Blair Robertson Predicts: Iran Bombing, Charity Fraud, Harper Conservative Scandal, Sumatra Earthquake!

blair robertson psychicCan Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can. Blair Robertson regards his predictions as experimentation. Here are several of them for this week… check on them!

1. I predict a massive military strike on Iran by coalition forces within six months.

2. The head of a large national charity will be charged with fraud and embezzlement within one year.

3. News of a major scandal will hit the Canadian Conservative party in 45 days.

4. I sense a large earth tremor will hit Sumatra in a matter of days.

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9 thoughts on “Blair Robertson Predicts: Iran Bombing, Charity Fraud, Harper Conservative Scandal, Sumatra Earthquake!

  1. uh oh… this ain’t good, Blair. You are not alone with the Iran strike prediction and it has the potential to tip a big boiling pot of global mayhem… hang on to your hats, folks, the ride’s speeding up!

  2. Blair,
    That’s not a very good outlook for the world huh? It’s sad that there is so much war still. Will we ever get rid of the evil in the world. If only, what would the world be like then???

    Thanks for that always interesting read:)

    • Just a quick reminder that just because I predict it, doesn’t mean I wish the things to happen.

      Evil has been around a long time, Jen. I have hope that good will eventually prevail.

      Terri: yes, global mayhem. It will get much worse before it gets better. And it’s scary.

  3. Oh I know, evil has been around a long time. Just wondering what the world would be like without it!!! Ya know, a world of good:P I guess one can dream of a future without it.

  4. I’m a big believer in random acts of kindness. We can’t control the world picture. But every individual thought and act of kindness and love cumulatively, helps tip the balance that way.

  5. Until we hold those that do evil in the light of unconditional love there will always be those that do it. Radical forgiveness and moving forward in recognition of global oneness = end of war

  6. Saddening to read, and no offense meant, but I hope you miss with the Iran strike prediction. This has been tossed around AT LEAST since the days of the previous US administration, and fortunately, wiser heads and an already overstretched military talked them out of it. No good can come of this, unless it spurs the world to stop all needless aggression.

  7. hi blair…your gift is on target more often then not…what do you think of this grand cross prediction of arch crawford?