2012 Psychic Predictions

Psychic Predictions For 2012

Psychic Who Predicted Japan Earthquake Shares Insights

Phoenix AZ — Can Blair Robertson see into the future? His successful forecasts of coming events seem to prove he can.

His past predictions include the Japanese 8.9 earthquake and tsunami, the two devastating New Zealand earthquakes, the terrible plane crash that claimed the life of Polish president Lech Kaczyński, World Cup events, accurately predicting the Oscars, and more.

“I call it ‘time projected empathy,’ where I imagine myself reading the headlines in the future,” says Robertson, “I remember the future.”

2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year, according to Robertson, who has put together his annual predictions.

Blair Robertson Predictions 2012

• I predict that the Republicans will win the Presidential election.

• A horrifying premonition: spandex will make a comeback near the end of 2012.

• Volcanic activity in the Northwest will be big news and I feel there will be a very good chance of a large eruption.

• There will be a bombing on a cruise ship this year.

• I predict North Carolina will be slammed and heavily damaged by storms in April.

• I predict Jennifer Aniston will marry.

• Watch for major riots will occur in Miami and London in the spring.

• I predict a train crash in Southern Europe within the next 120 days that will be caused by sabotage.

• In spite of persistent rumors, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will remain together in 2012 and adopt another child.

• This year will see the passing of a much-loved and great comedienne/actress.

• I predict a major fire in a building/hotel in Hong Kong affecting hundreds this summer.

• A member of royalty will die in a car crash within 6 months.

• I predict a dam will burst, causing much damage, within the year.

• I predict a major oil spill in the North Atlantic within the first five months.

• Watch for an assassination attempt on an African leader in the next few weeks that will make headlines.

• I predict a ferryboat capsizing in the Philippines with more than 60 lost in February.

• Another US leading politician in a sex scandal. This time an easterner.

• I predict volcanic activity in Italy – affecting the Amalfi Coast this year.

• Watch for a series of fires this spring in California that will be arson.

• I predict we will hear of horrifying riots in South Africa during the summer.

• I predict that the Euro will drop below $1.25US before the end of May.

• Watch for a tsunami in the spring that will threaten the island kingdom of Tonga.

• News of a thwarted “terrorist” attack at the summer Olympics will have the world on edge.

• I predict a baby for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this year.

• I predict that both Greece and Portugal will default this year.

• Middle East tensions will greatly escalate in the fall.

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89 thoughts on “2012 Psychic Predictions

  1. Ahhhh another oil spill?! As if the environment needs more of that 🙁

    No surprise that spandex is at the end of 2012 which coincides with the expected date of the Apocalypse. Coincidence…?

  2. Merry Christmas Blair!

    I am worried about the NW volcanic action. They have been saying Mr. Rainer is bound to erupt soon. Do you get a vibe if it is that one or Mt. St. Helens again?

    Also, any idea on the cruise line? My parents and I are going to book a cruise this coming year to celebrate their 50th anniversary and my 40th birthday. I want to make sure we come back safe and sound! lol

    Keep up the good work! I always look forward to your weekly predictions!

  3. >>I predict that the Euro will drop below $1.25US before the end of May.

    The Euro is already on a fall and some analysts says it will go down to $ 1.20 US.
    The question is how volatile is it going to be?
    Is it going to be a roller coaster like going up and going down?

    If you look at the monthly EUR/USD chart it will likely to hit the $1.20 in a few months or so.

    What about the yen ??

  4. Dear Blair, My personal experience with your predictions was that they were incredibly accurate. I was just wandering. When you referred to the South African riots, did you mean the summer of the Americas or the summer of South Africa

    • South Africa is currently on level 6 (Genocide watch) preparation before anhialation . Google censorbugbear by Adriaana Stuijt .White Afrikaaners have no civil rights.Also see Siener van Rensburg (died 1928).ie Riots will start summer northern hemisphere .Xenophobia will happen.

  5. Hey Blair,
    You haven’t mentioned anything about Korea??… it’s an extremely volatile situation ATM as you know. What do you feel is gonna happen there?.I have my own thoughts, but would love to hear yours..
    many thanks,

  6. “A horrifying premonition: spandex will make a comeback near the end of 2012. ”

    Well, that would explain the Mayan calendar.

  7. hmmmmm… Wonders if by any small chance the assassination in Africa president could be the honorable Magarbe. Will it be successful. Hoping to take some leave and have a small party if this is true..=)

  8. Can you elaborate on the volcano eruption – Mt Rainier or Yellowstone? It is rather unsettling bit of news considering the recent seismic activity at Yellowstone. The last large eruption pretty much wiped off North America…

  9. Hi Blair,

    Thank you very much for the predictions.
    How will be the situation for the British pound?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  10. Glad to see no major quakes in N.Z. Long may we not ‘shake, rattle and roll’…..BEst of luck to other vulnerable places….

  11. Merry Christmas from Ottawa Blair!!!! I always enjoy listening to you Mondays on the radio and look forward to 2012.You did not predict anything about the sun burst in December 2012 which will destroy the world.Scientists say they have proof of this and I was wondering if you have any feelings about this.

  12. Hi Blair,

    I have a strange question and you were the first person that came to mind that might be able to explain it to me. My stepson made a video of us singing sing star and with no editing it uploaded it to you tube. I watched the video and 5 seconds into the video a picture flashes up and disappears. It is a view out of a plane window looking over a coast side area. He and I discussed the video but have no idea about where the picture could have come from. Any ideas. We think it could be a warning or message.

  13. Blair,
    Wishing you and your family Gods Blessings to a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
    Thanks for all your predictions!

  14. Always a pleasure to hear your predictions Blair. This year we were just an hour ahead of the tornados in N. Carolina–looks like we are in for the same treat (?!) or worse in 2012 lol!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  15. Just read your predictions for 2012. Sound very interesting. However, I don’t think you can count your prediction of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge having a baby next year. This was a public announcement made by the royal couple early last week.

  16. Spandex? Really??? Ewwwww!!!!!!! LOL!! I read where they are wanting to begin drilling on Mt. St. Helens partially within the previous blast zone. Wonder if that’s the volcanic eruption you see. I was 3 or 4 when it blew in the 80’s and it was aweful. Glad I live in Texas now. And finally….with all the mess we’ve gone thru in the past 3 yrs, all I can say is YAY REPUBLICANS!!!!

  17. Thank you for your predictions – during the past year and now for the future year.
    I wish you a very happy Festive season and interesting times ahead. Blessings to you and your family.

  18. Hi Blair

    What do you think about the supposed volcanic activity in Yellow Stone National Park? It is predicted to erupt Dec. 12 2012, is this correct?
    Lisa 🙂

  19. I haven’t heard any public announcements about a Royal baby yet, apart from Australia’s women’s magazines who have been predicting it ever since the wedding!


  21. Wow!! Amazing Predictions for 2012. I do hope the republicans win the new election, its time for a “change”. Thanks, Blair. Happy Holiday’s to you and your family.

  22. Hi there blair, on fb there is a video stating the end of the world is actually 24 december 2011 not 21 december 2012 (the mayan calender was revised or something) but can you please tell me anything about this im am worried out of my head!!!

  23. Hi J ,

    Please don’t worry about the world ending in December next year. I’m a psychic as well, and i can assure you THE WORLD IS NOT GONNA END ON DEC 24TH, DEC 21ST OR ANY OTHER DATE CONNECTED WITH THE DOOMSDAY MAYAN PROFERCIES. It’s all hype J and scare mongering tactics, to control the masses. It’s designed to make vulnerable ppl spend a lot of money on “Survival kits, food water books ect. A money spinner. Now 2012 is gonna be a hell of a year. There will be natural disasters, the stock market will crash a possible WW111,and so on and so forth, but the end it will be not!!.To be truthful, the actual end of this world is not until 3797AD, when the sun will collide with the earth. So we have a long way to go yet :). Just don’t let all the media hype and crap, fool you into believing it, coz it’s just not gonna happen. December 21 2012, will be the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new cycle!. So don’t worry about it and just ignore all the media hype. I hope this helps :)Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!. X

  24. Blair only post the disaster predictions so you can avoid travel to certain destinations and events. Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? In my book that’s a positive thing.

  25. It’s not enough for the Republicans to win. A Ron Paul victory will mean greater prosperity and peace for the whole world. The other candidates are interchangable with Obama.

  26. oh no not another bad year the last two have been awful for me livy. Earthquakes in NZ my brother has just passed, was killed suddenly couple of weeks ago. In general what could go wrong has for me the last couple of years. Was so hoping 2012 was going to be a good one. Positive thinking i say is needed.

    Merry Xmas to all !!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Sharri,
      Oh hunny, i’m sooooo sorry for the loss of your brother,i am sending healing to you to help you get through this horrible time. I know it’s been a terrible year for you, as it has been for everyone.I wish i could say everything will peachy, but i would be lying. If it’s any consolation, i can pick up from your energy happy news about a baby coming somewhere in the family for you!.. And that’s gonna be really good news :). I don’t give a time coz i’m hopeless at it lol. It’s a boy i feel. 2012 has to happen the way that it is suppose too, to clean up all the crap on our planet. It will a hard year for everyone. But you know what when it’s all done and dusted, a brand new life awaits us:). That brand new beginning will be free of all this crap that’s happening now. So hang in there ok Shari. We are all rowing up the same river xoxo livy…


      • hoping things get better soon i have been so sick since 2001 and no doctor knows why and it is gettnig worse. My life goes from bad to badder just don’t get it.and no one is able to help…so i pray 2012 is a awakening not sure how much more i can handle especially lately pain is constant..tina

  27. Blair

    I admire your prediction. Do you see saving(bank) interest rate rising up in US ?. Damn its going down to 0% almost….No use for little savers like me!

  28. an afternoon of shaken, just when things go quiet….. all hell breaks loose, more cleaning up liquidfaction and broken property, scared children and adults alike.merry christmas christchurch hopefully this hell will soon end from another cantab xx

  29. Hi Blair. Had a dream last night about the riots in South Africa. I was at work when I suddenly heard gun shots. As I looked outside, I saw soldiers with AK47’s telling young people to lay on the ground. Then I remember shots flying inside my work place, just skimming my body. Very terrifying! I hope this does not take place. I currently reside in Cape Town, South Africa. Could you elaborate more on this prediction, please! Thank you.

  30. Hi Livy, when you said ww111 did you mean world war 3? I don’t know what’s worst the world ending quickly or slowly by war.

    Happy Holidays, I pray well see another Christmas next year and so forth.

  31. Hi Livy, one more question, you said a possible ww3, do you mean it might not happen, well New York be alright, I got family I care about.


    Merry Christmas and many more, hopefully. 🙂

    Hi Blair Merry Christmas, what are your thoughts on the subject.

  32. Hey Brian,

    WW3 is only a possibility for 2012 it’s not set in stone. New york will be fine. Please don’t worry OK. It’s OK.. The reason i said that was because of the conflict happening in Korea right now. The world is on alert because of the new dictator, and nobody knows which way he is gonna go. I should have explained myself a little better on that one i apologize. that statement was more of a logical statement not a psychic one. Darl, you and your family are gonna be OK. Now relax, and have a great Christmas and a happy new year,
    Livvy xox

  33. Hi pritpal,
    yes i am a psychic, but i can’t answer any more questions as this is Blair’s site, not mine. I have total respect for this, and i apologize Blair, for intruding on your site. Merry Christmas to everyone, and have a fantastic 2012.

    • Hi livy,
      I am not asking you for predictions I just want to ask you a question.
      According to our holy book (sikhism) future is not fixed, our future depends on our deeds,thinking and company of people.
      If future is not fixed then predictions are baseless…

      but now Blair proved that he can predict accuratly…

      now i am totally puzzeled, what is the truth.
      do u think our holy book is fake or what???
      sorry for bad english, thanx 🙂

  34. Thank you Livy have a great holiday and new year. 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you all, lets go through 2012 together, the future is not set in stone and maybe 2012 will be a good year, just maybe, if we have faith. 🙂

  35. Oh my gosh, this is the first time i have taken the time to read all this section of your website Blair, and i have to say… it is exausting. I will be ordering your book but will not be here again. This is rediculious.
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

  36. Interesting that livvy is using Blair’s reply columns more and more to give out her own predictions. I am wondering livvy if you have your own site that we can access, or are you working/sharing costs with Blair on his site. Just curious thats all.

    • Hey Jan,
      No i don’t have my own site, i have just commented a few times on things and have shared my own thoughts. I won’t be doing that anymore as i stated in my above post, as this is Blair’s site, and have apologised for intruding. Hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year x.

  37. Livvy – Thanks for your reply – I wasn’t criticising, just wondering if you had somewhere I could access to hear/read your interesting predictions too.
    I wish you a very happy festive season and all things good in 2012. J.

  38. Hi Jan,
    I have taken no offence whatsoever, thanks for your wishes. I’m sorry darl but as i said i don’t have a site. Hope you have a fantastic 2012!!!. :). Sending you lots of love, and wishing everyone including Blair a prosperous and safe new year xox.

  39. when you mentioned a much loved comedieen/ actress the first two that come to mind for me are Carol Burnette and Betty White. I hope not. Thanks for your predictions! I read them ever week.

  40. Arson fires have started in California. Now I’m wondering if this is a sign of an early spring or if they are going to continue, unsolved for 3 more months? It is unseasonably warm at my house…so, maybe!

  41. Hi Blair,
    Thank you for your predictions each week.
    I read them with interest and am blown away with your accuracy with so many of them.
    I am from Christchurch and we have been having a rough time of it with many more shakes.
    There are a lot of stories being put out there saying we will be having many more mag 6 quakes and another mag 7 quake and also some about magma under the city errupting soon.
    Do you see any of this eventuating.
    We are all pretty worried
    Thanks Liz

    • hey Liz!
      I am from Christchurch too and i was wondering where you have heard this stuff? I have only heard people repeating rumours and heresay, nothing from anyone reputable about this. I did some research a while ago and am no longer worried about these new fault lines. I found out that they can not cause a tsunami as they cant generate a big enough magnitude earthquake, they arent the right kind of slip and something about the way they are facing, the interval between ruptures is thousands or tens of thousands of years and there is no indication they are due to rupture as they are very slow moving faults. I’ll post the websites i read for you so that you can calm your nerves 🙂 remember not to believe what everyone says and do some of your own research to find out. The websites i found are all from reputable sources and not just someone random saying what they think. The seismologists arent saying we are going to have a 7 they are saying that the fault lines can produce a 7, not that it will happen any time soon. And they also said the chance of a 6 was 1 in 6 if i remember correctly which is quite low, so thats just why im wondering where you heard what you said 🙂
      http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqinthenews/2004/us2004slav/faq.php – scroll down a wee bit for magnitudes regarding tsunamis

      http://www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/blog/2011/6/updates-on-the-canterbury-fault-lines about -kaiapoi faults

      Hopefully thats helpful 🙂 I have more info if you would like any!

  42. Wow Blair, you always have me sitting on the edge of my seat and my heart pounds every time I read your predictions.. I look forward to the new year and all you have predicted.. Have a great year and thanks for the heads up..

  43. Hey Blair Update spandex yep your right start to see alot of it in the news so your fears seem to be coming true Spadex is back. Sorry

  44. Regarding your “horrifying premonition” about the return of Spandex…have just watched a news item about Spandy Andy, a Canadian street performer, touring around New Zealand currently,rocking the Spandex and some groovy dance moves!! Will be watching with interest to see how many Kiwis start following suit. So to speak.

  45. I sure hope you are right about Romney winning the white house. I met him at a private event recently and he is the real deal. A great man, humble, classy and very presidential. We need a leader to bring Americans back together, strengthen our foreign relations and fix the economy. He is the man for the job!

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