave site where she is and ask her what she wants. I drove 8 miles on my bicycle as at that time I didn’t have a car. Then I asked my grand mother what do you want me to do Grammy? Right then in my minds eye she asked me to tidy up things around for her. I noticed that the toomb stone was full of sand perhaps blown up in a wind. I took a twig from the ground, it was a fur tree twig and I began to brush the stone off on the top and at the foot of her grave. I felt at such peace because she was so neat and tidy and I helped her with the house work when she was alive while my parents worked. So after that day in the cemetary I no longer had those dreams. I do believe that some times loved ones will call on you to do something for them because they feel they can’t pass over until that has taken place.

    Back to Mom she was very strict and very hard on me as a child I was Cinderfella and did many things in the house when school was finished and I didn’t go out much on week days only when the week ends came I would go out after my chores were finished. In the last year my Mother and I didn’t talk for a very long time at least 8 months and after their death it feels like it hasn’t even sunk in. I have not shed one tear over the loss. The last year was the worst I had ever experienced in my entire life with her on earth. However I don’t know what she is trying to tell me when she comes to me as frequently as she has and says she doesn’t believe she is Dead. Just Wierd so wierd I am completely troubled by this. Would like some closure to it all. They will be burried in their Eurn on June 6th 2015, four days before my birthday. I am not attending the funeral as this will cost me dearly to go to New Brunswick from My residence in Alberta at this time. So I won’t have any closeure. Not sure if this troubling dream will go away. I sure don’t have any thing to say to my mother. She knew one week before she died that both her and dad didn’t want me around or visiting or calling due to my hateful sister whom they loved dearly. She had children and I never did nor did any of the other 3 of us. But she always made it quite clear that I could never please her no matter how hard I tried. Karen was the one who always pleased her and was her pet. I just wanted to be loved but it never came naturally from her. Sorry for such a long comment or story but you know I believe in the after life and I am somewhat psychic but this baffels me so much. Why would she still be coming to me in my dreams. Her Eurn is with my Sister who had no kids either. She and her husband will fly back east for the ceremony. Also my hateful sister who called the police on me because she is bi-polar and didn’t understand my conversation that I had with my mother 3 weeks prior to the police report and 4 weeks prior my parents death. That is why I hate my sister so much as I never bothered them as a child and I took them every where in my car when I got one. I never married and can’t see me doing so at my age. Any way such wierd dreams.

  238. Marianna Durbin-Nunez at - Reply

    Hello Blair,

    After my 19 yr. old son was in a fatal accident I started having paranormal/spiritual experiences.
    I’ve had these experiences all my life but none so many as after his passing. One afternoon while having a hard time emotionally after losing him I went upstairs and knelt beside my bed praying and crying for almost an hour. So many unusual things had been happening around the house that made me think his soul was trapped on earth. I still had a lot to unlearn about the religion I was taught. I prayed very hard for him to go to the light. After about an hour I was so numb with pain that I had no tears left. I climbed up on my bed and leaned against a pillow and closed my swollen eyes. The second I closed them I had a vision of my Tony walking through a tunnel to a distant light. Three times I saw him turn around and look behind him like he wasn’t sure of where he was going but the last I saw of him he was walking toward the light. After that I lost sight of him. In an instant my spirit left my body and I found myself in the most beautiful white light I had even seen. I felt overwhelmed with peace. I looked to my right and saw rolling plush green hills, to my left I saw beautiful colored leaves on trees and then I looked straight ahead to where the source of the light was coming from. All of a sudden it felt light a laser of love shot right through my soul! It was the most saturating, unconditional love I have ever felt. I knew my Tony was alright and had to be feeling the same love I was feeling at that moment. After that I was back in my body and gave God thanks for allowing me to feel His love. A few weeks later I woke up with my Tony standing at the foot of my bed surrounded by a beautiful white light. He had on his favorite clothes and looked more mature, radiant and handsome than I had ever seen him. He smiled the most beautiful smile and stretched out both arms to me as I had always done for him whenever I wanted a hug and kiss. He has given me many signs through the years and as I am sitting here writing this he has again turned on the light above my head in my room. It has been coming on by itself often lately. I am presently working on a book about my experiences and his life.
    By the way, Bill Guggenheim is a dear friend of mine and he used to send me boxes of his books that I would give to people who had lost a loved one. I will see him again in September at the NDE Convention to be held in San Antonio this year. I would love to meet you one day too.

  239. Christine Bonnar at - Reply

    My mother died and I then took care of my dad for 7 1/2 years. At the end, my dad was bedridden for a year and a half not being able to walk before he died. Eight months later I had a dream my dad walked in my front door, went through the main floor family room and out through the garden doors to back yard. I remember feeling shocked at seeing how well he walked. I went up to him to help him walk and he said he was okay. When I asked where was he going he said to find your mother.
    When I woke up I cried at what I had dreamed and sat for a while going over every detail. After a few minutes I went and looked at the calendar as I knew their anniversary was approaching and discovered it was that day. I will never forget this dream. I am however saddened by not ever having another one. I miss them so much even after all this time I think of them all most daily.

  240. Linda Cable at - Reply

    My husband died in February of 2013 after a brief illness. He was a HUGE Elton John fan. I have been a professional musician all of my adult life and music has always been VERY emotional for me. I had not been able to listen to music for days after his death. Finally, I decided to turn on the radio one morning, but first told Michael out loud that if he could hear me to please play an Elton John song. When I turned on the radio, Elton John’s song “Rocket Man” was playing!! They lyrics talked about “Rocket Man burning out into the Heaven zone” and how “he missed his home and his wife…” I KNEW immediately he had heard me and picked the perfect song to let me know!!! Even though I rarely heard that song on the radio, I found several time after that, I would be driving along and thinking of him and that song would come on the radio!! I KNEW it was him… doubt whatsoever!!!!!!

  241. Ash at - Reply

    My dog passed away in January he was only 2. He was a great dane/ bernise mountain dog mix. Last night I had a dream that I was in a pitch black room and there was a light 50 feet or so in front of me and Duke was under it just looking at me with his beautiful posture. Nothing was said or done we just stared at each other for what felt like hours. Wish I knew what it ment..

  242. Rose at - Reply

    I saw my deceased father in a door window and that night my sister was hit head on by a semi and lived barley touched just broken pelvis and T3 spine do you think he was with her ? Was he warning me ? At the hospital she asked who the people were walking back and fourth and pointed to the window and was looking intently at them , we were on the 7 th floor there were no people ??

  243. Jonathan Levi Harris at - Reply

    I lost my sister who was everything to me. She was 4 years older than me and always took up for me and gave me advice. She passed one night with no warnings. I was devastated we had a fight that night. 2 weeks and 3 days later she visited me in my sleep. It was a very intense and real dream. I’ve never had such a real and energy filled dream before. She came to me and I held her tight I could feel her. I heard her voice which was so sweet and innocent and at peace. I cried to her as she assured me she was fine and gave me a message to give to our father. So I’m now researching ways to speak with her. Thank you for this page

  244. Martha at - Reply

    I dream my father 3 times and the 3 times I can only see his back, my father died 1 year ago. What is that means.
    Thank you


  245. Kellie at - Reply

    My mom passed away this last sept and since her death iv had the most vivid dreams with her assuring me she is here and will be always. My mom knew I was gonna have a hard time with her death. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given 1 month to live, her sister had been on hospice for 3 years from copd and lived with my mother during this time, after a month and a half mom passed but before she fell asleep her last time she knocked on my aunts wall 3 times then laid her head down, she passed that night. 61 hours later my aunt was given the news of mom dying and it was too much, she past away that day as well, walking outside to get air I looked out over my room and there in the clearing directly above my room was the biggest brightest double rainbow. One month later at my mom and aunts celebration of life it was a dark and windy day out but the sun shined directly above us and there it was above a beautiful dbl rainbow again, the very next day my family and I made a trip to moms favorite place ever to take her ashes and plant a tree in her memory..clear blue sky, calm and peaceful and I felt so close to her that day, feeling her love, as I looked at the pictures a couples days later I realised I was yet again being reminded of her presence, not a cloud in the sky and the water like glass yet a double rainbow appears for no other reason other then to once again reassured that she had transitioned from this material place we are in to a spiritual realm of exsistance as her journey continues on. There’s been dreams with her telling me not to worry she will always be right here even when it don’t seem like it, so real and so vivid I could smell her and feel her arms around my waist as we stood looking out at a rainbow, she once said ” don’t you worry honey, I’ll always be between you and the power lines! ” the next day I heard a song called pieces of sky about a woman grieving her mom and her mom assuring her, the video was of thee sky and diferent shots of power lines and poles as we look into the sky.

  246. Judy at - Reply

    My Italian grandfather had been dead for many years; he was such a loving man and his presence held our family together. One night I dreamed he was in front of me; I said “papa! it’s so nice to see you, I have missed you so much”! I gave him a hug as he said in his Italian accent “don’t worry sweet heart, you will be with me soon”. When reflecting on the dream I wondered if I too would be dead soon; but I realize that in the eyes of God our life span is just a blink of an eye so to those in heaven it won’t seem long until we are all with them again.

  247. sue at - Reply

    My extremely loved maltipoo has recently started putting her paw to my face making me look at her and her eyes are filled with so much love that It feels like she is trying to tell me something. It feels as if she is telling me my husband is ok or that its him reaching out cause he also loved her and me. Could it be he is there trying to let me know through her?. I feel crazy but it feels so real.

  248. Faith fatima kotze at - Reply

    Hi I have lost my father sis n grandma and lastnight for the 1st time in 17years I had a dream bout my grandma n she was following me where I was going and talking to me but weirdest thing is she was wearing red shoes and one shoe was really torn on top but she looked like she was comfortable walking around wearing that and it was night time I will appreciate it so much if you can tel me what it means. Thank you regards. F kotze

  249. Yvonne Acevedo at - Reply

    My daughter passed away on March 25, 2015 I was devastated by her loss since it was all of a sudden. We had the service for her on the 29th and 30th of March on the last day that we said out last goodbyes I came home and went inti my bedroom with my 12 year old granddaughter who is her daughter . We sat on the bed and spoke for a few minutes I told her that I loved her and that I will always be there for her, I hugged her and kissed her and she left the room I fell asleep when all of a sudden I heard my daughter whisper in my ear I’m okay mami, I woke up looked around the room to see who said that , there was no one there I was about to get up and I hear her say to me no go back to sleep since the day she passed I had slept a total of 15 hours I fell asleep for about 3 hours when I awoke I told my family what had happened., but it doesn’t end there on Saturday April 16th I was in the patio when all of a sudden a butterfly came flying in through the open door into the patio it flew around , my faughter had a butterfly tattoo on her lower back and her favorite colors were yellow and teal to my amazement the butterfly was yellow and the antennas were teal I know my daughter came to visit me.

  250. blanka rapaport at - Reply

    my printer started to print although my computer was closed and so was my printer
    my mother passed away a year ago

  251. Kim Daniels at - Reply

    Two very definite signs. First when my mom who loved gardening passes. My cousin and i who are best friends we talking in her driveway about how my mother would have love m cousins new garden. A butterfly. Flew around us and kept flying in her face. She shoo’d it away and it left and came back. Tried to land on her face. Definitly a sign from my mom that she sawhergarden and was there. I would have things fall off the shelf. Behind me at stores we would shop at. Noone was around. I know she was letting me know she was there. My two yr. Old gradson waved to noone atmy home, i asked who he was waving at. He showed me my mom in a family group photo. Wow
    Second my cousin died. We always talked about how wed send a sign that heaven is what we discussed we thought it was. I wa really down thr day of funeral. I asked her above if sheremembered our agreement . And to please send me a sign. A penny from heaven anything. A few minutes later i was picking up grandkids toys. I found a beautiful shiny penny. Asked kids if it was theirs. No ones. My sign from her. Put it in my pocket to show my daughter a few minutes later. No penny. And i did not have a whole in pocket. Im very receptive to signs. Love receiving them. Always get dream signs. Love it.

    • Kim Daniels at - Reply

      Omg i just looked at the date on this page. Its my moms death anniversary. Too cool.

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      Thank you for sharing that story!

  252. Epiphany at - Reply

    My uncle passed away from cancer in hospice and I noticed that the medicine made his body hot and it was ever hot after he passed away and he Donated his body to science , I was with him the hole time barely left his side I told him it was ok to leave , but I thought I would be ok and I’m not , I have to take a leave from work me and my uncle could since And see spirit , I’m empathic but now at nite my body is getting real hot ,I get head aches , I’m don’t know if it’s him letting me know he’s ok , or if I’m going crazy, I feel lost and I’m always crying and in the days I find myself looking for him or even sign , my aunt didn’t have anything for him so I don’t know if that maybe the key or what , also he had lung cancer and lots of times it feels like the air is GoinG out the room ,please help

  253. Ryan at - Reply

    I just did a Google search for ” I touched my loved ones hand in a dream and it felt real” which lead me to this site. When I was 16 I dated someone who hard a major impact on my life. I was in love but it just didn’t work out with us but we remained friends. When I turned 18 I moved out of state and was gone for 2 1/2 years. During this time my friend/ex had a stroke and when I moved back I found out that he passed away due to complications. I was unable to attend the funeral and felt bad for a long time. It has been almost 11 years and last night I had a dream that I was in the hospital (not sure why) but I walk into a room and see a nurse sitting a desk filling out paper work. As soon as I enter the room the nurse turns around and smiles at me, and it was him! I felt the joy in my heart and reached out to him. As he got closer I said I miss you and he reached out and as he said I miss you too, his hand connected with mine. I felt the warmth and pressure of his touch and it was so real I immediately woke up and began to cry. I got down on my knees and prayed for his protection and thanked God for his many blessings, especially my senses. I will never forget that moment or the feeling.

  254. Jen at - Reply

    My 3 year old handed me a piece of a birdhouse that was attached to a wooden snowman that belonged to my mom. I had had a long day and got a little teary eyed and told her that it was my moms and she shouldn’t have ripped it off. I told her to go get in her pajamas so she did. I sat and cried next to this snowman, holding the broken piece of birdhouse in my hand and said out loud “I miss you mom.” I cries for a good while and then the heard music playing. It sounded like my ballerina music box that I had as a child. I instantly thought, oh my where is that sound coming from? Then I see my daughter. She walks toward me with her music box and smiles at me and hands it to me. My heart dropped I couldn’t speak. She sits in my lap and I cry and tell her I love her. I knew this was my moms way of telling me she was there. My daughters grandmother has bought her that music box a year prior and I remember listening to it and thinking it sounded like the one my mom had given me as a kid. But it sits on her desk and I haven’t heard her touch it in a long time. Perfect timing maybe? I totally believe it was my mom!!!

  255. melissa at - Reply

    I was in my teenage boy’s room and he was very upset about the relationship between he and his father. We are divorced and his dad does not spend as much time with him as my son would like. I didn’t know what to say to him so I just held him and let him cry. I had a similar relationship with my father and my grandmother (my dads mom) was always saying and doing just the right things to make me feel just a bit better. All of a sudden I heard a very distinct voice in my head telling me very lovingly to just love him like I loved you. That’s it – it was my grandmother who passed away a little over a year and a half ago. When I heard the voice which sounded like mine but wasn’t.I knew exactly how to love my son at that moment. Very powerful!!

    • Blair Robertson at - Reply

      What a FABULOUS example of *listening* to spirit! Thank you for sharing that Melissa!

  256. steven at - Reply

    Last night/ 5/21/2015 I had a dream where I was sitting with my uncle Dickie in his truck. He loved his truck. Uncle Dickie passed twelve years ago. He like going to the horse races as I do. As we sat in his truck, we spoke about horse racing. Suddenly Dickie said I am going to place a bet. He exited the truck an went into a store, this store was a local store he often shopped. He came back with wagered tickets on a horse and a hand full of money. Again, we sat in his truck, he spoke of his son (my cousin) and horses. I have been trying remember more of the dream but to no avail.
    Uncle Dickie helped me throughout my life. I looked up to him. He resembled John Wayne in every way.

  257. Larry at - Reply

    Last night, i had a dream i saw my father he died Sep 1 2008 in my dream,he was laying dead in my arm i reached out to his pocket there was a lot of money there i couldn’t take all of it out. Can someone interpret it for me. I really miss him a lot.

  258. Val at - Reply

    I had a very strange dream that my father was sitting in kitchen and he was saying nothing just observing. I did not even recognize him. He died when he was 78 and was ill with congestive heart failure. I took care of him through that time that he was in and out of the hospital. In the dream, he was in his 30’s and I kept looking at him knowing he was a relative, maybe even my older brother who is still alive. After I looked in his eyes a few more times, I realized it was my father but he was much younger than when he died. Some of the things going on in my life were in the dream like we are losing our house but in the dream, it was a different house but we were still losing it and a realtor had come to show it to people as my father and I looked on. I also went to the doctor in the dream but I don’t know why and my father was not there. I fell that it was real and he was trying to tell me something but he never spoke. Not sure what it means.

  259. Crystal at - Reply

    I lost my husband in October 2014 at the age of 35.. We were high school sweethearts and his death is still a shock to me, well us.. I have had many signs side his death; our favorite song plays often when I’m in the car, and having the most difficult time with coping.. He has also come to me in dreams, embrassing me with a hug or kiss. However the most recent encounter occurred in the middle of the day as I was cleaning a few pots and pans; a strong scent of cologne came across my nose.. It made me pause for a minute,but quickly placed a smile upon my face… I know it was him.. he always shows up at the right time..

  260. Greg at - Reply

    I’m the youngest of four boys. My 3 older brothers stopped speaking with my Mom for various reasons. My oldest stopped speaking with Mom because his wife wouldn’t allow him to speak with any of his family. My next oldest brother stopped talking to Mom after she asked him to buy her out of a house they owned together (he refused to pay back the downpayment she loaned him to get into the house). The last one stopped speaking to Mom because she caught him trying to forge mortgage papers for another house and she told him he was no longer welcome to be part of the purchase. What a mess huh?
    I was never a favorite by a longshot (actually the oldest brother was). None of the mattered to me. As my Mom got older I cared for her. She stayed with me because I never wanted her to be alone. Mom came to the US from England at age 21 after meeting my Dad during WWII. She never saw her parents again as flying was expensive and uncommon. Years later when Mom went back to England for visits, she would ask her 4 older sisters to take her to the cemetery to visit her parents grave. They would say “You’re on holiday, you don’t want to do that, it’s depressing”. So, my Mom never made it to her parents grave. In 2005, I decided to take my Mom back to her home town for a month long visit. I made it a point to take her to her parents grave. Her first time and mine as well to visit my Grandparents who I never had the honor of meeting. I think my Mom was homesick ever since she left England and she always spoke about her parents and growing up in England. She ALWAYS told me she missed her Mam (Mother).
    My Mom developed dementia but never stopped telling me the she missed her Mam. As time passed and I knew her time was drawing to a close, I contacted the cemetery where her parents are buried. As homesick as Mom was for all those years, I wanted her to be buried back home. The woman at the cemetery told me “This is just a suggestion but, there’s room for another burial with your Mum’s parents. There was nothing to think about.
    On September 2, 2014 I was called at work that my Mom’s blood pressure was bottoming out and when I got home, the nurse told me Mom was in a “transitional stage” and she only had a day or two left. Mom appeared to be sleeping. I sat by her side and told her things were going to be OK and when she was ready, she could go be with her Mom and Dad. I was holding her hand and when I told her I loved her very much, she squeezed my hand. It was then that I knew she was hearing everything I was saying.
    Mom always told me she wanted “The Long and Winding Road” by the Beatles. So, I played it on YouTube (on my phone) and layed it by her head.
    I sat by Mom’s side through the night and the following morning I made a quick call. When I returned to Mom’s side, she was gone….
    I got messages to my brothers that Mom had passed however, I never heard from any of them. I accompanied my Mom back to England and sat with her for a couple of hours at the funeral home (a block from her home, where she was born 89 years earlier). I followed the hearse to the cemetery where she was laid to rest with her parents. I was the only one there besides the minister and the pallbearers. I found comfort knowing my Mom was back on British soil and reunited with her parents. I arrived home and collected my cat who was all I had left in this world.
    One evening I was sitting on the couch and Kona was lying next to the wall by the couch. She suddenly sprang up and stared into the kitchen. I watched her as she stared. I said her name and asked what she was looking at. There was no way I could get her to turn her focus to me. Kona’s ears perked up and she continued to stare into the kitchen. She remained still but her eyes slowly left the kitchen and tracked to the top of the stairs where she looked for about 20 seconds (it seemed like forever). I’m convinced she was watching my Mom’s spirit who came to visit to let me know she was with her parents and was OK.
    Something I’ll never forget. What an incredible experience……

  261. dakota at - Reply

    My first love passed away a couple months ago.. it took a hard turn on me. I mis him so much everyday. But I get these dreams every now and then. he comes out of no where and we hang out and do goofy things like we used to. It’s like I know it’s a dream so I’ll talk to him and say….how….how are you here? He always tells me ” I didn’t go anywhere. I’ll always be here.”

  262. courtney at - Reply

    I moved to Missouri in 2011 after a very short period of a lot of loss, and in Oct 2012 had my first child. My husband being the only person, besides his parents, I knew I was very lonely and sad in the hospital. I remember my son was admitted to the NICU and I spent the 2 nights in the hospital alone. Post C section. The first night I woke up at about 1 or 2 am out of no where. Look around because I felt someone in the room. No one being there I close my eyes. I promise you I then felt a hand rest on my lower leg as if someone was sitting on the end of my bed. I kept my eyes closed for a second thinking I was hallucinating from Either pain meds or exhaustion. I opened my eyes and of course, still no one. I was scared for a second also confused. I think about that moment a lot. I even asked the nurse if there were side effects to any of the medication. However, They did look at me funny… I wish I knew who this was because I know and have always felt there was someone there with me that night.

  263. Britteny at - Reply

    My mother passed January 3 2015 i miss her so much her voice reminds in my head daily of her last words I love u its so pain full I just want my mother back I would give any day to spend just one more day with her me her and her grand kids

  264. Mary Bacci at - Reply

    Hi, I lost my precious mum 10 months ago, I am finding it hard to cope. My life is nothing without her. I am desperate to have a connection with her and as I read on so many people get a connection with a loved one who has passed, I feel like the only person who hasn’t had a connection and this leads me to think that my mum may not agitated. I also feel that heaven does not exist which is the reason for her not connecting with me. I am not a believer of any God or heaven so I am assuming this will be the reason that will be given to me but I should have a connection with her anyway despite this. I also know my mum would want to reassure me or make a connection. She was the most loving sweet gentle person on earth and I miss the amount of love she gave me. Please help me understand.

  265. Lynn Lamoureux at - Reply

    I’ve never had a reading,, but its soothes my soul when I read anything about mediums. I do have alot of signs it would be exciting for someone to validate them all.

  266. Wanda at - Reply

    It is the third day after my mothers” passing,I was lying on the couch she played on when I saw a tiger-striped cat across the room. It looked at me. I hollered to my nephew there”s a cat in the house. He and my daughters” boyfriend looked for it throughout the house. They could not find it. They think I”m losing it.

  267. Chastity at - Reply

    I came home after a meds training class to my 16 year old daughter asking me why did I record the T.V. show “House” at 3am. I let her know that I was sound asleep at 3am and why would I record that T.V. series when I never watched it. My husband that passed away in 2011 never missed an episode of that show. It could not be explained how one of the episodes ended up on our DVR. I was certain from that moment that he had made a visit during our sleep and left something behind to let us know he was there.

  268. Tan at - Reply

    I lost a very dear friend of mine 8 years ago. I was in a bar one night with my roommates shortly after his passing and needed to go the restroom as I had suddenly been overtook by sadness. I was freshening up when I heard my phone ringing in my purse. I pulled it out and his ringtone was playing. I tried to shrug it off and think of all the possible reasons why that may have happened but I believe he was “calling” me to let me know he was there.

  269. marlene at - Reply

    I hear Patti crying outside mywindow at night ,just after bark .and IVe heard her three times.

  270. Lori Love at - Reply

    I have gone through some emotionally trying times, the death of my 3 year old twin son, a brain tumor diagnosis, and most recently, my boyfriend, who lost his battle to lung cancer. Before my boyfriend’s diagnosis, I started to feel a tickling sensation on my head. I decided to take a picture and captured a “Spirit’s face” on my head! These beautiful Spirits are still with me today, several months later. The Spirits also show up around me too, not just in my hair. I believe they are here to comfort me. One of the Spirits who shows up is my twin son who passed away in 2006. I have also captured my grandparents faces in pictures. There are several Spirits who I don’t recognize, but they are friendly too. I also have 3 hummingbirds here. One hummingbird literally flew up to my window and looked right at me. Our loved ones definitely live on the other side and watch over us.

  271. Taylor at - Reply

    My Nana passed away on May 18th, it’s June 3ed today and I still can’t believe she is gone. I am only 16 and my Nana was my entire world, a wonderful person with a goof heart. Today I was laying on my bed reading her face book posts and looking through pictures I started crying and I put my phone down I heard someone whisper “Tay” very softly almost like the sound of the wind but I’m sure I heard it.. I know now she’s with me and I feel a lot better..

  272. DEB at - Reply

    Our friend died unexpectedly approximately one month ago – he went to lay down, take a nap, his wife went to wake him up and he was gone. 58, good health and gone. She is devistated as are all of us. She was at our home for dinner last night, left and less than an hour later, close to 10:00 p.m., our doorbell rang twice. Odd, the dogs didn’t bark until the ring and when my husband opened the door, no one was there. Ordinarily our dogs start barking once someone sets foot on our property and oddly enough we are at the bottom of a pretty steep hill, this did not happen – if anyone was there to ring the bell, there would be no way for them to make their way back up the hill…or even to either side of the home. Our German Shepherd didn’t dart away looking for a person or thing…she walked at my husbands side. I would like to think it was Jim.

  273. Kristin at - Reply

    My son died recently in a motorcycle accident on the back roads and the night after, he came to me and showed me his last breathe. I saw trees and the heartbeat fainting, then nothing. Then the next day, he brought me to see his injuries and one eye was open. What does this all mean? He thought of me as he passed over and in the hospital he wanted to see me one last time?
    Please email me with thoughts

  274. alpana at - Reply

    Hi..Robertson. .I really liked your article. really helped me to recall all the signs I had got before..

  275. Kelsey at - Reply

    Its so great to read about all of your experiences with deceased loved ones. So I will share mine…
    As a child I grew up knowing the love my Nana had for me was something out of a fairy tale. it was pure and so unconditional. I was her only granddaughter. I Was 100% committed to helping her with any and everything she needed. I lived with her, took her to every chemo & doctors appt and sat with her the whole timeWalmart runs. Late night ER visits and when she was in the hospital I snuck her dog in to see her. waiting on her hand and foot was something that came so natural to me. its just like that when you love someone so much you are willing to do anything to make them happy or to make their life easier . anyways she pasted away July 19th 2014. it felt like my heart my spirit everything that made me me was a faint memory. I was not whole anymore. id break down and end up having an asthma attack. the day we buried her I knew I was pregnant with her first grandchild, later on that day I was looking up in the sky and I swear I seen a story , everything that I wished would of happen I seen in the clouds. she was hugging and smiling and I seen a glimpse of what could of been the happiest moment of my life, well my son ( MichaelJean) who I named after my Nana(Jean) . was born on St.Patricks day and the day after my baby shower/meet and greet I had a dream that I told her I was pregnant and it was all so real. I even placed him in her arms, it was the best dream ever. in my dream it was like she never died she had just been missing. well from time to time I will feel tickles on my knuckles , find pennies in awkward places, have time where I smell her, and most of the time I ask myself what would nana do. I live each day the best I can but its hard when the one person who was always there for you the one person who would stand up for you in any situation is no longer physically with you. its very difficult and the whole it leaves in your heart never gets filled. you just learn to deal. thanks for letting me comment , it get lonely having to keep all this bottled up. I wish all of you amazing people blessed days and forever hold your memories close to your heart

  276. Debbie at - Reply

    My son passed 10 years ago. I have always seen little signs .Mostly I find dimes in the most random places. He always used to joke about finding dimes. So naturally when I see one ,I know it’s him. However, recently the signs have been more frequent even persistent . My 7 year old autistic grandson blurting out a common phrase that my son used to say. My 11 year old granddaughter saying smart remarks (just kidding) using the same phrase as my son. Then this morning , I just was looking up something on google and there was the h2g2 website. I did not know what it was after reading , I found that’s its a sight for fans of “hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. My son loved that book. So I am wondering should I see a medium?

  277. marilyn at - Reply

    My husband passed 16 yrs ago. I have dreams of him almost everynight. One time I awoke out of a dream and he was laying across my bed vividly telling me to remember the date December 23, someone you love is going to die and remember the word Arizona. He left and now every December 23rd I worry every year and that was over 10 yrs ago. I have had photos fall off the wall in the middle of the night of me in our wedding picture. I know it is some kind of sign or connection from him. A few years back I had surgery, and my husband came to me with his hand held out saying haven’t you had enough pain on earth, come with me, I told him no I want to see my grandchildren grow up and I am not ready. I awoke from anesthesia gasping for air. I fear the next time I have surgery he will come back and I may not be able to refuse him. I think about that visit still and if it was really spirit or the devil playing with me.

    My husband in life was a controlling man and when he became ill, he was a very angry man, telling me how much he hated me. We were married for 26 yrs and 1 year before he died he sent me divorce papers and fought me to the end so I wouldn’t get all his money and marry someone else. It was horrible time for me. I stayed in the house and took care of him till the end because I was a nurse and couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t help him. Meanwhile he visits me almost everynight in my dreams.

  278. gloria at - Reply

    What does the number 18 means I keep see it on thing. It is my decreased mother birthday.

  279. Susan F at - Reply

    I wanted to share an experience I had. I was going through a a very stressful time. I was having a dream in which there was a stool with a phone on it in the middle of the room, nothing else. The phone was ringing so I answered it. It was my Grandma who had passed a couple of years earlier, she had a very special giggle. I heard the giggle and then she said to me “don’t worry honey, everything will be alright” and then she giggled again and the line went dead. I woke up feeling very at peace. I have had several other experiences with her and each time I feel a sense of peace afterward. Thank you for allowing me to share. Susan

  280. Angelique Moreno at - Reply

    my Mommie died las year in May 13th and on my birthday in October 22nd I went to get my nails done she always bought me a. Present for my birthday and as they wer finishing up the lady next to me commented that she loved the color so we talked about our favorite color she said that she loved red, my Mommie loved red especially red nail she had them done every month so as I was going to pay the lady said that she will pay for my birthday nails I was shock I said no thank you but she insisted I thanked her and hug her as I hug her I smelled my Mommie

  281. Je at - Reply

    It’s crazy, my father passed away about 6 months ago & I was very close with him & I did not feel his presence afterwards but my dog had just passed & I feel a strong presence , I smelled her on a shirt I had just washed & just put on , it was strong then went away, I feel she is in the room with me & I had closed my eyes tried in a lite sleep & she was there , I woke with a feeling that her death was didn’t really happened & feel something on my legs where she use to sleep under cover press on my legs then it went away fast & I realized she was no longer with us. I didn’t really believe in stuff like that & I would of felt it with my dad but didn’t whom I loved. I loved my dog to but now I feel I am losing it a little

  282. Adam at - Reply

    So Last night, June 9th, 2015 I had the dream. I went to bed like I normally do nothing special, and next thing you know, I wake up, full of life and sense of hope. I had a dream about my grandfather who had just passed a little over a year ago… This dream was so real I honestly couldn’t tell the difference if I was dreaming or if it was real life… I remember even asking myself that question once I saw my grandfather laying down on the couch in my grandparents living room. I do not recall any words being spoken… But just the fact that I have practically begged to just see my grandfather one more time has made me believe there is a higher power out there. I know he was just letting me know he is okay and that when I saw him put his hand on my grandmothers shoulder, I knew she felt it and she looked at him…. Knowing he was there with her… Watching over her to make sure everything is okay. I woke up like I said with peace and joy like I stated before but then I just started crying. It wasn’t a bad cry, it was just that I have been waiting for a day or night like this to see him and know that he is okay…I love and miss you papa!
    I will see you soon my friend!!

  283. paul cadman at - Reply

    My mom passed away only three days ago , she was in a nursing home ,I was lucky enough to share my time with her for the last day she had left , after my brother and wife left with me I told her here husband was coming and that I would see here later ,my family left , my step farther and his son came to see my mom one our later ,I was at home in bed at the time as it had been a long night the phone rang and my step father said to my wife that my mother had gone , I herd the news and said thank god her suffering was over and said god bless you mom . I fell asleep I had a few strange images then felt a shock and warmth in my body it was my mom looking happy and young again ,then I felt three taps on my left arm and woke up ,I felt it was her way of saying I am ok ,I asked my wife if she taped me she said no , I know my mom is ok free of illness where that place is I don’t know but I know when your loved ones pass away they are still around you just have to be open to them talk to them they hear you and you will get a sign

  284. Eva at - Reply

    When my Dad passed away I dreamt I was on a very crowded street, like at a street fair. I saw my Dad but he was always too far away. I believe he was telling me he was ok and always watching over from a distance, tho close enough if I needed him. When my Mom passed away I just started a new job as a dog groomer and we were in a very bad place financiall. We were losing our home and needed money to move. In my dream I just finished grooming a dog and my was there and told the dog looked beautiful and asked me how much the groom cost. I told her an off the wall amount, needless to say, that number came out in the lottery that night and we had enough money to move. Even in death my beloved parents are always there for my daughter and me. Thats true love!

  285. pam slavens at - Reply

    One night just after my 18 yr old grandson Patrick was murdered I was sitting in the living room with my mother and granddaughter patrick’s baby sister. Mom was reading a book to gracie and she giggled. I looked up and Patrick was standing there just as real as a living person. He was just watching them. He turned to me and smiled his famous smile and then just faded away. I sat there and shook and cried. I was so blessed to see him one more time. Then a couple weeks later it was my mother’s birthday. We had just cut the cake when she said I so wish Patrick was here. The light over the table started flashing like a strobe light and continued to flash for at least a minute. The bulb was fine and is still good a year later. I told mom that yes our Patrick was there. We continue to get a lot of signs from him and I treasure each one!

  286. pam slavens at - Reply

    One night just after my 18 yr old grandson Patrick was murdered I was sitting in the living room with my mother and granddaughter patrick’s baby sister. Mom was reading a book to gracie and she giggled. I looked up and Patrick was standing there just as real as a living person. He was just watching them. He turned to me and smiled his famous smile and then just faded away. I sat there and shook and cried. I was so blessed to see him one more time. Then a couple weeks later it was my mother’s birthday. We had just cut the cake when she said I so wish Patrick was here. The light over the table started flashing like a strobe light and continued to flash for at least a minute. The bulb was fine and is still good a year later. I told mom that yes our Patrick was there. We continue to get a lot of signs from him and I treasure each one!

  287. Kay at - Reply

    My dog just recently passed away about a 4 days ago and I was not able to say good bye when it happened (due to him being poisoned by someone while I was at not home). Just last night around 11pm I cracked my window open for some fresh and layed down to go to sleep. I tossed and turned for a bit and then finally started falling asleep. As I was falling alseep I heard what sounded like digging in hard dirt or claws walking on concrete (right outside my window is the back yard and where my dog was burried) not too sure but it frightened me. I then find myself in my subconscious petting my dog and scratching his head (with his head under my chin) while he layed with me in my bed, it felt so real and it was such a joyful moment for both of us. Then I awakend a little bit and it felt as if my dog not with his full 60lbs of weight but with something was walking on my bed and just layed down next to me with his back against mine. Then this morning I keep hearing a very light whimper outside my window every so often. Being able to experience what I did was amazing because I feel like I was able to really say good bye to my beloved dog and he was able to know I love him dearly.

  288. Lorisa at - Reply

    My brother died almost 3 months ago.. I have a 3 year daughter that didn’t know him but knew my brother died.. yesterday she came up to me and said ‘I love you momma Big Head’ .. she has never called me big head ever and the only one who ever called me that was my brother. I think he whispered in her ear.

  289. Tonya Burton at - Reply

    I lost my boyfriend in Feb of 2015. I had one dream since then and nothing since.
    Does that mean he has moved on or will I ever hear from him again. I’m so sad. I just want to
    die without him.

  290. gail howe at - Reply

    Myself and some members of my family began finding dimes several years after my mom died. At first we thought it was a coincidence however after countless finds, some with unexplainable details, we are certain this is moms way of saying” hello… I’m with you “. I find this comforting and will always acknowledge her. The part I’m unsure of though is that there have been people who have come into my life, whether they’re friends or coworkers, who know nothing about the dimes yet have made casual comments about suddenly finding dimes in the most random places. I’m not one to question why, I just smile and walk away knowing that mom is always around me.

  291. Christine at - Reply

    Hi Blair, I believe I have had at least two messages from my brother. On what would have been his 60th birthday ( the first after his passing ) I went to a church sale. I was wearing a t-shirt that I’ve always worn on his birthday that says ‘kiss my glass’ – in reference to a song I wrote for him long ago… I spied ‘The Big Book of Birthdays’ – thought it looked interesting so I picked it up and opened it… it opened on his birthday!!! I paid 10 times the asking price for the book… cuz you can’t put a price on spirit! Last year I was away on his birthday and was stressing because I forgot the t-shirt… looked up and saw a licence plate that said AD57-007 – his initials, where he worked (Heinz) and his favorite # – no doubt in my mind that big bro is still watching over little sis….hope you will be coming to Windsor Ont again next year! Love and light to you and Wendy.

  292. Abby at - Reply

    My sister died last month. I had a dream 2 nights ago that she called me on like a old landline phone but I could see her. She looked good she kept telling me that she was okay not to be so sad. I told her I wasn’t okay she told me she had a bad pproblem here and she better where she was at. she said she couldn’t go six hours without taking some kind of medicine here and no one could have stopped her. She said I dont want you so upset I love you and I’m fine. And I woke up and felted like it was real and I looked at the clock I had only been asleep 35 minutes.

  293. Ter at - Reply

    May 9, 2013 my grandmother (i was very close to her we watched a game show at 7:30 every night on the phone together for years) passef away unexpectedly.
    On May 13, 2013 my father passed away of cancer.
    they were mother and son
    Needless to say it was the worst week of my life. Losing 2 of the most important people in my world was devastating.
    that year on my birthday my husband took me fish in at a pond. Behind where we sat there were very tall trees. I noticed something moving above the trees through the corner of my eye. I turned to look and saw it was a helium balloon. As we watched it float thru the air it began to descend towards us. It landed in the water just 10 feet in front of us. Using his fishing pole to “catch” it ny husban reeled in the balloon and it said happy birthday….I know in my heart it was from Dad and Gram. ♡♡♡

  294. Debbie at - Reply

    A few months after my mother passed, I had the most amazing dream. She used to live in an attached apartment to our home before she passed. In my dream, I was standing by my kitchen sink. I turned around and there she was. She looked so healthy and younger. I said, “Mom what are you doing here?” She said “I can’t stay long” I said “just sit down for a little while. You look so beautiful” she said ” I just came by to tell you and Joe how much I love you and how much I appreciate everything you did for me”. I asked her if she was okay and she said yes. I also asked her if she knew the problems my siblings were causing and she said “yes, just stay on the path you are traveling and you will be okay” then she said ” I can’t stay. I have to go. I love you” then she was gone. I know without a doubt she visited me. She was healthy, beautiful, and radiated love. It was wonderful….

  295. About 7 years after the love of my life died he came to me when i was sleeping. After he died I would talk out loud to him when I was driving. One of the things I would often ask him was if he could hear me. Then one night when I was home alone I dreamt that he came into my bedroom. I could feel his face against mine and his arms around me. The only thing he said was that he could hear me. I then got a good look at him. He was in a white robe tied in the middle with a rope. He looked like he did when he was about 30. He then smiled and left. I immediately woke up and realized he had actually been there. Before even moving or sitting up I looked over at the floor where my cat slept. She was sitting up, wide awake and was looking around as if she’d seen something. I was then positive that he had visited.

  296. Peggy laffan at - Reply

    My husband passed away 3 years ago from a long illness. His nickname throughout his life was “Eagle”. Since his death my 2 adult children and I have seen Eagles flying near us at important family events. The first time an eagle swooped down so close to me I could see all the details on the birds face. The second time was when my niece was married outside in Boulder, Colorado. Right after the wedding was finished, an Eagle rose out of the thrush several yards away from where the bride and groom were standing. The eagle flew up and away, it was huge and strong and had been there during the entire ceremony without making a single sound of it’s presence. The third time, a huge hawk came to perch on my daughters roof and would not move even after being photographed. My daughter remembers the day the bird appeared was the day she realized she herself was sick. Since then, the Hawk has hung around their yard and even lands on their car top frequently. The last time, 2 days ago was my son’s wedding. My son was very very close to his Dad and he was getting married at age 35 . We were all talking about the possibility that his father would make an appearance as an eagle because of the things that we had witnessed already, but we were not really expecting that to come true at all even though we wished he was there at that wedding. Well, I swear, he did! Right before Jenny walked down the path to be given away to my son in marriage, at a very quiet moment, a beautiful eagle sailed into the sky above the wedding. It circled 4 times around the meadow very slowly and peacefully and then flew off . The wedding resumed , my children and I and others that knew about my husband’s visits to us, were crying with joy to see this amazing event occur. It is so hard to explain how I felt when I looked up and saw that eagle. I cried out and others looked up too and saw it. So beautiful, so peaceful, his Dad was present for us at that wedding. This is a true story, all of it!
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell it here. Has anyone else had something like this happen in their experiences? Thank you. Peggy Laffan

  297. JR at - Reply

    My Grandmother just passed away. As I was reading this article a picture fell off my windowsill. When I picked the picture up I noticed it said “A Grandmother’s Blessing is Her Family.” Upon reading the picture I thought I felt my right hand being touched.

  298. Daniel at - Reply

    Before my dad died he talked about hearing a morse code like sound. After he died I was in his bathroom and the light started blinking on and off in a morse code manner. I made a long journey to the state he is buried in. This was about a week after he passed. I was in grief and all of a sudden a warmth came across me and an inner voice stated everything is ok, please son do not grieve so hard. Even if you live to be 100 years old we will once again meet in a short time (meaning 100 years goes by fast in the vast time humans have on earth, 100 years is only a short time.) Then I had dreams he was in a beautiful place and all he did was smile at me, as to say all is good. Another time I was about 2 miles driving away from my home. I had the radio on scan. The radio in scan mode stated: Turn around and go back home NOW. I did just that. In doing so a catastrophic event was avoided. When he passed, I woke up early that morning and a feeling came over me “go check on dad”. Upon opening his door of his residence I, alone found him dead. I prayed, and asked why. It was too late to do anything as he was stiff and his eyes were open and sunken with his mouth open. It was too late for me to do anything, I had medical training, worked in the ER and I just know the signs. We were strange. We were how it ought to be between father and son, best friends. We always told eachother if something ever happened to either of us we would try to contact one another. He held up his end of the deal.

  299. Velvet at - Reply

    This might be a little off the subject but Im curious what others think? I have a grandson who will be 3 in september. He is a very loving little boy who has a sibling who will turn 6 in september as well. I am a single grandma who lives with my brother who is also single. Both boys love to come to grandmas because what happens at grandmas stays at grandmas. Both boys dearly love my brother and view him as a grandpa. My brother has recently discovered some health issues but neither boy knows about this. Last saturday the youngest was here with us as his parents and brother went to the lake. My brother went to a 45 yr class reunion and didn’t get home until after the baby was sleeping. When he got home it was raining like its never rained before my brother fell before making it into the house. I helped him in and then I went to bed. The next morning when the baby woke he said Sams dead. I said no he’s not. He went on to say it 10 times. Later my brother got up nothing was said. A few hours later the baby came in said Grandma theres a snake out there. I went out and nothing. Today my brother saw a cardiologist he has had a heart attack. The baby knows nothing about death has not lost anybody in his life. Why would he say this? Is this a sign?

  300. Paul moor at - Reply

    Recently was a the gym sweating up a storm everything has the scent of a locker room. But this day I smelt toast and coffee as clear as if it was in front of me while doing the chest press. My mothers Mom everyday in her kitchen would have a cup of coffee and dip her butter toast into the saucer where she would pour some coffee into this. I just knew Grandma Pauline was some where present in thought. She has been gone since 1978 at that time I was a Sophmore in High School

  301. Tina at - Reply

    My father passed recently. He was very close to my 4 year old grandson. My grandson talks about seeing him on different occasions, also sees shadows, and my grandson is now talking to a little boy that plays with an airplane who we can’t see. My grandson ssys “papa should be alive again” quite often. I remember My father told me of a time when he was little about building an airplane fort out of cardboard when he was about 5 himself. My mother has smelled his scent after his showers 3 times…my sister sees a lot of cardinals…I believe those are signs from my dad but I haven’t seen anything of significance and not sure why? We were very close too and I miss him.

  302. m88 at - Reply

    Keep oon writing, great job!

  303. Linda at - Reply

    Paul my son died one cold Tuesday morning on the 10th February 2009, slowly sleeping his life away, breath by laboured breath, to an alcohol and methadone oblivion. ‘Watched’ by Anthony who sat in his own drug – induced heaven playing games on his computer. What games? What was on the computer? Too late to wonder now, too terrible to imagine.
    I slept many miles away, a warm bed in a Sussex country house. The soft hoot of owls and the tinkling music of the stream at the bottom of our garden, a soundtrack to my dream.
    Paul was there in front of me, I was aware of the need of urgency, it had to be now. My emotions high ranging from anger, fear, frustration, all swallowed up by urgency. I needed to teach him now, there was no more time to practice. This was IT no turning back, no games, no laughs it was now, it had to be now.
    OH GOD.
    I, as usual, pocketed my fears and dealt with this emergency in the usual efficient and precise way that is by now second nature for me, pocketing my emotions for another time, nothing could interrupt this last lesson it was far too important.
    The warm breeze blew into our faces I explained how to lean into the breeze, trust and no fear, then willing your body to float, the breeze cushioning you as you directed your thoughts to be where you wished, the breeze your vehicle to transport you anywhere you wished. Instantaneously or enjoy the freedom of the journey the act of flying. Paul being Paul larked about stumbled, hesitated not trusting he could do it. I admonished him and told him to concentrate to stop messing about. The sun was warm the light softly sparkling and yet comforting and enticing. I leaned into the breeze, I noticed the familiar excitement tingling through my entire being, I wanted to experience this again and again the sheer joy of release the heaviness of life disappeared into the warm sunny breeze. I demonstrated to the childlike eyes watching me, they looked on with hesitation and a degree of fear. I stood beside him encouraging, demonstrating time again this was it the last chance, do it now Paul and fly – trust me fly. He mastered the sheer joy of flight as I said goodbye to him and watched him go. I sunk heavily back to a restless sleep and eventual wakefulness. It was 1.30am Darren and Nathalie had gone to bed at 1am I heard them turn off the lights when I snuggled down to return to sleep. Tonight was yet another restless night of scattered sleep as light as snowflakes. Could it have only been half an hour before when I looked at the clock beside me? It seemed like hours. I woke again with the alarm 6.30 a blank from my dream about Paul and I flying.
    Breakfast was a jollied muddle and Myles left for the bus stop at 7.15. Darren and Nathalie would be down soon as I laid the table. There was a knock at the door, cold knuckles on oak. The door was opened, one stood slumped against the side of the porch, the other head bowed occasionally looking askance at me, confusion, pity dread and an overwhelming sadness clung like fog. These two though familiar were wrong, out of context, they were not meant to be here, my ex husband and my son James.
    I asked was it Paul? They nodded, tears flowing choking their words. Pictures clung in my head like cobwebs. The times he was found in ditches, beaten and bruised or left neglected. I wanted to know where he was how, what had happened; still cobwebs drifted on the warm breeze of my mind like thistledown, memories and pictures just out of reach.
    I said I needed to wash my hair,( a strange and odd thing to need to do at such a time, but I could not would not eat or drink – I needed to think to plan to order the next set of actions) with a slow deliberation (whilst others talked and drank tea and chewed on criossants) I slowly and methodiacally washed and rinsed away the cobwebs in my head with warm water it felt soothing like the breeze in my dream. Others had breakfast in hushed tones.
    James and I left to collect Myles from school. I drove listening to music, controlled – always controlled. It felt like the world was holding its breath for me, waiting, slowing things down, and waiting for me to catch up.
    James and I gently told Myles that Paul had died. We did this in the head teacher’s room with the deputy head present. James and I broke it softly to Myles and we stool holding each other close like a column of three tornados spinning whirling pearlescent emotions held together firm in our pain and grief. Only thirteen and hearing your brother of 33 was dead, he stood, his little head nodding acknowledgement an understanding, tears held back small frame rigidly held in control and face pale. We hugged and cried together three as one.
    The drive to Basingstoke hospital was one made by three cars James and his father in front, Myles and I in the middle Darren and Nathalie behind. We drove like the wind, cutting through traffic making headway on the M25 in front of us a lorry sign written “Pauls Wines” an eerie sight. I could hear in my head “MUM, Mum” again and again calling me in urgency. His voice calling to me desperately needing me to get there or was it just my imagination and my maternal need to be there for him – even in death.
    The walk to the morgue behind the policeman was a series of lines on floors and patterns on vinyl. I dare not look up seeing faces around me wondering at the small party of raggle taggle people following ashen faced behind the policeman wearing a sombre look. His uniform his armour, our strength, I feared losing my control tightly gripping Myles’ hand we briskly marched towards that place where every parent dreads, to look at the lifeless body of your child, hopeless.
    Shaking I stood outside the morgue we agreed John and I were to make the formal identification. Darren and Myles (adamant) wanted to say their goodbyes too.
    Paul lay there under the covers as if he were asleep. I touched his forehead – it was as cold as ice. I noticed the wrinkles around his eyes as if he were keeping them firmly shut, I stroked his hair feeling the strands, as he would have done so the last time he combed it. You silly buggar – the words left my moth in hushed tones. I kissed his cold face and forehead held his stiff icy hand still curled up in sleep. He felt heavy, his whole presence was heavy, and not like the light Paul I had been teaching a few hours ago to fly. Gone was the shining warmth and now a heavy coldness replaced my child. He was gone from me. Till I fly again.

    • Connie at - Reply

      Linda. So sorry for your loss. As a mother, I can only imagine your heartache. I hung on every written word; you have a real gift. I don’t know if you are a writer – you should be. I’d buy your book. Take care and God bless.

  304. Heather Tripp at - Reply

    When my Mother passed, truly the love of my life, I was needless to say devastated. It was just my mom and I. I was so lost and alone. Then one night in a dream (the first time since her death I had any communication or sign) about 1 month after she left me. I was in this empty house, it was dark. And I was scared. Then I walked into this room and my precious Mom was standing there and said just 3 words, ” I am here”. I immediately woke so so happy, I picked up my journal I was putting all my thoughts of pain and lonliness in,and wrote to Mom to thank her for communicating with me to say she’s always going to be with me. I do not feel as alone anymore.

  305. Tanya at - Reply

    My husband best friend died 3 weeks ago.. The second time I felt something.. I was laying in bed.. Facing his side crying.. It felt like something was holding my Jade.. And I felt a lot of pressure holding my arm.. I knew it was him.. I asked him to stay.. I feel asleep.. ..I know it was him..

  306. Charlotte Kimbrough at - Reply

    When my 84 year old father died, I had a dream about him. He was young, sitting up straight, very posed, in a chair. He told me I was doing a good job planning his funeral and that the tie I purchased was beautiful. That was 18 years ago. Recently, I dreamed that he was talking to me. In my dream, he told me it was o.k. to sell mom’s estate and keep her farm. He said the family could share the farm and everything would be o.k. My mom is in a nursing home. I took my dad’s advice. Guess what….everything is alright… My dad was right.

  307. Lindsey at - Reply

    I had a vision of my step-father walking into the light after he passed away on March 26th 2009. It was about 230 am I woke up out of the blue and then fell back a sleep quickly there after. All of of sudden I was “dreaming” or so I thought at the time, and saw my step-father. We were in his mother’s kitchen and he was telling me it was going to all be okay and that he had to go. We started walking towards the door in the kitchen, which led to the porch, and when he opened it i was taken back by brightness and warmth. He looked at me and said,” it’s time for me to go and everything will be okay”. I tried to follow him in, because it felt so amazing and peaceful. So much better than my life felt at the time. He put his hand on my chest and he said, “it’s not your time, but I’ll see you soon”. I was then awaken by my brother, after watching my step-father walk in to the light, shaking me telling me the Jerry wasn’t breathing. At the time my mother was in shock, trying to give my step-father mouth-to-mouth not realizing he had already been gone for a few hours. When my brother and I arrived at my mothers house, the paramedics had told us he was already gone and to comfort my mother, who was in complete shock.

    I look back on this memory constantly to remember what a gift it was to see my step-father walk into the light and that God let him share that moment with me. I was in such a low in my life and battling with my faith on a daily basis. Now, I still might not be going to church as much as I should but I’m still not sure on what kind of church to go, but I know GOD is real. It was the most amazing experience and I want to do everything I can to become the person he wants me to be, so I can spend my eternal life with him and my loved ones.

  308. Julie at - Reply

    My ex boyfriend passed away in March of 2014 I still loved him dearly and do still as well as my children. we remained close and remained very good friends, and even though we were not together Im still having issues of moving on… The day of his passing I was with a friend abd very distraught and I said I just need something, some kind of sign that he is ok, within seconds the song Knocking on Heavens Door came on the radio i was in awe, at his memorial that song was part of his rememberance dvd and to this day when I hear that song I feel he is with me. The past few days he has been weighing heavy on my mind I do believe our loved ones visit us and what actually brought me to this website is a dream i just had he showed up out of the blue and just said I love you Julie I just want you to be happy… I met someone recently but Im afraid to move on and I think he knows it and he is trying to tell me to just be happy…

    For those who do not believe open your mind and your heart your loved ones really are there.

    I have had a few other visits from him that I am certain of and Im sure i have had ones that I dont know about because he was a quiet person.. God bless

  309. alma at - Reply

    Like 4 moths ago I was sleeping I smell some beautiful smell of roses gust past by my nose the smell was so pretty and smile on my sleep anf my smile woke me.up ..what that does it mean

  310. carla at - Reply

    my husband died suddenly about 8 months ago. We were married for 28 years . My world is totally shattered. Have 5 children and feel so alone with him and having to carry on with life without him. last night out of the clear blue I dreamed he was sitting beside me and letting me know he was mad at me for dating. But I’m not dating. All I do is cry every day for him. What does this mean ? can you shed some light on this.?

  311. Brian at - Reply

    My wife was raised by her gran. Her and gran had a bond like no other 2 people I have ever seen. (Other than the love I have for my wife). Gran passed away 7 years ago. Gran visits us at our home on a regular basis. Through sight dreams noises etc. my wife recently left me over many reasons. We have had many problems which I was truly dedicated to working through. She however did not and is now with someone else. Before gran died she told my wife I was the one for her. I know it to be the fact as did gran. Since my wife has left she has not seen gran. Gran stayed behind with me. I asked gran to go to her and comfort her as my wife really needs some guidance right now. I said with a very heavy heart “please go to her she needs you more than I do”. Gran spoke through me and instantly I could see my wife and gran together. I could see where my wife was. I mean exactly where she was sitting and exactly where gran was standing. I could see the whole back yard and what gran was wearing even the color of her socks. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. I asked gran to reveal herself to my wife but she would not. She said many things to me but would not speak to her. She moved to where my wife was sitting and wrapped her arms around her. My wife felt nothing. She could see hear or feel her there. Gran told her she loved her and forgave her. I told my wife almost everything she said. gran told my wife she was Supposed to be with me. I kept that from her because although I don’t want a divorce my wife believes that’s what’s best for her. I am ashamed of what I did. I don’t know if I should have kept it from her or not. Would it be selfish of me to tell her? It’s what I want but not what my wife wants. Gran has since returned to my home. My wife is so lost right now and I want to help her.

  312. Kim at - Reply

    In December of 2012 I lost my grandpa (papa) on the 9th. The following month I found out I was pregnant by the only guy he EVER approved of. Nevertheless when I went to the doctor they said I had conceived on the 9th of December. (My grandpa was sick at this time, sex was the last thing on my mind so I was confused as to how) well everyday of my pregnancy I would have the same dream over and over again of my grandpa rocking a baby in his recliner and when he would go to turn the baby to where I could see I would wake up! Then finally after I found out I was having a boy I began seeing the babies face and knew exactly what my son looked like. The best pregnancy I ever had seeing my grandpa every night! I was his baby girl, we did everything together, and I took care of him when he was sick. Anyways my son has his middle name because of this.

  313. Hortensia Prado at - Reply

    My mom died of old age in 2003 at the age of 92. I miss my mom so much, I think of her every day and at night I kiss the wedding ring that she gave me on my wedding day, every night before bed.
    The other night I felt very vividly someone
    Carees my hair while I was asleep, I looked up to see if it was my husband, but he was asleep next to me.. I know it was my mom,
    I felt the love and the gentle hand on my hair.

  314. Danielle at - Reply

    My mom died unexpectedly we think May 29. My mom struggled many illnesses both physically and mentally but she pulled through every time. I would often say mom you are like a “tank” so strong!! Or your like a “timex watch” you take a licking but keep on ticking!” We would talk constantly but it was a challenge for my mom with the depression and very hard on us girls, I could never stay away too long or needed to hear her voice often just to check on her since I and my sister constantly worried. I don’t know why yet this last year I created space with mom more then ever in the past. I have been consummed with guilt. Last night was the first time in a very long time I dreamed and can’t remember when I remembered a dream when I woke. I felt like I was awake and it felt so real. I was lying in my bed and a twin bed with yellow sheets brushed up next to me. I was holding her hand and kept desperately saying to her mom I love u! I love u! I’m sorry mom! I’m sorry mom! Then her fingers start squeezing me tighter and tighter she did that when she was alive when I would lay in her bed with her. She says God forgives you. Then her eyes open as I could feel her in my dream she rises up and I help her to the bathroom. On the way I see my sister she say oh my god! I say it’s ok we are walking to the bathroom and a nice lady looks over at mom and I and smiles. I walk her back to the bed she says tell aunt terry I didn’t mess the sheets! I lay her back in bed and then I woke up.

  315. Kim at - Reply

    When my boyfriend died in my car of a massive heart attack he lingered in my house. My dog use to look up at the fan in the ceiling in my bedroom and bark. I though it was something in the attitic, but when I went into the livingroom on the first floor, he began to bark and hid behind the sofa like he was affraid. I ask him to stop scaring the dog and he stopped.

  316. I L L I S T at - Reply

    My childhood sweetheart & father of my two sons aged 13 & 11 passed away last year he was 29yrs of age. Circumstances would have it that in life we couldnt be together. But he is and will always be the love of my life. We had been seperated for 3 years before his death. He was in a car accident 2months before his death he came to my house injured and looking for help. Iwasnt home :'(

    He tried to reach out to me afterwards and i ignored him iwas angry at him for endangering his own & other peoples lives through his reckless driving. 2months later on th 29th July 2014 iwoke up at 5am and stared out at the rising sun which I never do. Later that afternoon irecieve a call from his mother that he had passed away 8:30 that morning….Ifelt him instantly , all around me in my grief stricken rage….3times ihave dreamt about him the last time being a week ago. Iseen him so clearly the most relaxed ive ever seen or felt in him ever. He spoke to me and told me he loves & misses me & our two sons. He hugged me long iremember feeling warm & then he was gone 🙁 Nearly a year since his passing & we miss him everyday. Till we meet again my love xox

  317. Josie at - Reply

    I have a question and this really bothers me…. my father died last year and on July 13 is the his anniversary. One night dreamed with him that he was eating in the table and hes hungry and I was eating with them too. When, i woke up, I had fear or nervous. After months after, I suffered some illness. Please anybody reply me.. I am wondering what it was in my dreamed.

  318. Lisa at - Reply

    I have had several of the described signs and connections. I feel like finding this article was one of them. I was thinking of my recently deceased grandmother and how I never really had full explanation of her condition when she died. She was mostly unresponsive in the hospital. She could hear us and sneeze our hands when we asked her to. She could see us when we held her eyes open and even try to smile. Other than that we had no communication or movement. So I just googled “can see us when we hold her eyes open” to see if anything similar to her situation came up. This was about the 4th result on the list.

  319. Vinson at - Reply

    My wife passed the first of the year and about 3 months later, I had a dream of her giving Mr little kisses on the mouth, and then I woke up kissing at the air like I was trying to kiss her.

  320. christina at - Reply

    The day after my dad pass away I was looking for my phone so i called it as it rang a loud noise came on and every so now and then i could here my dad day Don’t cry no more in on now and be for the phone hung up he said take care of mom.

  321. Andre Dauphinais at - Reply

    I dreamt my common law wife who loved dearly came back and told me she had been in a comma and now we would be together again. We kissed, then she had gifts of piles of money. As vivid as ever. She’s been gone some 14 years, I and I’ve been going to college . Wow! Still miss her to this day. Great dream!

  322. Rebecca Archer at - Reply

    A very dear friend of mine passed away only 6 days ago today. A few hours before I learnt he had died, I began suffering with a tremendous headache and nausea that appeared from nowhere, so bad that I had to go to bed early. His mum rang to tell me of his passing (which had been approximately 4 hours before I began to feel ill).
    4 days after his death, I was compelled to find a cd I hadn’t listened to in years…I came to one particular song, and I stood still listening to the words and felt my entire body go goosebumpy and tingly (like I’ve never felt before)…it was as though my deceased friend was touching me. I truely believe spirits do connect with us xx

  323. Cherene at - Reply

    I keep dreaming of my ex husband who committed suicide a year after our divorce. We remained friends but he had a lot of issues. I was going to see him one day but didn’t make it. A couple weeks later I received the call from the detectives of his suicide. Only recently, 14 years after his suicide I now dream of him returning from death and he’s the same person stuck as he was. Once we we’re getting married again but I was the only one that had an issue with him coming back. It is very disturbing to the point I can’t get back to sleep. We dI’d not have living children together. Our daughter died shortly after birth. We divorced soon after and then his suicide.

  324. Phumla at - Reply

    I sometimes thought i was just being stupid,my mom comes to me in my dreams and just stand there looking at me without saying a word.My mom was sick and lost alot of weight before she died but i sometimes see her beautifull in my dreams.So i guess thats how she tells me shes well.I understand now.

  325. diane at - Reply

    My husband Robert had a massive heart attack on February-14-2015 valentines day. It took the paramedics 15minutes to bring him back. This all happened while he was shopping for valentines day for me while I was working. Everyday when I get off work we speak on the phone as soon as I walked out the door. That Saturday, we were planning a nice Valentines dinner. As I walked out of work and called his phone, there was no answer, I honestly knew then, that my husband was no longer in this world. By the time I got to the house I had called his phone about six times or more, his harley was gone, so I thought he’s just riding and cant hear his phone, when I opened the door, his phone was lying on the table ringing. I knew he was gone, by the time I got to the hospital, he was having seizures, and the doctors were working on him and said he was in a medically induced coma. My husband lasted til the 19th of February when I found out he had no brain activity. Me and his family decided to pull the ventilator, he lasted five hours breathing on his on, he passed when my best friend came in and told him she would never leave me, she promised him she would always be there for me, thats when he took his last breath. I hadnt heard anything from Robert until May 10th mothers day, he cane to me In what seemed like a dream.J was asleep on the couch. I woke up in my dream with Robert holding me and telling me he loved me. He was in a white cloak like thing that went to his knees. I only saw the side of his face, but I definitely felt his arms around me, and heard him tell me he couldnt let this mothers day go by without telling me he loved me, and that he was fine, he was with his loved ones.I knew it wasnt a dream, I could feel this amazing warmth and feeling through me. He said I have to get back up there now, but I love you. That was the first time I heard from my soulmate. It was the most amazing moment of my life. We were married 13 years. Its only been four months and I cry and miss him more everyday. Blair you are right,”Love Never Dies.”

  326. Carol at - Reply

    I woke up next to Steve (my best friend and the love of my life) dying in his sleep of a massive heart attack just 4 days ago. Needless to say, I’ve been a wreck! Last night I crawled into bed absolutely spent, exhausted to my core from mourning, but found I could not sleep. I lay there thinking until my eyes became so heavy I could not keep them open any more. I closed them and started to nod off… I was startled awake to a black figure in a person-like shape leaning over me. I blinked and it was gone. Has this happened to anyone else?

  327. Tracie at - Reply

    My youngest daughters father just passed away Friday June 26th, 2015. Now him and I weren’t together anymore and we’ve had a lot of bad times together and apart but we recently have been getting along better than usual. Anyway this morning my alarm went off. I hit the snooze button and tried to fall back asleep. All of a sudden I saw him and I hugged him and told him “you look good” He just said to me “Everyone always wants me to work for gifts. That reminds me of you”. Then I woke up. I remember thinking when I hugged him that wait he’s dead. I felt half asleep like dreaming but also I felt like I was still awake because I was able to think to myself like when I am awake. I don’t understand what his message meant though and that is getting to me.

  328. Valerie at - Reply

    My brother passed away on February 7th 2015. That was also the day of my 18th birthday. He was 29 years old. About two weeks after he passed away, I was sitting in the living room, just staring at the small shrine my mom made with lots pictures of him, flowers, small things that he loved (his beanie, his hats, his favorite cologne, etc.) & his ashes. My mom was on her way home from work & when she got home, I went to the kitchen to greet her. She had been crying on her way over because she still had to work in order to support us & pretend everything was fine when clearly everything wasn’t. When I reached in the give her a hug, I heard a loud bang coming from the living room. We went in to see what was going on & flowers & some pictures fell off the table. What stood out in particular was an 8×10 picture of him in a frame. It was right in the middle of everything & it fell face-up. It was strange because it couldn’t have possibly fallen face-up because it was closest to the edge. So if it would have fallen, it could have only fallen face-down. I believe that it was a sign of him greeting my mom when she got home because when he was alive, he was the loudest in greeting her when my mom got home. He was always so happy to see her every time since she worked long shifts (up to 36 hour shifts). I miss him terribly. I love you forever Carlos!

  329. Gabiela Rodriguez at - Reply

    My.father passed away February 6 2013 in his sleep he had suffered a really bad stroke he was really stubborn when it came to.going.todoctors visits. He loved with everything he had he was the greatest person with the biggest heart i ever met.The day after he passed at 1 in the morning i seen a white orb sort of like a mist but.not water it was about a big ball.size i seen it and as just shocked.i started to.think it was my eyes messing with other sister also seen the same.exact Than the next few.months i many dreams him.contacting me where he was n he was fine and he wss he was there next to.her. i would wake tears for a long time thats how much the dreams felt real..I really wish he was here i wake up searching.n hoping to.wake up from this.nightmare. I really wish i could be there for.him when he i.was boyfriends house with my My 3 year old tells me n points at his pictures n tells me she.knows and talks and sees my father through my window. On Oct 15,2014 I seen my father through my.window early morning staring at me and my baby girls watching us sleep he had never youngest dauhhter.Melanie I was shocked scared.n.couldnt believe it was him i started going crazy and couldnt believe it was him. that same day i seen lovely bones.and La Bamba come on i knew it was him. I believe he missed us so much.and wanted to let us know we were okay it sad he was watching my life.go.on without him. Everyday i cry i.dont.know how to.cope.with him.being gone i want answers i cant let him go i would do anything to him be alive again. If anyone knows of a good medium in Los Angeles please email me please i want to.connect with my Father more clearer messages I.know he is here because he turns off my t.v. late at.night when i go to sleep both dvd n t.v. and i wake up hearing him say to me i love u forever. Everything is true he contacts me and m sister more because we are more spiritual and more open minded. I miss him more n more each day I LoVE u Daddy ❤

  330. Jonnine at - Reply

    Last night, I was saying a quiet prayer for the mother of a close colleague who had recently passed away. I live in a very small town, and everything echos through the town. As I was thinking of the elderly lady, I heard the church bells ringing. I checked the time, and it was 9.00pm. Coincidence?

  331. Shirley at - Reply

    Moments after my mama died, I could swear she was standing right behind my left shoulder, just as she always had done and asked, in her cheery voice,”watcha doin’?”, when my sister and I were listening to the pastor talk to us so I could sign the papers needed by the hospital.
    I was in a sense of shock from my mama lying dead not 10ft from me and feeling and hearing her cheerful, playful voice. I asked my sister if mom had talked to her she said “no. You can doo that, I don’t have that gift”
    Since then, mama has been with me most of the time. I supposedly have this gift, but until she died I never knew I was actually her favorite child.
    My husband says he loves the conversations I have with my mom. And still just 16 days away from the second anniversary of her death, I miss her terribly!! I get little signs from her all the time. But when I read about someone who finds pennies everywhere since a family member died andi thought that was neat, suddenly pennies are appearing everywhere.
    But I guess my biggest sign was on the ride home from the hospital after she died mutt minds eye saw her ass she was when I was small, she was beautiful. I thanked her for showing me that, I know she didn’t want me to remember her old and sick. The very next day I went to sit on my porch to have a smoke and all around me and the space all the way to the street were hundreds and hundreds of white butterflies! My mama knew they were my favorite along with white roses. Never before and not since has there been more than a couple of the white butterflies around my home at any given time. I know it was from my mama. Even now she calms me when I get upset, she talks to me and I to her, she is on a different plain from me and still I miss her so very much.

  332. Gwendolyn Whitaker at - Reply

    Elmando Francis died, was my man 4 15Years, he lied about being married, had 5-6 women he was flirting with and having sex. When i found out 2013 i wanted to break off the relationship, he lied on me and talked about me like a dogg to another woman, he was with her 10 years, now he keeps knocking,why. He was sneaky and a big drinker and a womanizer, curse me out because I didn’t want him any more, he said he played me for years, he died in a neighbor house like a dogg, what does he want????

  333. Tammy at - Reply

    I had a dream I was back home in my old bedroom which had the attic door in it. I hated that as a child, I would see the handle move but till this day I say my parents house is haunted but anyway in my dream someone knocked on the attic door I saw the knob turn I couldn’t scream my body went numb so I closed my eyes but felt someone standing next to my as I’m laying in bed, the voice says you pray to me, it’s God and he puts his arms under me and cuddles me and at that point I felt so At ease and loved, no stress just amazing and then my nana and pappy who died many years ago on fact I never met my pappy came down from the attic and I was so happy too see them I again felt so loved and at peace and they hugged me but didn’t hear their voices but heard them say everything will be ok. I just melted in peace inside. Then when I saw the picture of my pappy I said yeah that was high just a lot younger version of him.

    It makes me smile and I still feel peace just thinking of the dream. Would love to know what it means. I dreamt of God in recent months as I begged him to bring me home he said no your not welcome now and I begged then just woke up crying. In that dream it was like the wizard of oz and you couldn’t see the wizard it was through static tv and again I heard their responses but more of metal response bcuz I couldn’t hear a voice.

  334. Marcie at - Reply

    I started my day by getting ready then cleanin when a friend of mine his name popped in to my head to call him. That was June 5th that weekend I tried calling him and it went to his voice mail so I was watching the news the next week and I hear the first name so I looked up the orbiturary’s sure enough it was him that passes away in a plane crash. It’s an awful feeling but I knew he was ok because he loved flying.

  335. Charlene M at - Reply

    My loved ones who have passed on, come to me in my dreams. My Mom passed unexpectedly in October 1990. She was only 61 years old. My husband & I stayed with my Dad as he was so distraught over losing her. I would go to sleep hearing him weeping in his room. That night, my Mom came to me in a heavenly state (it was as if she was floating in Heaven) with a beautiful midnight blue gown & said “take care of your Father, I am at peace” It was this dream that gave me the strength to take care of all the funeral plans for my mother including her eulogy, unusual as I am not the oldest daughter and I am usually a shy, quiet, wallflower! Yet, the most profound & beautiful dream came a few years later. The only way I can describe it was I was being allowed to visit my Mom in Heaven. The colors were so unlike those here on Earth, everything was brilliant, radiant, breathtaking. I felt total joy & happiness seeing my Mom. She appeared younger (in her 30’s-40’s) & did not have the weariness she carried in her Earthly life. We hugged each other & I said “Mom, I need to meet the person who allowed me to come visit you here in Heaven” and it was as in a split second I was transported to a white & gold room (it was more like a ballroom). My Mom was beaming with happiness beside me, when into the room comes Jesus! I looked into his beautiful green/hazelish eyes rimmed in dark lashes. He took my hands & all I felt was this unbelievable peace & love emanating from him & my Mom! I woke up rambling to my husband about the dream. This happened over 20 years ago, but I can still recall the details & still get goosebumps from this dream. I am not a religious zealot, but definitely a spiritual one! A few months ago, I also had a dream where I was introduced to my Guardian Angel. He definitely is a strong Thor type man! He introduced his name, Reece, to me. We joked too, as I said “do you spell it like the candy Reeses?” and he said “no, it is with a ‘C’ ” He then handed me a bouquet of purple roses (a sign of enchantment or love). In times of need, I will send prayers to him for guidance! I am looking forward to more dreams like these in the future!

  336. bridget at - Reply

    My mom died 37yrs ago and maybe 8mnts ago i woke up in the middle of the night as i rolled over i seen my mom standing by my bed looking at me smileing i smiled and closed my eyes back. I reolized she wasn’t supposed to be there and opened my eyes to see her still smiling at me i smiled back and rolled over and again i was like wow theres no way I’m seeing this i sat up and looked to find her smileing still i smiled said i love you mom and layed back down.. Suddenly i felt her rub my head and she was gone.. I told my brother the next day.. He started to cry and said mom used to rub my head like that when i had a bad dream…

  337. Aannantha Jothi at - Reply

    My boyfriend passed away last year December 2014. But no one informed me. Just this year on March i was informed about his death. I was really close to him. We did not have chance to meet but we are connected via phone calls, photos and messages. The last word that he spoke to me was ‘ you don’t worry i am okey.. be strong ‘. I was really in love with him until now. Most of the time example i m busy with my work suddenly the taught of him came in my mind. How we talked and chatted before. How he protected me before. His name starts with S. Let say i am driving .. his taught will sure will come in my mind. When i was in office my schedule will be packed with alot of stuffs. But during that period i dont know why his memory will come in my mind.

    I havent forget him till now. He often mention i m his soulmate. Although he had leaved this world he is still in my mind. He is still near me watching me. Protecting me. Love and miss him so much. If i am lucky enough i will have the chance to see his form again. Hopefully.


  338. April at - Reply

    My mom died on 4/7/15 in a traumatic way. I had 3 dreams of her before I started taking xanax (due to the situation). One was that I was walking behind her, but could never catch up. 2nd was she called me, asking me to pick her up but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She got frustrated the more I asked her to repeat it. The last dream was that I drove by & saw her come out of a store, healthy looking. Since taking xanax I have had no dreams & wonder if that could be why. I want my mom to reach out to me! I have however, been smelling a pretty strong nicotine scent. She smoked, I don’t…however I do have 2 bunnies in my living room that she made & assumed that’s why. I really wish I could communicate with her 🙁

  339. Michelle at - Reply

    My Father Inlaw passed away last month, the day before his funeral,we were supposed to go to the funeral home to see him for the last time,my husband wasn’t sure he wanted to see his Dad in that way,meanwhile my front door was open and out of nowhere a robin appeared and seemed to kinda dance around,no fear of us watching him,he was there for a good 3to 4 mins before he flew away,needless to say we went to see my Father Inlaw at the Funeral Home,since then Robin has appeared frequently on my car or in our back garden,my Husband also told me this morning that he had a dream that his Mum and Dad(who had divorced and now both deceased) were back together.Lots of signs wondering if there’s any messages from these.

  340. Nancy Shulhan at - Reply

    I am 70 years old and have no money to give you. I was the youngest of 6 children. My mother was embrased by my birth. I loved my father who died when I was 15. I always thought my mother hated me. People see and feel good signs of dead parents, why can’t I?

  341. Candie at - Reply

    My husband died on may 3 2015 in a motorcycle accident we were very much in love for 14 years although we battled about stupid little things we always loved .. I need to know if he is in a good place because he did not believe in anything really . what can I do .. I have not felt him yet and many people have said they do .. My best friend says she feels him all the time one guy told me my husband is frustrated because he can’t get to me . why do you think that is? I need help to heal . can you help me ?

  342. TuffyBB at - Reply

    what if it’s been 18 months and I swear- nothing as far as a sign at all….how can that be possible? we were married at ages 15/17 and were together for 35 years..I alone was his 24/7 caregiver the last five years after we found out he had cancer, a long hard fight—I was there- I was the only one there at every appt…nobody ever helped us. it was hard, my life has no meaning now, has no family now as they wish I was gone instead of him. honestly I wish that too. I don’t think he will ‘meet me’ at the gate someday. I wish there was a sign from him,,,I miss him so much -I really cannot go on, what is the point? I have not had any family contact for 18 months. they hate me, they blame me. and I have nothing from him either. does he too blame me?

  343. Amy at - Reply

    My dear loved one of 6 years was missing and died a few weeks ago. Truth regarding his death is still under investigation. I have had 2 dreams now. The first – a few days after the news of him being found – I was dream I was on the phone with him and fell asleep (we at one point living miles apart would be on the phone until we fell asleep together) and I could hear the song by Shinedown – If You Only Knew that we related so well to at the time. The second dream was just the other day, the night of his service – I was drifting asleep and his sister was walking me through a house giving me a tour, when we were exiting a room he appeared on the other side of the couch just as I was exiting the room. He looked upset and immediately looked away from from me. When I saw him I remember thinking ‘Here he is!’ (He was missing for 6 days) and I immediately half-woke up. I quickly tried going back and was able to put myself back in that room but he was gone. I wonder if this means he is upset with me? I’m confused as to why he looked so upset to see me. I’m heartbroken. :'(

  344. Danielle at - Reply

    My grandmother died just this last April and since then, I feel like I don’t want to live anymore. I’m 23 years old, she was 59 years old. She had a lot of health problems, but her death was a complete shock to all of us. My grandfather died in September of 2012 and since then, she was very depressed. Her death was caused my pericarditis, a bladder infection, and various other ailments. My mother and uncle were at the hospital when she died but didn’t get a chance to say goodbye because she coded. They managed to get her heart beating again but, she coded again. I was shattered when I found out and to this day, I cry at random times and can’t look at pictures of her without feeling pain. My mother was real young when she had me so my grandparents practically raised me, so I was extremely close to them. I don’t want to live in a world she no longer exists in. She appears in dreams sometimes but in these dreams, there’s never any verbal communication. It’s just us looking at each other and maybe her smiling or hugging me. I really wish she’d speak with me.

    • Sandra at - Reply

      Danielle, hang in there. The process of grief is very difficult and painful. It is the most lonely time you will experience. Please be gentle with your body and soul. There is a lot being processed right now. Everything you feel now and will feel in future days is totally normal. It hurts deep – I know all too well after losing both of my children, my husband and mother. Take one breath at a time, one moment, one day … It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. God and your grandmother and all of your spirit guides, angels and arch angels are there for you, cradling you when you cry, gently stroking your soul to bring comfort to you. You will make it through this – it IS possible and you have a purpose, you have something to contribute to this world we are currently living in. Allow yourself the time to get through this.

  345. Therese at - Reply

    My granny passed away 4 years before i was born but i have always felt that she and my other grandparents always are here with me. When i was some months old my mom was on a walk with me while i was sitting in my stroller. Underneath the stroller there was a basket and my mom had a milk carton in that basket. For no reason the mink carton just fell out of the basket and my mom stopped to pick the carton up and put it back in the basket. when she was about to start walking again a moose ran out right infront of stroller that I sat in. If the milk carton wouldn’t fallen out i would have been ran over by a moose.

    I have thought about this for some years now and I believed and wanted to think that it was my granny who might have thrown the milk carton out of the basket to save me. I visited a medium some months ago and i didn’t tell her anything about my granny or this incident, but when we sat there talking she told me that there was an older woman and man there, she believed they were my grandparents, she also said that i never met them, and as i never met my granny or granddad it was for sure them. This medium then told me that my granny said that since i was born she has always been my protecting sheild.

    My grandfather passed away when I was five and the only thing i remember of him was the last time i met him, I remember that i walked into a hospital room and gave my grandfather a painting, and i remember that he smiled and was really happy. Otherwise i don’t remember any other moments i had with him which is really sad.

    It has happened that i felt like someone have been stroking my arms just when i am trying to fall asleep. Even when i have been out somewhere i felt like someone touched my hair even if no one has.

    I believe my deceased loved ones are with me, i can feel it. Even if i can’t see them i am happy to know that they always are here with me

  346. Shari at - Reply

    My husband died just over a year ago, quite suddenly and quite unexpectedly at only 55. Jon and I spent all of our time together and adored our life and our family. It was not always easy for us, but we always felt that as long as we got to lay our heads down together every night and our children were safe there was nothing that bad.
    In any case, we spent a lot time driving together. I always drove. Whenever I would get home from the office midday to pick him up he would complain the radio was too loud! This from a man who worked in music.
    On the morning after I choose his headstone I was driving to work and my radio went insane. From no volume to blasting volume, I could see the gauges going nuts. Not the knobs but the LCD. The stations changed back and forth from his favourite to my favourite. The radio would not turn OFF! I considered taking the car in to have it looked at but the radio was fine when I finished work. I think it was Jon’s way of telling me that he was with me and approved of the decision I had made.
    To this day, as I drive by myself, the volume on the radio will change at least three or four times a week for no reason. It’s usually when I am thinking of him or facing a big decision.
    Although I still think of him and the kids and I miss him terribly, we know he is with us, and it comforts us.

  347. Carrie at - Reply

    I could write a book about all the experiences I, and my family has had with loved ones who have crossed over. We have always believed in these experiences, and when they happen, there is NO DOUBT. The most recent experiences I get are humorous and from my brother, Bill, who passed from cancer in 2009. He was the family clown, even as a young boy, and was always telling jokes and playing tricks on everyone. He hides things from me: I know the difference if I misplace something because I will find it in an odd spot. When I find something I “misplaced” right in plain sight that I couldn’t have missed, I KNOW it’s Bill! Also, when I shop, sometimes my shopping cart takes on a life of it’s own and starts off down the aisle (this happens fairly frequently). Again, I KNOW it’s Bill messing with me! I love it!

  348. Jean Gorton at - Reply

    I had gone to the graveyard to pay my respects and had my granddaughter with me. I was having difficulty finding the headstone as there were so many new ones there; so I said out loud come Nan give me a hand I can’t find you, a light in the corner of my eye directed me right to it. So I thanked her by saying thanks Nan I found it. My granddaughter was holding my hand and gave a little shiver and said oh Nannie that is just too freaky. 🙂 Love and light Jean

  349. Tammy at - Reply

    I was in our local cemetery waiting for my neice. She was late arriving so I was just sitting there and spoke to my dad (which I often do) I had not felt him around me.. Not dreamt of him at all.. Nothing. I asked my dad for a sign while sitting there in my car. Maybe 10 minutes passed and nothing.. So off Iwent driving around the cemetery. I noticed an angel that had been placed at a grave. It was amazing.. I was so drawn to this angel that I had to park my car and go to it. (Not kidding) it was so amazing! I could not see the writing on the stone as I was facing the back of it. I joked with myself .. Said it would be funny if it said “Hi Tammy” on it! Anyway.. I rounded the corner to see this angel and right there on the stone was my name “Tammy”. I could not wipe the smile off of my face! I knew that was my dad! I told anyone who would listen! Lol! I have driven by that same angel many times .. And it does not stand out for me like it did that day. There are between 6,000 and 10,000 stones in that cemetery .. The chances of my finding my not-so-common name by chance is not likely. Thank you Dad! You rock! Keep those signs coming please. ❤️

  350. Patti at - Reply

    My grandma has grabbed my toes in the dead of night and awakened me. I know this to be true because, my mom used to tell me as a teenager, she would come into my room and grab my toes and she would ask me questions and I would never lie. My grandmother was there when she said this, so I know it was her
    I also had my beloved German Shepherd lick my hand while I was asleep I woke up and looked around for him and realize he been gone for many years. I could list a few others but I think you get the idea

  351. DeeGee at - Reply

    When I was 19 my parents passed 9 weeks apart from alcoholic cirrhosis. Five months later, my brother died in a plane accident A couple of months after their deaths, I had a dream of them. Very “different” dream. My parents were sitting on high stools, and didn’t say anything. But my brother was standing in front of them telling me that they were OK and they wanted me to be OK too. I was devastated when my brother died, more than when my parents passed – probably because I’d expected them to pass. But after that dream I felt at peace somehow and began living my life again. I know they visited me that night.

  352. Lynn Gasbarino at - Reply

    My husband passed on March 20/15 and needless to say, I’ve been extremely busy these last months. For the first time in a very long time, I decided to lie down with a book. No sooner had I made myself comfortable, then a bird landed on my window sill and started chirping. It was a Northern King Bird, the sort that was my husband’s favourite bird. I had the feeling that he was checking in with me to make sure I was okay! It was a wonderful feeling!

  353. Angela at - Reply

    Fleeta and I were very close co-workers for nine years. She was approximately 35 years older than I and more like a second mother. Fleeta became very ill with cancer and passed quickly. I asked God to let me know that she was okay. I was in Walmart the day after she passed – still feeling depressed – my cell phone began to ring. I looked down and my phone read “Fleeta”. I answered thinking it might be her daughter. I answered “Hello?”. There was no sound. Again I said “Hello?”, but there was still no real noise on the other end. It sounded as if someone was just holding the phone and listening and according to my phone’s timer the call lasted several seconds. It hit me. That was Fleeta telling me that she is okay! 🙂 It was an obvious sign!

  354. marisol at - Reply

    Memories of my mom make me cry ever day i miss her sooo much..My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer she died, and ive been dreaming a lot about her . The most recent dream i had i saw her sitting next to me on the couch and i said , mom your here! your okay! I love you! she said back to me in Spanish i love you i adore you , you are the cow and i the torro. she used to express her love to me by saying those words and smiling , her green eyes shone upon me and i hugged her . i woke up crying , that’s all i remember from the dream everything else is vague. My mom was an amazing mom the best in this whole world!!!!

  355. Julie at - Reply

    2 years ago I had a colon resection. The surgeon tried to do the procedure once before but I had such a bad infection he closed me up and I was on iv antibiotics for 2 weeks. He wanted to wait 6 months and try the resection but had to do it after only 2 months because I just wasn’t getting any better. While in the hospital I woke up after sleeping off pain medication for a couple of hours to see my deceased father standing at the end of my bed. Also behind him were some other people, one I believe was his mother, my grandmother. I couldn’t really tell, the people behind him were a little blurry. I thought I must have been dreaming and shut my eyes to kind of shake it off. I opened my eyes again and he was still there. I remember saying Daddy, smiling and then drifting off to sleep again. When I woke up again I felt he had been there and was letting me know that I was going to be okay. I will always remember that moment, what comfort it brought me. I remember thinking if Daddy was here I am going to be just fine. I know he is with me and that makes me happy.

  356. Judy Cressman at - Reply

    I used to play a song on the piano and sing it every day before I visited Ryan when he was very sick and dying of cancer. The song was “Fly Like A Bird”. After he passed and I had not dreamt of him or smelled his presence for a long time, I asked him for a sign. I went to Church the following day and the song they sang at Communion was, you guessed it, “Fly Like A Bird”. I took that as a definite sign that Ryan was letting me know that he was with me.

  357. Sylvia Strauss-kolb at - Reply

    I believe my husband leaves me pennies often, both inside my home and on the streets. I have never found so many pennies! Recently, I was cleaning my kitchen shelf. There, behind my soap dispenser, were two pennies. The one on the left was the year we fell in love. The penny on the right was the year we were married. Then two days ago, I was in Thunder Bay with my cousin. I found a penny next to his truck. It was the year of our most fun trip to that city!

  358. Sandra at - Reply

    Good article Blair!
    My son died in an accident at 21 ten years ago. He began leaving pink guitar picks in strange places, like my bathroom vanity within a few weeks of his crossing over. Many times I will find one or more in places they had no way of getting to. The latest time was two weeks ago. This is only ONE way he lets me know he’s always with me. He always knew and still knows how to make me smile.

  359. Janet Dsuban at - Reply

    I lost my mother in September of 2013 from cancer. In February of 2015 we lost our beloved dog Lucy who we had for over 11 years. I miss both my Mom and dog very much. We had to put our dog down and before my dog passed I showed her the picture of my Mom and said go to Grandma she will look after you. I continued to cry on a daily basis for my dog and of course still miss my Mom. I was in the family room by myself late one evening and I was talking to Lucy my dog and told her that I was worried about her because her Mamma & Daddy were still in the physical world and who was looking after her. A few minutes later there were two orbs of light in the family room on the back wall travelling together and they dissipated and I know it was my Mom with Lucy showing and telling me I have your girl Lucy and all is well. That has given me great peace and comfort to hear not only from my Mom but my dog Lucy too.

  360. sandy rockyvich at - Reply

    The only things that I can report is that lately I have had very nice dreams with my husband in them,
    he passed in 2007, I woke up with such a nice feeling , and once in awhile I think someone is callinfg my name .

  361. Barbara Lamb at - Reply

    My mum died in 2002. A couple of years ago, Christmas Eve to be exact, I had been watching television and my daughter and the dog were upstairs, no one else was in. After the film finished I went into the kitchen, which you access from the living room, and starting preparing vegetables. I heard a noise and looked into the living room thinking it was my daughter. No one was there so I thought I had imagined it. Our fridge was by the door leading into the living room as I opened the door I felt really cold, a lot colder than was normal, I turned my head and there slowly coming towards me, but seeming to float, I couldn’t see her feet, was my mum, as clear to me as she was when she was alive, I couldn’t see her face clearly, but she wore clothes that she would have worn when alive. As I looked I suddenly panicked and thought what if it wasn’ t her and went back to the work top and said out loud “Thank you for coming I have seen you, goodbye” when I again looked into the living room she was gone. I hadn’t been asleep just watching television. It was 6.00 pm at night. I know it was my mum but wish now I had thought of something more personal to say to her. Hopefully I will get the chance to see her spirit in my home again.

  362. Patricia Smith at - Reply

    When I first gathered my family together at my home shortly after my mom’s passing, I had tea light candles light inside my fireplace. My Mom loved to come to my house because I always used my fireplace, and my Dad would NEVER allow candles or scent used at home. the tea lights never last more than 3 hours, however, on that day, I noticed they stayed light far into the night, hours after everyone left. I sat up late, waiting for the last one to go out. I knew Mom was with us, and was glad we were together.

    She has given me signs every time we all gather at my house, and I hope it continues forever.

  363. Linda Cable at - Reply

    My husband, Michael, who was a HUGE Elton John fan, passed away 2 years ago. I have been a musician all of my adult life and music has always been VERY emotional for me. I couldn’t stand to listen to music for several days after Michael’s death. But, finally, I decided to turn on the radio as I was getting ready to return to work one morning. I spoke out loud to Michael and said that if he was listening, to give me sign on the radio. When I turned on the radio, Elton John’s song, “Rocket Man” was playing!!!! The lyrics talked about ‘burning out into the Heaven Zone’ and how ‘he missed his wife…’ and I KNEW it was Michael’s message to me. I stood there stunned with cold chills all over!!!! I hadn’t heard that song on radio for ages but there it was the first song I heard that morning!!!! Shortly after that, I heard it one more time when I was driving into work one morning and thinking about Michael. I haven’t heard it again for 2 years now. I’m convinced it was his sign to me that he’s still around.

  364. Debbie Marie at - Reply

    This is a wonderful and very real article. The signs are there. They always have been. Some people look too hard, others overlook them, and some (especially at first) can’t believe it’s a sign from a loved one. Trust and believe it really is! I know first hand. Blair listed the 5 “common signs” but don’t forget that you had a special relationship with the person who is in spirit now. They can (and do) get creative in giving you signs. It could be something that only the two of you would know about, it could be in the form of something that meant a lot to either you or that person. Anytime you get a sign, accept it and let the person know that you understand. I always say “Thank you Shawn”(my son). Something that simple seems to generate more signs. The more signs, the greater the comfort of realizing (as Blair Robertson would say) ” Love Never Dies” ❤ I like to add to that with “It just changes”…. Love and best to all.
    Thank you Blair – for all you’ve done for me.

  365. Victoria at - Reply

    While I was expecting my second child, I had a communication from a spirit. It was about midnight and Christmas eve. I needed something for a gift and went to the store. As I was heading there, I heard a man’s voice that said, “Victoria, take your foot off the gas.” I did. A few seconds later, he said, ” slowly depress the brakes.” I did. Then I saw the major crash in front of me. Had I not listened to this voice I would have been t-boned on both passenger and drivers side of my car!!!!! This was before cell phones as well. I listen all the time for voices, and signs. It has happened to me quite a few times. I’ve found that when you need it the most, you can hear the voices as long as you are open to them.

  366. virginia wilkinson at - Reply

    I have a lot of signs from deceased ones I saw my dad in a vision I have had an angel visit me walked into my bedroom and disappeared and one night in my bed room while I layed sleeping my dog Bella layed at the foot of my bed for no reason Bella looked up like she was looking at someone and started wagging her tail I truly believe it was my friend Kathy.

  367. Laurie Drover at - Reply

    Anyone who knew my mother in law knew her love of sun flowers. After a diagnoses of an aggressive lung cancer. ..her time was short and passed in March. Her funeral was a sea of yellow and brown. The following spring after her death. …I noticed something growing in a part of my garden that receives no water and was basically desert ground. Not being a big gardner …i had no idea if it was just a weed or something else, so I decided not to pluck it. This would be weed turned out to be a beautiful large Sun flower that sprouted five large buds. Coincidentally, she had five children.

  368. Susie at - Reply

    Dream of loved one embracing me, touching my hair, face, and hands, back porch lights turning on twice, familiar love songs playing in restaurants, visual head image in my mind looking directly at me, hearing my name but no one there, mind images of where we used to go, memories of time and places spent together to name a few.

  369. pam at - Reply

    Shortly after my Dad’s celebration of life service my 12-year-old son and I headed home. As soon as we turned on to our road there were thousands of what we call “helicopters” falling all over the street, you know- those maple tree seeds that float through the air like helicopter blades as they fall to the ground. I had never seen these fall do this degree before and it was only on our street and near our house. We got out and started to work on the big pile of top soil that needed to be shovelled and these helicopters continued to fall the entire hour we shovelled. I said, “I get it Dad, but I really don’t want all these seeds in my top soil!!!” I know Dad was with us that day, he was a helicopter pilot:)

  370. Isabelle Clark at - Reply

    i was an addict and I checked myself into rehab. When I got there for one day I was to week, and I collapsed on the floor, and when I did I heard voice in my head and he (YOU FIGHT BABY GIRL FIGHT) then the nurses came and I went to the Hospital, and I was in Kidney failure my kidney was only working 2percent. I knew from the beginning it was my Daddy who passed away about 10 months before. He was like scolding me telling me to fight. Later about 1 1/2 years I saw my Daddy in what I thought was a dream he smiled at me and kissed my cheek, and was gone. I felt that kiss and I never will forget it.

  371. Wanda at - Reply

    My Mom passed eleven years ago. In her last few years she lived with my oldest sister. Mom loved the bedroom my sister had done just for her and spent a lot of time in that room watching old game shows on TV. She would always apply a little cream to her neck several times throughout the day and she loved to play tricks and would hide in one corner of her closet when she heard my sister coming in for a chat. To this day when I visit my sister I go to the closet and in that one corner where she used to hide, the smell of her cream is as strong today as it was when she was alive. This room has not only been cleaned but has been painted a few times (including the closet) since my Mom passed. One time several months after she passed, my mom came to me when I was in bed and told me my sister needed me. I saw her as plain as if she was alive and was upset when she left. I lived over an hours drive from my sister and had never visited her without calling to make sure she was home. I walked into her house and she was facing away from me and crying. When I spoke, she turned around quickly and asked “how did you know I needed you today?”. Of course my reply was “Mom told me”. She knew I was serious because she had been missing so her so much and that was why she was crying. We had a lovely visit and shared our memories of Mom. I feel so blessed to have had this experience and know without a doubt that she’s still with us.

  372. C Anderson at - Reply

    We moved from our home state to Arizona to build a new life and to be close to my father who was battling cancer. He only survived five months. We gold panned a lot while we were there. When our 1 year lease was up we decided to move back to our home state. We went gold panning one last time. The last piece of gold we pulled out of our sluice was a heart shaped piece of gold. I know this was a sign from my dad telling me he loved us and thanking us for being there for him and his wife.

  373. Laura at - Reply

    I don’t know if this was a sign or not but when I was travelling out of town for a doctors appointment I got a juice on the train and the expiry date was my late mother’s birthday.

  374. Shirley Pedersen at - Reply

    My husband John Philp Pedersen died 10-20-10.. he had two cancers lst one healed tonsil from smoking.(they gave him 3-6mos. 2nd one lung. lived total with both cancers abouth 14yrs. We talked many times about what he was to do after his death.. I said put dimes ( not anything else). Flicker the lights… when u are around…. & last but not least come in full person in your red plaid shirt & kaki pants. I told no one… The next morning a dime was on my computer… one down in his office on his desk.. I did not want to get another dog, but got a abused animal (we used to take in animals.ending up keeping most of them).. GIGI I am her 3rd mom.. anyway the lst day I walked her a bright shining dime in the street. same thing the next day… total 15 dimes.. then I prayed to see him in full spirit for 3 mos. I said u did all the dimes flickering lights on Holidays but no u… Well .. I got up to get a drink of water at 3:30 & they he was floating or hanging in a cloudy film.. red plaid shirt ..pants (he was hanging in the wide doorway so I could not get in the kitchen… I screamed fell back on the coach & HID… Oh I wished I would not have done that..he thought He scared me..(me so dumb) I am going to try & do it again (prayer) so I can smile at him & say thank you.. rather than do the dumb thing I did…My mom came all the time to us.. but not in person .. by turning on & off one light.. & the round ball of light at Hoildays on photos..My grandma was psychic & my Mom some & I have been told many times I also have.. but shy away from it… Also my neighbor lady who does not believe in this.. had the shock of her life.. Morning time having a cup of coffee, she looked up & their was her mom in her rocking chair in her robe having her nite time cocktail in the morning… she said she dropped her coffee & had to have a drink to calm her down. I have another story about his funeral.. had it video taped.. to long to write.. but sent it to a psychic in Hawaii (Rose) who since has died.. that was really really weird … no one could know what she told me about the video… to long to write.. Shirley Anna. thank u.

  375. Kristina Redstone at - Reply

    Two weeks after my due date with my first daughter I found out she had died in-utero. I gave birth to her on a Tuesday and went home from the hospital on Thursday. On Saturday a group of friends held a lunch for me to tell them the details of what happened. As I was sitting at the table a small feather floated down on my hand. It was about the size of a dime. I kept that feather and my husband and I released it into a river about 4 days later. Ever since then I find feathers in random locations. For example I was on a walk with a friend and took the same path out as we did back. But on the way back was a huge feather that wasn’t there before. Every time I find one now I tell my daughter thank you and how much I love her and miss her. It gives me an incredible sense of peace when I receive these gifts from her. And it reminds me that she is always with me.

  376. Sandy at - Reply

    I lost my husband 3 years ago from lung cancer and I loved him very much. The only dream I had of him was a terrible one. It was so vivid. I dreamt he came to me and said he did not love me anymore. I woke up crying and cannot get this out of my mind. If this was him it was a terrible experience.

  377. william taylor at - Reply

    Good morning, I just graduated a psychic medium class and I believe my strength is claireaudience , ringing in ears and thoughts, but im still weary on how to give these messages to people. also I get thoughts when no one is around along with the ringing what can I do to be able to freely give a reading.

  378. Joanne Boyse at - Reply

    Hello Blair, I don’t often have dreams that I remember so clearly, but those I have had were definitely messages and signs from deceased loved ones. I remember once sitting and talking with my late (long-time) partner. It was an all white surrounding and we sat on a white bench. I did not want to leave him but he assured me all was okay and he’d see me again. I don’t remember much of the words spoken but I just knew we had a wonderful visit. Later, I dreamed much the same but talking with my dad. Another time, my brother-in-law came to me in dream and asked me to give my sister a message for him. Wow! These “visitations” took place several years ago, but are still clear as day in my mind. In reality, I have had an “Angel Hug”! Such a peaceful, loving experience and the very best way to start my day; and another time I visibly seen my baby boy whom I’d lost at birth in 1966 … he’d only lived six hours. He is growing into a beautiful and so handsome young “man”. My Angel! Such precious seconds! I could go on and on. So yes, I truly believe in our loved ones and angels communicating in many ways. Like you said, we just need to listen! Thank you, Blair.

  379. Jamie at - Reply

    When I was seven my Aunt Marg died of breast cancer. Years later her husband had a heartack and was in the hospital ,I asked her to go to him because he need her before she went she give me a big hug and then she was gone.

  380. Crystal Miner at - Reply

    I have been asking my deceased fiance for signs for months now….to no avail. I got a new car with Sirius radio…of course, being a child of the 80’s, I listen to “Hair Nation”…after months of having this station playing daily, I was in the car one day, feeling absolutely devastated, missing him so badly….Suddenly “Kickstart my Heart” came on the radio……he had sent me a sign….see, when we first met, he would often play Kickstart my Heart, saying I had “kickstarted his heart into loving again”….it was a personal song, with such meaning for us. And it played for the very first time….I had never heard that song on that station before, and yet, here it was, and on a day when I was in dire need of a sign from him…I am now hearing it when I am missing him, or nostalgic for a moment with him again. I believe he uses that song to remind me that he is here with me and that he is alright on the other side…He committed suicide and that is so important for me to know…that he is alright!!

  381. Julie at - Reply

    I’m 53 years old..starting at about 13 years old I have had a recurring dream of my Uncle Ted who passed away at age 32 from cancer and I was 12 years old..he was my hero, I loved him sooo much..about a year after his death I started dreaming of him..we r always walking through a wheat field and we sit under a big weeping willow tree..what I find extremely comforting and I know he’s really with me, is the dreams evolve in only one way all these years..we talk about whatever is going on in my life at that precise time..when I graduated Nursing school that night we talked (in my dream) of the graduation, the party etc..when I had my daughter 2 nights later, he came and we talked about her, the name I gave her etc..
    Love lives on I truly believe this..maybe that’s why I chose Hospice Nursing as my career…


  382. Valerie Sheldon at - Reply

    Just got Three through your e-mail. I had an uncle named George who was like a dad to me and Lady In Red was a favorite song of a a very dear friend and to top that off Ponds Cold Cream was the only cream my grandmother would use on her beautiful face.
    Thank you Blair
    In Love and Light, Many Blessings

  383. kim at - Reply

    My dad passed away Feb 2014 and we bought our new home that July. He had never been here and so I assumed his spirit would not find me. I claimed his car and once I brought it home April 2015 thete have been multiple signs. The street light that does not work on my street lit up so bright the night I brought his car home as my husband and I walked under it as I was so emotional distressed. It was a great feeling. I have heard my Dad say my name , say hi and also I was telling my daughter to whisper and I heard his voice say whisper. His voice is very quiet but it’s him. I find it un real. Also I’ve had 3 episodes the past 7 months where I’ve been sleeping and I’ve felt something grip like a hand on my arm or sometimes leg and it’s there for at least 10 seconds and I feel it and wake up screaming. I don’t want my dad to think I’m scared of his presence but it’s very un real and I don’t know how to deal with the touching it scares me . I haven’t had any other visions in dreams of seeing him which I really wish for since he was sick for so long he did not look the sane as I remember or want to remember.. I also smell cigarette smoke that is very intense and no one smokes at my house. And I’m the only one who can smell it. It smells like him. Like ashes and butted out cigarettes. I believe he’s with me now . My music box also started playing all by itself one day and my daughter was staring at it from across the room talking to it , or was it him she saw ? Well that’s my experience hope it helps someone. But I believe in spirits now .

    • Carrie at - Reply

      Just ask your dad not to touch you anymore while you’re in bed, but maybe during the day he can touch your shoulder to let you know he’s around. My dad passed when I was six years old. A year or two later I would “feel” him walking behind me down our hallway. I didn’t like the feeling of anyone behind me and told my mom that. She said, “Just ask him to walk NEXT to you, instead”. That’s what I did, and he complied!

  384. Teresa at - Reply

    My wonderful dog(Bandit) of 19 years passed 3 weeks ago, though I knew he was sick an of course his time was coming near it still made me sad he would leave me, all of my daughter’s have grown-up an moved on with their lives an Bandit was still with me. I always secretly wished when it was Bandit time to pass he would just fall a sleep one night an pass on, to me this was a natural way for him to go. Bandit passed just that way 3 weeks ago, he must of waited for me to go to bed cause shortly after he laid by the front door an in his sleep passed on. I found him few hours later. I wondered if Bandit would let me know he is ok an made his way over to the other side? I believe the other night I got my answer, Bandit came to me an he was so happy an lively an younger he was jumping up an down an running like he use too, an he was with my grandfather, I always thought Bandit an my grandfather would of been good together. I now believe they are on the other side..:) Yes our loved ones come to us an let us know they are with us..:)

  385. Kathy at - Reply

    When I was in the hospital 3 years ago in Sept, I was not scared at all. The Lord told me that He was with me, and I would come out of the operation good. I trusted HIM fully. The night before I was to be released I died! When the Nurses got me back I was very upset because I died and wanted to stay in Heaven ! It was beautiful !! I could see the Earth below me,and heard music so beautiful like the Angels were humming ! I felt overwhelming LOVE and PEACE ! The Lord who I thank each day since for giving me the beauty of Death- there isn’t anything to fear about Death!!!!!. When I came back into my body I told the Nurse I was dreaming, she told me No you died !!- One hour later I was back in the operating room for the 3rd time getting a pace-maker put in !!! I guess it wasn’t my time…but I testify my experience to everyone- I Love You Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  386. Paul Green at - Reply

    i had just dropped of 2 sleep and the wife said i called out mom

  387. Carol at - Reply

    My husband left me pennies, in the oddest of places. I’d dust off a stand and later find a penny there. When I moved on with another man, the pennies nearly stopped. The last time I got a full blown sign was when I was getting ready to travel to be with my new man. I was loading up my car, I had doubts that I should go, I asked my husband to give me a sign that I should go. After my last pass out my door, I found a brand new shiny penny laying on the top step outside my door. My sign. As it turns out, shortly after that my new man was diagnosed with lung cancer, I was there for him every step of the way, I drove him to his appointments, everything, up until the day he died, last April. Now I know, my purpose was to be there for my new man when he needed someone the most. We were happy, very much in love. I am full of pain but I take comfort that I was there, I was loved and I loved. I learned much from him, most of all was to open my heart to love again after the death of my husband, something that I didn’t believe was possible. Now I hear “our song” on the radio and I occasionally see emblems from the organization he belonged to. Small things remind me of being with him.

  388. Charise at - Reply

    Last year my x-spouse passed away. Even though divorced, we still had a connection.
    When he passed. I was so shocked. I wondered how he was doing..I did not get a chance to say goodbye. Then one night I was laying in my bed, and he came to my mind. I saw his face in my minds eye…I then ask if he would touch my hand. I was so shocked…he barely touched my hand with a wisp of his fingers, then I felt my hand move up to my mouth and gently move from side to side as though he was feeling my lips. Yes…I knew he was ok and that he still had a special place in my heart and was with me and my boys, his sons and all our grandchildren.

  389. Sheila at - Reply

    Blair I have a constant touch on my head especially when I ask angles to help me I also smell dad dads colon and oranges but that one I have no idea every time I see my dad when sleeping I wake up with an awful headache and don’t know why I always see my brother is always doing bad things just like in life sooo much to say I wish I had money to get a reading from u love you keep up the great work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  390. Mark Morgan at - Reply

    My wife was killed by a drunk driver close to five years ago and I still miss her so much but all I have ever experienced was deafening silence. No signs, nothing. I don’t understand and I don’t want to let her go.

    • Tonya at - Reply

      Someone on here had negative reaction to these comments and that really bothers me very much. He said that dreams were just dreams well he isn’t letting himself be open for the spirits to communicate with him. I shared just a little of all my experiences so now I am fonna tell the rest of them. If you keep yourself open you will experience just as other’s have. The thing is either your not believe in the spirits or your trying too hard. About two Years after my Dad passed I was sleeping on my couch because it was 12:00 when I went to sleep. I didn’t want to w get in my bed because my husband is a very light sleeper and I didn’t want to wake him s ok I laid on my couch. Thos is the same house my dad passed away in. His hospital bed was in the living room. I feel asleep at 12:00 and at 2:30 I woke up and I was awake I was not dreaming. I look at the cable box to see what time it was. The time was 2:30 am and I noticed that I couldn’t move. I could turn my head but that was it. It was very dark in the house no lights on at all. I heard my dad say my name ans I tried to speak but I couldn’t so in my mind I said “what is it Daddy”. He sa aid I need to talk to you! Then right behind the Barr that separated my living room from my kitchen I heard the loudest voice yelling at me. Then I freaked out because I knew that my dad was trying to protect me from what was there. My heart started racing with fear and the faster my heart beat the louder this entity or Devil is what I truly feel this was the louder it got. I have a husband and three kids and I couldn’t move to get up and run I couldn’t speak to yell for help. I was truly helpless. What this was, was pure evil and the more afraid that I become the more hateful it got and louder I just knew my husband or one of my three kids was going to hear this and come to see what was going on. Nobody in my house got up they didn’t hear it. I knew that there was nothing I could do but pray. I prayed God please let me just fall asleep I don’t want to hear this anymore. I tried to keep myself as calm as I could witch was not working but I closed my eyes as tight as I could and prayed. I couldn’t understand what that thing was saying to me it was a different language but I can tell you this I’ll never forget what that sounded like. So my advice to anyone reading this DON’T ask your lived one to come. They will xome on their time. When your going through a loss of a love one take time to grieve and e will come to you when they are ready. If your grieving and depressed you just might attract something else. Now I live in a different house the same house where I heard to spirits talking that woke me up. The don’t bother me but my husband has been woken up to our sheets being pulled at the end of the bed and he is not one who believes in ghosts. I think that it’s a loved one try to get his attention. It has and it takes a lot to spook him but he’s not scared he’s just stunned because it’s waking him up from his sleep.

  391. Nicole at - Reply

    My husband was 28 and had an infection that went through his brain stem and left him brain dead where then he was on life support. So his parents, sister, and myself took him off. He had passed away 1 month exactly before our wedding anniversary, June 12th, 2015. We have a two year old and one on the way. My son woke up at 3am crying because he dropped Sammy (his favorite stuffed animal my husband and I got got him on our anniversary) I went in there n picked him up. Then I fell back asleep. And had a dream that John was sleeping next to me and I asked him to go help bub where then he got Sammy and brought him back to our room I said what are you doing now I’m going to be up all night because of him screaming. Well Corbin woke up in reality at 4am I looked in the monitor and he’s punching the air. When he would put his arm down he would crunch up and giggle. Not once but twice a light transparent blue box appeared in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

  392. Misty Morgan at - Reply

    My father died and I couldn’t be there it was painful. His funeral was today. I was quietly sitting on the porch when suddenly a beautiful bird came up to me. I could feel it was my dad sending a message that he was happy and everything was OK.

  393. Leslie McGinley at - Reply

    I LOVE butterflies so much! My husband was murdered about 8 yrs ago and I know when he has been near! I feel him deeply! I have amazing vivid dreams about him often. He recently started talking to me in them! The last time he climbed up, kissed me gently on my lip and said; Don’t worry, It will all be alright! i woke up in tears but not really sad. I felt like i had been touched by an Angel! I see butterflies all the time! not just flying around but landing on me and the same butterfly has been visiting me and hanging out for days and days now! Comes in and lands close to me or on me stays for a bit flys away comes back and does the same over and over day after day!

  394. Penny Proctor at - Reply

    My beautiful 24 year old daughter, Melody, died from AML December 2, 1996. On Mother’s Day in 1997 there appeared a rainbow in my living room. I had been sad, but that brought a smile. On her birthday, October 15, 2000, My husband and I were lying in bed. A tiny spot on the ceiling began to blossom into a big rainbow on the ceiling! Having my husband watch as the rainbow grew, It was absolutely amazing. we looked all over, windows, etc to see if anything could have caused it! It was a gift from Melody!

  395. Shawna Homer at - Reply

    My beloved father and grandfather passed away very sick on July 5th of last year.My niece had dreams her whole pregnancy that my father was telling her how to deliver.One year to the day my niece gave birth to a baby boy 3 weeks early on his grandfather’s 1year death date and Uncle’s 3 month death date! Our family gathered for their 1year and my father’s only Son’s 3months death day.My brother passed away 9 months to the day my father died.These dates stand put for something. Any opinions, looking for answers?

  396. Tonya at - Reply

    I have felt a cold chill from head to toe. That I truly believe was my Dad. I had my sister pass away 2 years ago and I dream of them both and she has the biggest smile on her face that I never saw on her in life. One night I was asleep and I woke to hear a male and female talking next to my bed. I know that they knew they had woke me up but they just continued with their conversation as I lay there trying to make out what they were saying. I fell back off to sleep. I believe it was my sister and dad.

  397. Tonya at - Reply

    Oh and I forgot to say that I’ve had dreams of a love one dying and in a month or two they come true. I don’t understand this maybe someone can tell me what is foing on. The first dream was my Uncle. I dreamed he died of a heart attack 10 months passes and the landlord found him dead in the house and they ruled it as a heart attack. I’ve had other dreams. I will dream about one cousin but it is a different cousin. All this started with the dream of my Uncle that one was exactly the way I dreamed. Now the other’s are a little mor confusing. I know that when I dream about somebody I always try to warn everyone I know because now U never know who or how, but it does happen. I’d like to know what triggered this with me? I believe may my Father’s passing might be what started these dreams.

  398. Tricia J at - Reply

    Many years after my grandmother had died, she came to me in a dream. I couldn’t see her as I was dreaming that I was walking in the door of the home, that she had lived in, and only saw her when I got to the kitchen where she was. I could hear her talking to me and I could smell her ( her make-up and perfume that she used to wear). I remember feeling an overwhelming feeling of comfort and calmness. It was incredible.

  399. Mendy park at - Reply

    My dad passed away recently..Dec. 15, and I receive messages from him all of the time. He always used to say “pay attention” and I do now more than ever. The recent event was a few days ago, I was sitting here folding laundry and watching a lifetime movie. And the people in the movie wanted to meet up at a place called “cozy’s”. Well cozy’s was the neighborhood bar that my dad used to hang out with friends. And I also had a dream which I now know was a connection, of him walking into his bday party and I was scrambling to find his cake. This was two days after ..what would have been his 74th birthday. June 27.He would always say “don’t forget” no matter what it was. This was his way of letting me know to not forget that it was his birthday. Oh how I miss him, but always looking for the signs.

  400. Vickie at - Reply

    My son passed away 06/13 and yesterday being Fri 7/15 I was a work and dates started popping in my head dates that have meaning to me. Like his birthday my wedding day and the date and when I broke these dates down they made up the date of his death. Was this him given me a sign his still with me or am I letting my mind run wild.

    • Julie at - Reply

      Wow. I do that too. My son was born on
      02-22-2002 in room #22. My daughter was born on the 22nd in room #22. This # shows up in our lives in the times you wouldn’t be looking.

      • Alison at - Reply

        I have had several kinds of communication from Spirit . Last night was very unusual, I will try to explain without confusing you. I was holding my remote control, the one that is for your cable. I also use the remote that comes with the t.v., I use it for the volume and to turn the t.v. “off and on”. Last night when changing the channel my t.v. went “off,” but I had what felt like a memory…. but it wasn’t , it was so fast I didn’t see it physically, I saw it mentally. It almost felt like I could have done it myself, but I didn’t! The remote for the t.v. was on a table near me, the cable one was in my hand. I verbally said out loud, “Good Try!” I was speaking to Spirit, maybe it was Glenn my husband or my brother Irv, that is what I was picking up. I assured them I knew they did it because I saw them turn the t.v. off ‘this time.’ This was the first time that contact has happened that way. Who ever is doing it gets my attention like that every once and awhile. I’m glad I was able to share this experience with you. Also, What is up with hearing Spirit or Ghost sound like they are walking in what sounds like Cowboy Boots! Has anybody every heard that? Now I have read and watched people on t.v. talk about hearing what sounded like hard souled shoes with a hard heel. It’s definitely male! A woman wouldn’t walk like that. What am I talking about!!! Spirits don’t wear boots! See that’s my question, What’s going on? It’s not just me that hears that noise when Spirit is present, please tell me what you think. Thanks

      • Alison at - Reply

        I believe any time you are aware of something specific, then yes, I think that was a sign. Also with numbers, if you keep seeing the same group of numbers and they are not making sense, try adding them together, that’s what you do with numerology.

      • Janette at - Reply

        Wow that is amazing myself, born on 2.22.79, my dearly departed was 6.22.85 even though our birth years aren’t in sync our hearts sure were. I too have had my birth number show up so many times that I stop and okay waaaay too coincidental. Not a bad idea to keep a log similar to a dream diary. Never know what message my come through when putting together into a bigger picture

    • Nadine Pehi at - Reply

      I dreamt I was in my childhood home with my dead grandfather. The home was his home and I was