2014 Psychic Predictions

Psychic Medium Blair Robertson's 2014 PredictionsPHOENIX, January 6th, 2014 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Can Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can.

His past predictions include the Japanese 8.9 earthquake and tsunami, Whitney Houston’s death, sinking of the Costa Concordia, accurately predicting the Oscars, and more.

“I call it ‘time projected empathy,’ where I imagine myself reading the headlines in the future,” says Robertson. “I remember the future.”

2014 is looking to be an eventful year, according to Robertson, who has put together his annual predictions.

Blair Robertson Predictions 2014

— I predict another pregnancy for Kate Middleton.

— I predict Queen Elizabeth will be hospitalized.

— I predict Hillary Clinton will announce run for President.

— I predict, sadly, Scotland will fail in it’s attempt to gain independence.

— I predict Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will be re-elected, if he enters rehab for a brief stint.

— I predict an avalanche in the west within 6 weeks, injuring many.

— I predict Kim Jung-un will continue executing many officials/adversaries as he builds up his “confidence” as leader.

— Watch for several royalty-related deaths this year.

— I predict the passing of a much-loved American television spiritual leader early this year.

— I predict a massive earthquake for China as well as Indonesia with terrible losses.

— I predict a plane crash, or crash landing, on the east coast within 30-days.

— Watch for news of a contaminated meat recall in the spring.

— I predict a huge recall of American-made cars will occur within 90-days.

— I predict an assassination attempt will take place against Pope Francis, possibly twice or the number two playing a part.

— Watch for unusual floods in the south west within four weeks.

— Watch for news of a massive crime sweep in Chicago in late April or early May targeting gangs.

— I predict considerable volcanic activity around the Pacific Rim in 2014, causing scientific alarm.

— I predict a high wildfire season this year, with large fires in California, Arizona and Oregon. The number six is a key sign, I don’t know if this means June, the 6th or six major fires.

— I predict another movie star will die in a car crash, while another will survive to tell the tale in a separate crash.

— Watch for a US financial crash in the spring. I pray I am wrong, as this will be epic.

— Good news: 2014 will see people generally becoming more spiritual in approach to life, business and yes, even politics. Less dependency and more personal responsibility.

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132 thoughts on “2014 Psychic Predictions

  1. I love to read your prediction, I know sometime they are not happy ones but when they come true it is very amasing to see. We always whish the bad stuff would not hapen but that I guess is life. Keep up the good work I love it.

  2. I work in Financial services and I hope this doesn’t happen, but I am going to be putting lots of money away in piggy banks that don’t open. I just want to save some money finally.

    Getting re-married next year and I want to have a nice wedding.

    • Happy New Year Blair all the best for you this year. I love your predictions.I hope you will be able to see wonderful things happen during this year. Much Love to you and family. πŸ™‚

  3. If the economic crash occurs, people who have money will find it very hard than people who did without, the ones without will be the resourceful ones. It’s about time that the pendulum brings us back to an equality or so we hope, in any case we cant bring it with us when we get to the other side.
    I wish everyone the best 2014 with health.

    • I just worry about the elderly and their government paychecks of social security that they have earned from working all their lives!

  4. “I predict, sadly, Scotland will fail in it’s attempt to gain independence.”

    Please!!!! Don’t ‘FEEL SAD’ about your prediction!!!!! There are MANY of us here that have a real dread of this happening. There are way too many unanswered questions, historical instances and unachievable claims for any of this to be anything other than a very, very worrying prospect!!!!!!

    • I think maybe its time you read the white papers Barbara..I’d say just about everything is in there that wants answered. I’d like a white paper from the union camp but they refuse because there is nothing positive for Scotland to stay in union. WE have been conned and cheated for decades by those supposed to protect us at Westminster. I went from 38 years a unionist Labour person to an absolute Labour for Independence person and the reason I reached that was because I stopped reading the distorted,lying unionist media and found all the facts over the last two years. Check out Business for Scotland……well over 1000 members who own businesses and pro Indy. I reckon if they think we can more than prosper with Independence then I reckon ordinary folk should have faith. I have so much fear for Scotland staying in the union and we in the Yes Camp know why. We will be stripped of 4 billion pounds as well as UKGov taking back our devolved powers. This isn’t scaremongering unlike No Camp..this is absolute fact! Our devolved parliament was never made permanent. Maybe you are well off and don’t care about our millions suffering in Scotland but trust me,our hardship will really kick in when we have nothing and most of all………no voice and it will be all down to you No voters. I know if No wins and what we have warned people will absolutely happen, Scotland will never again be the same, the divide between us will be vast. Can you imagine knowing facts about something and warning people yet they keep their heads buried,then the real bad things happen and you know its those that didn’t listen,their fault. You’ll all have that on your conscience because the suffering will be down to your laziness for not reading the facts. Wings Over Scotland has tirelessly shown the No Camps lies time and time again but with actual proof, the people that have moved from No to Yes have read the facts.Time you did to before you make a fateful wrong cross. I pray that people like you Barbara,wake up before its too late. Ask yourself why the No Camp has not said one single good thing about staying in union, ask yourself about those Labour MPs who know they’ll lose their well paid jobs in London if we are Independent,ask yourself about the Lords banging on about the negatives of voting Yes…….they’ll lose their seat at Lords where they can get Β£300 a day and all the perks. Now ask yourself who they are putting first,not the people of Scotland but themselves….selfserving politicians that don’t care how it hits us, as long as they have a job and their second homes in London. They are conning you bigtime. You have absolutely more to fear with NO vote!! Go check it out across the internet and go find out the truth about who is subsidising who. GERs website who analyses the public finances in Scotland, estimating expenditure, revenue and net borrowing and proves year after year Scotland has paid in more taxes than we ever get back yet our politicians and UKGovs have tried to keep us in union for decades so they made folk believe we were subsidy junkies when in fact its us that prop up the UK. Then check out the McCrone Report where they hid Scotland’s uber wealth in late 70s so we wouldn’t vote for devolved powers and eventual Indy. These papers were only released a few years ago after 30 years hidden. Then they are doing it again,recent devolved papers from 15 years ago were released and they are hiding secrets from us again…….this time its Labour. Please Barbara, check out the places I’ve told you to and you’ll see for yourself.
      Yes is growing,Labour for Indy like myself have many members because we want grass roots Scottish Labour to return for the people with no London ties. These are Red Tories run by Miliband whom I met and though voted for,knew he didnt have any interest in Scots. Even my MP who I loyally worked alongside, Gordon Brown has turned his back on the townsfolk,only a part-time MP claiming a fulltime wage and more abroad with UN work than at home where the town,his town is desolate.
      Sorry its so long Blair but I still believe we can change it for the future of our kids,they don’t have one in the UK.

      • Elaine:
        Apparently your country is experiencing many of the same things the U.S. is experiencing, and I fear that most countries in this world are also going through much of the same angst and unrest.
        People get comfortable in their own little world, and do not want to SEE what is so evident. Please, fellow human beings….WAKE UP! Start doing your own reasearch and questioning. DO NOT rely on the news media for giving you honest reporting. Use your COMMON SENSE! If what you are hearing is not sounding true or right, it probably isn’t.
        We all need to STAND UP for what is right and good, regardless of how “unpopular” you might be. Believe me, you will NOT be exempt from the things that are getting worse at a very fast pace now.

        • Thanks Carrie, the world is going crazy and its all down to certain people in power and its about survival isn’t it. The media and politicians pull the wool right over our eyes and hope we don’t think for ourselves let alone read up on the facts. I think its about people waking up,standing up and together reclaiming our country from self serving,lying politicians. You would not believe the lies and cheating the UKGovernments both Conservative and Labour have inflicted on Scots and Scotland. I would never have believed I would be so much in favour of Independence but I was asleep, I put blind faith for many years in one party. THe name of party stayed the same but the self serving people that came in over the years and changed the party to bend their truths at will. There is so much fact over the internet….backed with proof that Scotland will be the 8th richest country in the world as an Independent Scotland, tied to the UK we are the 4th most unequal country in the world because of the vast divide between rich and poor. I know the same is happening in the US, we see and read it on the news but I know that the actual truth of what you are all going through is hidden from the world because its so hard to get the truth out there of the horrendous suffering. We know that we can as an Independent country help England, Wales and Northern Ireland take control of their part of the British Isles and reclaim their countries and stand up to the Government. As a united country it won’t happen. Also in Europe are several other countries waiting in anticipation for Scotland’s result because they too are fighting to be heard by their oppressed other halves. Like Catalonia and Spain,Catalonia like Scotland have the most wealth or at least Scotland is second wealthiest to London,except we give to London our taxes and get a lot less back. Thats why the UKGov will do all they can to keep us in the United Kingdom. Please pray for our Independence,the alternative doesn’t bare thinking about. x

      • Miss ElaineS,
        I just read your post to Barbara and let me tell you, I am SHOCKED that Scotland has the same issues politically as the USA does! I always thought we were the only screwed up nation , politically???? I am very sorry for what you are enduring there, I am just glad I am not alone for this world ride!! Our politicians are so corrupt and pathetic, the lies they tell are endless, and the promises are so thoughtless, it just makes me laugh. I’m ashamed sometimes to have the world see how the USA does politics…..no wonder we are made fun of alot of the time. Being such a “great” nation, this is no excuse!!! We are not supposed to be such a sour nation, one barely hanging on by a thread as far as government goes…..I understand what you’re doing with your own political agenda, and I applaud your efforts love. Good luck to you in getting the word out! πŸ™‚

        • Its such a heartbreak to feel so helpless,its like fighting against the tide of corruption….no politician nor journalist seems to know what truth is. I often wonder how they can sleep at night knowing they only write what they want us to believe. UK under our Conservative led Government seem to be acting like a police state,they are trying to claw back human rights from Europe so it will make it almost impossible for working class people to be able to have a voice. If someone is sacked,what used to be free legal aid if you had no income other than benefits you would get a lawyer to speak on your behalf about unfair dismissal. Now they have brougth out a bill that anyone unfairly sacked has to pay Β£1200 to be able to fight their case. Who has that kind of money these days. Today the police down in England wnet to a school and took out a 12 year old lad who had wrote on his Facebook he was going to protest outside our Prime Minister David Cameron’s office/home. Thats taking things too far, there’s real crime out there and they are bullying a young lad. Our countries have gone mad Joanne,Scotland has always been a compassionate little country, we do care for those less fortunate and we do have a First Minister in our Scottish Parliament that cares for the people of Scotland and has protected us but if Scots vote No,we may very well have our devolved powers taken away so we will be fully controlled again from London. We have this one chance to break away and by looking after ourselves we are empowering the rest of the UK to stand up like we did. I am so sickened by the treatment of the vulnerable in both America and the UK,there are many peopel committing suicide or are dying from their illnesses after the brutal health tests that deem many fit for work when they are either seriously mentally ill or with mass health problems. The Government in London save around Β£30/Β£40 per person if they can take them off illness benefit and put them on unemployment benefit where they are genuinely to unfit for it,so they languish on very little money and if they don’t do as they are told……they are sanctioned and lose money. I think its right that all countries give foreign aid to the 3rd world countries but when your own people are suffering so much,our Govs have to start looking after their own first. My half sisters live outside Chicago so I am always interested in whats happened and feel the pain of your people’s suffering too. Our soldiers are also poorly treated by the UKGov, they have made big cuts in our Defences, many soldiers close to their claiming of extra pension help to help them re-adjust in civilian life,were sacked and they lost out on that help. Like America,its the good hearted people that help our heroes and now we are hearing that it looks like the Taliban will move back into Helmand area after all our soldiers gone. What was it all for,all those lives lost,all those poor injured soldiers…….all for a political war that was an unwinnable war. Sorry for my long rant but we eat sleep and breathe the appalling abuse of power in both countries,yet we try to not lose ourselves and hold all to all the good deeds that try and balance out the many bad deeds. If Scotland can achieve Independence then there is a chance for all to stand up to corrupt and overly powerful politicians. I would love for us to be the light at th end of the tunnel….a small country that fought back against an oppressor such as London Government. Please pray that in this case, Blair is wrong. Take care x

  5. Thamk you for your predictions. But I must tell you how disappointed I am that you are not still giving your weekly predictions. That’s sort of why I paid to be in your inner circle. Now that you’re not doing it anymore, why am I still being charged?

  6. kate middleton has already announced her pregnancy at christmas…what do you see regarding japan and the nuclear stuff…which the pacific rim scares me with that ongoing damage already

    • Sorry Joan, Kate Middleton has not announced her second pregnancy yet but no doubt she will in the not too distant future.

      Keep up the good work, Blair. Happy New Year to you and your wife.


  7. Hello
    Thank you for your predictions, it does help one make decisions. Any chance that you could see if there are any headlines for South Africa, it feels as though we are on the brink of a civil unrest on a large scale.

    Thank you

  8. As always, your predictions are very interesting. I live in Canada so I will be keeping tabs on the Rob Ford situation which in itself has really gone too far (but he keeps us entertained lol).
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  9. Wow…thank you for the heads up on the financial crash! I send my love to all humanity and hopefully by 2015 this world will rely more on spirituality rather than dogma!

  10. So glad you put this out there. Good or Bad you tell what you see. Am looking forward to a positive and wonderful 2014!

  11. Thanks Blair. I am an Indonesia-based follower and pray that the Earthquake will not be that bad.
    Happy New Year Blair!

  12. This is a lot to take in,specially news about US financial crash in spring.I thought US is out of major problems. I live in Europe but we work with US a lot and last recession shows us how connected we all are.I am happy for Hillary Clinton…but will she win or what??? πŸ˜‰

  13. First of a Happy New Year to you and your family. I met your wife and she is a doll. On your prediction about the pacific rim, where exactly is that located? Thanks.

  14. Hi Blair,

    Great predictions as always! I live in Toronto and was wondering how you see the US financial crash affecting the Canadian market. Will things be just as dire up here?

    Thank you and Happy New Year

  15. Thank you Blair, your wonderful!. Hoping the Prescott area stays away from the wildfires this year (hope everyone everywhere stays safe πŸ™‚ ).

  16. I too hope some of this does not happen but Mother Nature is unhappy with what we have done to the earth. She is retaliating.

  17. “Happy New Year” In response to your predictions.
    #1) I’ve had feeling that Hillary Clinton is going to run for some time
    now. Hope it was be a good thing.
    #2) As soon as I read about your mention of a Spiritual Leader, I too,
    immediately thought of Rev. Billy Graham.
    #3) I’m praying we don’t have a Financial Crash. This would be so devasting
    to each and every person world round.
    #4) I will definitely keep praying for no the East Coast plane cash. I
    live very close to airport. Too close for comfort.
    As, always, Thank you, and look forward to your predicitions. “God Bless”

  18. Yes, I too thought of Billy Graham. He’s been really sick lately. We don’t need another financial disaster but thanks for warning us. This is sad how bad our Country has went down. As for Hillary running for Office, I don’t think she should win. She was a witness too to much going wrong and didn’t say anything. She’s a coward. You are really blessed and I pray you don’t stop helping people.

  19. Thankyou, Blair for all your efforts. It will help us prepare ourselves.
    The best part is the good news at the end !
    All the best for you and your family for 2014!

  20. This is so scary. For once I hope you are wrong. Been without work for almost 2 years and was hoping for a job this year since unemployment ended.

  21. May it be a prosperous New Year for you and your family, Blair. As for Scotland, I am puzzled as your prediction is a happy one from my perspective. Scot independence makes as much sense as Quebec separation. In this day and age, to split into small blocks makes little sense as the future would not seem to favor us as it has in the past. Small countries will disappear into the fog of insignificance – along with the aspirations of our grand children.
    take care

  22. I love reading your predictions. Thank you very much for posting them here. best regards happy new year to you and Wendy. God bless us all.

  23. I agree it is inevitable that the markets will correct after such a huge run-up in 2013, and it would be helpful to a lot of folks if the timing was a bit more precise

  24. I thank-you for sharing your predictions with us.I know noone likes to hear bad things…But we need to hear to get ourselves prepared.Must have bitter with the sweet.

  25. Hi Blair~ Sounds like another wild year upon us~! What else is new~?!!!
    I haven’t been keeping money in financial institutions only a checking account for fear of this very prediction. We have been keeping it in a ” Safe place”. I believe burying it in the yard is safe as any.
    I wouldn’t doubt of any of your predictions.
    Thank you for sharing. I’m not in a panic about any of this because there is nothing we can do about the climate along with politics~!

  26. I live near Santa Cruz, CA and keep seeing a disaster, but I cannot tell when I feel it is in the next few years and perhaps Earhquake related. But your mention of the economy makes me think of the other part of the dream where I am saying to myself, Thank goodness I know where all the farms are as food will not be an issue.

  27. Thank you, Blair, for your predictions. Sadly, most of them will probably be true. The one shining light in the bunch is about Kate & William’s pregnancy–that would be wonderful!

  28. Thanks Blair! This will be a year of many turning events and many pages being turned. I’m excited for all the good that will come and I am grateful for all the blessings. Thanks for your enlightenment. I miss you’re weekly predictions and email encouragements. But understand you’re a busy person. Take care!

  29. The financial news does not surprise me at all. With the way our economy is heading and the banks are making it more difficult now to purchase homes… Plus, there has not been enough job growth at all.

    I hope the rest of the bad news is not correct.

  30. Thanks so much I am happy to receive your predictions and miss the monthly ones although I realize change in inevitable within all of us! From the East Coast of Canada “Happy New Year” and a productive and abundant 2014.

  31. Hi Blair, On a lighter note, who will win the world cup soccer this year? It is the greatest sport event in the world so I was hoping you can provide us some insight.


  32. I love to see people will be more spiritual!!
    (A plane crash due to bad weather conditions, I wonder.)

    Happy New Year!

  33. This was very interesting.
    Yesterday there was a plsne crash and the plane caught on fire but I cannot remember the city in the US.
    I hate to hear about a big financial crash as I get an income from the Gov’t and hope that is not affected.
    Sad to hear about more wildfires in the West as I have some friends in OR.
    I will save this as a reference and hope that this year is better than last year.

  34. Thank you for your predictions …!!! I wish most of it isn’t going to come to fruition … As a whole , we the people have been thru waaay to much & it’s getting worse … Life !!! My. My. … God Bless you & your ability ! Stay centered & blessed be …!!!

  35. Thanks so much, Blair. I especially like your last prediction. Everything in our country is so depressing right now. “Good news: 2014 will see people generally becoming more spiritual in approach to life, business and yes, even politics. Less dependency and more personal responsibility.”
    Happy New Year to you and your love ones!

  36. A Happy New Year to you and Wendy. I look forward to your predictions but I wish more of them would be happy occasions. This is life and we will hope for the best. God bless us all.

  37. It’s really upsetting on how many bad events are going to occur but as we know it is part of our world. As you said I hope the negative occurrences do not happen, but then it would be like living in a bubble! Thank you on what you do and for helping an amazing amount of people!

  38. Hi Blair,

    Thank you for your predictions, well it is a mixture of everything. Mother nature looks like she is going to be very busy this year. The financial market not good, Kate being with child wonderful. The attempts on the Pope will be interesting, fires not good, avalanche not good, volcanic action lets hope it contains itself, China my gosh such devastation already without more. Wishing you and Wendy a wonderful New Year and I look forward to more in the future.

  39. Wonderful information. I’m newly retired and the financial issue scares me silly I’m calling my financial advisor tomorrow ! Just have to pray all will be good

  40. Happy New Year Blair to you and to your wife.
    Thank you for your predictions for 2014, Its always interesting to hear. I do respect your predictions but I do hope some of them are wrong. Only because no one wants to hear about some many people getting hurt or losing loved ones in an terrible event. I wish for the best to everyone in 2014.

  41. Hi Blair,

    I just want to say thank you so much for the time you give so freely to us. I still miss your weekly predictions but am so grateful that you still give predictions on special occasions. You have a large following and you give an awful amount of your time on things such as predictions, webinars etc absolutely free which I am extremely grateful for. I also love how you never fail to mention your wife Wendy and how you are grateful to her for the things she does for you and you proudly acknowledge that :)Your reach extends across the globe and that’s awesome that you reach and remember us here way down south. On behalf of all New Zealanders a huge THANK YOU xoxox

  42. I know, I know….it’s been awhile since I have written, not that I write all the time πŸ™‚

    I really want you to know that it’s so refreshing seeing you pop up on Facebook with such a happy attitude!!

    Can’t wait to read your predictions πŸ™‚

    Continue to being fabulous!!


  43. Thanks Blair,

    Many people like predictions – I know that I do – because we want to know whats just around the corner… but people become fixated on them in the same way that people cannot “do without their coffee fix” etc., and that makes the predictions a distraction; so I can understand why your guides would rather that you switched your focus to what you are doing now.

    I say this as someone who has experienced the love of loved ones who no longer have physical bodies. Indeed, not just me, but other relatives as well, including one who until it happened would not have believed that such was possible. For a very brief moment he even saw her spirit leaving her body at the moment of death (his beloved wife).

    Anyway, its a New year and everyone likes New Year predictions. Thanks for yours.

    The financial upheavals (for the USA) are long overdue, since it has such a large budget deficit and has outsourced much of its manufacturing capacity. I would not be surprised to see some bail-ins which also include taking valuables from safety deposit boxes to prevent the bank itself from bankruptcy. Even though I’m British I would not be happy seeing Hillary Clinton as the US President, although not knowing her opposition so it is possible that the other candidates would be even less welcome.

    Happy New Year to you and all.

    Simon, in London.

  44. ( Quote ) “I predict an assassination attempt will take place against Pope Francis, possibly twice or the number two playing a part” You are so right on with this one Blair! I have been feeling this for a while and i ask the people Please! Please! Pray for the Pope and his safety I pray every night for God and his Angels to protect him ^i^ As for the financial crash, I also agree with you on this one as well. I have had so many Tornado Dreams and i see the city and state in ruins, but i and my family are always safe from this tragedy, so i am going to give the people that read this some advice; Please pray every night that our God almighty and the Archangels keep you and your family safe, and in the land of Goshen. Amen ^i^
    Thank you Blair for your predictions you are a gift from God ^i^

  45. Hi Blair, Thank you for posting the new predictions. I enjoy reading them and always pray the bad ones don’t happen. Have a wonderful New Year.
    Take care, and stay warm!
    Thank you

  46. Thank you for sharing. I give thanks to God for his guidance in all that we strive to make good our gifts he has given us. This is good a time as any to reflect and help one another for we all share the one planet. God is perfect…amen

  47. Happy New Year Blair. I have really missed your predictions so was very happy to read these ones. I understand your shift and the importance of following guidance. Take care and I hope many blessings come your way.
    Thank you for all the good you do to help people.

  48. Happy 2014 to you, Wendy and everyone!!!! Thanks for the heads up…yikes! The good news sounds amazing!!!! More Spiritual, yes…in all aspects of life areas, very good news.

    Blessings to you, Wendy and all that pertains to you both!

  49. My thoughts went to Billy Graham ,straight away as well, sad, sad, sad
    I do hope The Duke of Edinburgh is not in the ‘passing list’
    Think Hilary Clinton is a forgone conclusion.
    Kate Middletons pregnancy think will be a girl
    Thanks for all the rest of the predictions

  50. Thank you Blair. Regarding peoples becoming more spiritual it is already a fact. I have been following the prediction by the Kryon spirit as channelled by Lee Carroll and the love and wisdom in those messages is something I feel is entering our lives in general. Work by people like you are helping making the world a better place, each of you in your own manner. All the best to you, your family and all of you good people.

  51. Blair, pray that you, Wendy, and all of your loved ones had a most Joyous Christmas Season and are entering a Happy New Year…we all appreciate your predictions…I have had family members who foretold happenings in the past and am a sure believer. May God bless you always and keep you safe along with your family. I also believe that we live in a world of the good and the sad and have to resign ourselves to it…and pray a lot!!!No matter what is in each of our future, Our Creator still looks after us. Like all other individuals commenting send a great ‘thank you’ and a ‘wela’lin’ for all that you do for us…keeping us on our tip-toes on what is ahead.

  52. HI: Kate Middleton is pregnant. Saw news tonight. I am blown away by your gift. Have always been a little psychic myself but nothing like you. You are truly blessed and so much appreciated. God Bless you and your family.

  53. Wow! I so hope you’re wrong on the financial crash!….as well as many of the others, but you see what you see….

    Many blessings to you and Wendy! May we all, the rood over, become more spiritual and be good to one another!

    Happy 2014!

    Love and Light from “themrste”! <3

  54. I also love to read your predictions but they are predominately about USA….is there anything good coming for us in Australia. I will be watching the news and I will be so interested to see when your predictions come true. Hopefully the economy won’t happen because that also affects the rest of the world…Happy New Year Blair to you and your family

  55. You predicted a large earthquake in California by the end of 2013. I’m very thankful it didn’t happen. I thought about your words everyday, waiting and wondering. That’s one prediction I’m so happy it didn’t come to be!!!

  56. I too thought of Billy Graham the best evangelist of our time. He has been a blessing to many and will be a lost to the world. Predictions seem to be right on the mark. I have been having a lot of spiritual connections in the last couple of months. I kinda like visiting with my late relatives and friends. They must be lonely on the other side or maybe one of my loved ones on this side is going to be passing on I’ve had that happen too. I love your website and may you continue to be a blessing to others.

  57. Interesting predictions…some I truly hope do not come true. The financial crash is awfully scary. I too, thought of Billy Graham…hoping it’s not him and he’s okay. An avalanche, earthquakes, volcano…it sounds like a very difficult year for many. Keep these people in our prayers. Thanks for sharing Blair.

  58. Happy new year to your family . Do you have any predictions on Australia. I hope the pope will be safe, he seems like a really nice and genuine guy the world needs people like him. Why would some one want to harm him.???
    I hope you are wrong re the financial crash, scary stuff. Kim Jung-un is another Hitler , scary man. Poor Chinese people. Thank god I live in Australia

  59. Blair, thank you for taking the time to make your predictions for this year. I am concerned regarding your prediction about the pacific rim… I understand that you are a very busy man doing work for Spirit but I would appreciate any further insight you may have to add to this prediction. I sincerely hope I am wrong but I have a strong feeling that wont budge, about further seismic activity here in N.Z and would be thankful for any input you may have? I completely understand if you are unable to respond but thank you for any response if you are able. May your year be filled with light, love and laughter.

  60. If I remember correctly you predicted Sylvia Browne’s death without naming her name. I pray that God will be in control of whatever happens in the upcoming year. Thank you for your predictions and God Bless you and your family.

  61. What part of the west do you predict the avalanch.(sp.) My son and his family plans on moving to Colorado in a short few months.Please tell me this is not the place for the avalanche . Concerned mother, this my only son and 2 grand children. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You !!!Sandra McKenney from S.C.

  62. So I see we had an avalanche in Colorado killing one person and injury a few more. Was this the prediction you meant or are we looking at something on a much bigger scale?

  63. Nearly two years ago I lost my mom I sense that she has been around I would like to know if my parents are OK and still looking over me and my children

  64. Great predictions – love to read your mantra. I saw nothing about Obama or Fukushima contamination of the Pacific?

  65. Wow! One of his prediction has came true. I’m so sad that it did. When I seen the airline plane went missing on the news I immediately that OMG Blair predictions..

  66. Hey Blair,

    Any insights on who will the World Cup soccer? You predicted the 2010 winner correctly and I’d like to hear your thoughts on 2014

  67. Hello
    I need help of who will I get married in my near future. I’m from Poland but came to America for my 1 open heart sugary. Then I stayed in New York Mahopac with my parents. I had lots of guys when I was younger and that is why I have a very hard time of finding the right one. I don’t know if we’re going to go back to Europe in 2 years. I’m just 28 years old and I’m looking for someone I also have seven sugeries in the past. The second open heart sugary was completed in 2014 of June . I don’t know if I’m myself am psychic or not because in 2001 I have seen a blue light entered my room : hearing voices which I’m deaf in both ears. I seen black shadows. And now both of my hands have sparkles. Do you what it means. I have dreams sometimes dreams about missing mh370 and ground zero. Or am I making it up? Who is keep sending these dreams the angels or something else. Will I ever going to marry prince Harry or someone else?? What year and month will I going on dates and get married??

  68. Hi My Name Is Jennfier Dempster

    Born 2-27-80

    I was wondering if my intuition is right about Ben Hernandez wanting to be with me but he’s shy and figuring out how to ask me out?

    He’s on my bowling leaque and we go back to summer bowling the 27th

    Also the other big issue is there’s spirits that pass through my apartment, 2 of my managers from the company I’m with of Keystone had an attack sort of from a spirit and couldn’t breathe and she said spirits are attached to me so I was kind of wanting to explore that.

    Also thinking of persuing my acting I was wondering where you see me in that?

    Anyway thanks for your time, and help I really do appreciate it.