The Myth Of ‘Only One Soul Mate’

One of the biggest myths I run across in my travels is the belief that there is only one soul mate for us. This misconception causes a lot of unnecessary grief spiritually.

Soul Mates

Losing a wife/husband/partner is most certainly a shock and tragic to say the least. And it certainly takes considerable time to begin to heal from the passing. And it pays to remember that each of us heal at different speeds.

That said, in my experience as a spiritual advisor, there comes a time when one reaches the point of acceptance and then the loneliness kicks in.

Often, right around this time comes along another feeling: guilt of moving on.

“I’ll never find another like my late husband/wife,” or “my wife would never forgive me if I dated anyone,” are just two things I hear clients or attendees of my live events say.

The worst being, “He/she was my soul mate,” with the tone implying that all is now lost.

It’s tragic to hear. But I have good news–even if it is hard to hear!

It is a complete and total myth that there will be only one soul mate in your life. Frankly speaking, each of us can literally have several soul mates in life.

The Book Of Life

See, our lives are like books. A good book has multiple chapters, as do our lives. To paraphrase the late great Jim Rohn, there’s a reason why they make those fourth grade chairs so small!

“There’s a reason why they make those fourth grade chairs so small…”
Jim Rohn

Grief is a process, but we are never expected to live life alone. And just as we once could fit in those fourth grade chairs, we grow and move through new chapters in our lives to the point we can’t fit in those chairs again.

A Message From Spirit

When I give demonstrations of spirit communication at live events, I often have loved ones come through to widows/widowers. And you know what the  common theme is? It’s the encouragement to move on.

There is no jealousy from loved ones in spirit. They value and love the time that they spent with us on this earthly plane, and for whatever reason they needed to make the transition to spirit. While they needed to leave us physically, they never intended for us to be left lonely.

Ask yourself this: if the roles were reversed and you were in heaven, would you want your loved one to be lonely forever?

Of course you wouldn’t.

A Life Lost…

Recently I was giving a reading to a widow of a soldier killed in the Gulf War. She was 21 years old when he passed and told me that she routinely cried herself to sleep at night out of loneliness.

The Gulf War ended in 1991. By holding on to the mistaken belief that her husband was the only soulmate she’d ever have, she’s been miserable for… two decades!

Two decades… I thought to myself, two lives have been lost out of this tragedy.

The story is long and sad, but she confessed that many have approached her to date, but she denies any requests.

I asked her, “if you were hit by a car and your husband came back from the war a widower, would you have wanted him to go through the next 60 years alone? Or would you want him to find another soul mate?”

“Of course!” she exclaimed and then paused like a deer in headlights… as it dawned on her that was what he wanted for her!

You Will Never ‘Replace’ Your Soul Mate But You Can Find A New One

Listen. You’ll never replace your soul mate if they pass. That’s not the point. If they were a true soul mate then the passing will be very difficult and painful. That’s because of the love you shared.

But you can–and it’s strongly encouraged that you should–find another soul mate with whom you can share lessons with.

If someone you love is struggling with moving on, please share this article with them. I welcome your comments below, especially if you have encouraging stories to share.

Guides Guide. Loved Ones Love.

When I speak to groups, one of the biggest ah-ha moments they have is the understanding of message “our guides guide and our loved ones love.”

Untitled design

Many people feel that their deceased loved ones have given up on them because they feel they aren’t getting help/direction from them.

This is because the role our loved ones have in the afterlife is to simply love and encourage. It is not their role to guide us… that is the role of our spirit guides.

See the difference?

Example: praying to your deceased mother to help you in a situation isn’t going to happen. Doing so only causes you unnecessary frustration. Your guides, however, are standing by both ready and willing to help you.

Think of it this way. My nephew is in soccer right now. His coach is his guide. His job is to listen to the direction of the coach and the coach is to help him win. My job is to cheer my nephew on, give him love, encouragement and support. In other words, it is NOT my role to coach him.

Guides guide. Loved ones love.

For more on guides, check out my best selling book here:

Bible Thumpers And The Truth About Spirit

A couple of Bible dudes came by my place today. Very, very nice guys that were quite taken aback our conversation.


“Do you believe in God?” they asked.

“Yes, but it would depend on what religion you are representing to be more specific,” I replied.

They told me which one, and I told them they would have to classify me as either non-denominational OR spiritualist, whichever they preferred.

This clearly jarred them and totally threw them off script.

“I’m not limited by any specific dogma or guilt system. I’m free from all of that and have a direct relationship with spirit.” I said.

At this point, this is typically where the Bible verses start flying (a particular favorite being Leviticus). To my pleasant surprise, it wouldn’t happen today.

The younger gentleman, in training, seemed genuinely interested in more information about me, the older kind man seemed a bit uncomfortable. I answered their questions, but for the most part, I know that the words fell on deaf ears. Sad, really, but not surprising. 

I offered them some bottled water, the older gentleman complimenting me on our beautiful landscaped front yard… told them it was due to my wife’s design skills and I urged him to take some pics and wished them well on their journey to convert more…

I really enjoyed these guys. They seemed genuine, but their dogma is to be “missionaries,” which is literally a mission to talk people into *their* beliefs, not to be open to what spirit really wants for them.

Religion is man made. Its supposed to be a relationship–not a religion–with God.

I’m grateful for where I’m at in life. A full and complete faith in spirit, my spirit guides and being free from man-based rules and interpretations of things. Just a solid connection with the source and an unshakable faith that love never dies. Spirit is not in a book or a building. It is within us.


Does Your Life Suck? Change It With Help From Your Spirit Guides!


“My life is MISERABLE,” she said to me in a dramatic tone this morning during our phone reading… Long story short: she hates her husband, as he’s for the most part been emotionally abusive to her and has cheated on her (more than once). It’s a much sadder story, but you get the gist.

“Leave. Get out. Stop complaining and take action,” I said.

What She Said Next Floored Me…

“I can’t. He’s rich and I’d lose my lifestyle.

I was *stunned*… not *much* stuns me, but that one did. But it gets better…

“Is my life going to get better,” she asked?

For a brief few seconds I was speechless. I almost thought this was a prank call. But she was serious.

“No. It’s not. It’s miserable and will continue to be so…” I said. “You’ll be rich and miserable and you’ll own it all.”

Yes. I DID say that. I’m as blunt as a 2×4 at times.

She was NOT happy and said so. She wanted me to give her ‘hope’ things would magically get better.

MOST of my clients are willing and accepting of the direction spirit will lead them.

MOST of them take action with positive results.

But I do run across a few that are just looking to hear “happy-happy” predictions… essentially wanting me to lie to them.

I don’t do that. I won’t do that. Frankly, I can’t.

It’s okay to be stuck. It’s okay to be in a lousy and painful situation. But it’s not okay to wallow in your misery IF you aren’t willing to take action.

Deal with it, or… deal with it!

Start. Anywhere. Right where you are now. Make changes, tough choices and move forward.

Spirit wants us each to live happy and fulfilled lives, so make the choices to make things that way.

But if you aren’t willing to make changes, you’re just going to have to get good at accepting things as they are. But whatever you do, stop complaining.

Ask Your Spirit Guides For Help And Strength

We all face tough times and bad breaks. All of us.

Some of us–myself included–really go down bad paths and get ourselves into bad messes.

It’s okay. Getting stuck isn’t a problem. Staying stuck IS.

But your spirit guides are there to help you, to guide you and get you OUT of bad situations and INTO good ones.

Ask your guides to give you strength to:

  • love yourself
  • value yourself
  • face up to negative people/situations
  • give you courage
  • give you faith

Is it really that simple, Blair? you may be asking…


Of course, it’s MUCH easier said than done. But isn’t everything in life?

I have no idea what my client was thinking, but I do know this: she valued money and how she looked to others over being happy. In her case, nothing is going to change for her. How terribly sad.

You deserve more, so go for it!

Post a comment below of a tough challenge/choice you made for the better. I’d love to hear it, and I’m sure other readers would too!

Love and light to you all.

2 Grand Canyon Spiritual Lessons

On a recent visit to the breathtaking Grand Canyon, spirit gave me two powerful and profound spiritual lessons.


Scientists argue whether the Grand Canyon was formed over 6 million years or 16 million years. Either way, it took a long time to form!

I’ve been here several times now as it’s a favorite place to bring visitors. But this time spirit caused something to really resonate with me. I was given two distinct lessons…

1. I Was Humbled

In spite of having been here several times before, walking to the edge for the first initial view brought me to tears.

I was humbled.

Our lives are really and truly a privilege. We have a truly wonderful opportunity to make the absolute most of our lives on a this magnificent rock called earth.

We’ve been given the opportunity to be more, do more and have more.

The view from the ledge of the Grand Canyon is incredible as on a clear day you can see for countless miles of nothing but raw beauty.

It humbled me to realize that I am but a mere speck on the landscape, and a great appreciation for what the creator has made for us. Profound.

At the same time, spirit showed me that it is all OURS to make something out of. We are limitless.

2. Be Patient

Did you know that the Colorado River is what created the Grand Canyon? Over millions of years, soft water forced hard rock to erode and make way.

Pick up a fist-sized rock in one hand. Scoop up a handful of water in the other. Isn’t it amazing to know that the water has more power than the rock?

The Colorado River is still working it’s magic… digging even deeper every single year. Mind you, it’s only digging as deep as the thickness of a piece of paper… but still… it’s patiently digging, carving, forming and creating it’s own way.

In my experience I find many of my clients putting themselves under an incredible amount of pressure to improve, change, achieve, etc.

But spirit wants us to be patient with ourselves. Be kind to ourselves. Basically…

We Need To Love Ourselves More

In our lives we will make mistakes, bad choices, trip and sometimes fall. But these things are here to teach us lessons and to improve upon.

If you are struggling, love yourself and be patient.

The Grand Canyon wasn’t formed in a day. You aren’t alone. Your spirit guides can and will help you, so make the most of who you are, the greatness that is within you and above all, be kind, loving and patient with yourself.

How will YOU apply these lessons to yourself? I’m curious to hear!

Karma: All Of Your Deeds Are Noticed

This is, an amazingly powerful video that illustrates the power of doing good. Spirit sees all. Karma sees all.

How does this video impact you?


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Blair Robertson is a psychic medium who helps people live happier and fuller lives by demonstrating that love never dies. He offers live events, online seminars and courses designed to help people reach new levels of spiritual understanding. A Canadian of Scottish descent, he resides in Arizona with his wife. His website is


Live in Person OTTAWA, ON
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During the first part of the event, Blair will give a brief talk on mediumship connections and the spirit world. He will answer general questions from selected members of the audience.

Next, he will “open the window” to the other side and bring messages to a variety of people in attendance. Although not everyone is guaranteed a reading, many have reported this as being very uplifting and beneficial. An experience you won’t soon forget!

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Christmas Connection Experience 2014: Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones

WATCH the video, please. The following is only a thumbnail summary. The video IS important.

Iheaven have conducted this experiment over several years with tremendous success… this year the goal is to reach as many people as possible. The more that participate, the greater the success so please spread the word and share!

Follow These Easy Steps Exactly As Outlined:

Step One. Post name and relationship of ONE person below in the comment section.  No need for details or story. Just three or four words. Example, “My Dad, George.”

Step Two. Find and have a photo or a memento of the loved one nearby during Christmas day, December 25th, 2014. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Do it now, before you forget. It is very helpful to light a white candle, if only briefly, as well. A white (actually natural cream color) beeswax candle is BEST.

Step Three. On Christmas eve, December 24th, before going to bed, ask spirit and your guides to facilitate a connection from your loved one on Christmas day. Be OPEN to a connection no matter how dramatic or minute it might be. Be thankful–in advance–for ANY connection. Big or small. VERY important. And…

Step Four.  VERY IMPORTANT: ask/pray for a connection for OTHERS *BEFORE* you.

Imagine the amazing POWER that that will hold! People praying for YOU, YOU praying for others. One hand washes the other. Do this with the spirit/attitude that if you don’t make a connection yourself, you will rejoice in a connection for others. Be self-LESS, not self-ISH. Get it?

Can You Imagine?
Tens Of Thousands Of People Around The World Actively Praying For Your Spirit Connection?

IMAGINE: tens of thousands of people praying for YOU to have a connection! Do NOT miss this step.

Step Four.  PROMISE that you will report back–as soon as possible BELOW–the connection you made. Your connection will inspire others and demonstrate that love never dies.

That’s it.

The Spirit Of Christmas!

On December 25th, at 12:01am MST in the USA, I will read through the list and ask my guides and pray for each and every one of you to have an experience/connection.

Some of you will have a connection while you sleep. Some of you will feel a presence. A song might play. Something unusual will happen or stand out to you on Christmas day. You might smell their cologne or perfume. Be open. Be ready. Believe and have faith!

I’m EXCITED for this! I’m EXCITED to facilitate this… this isn’t from ME… this is from my guides… my friends… that recommended I conduct this again… I’m SO GRATEFUL and SO MUCH look forward to the results!

Get going!!! Post the contact below!!!

NOTICE: Please… only ONE name per person. ONE contact only. We want to focus ALL of our energy on this ONE contact for each of us. IF YOU POST MORE THAN ONE NAME, YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED! Let’s make this happen, people! Let’s sound off alarm bells on the other side that we WANT a connection. Be open, be ready and get READY to experience a connection!


I highly recommend that you also sign up for an email reminder and checklist from me as the Christmas season is very busy.