How To Use A Pendulum To Enrich Your Life

How To Use A Pendulum To Enrich Your Life

The pendulum is one of the easiest tools you can use to connect with your spirit guides. Easy to make, easy to use. You can literally be connecting with your guides within minutes. Check out this live video that appeared on Facebook where I’ll show you how to use it.


Blair Robertson LIVE. How to use a pendulum to connect with your higher self & Q&A

Posted by Blair Robertson on Monday, February 8, 2016

How To Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones

This is a replay from our Facebook live event.

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Posted by Blair Robertson on Saturday, January 30, 2016

Christmas Connection Experience 2015

WATCH the video, please. The following is only a thumbnail summary. The video IS important.

Iheaven have conducted this experiment over several years with tremendous success… this year the goal is to reach as many people as possible. The more that participate, the greater the success so please spread the word and share!

Follow These Easy Steps Exactly As Outlined:

Step One. Post name and relationship of ONE person below in the comment section.  No need for details or story. Just three or four words. Example, “My Dad, George.”

Step Two. Find and have a photo or a memento of the loved one nearby during Christmas day, December 25th, 2014. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Do it now, before you forget. It is very helpful to light a white candle, if only briefly, as well. A white (actually natural cream color) beeswax candle is BEST.

Step Three. On Christmas Eve, December 24th, before going to bed, ask spirit and your guides to facilitate a connection from your loved one on Christmas day. Be OPEN to a connection no matter how dramatic or minute it might be. Be thankful–in advance–for ANY connection. Big or small. VERY important. And…

Step Four.  VERY IMPORTANT: ask/pray for a connection for OTHERS *BEFORE* you.

Imagine the amazing POWER that that will hold! People praying for YOU, YOU praying for others. One hand washes the other. Do this with the spirit/attitude that if you don’t make a connection yourself, you will rejoice in a connection for others. Be self-LESS, not self-ISH. Get it?

Can You Imagine?
Tens Of Thousands Of People Around The World Actively Praying For Your Spirit Connection?

IMAGINE: tens of thousands of people praying for YOU to have a connection! Do NOT miss this step.

Step Four.  PROMISE that you will report back–as soon as possible BELOW–the connection you made. Your connection will inspire others and demonstrate that love never dies.

That’s it.

The Spirit Of Christmas!

On December 25th, at 12:01 am MST in the USA, I will read through the list and ask my guides and pray for each and every one of you to have an experience/connection.

Some of you will have a connection while you sleep. Some of you will feel a presence. A song might play. Something unusual will happen or stand out to you on Christmas day. You might smell their cologne or perfume. Be open. Be ready. Believe and have faith!

I’m EXCITED for this! I’m EXCITED to facilitate this… this isn’t from ME… this is from my guides… my friends… that recommended I conduct this again… I’m SO GRATEFUL, and SO MUCH look forward to the results!

Get going!!! Post the contact below!!!

NOTICE: Please… only ONE name per person. ONE contact only. We want to focus ALL of our energy on this ONE contact for each of us. IF YOU POST MORE THAN ONE NAME, YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED! Let’s make this happen, people! Let’s sound off alarm bells on the other side that we WANT a connection. Be open, be ready and get READY to experience a connection!


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NEW BOOK: Afterlife Connections — Your Stories Shared!

Afterlife Connections: True Stories That Prove Love Never Dies

Afterlife-Connection-EbookCover-smallWhen you’ve lost someone you love, holidays and other celebratory days are the worst. It can be quite painful.

But the truth is that love never dies.

Yes, each and every one of us at some point must physically leave our bodies, but our soul-spirit lives on.

Signs From Our Loved Ones

As I discussed in my previous/companion FREE e-book, “Afterlife: 3 Easy Ways To Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones” our loved ones regularly send signs to us to show us that they are still there. And those signs can bring incredible comfort and healing.

(By the way: given that the ebook is free, don’t allow yourself an excuse to not to discover all the ways they can and do communicate. If you haven’t got the ebook, please do yourself the favor of identifying what signs are real and which signs are not. Once you do, you’ll start noticing them more. And the best part: Kindle readers are free as well, and you can download them to virtually any device.)

A BRAND NEW BOOK Filled With Inspirational Stories

Over the years, I’ve received tens of thousands of stories from people of their personal Afterlife Connections. They’ve been shared with me at live events, privately, in emails, on Facebook, on blog posts, etc.

But many have been lost. I felt a pull from spirit to put some of them into a book format to encourage those during difficult times that love never dies.

It’s designed to be a quick and inspirational read. It’s designed to help you realize that your loved ones are near. That love never dies.

All stories have been shared by everyday folks just like YOU.

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I hope you enjoy it. Love and light to you all.

Halloween Spirit Connection Experience

Halloween Spirit Connections

Halloween Spirit Connections

Halloween for many of us is an evening of giving candies to the neighborhood kids, perhaps dressing up for a fun day at work or a fun night out in a rented costume.

Traditionally, though, it was an ‘eve’ of remembering the dead on both a personal and religious nature. It is the night before November 1st, which is All Hallows Day (aka All Saints Day).

Forgotten Divination Traditions

Many traditions come along with October 31st. Some examples:

  • A young lady would peel an apple in a long strip, toss it over her shoulder. The peels shape would reveal the letter of the name of a future husband.
  • A lady could sit in a darkened room staring at a mirror. The face of her future husband would reveal itself. If she saw a skull, it would mean she would die before marriage!
  • Small objects hidden/baked into foods would reveal the future. Cake would be served with a coin, a ring, a sewing thimble, etc. baked in. A ring meant marriage, a coin meant future wealth, a thimble a ‚’spinster’ for life.

Here’s a wonderful article with terrific traditions and superstitions.

A Robertson Spirit Connection Tradition

For hundreds of years, it was a tradition to light a candle and place it on the graves of deceased loved ones.

In my house, my dad would have me light a candle in remembrance of family members on the other side. He said by doing so, they would come and visit us when we slept.

To my delight, my grandfather and grandmother would often do so. I would wake up on November 1st having had exciting connections.

It works because it is a tradition and because many people are summoning the loved ones at the same time.

It also works simply because sleep is the easiest way for our loved ones to connect with us. We are relaxed, our minds open and spirit is on the proper vibrational plane.

How To Experience A Spirit Connection On Halloween

First, it’s important to understand that you cannot demand spirits to connect with you. Nor can you dial up someone on the other side.

That said, a majority of those who follow the simple steps will experience a connection. Especially on a night like this.

You’ll need:

  1. A candle. Preferably white and I find that beeswax candles are the best. (Yes, I know natural beeswax is more of a cream color, but it is pure and that’s the reason for it).
  2. A picture of a loved one OR a memento (example: a ring that belonged to them)
  3. A paper and pen

On Halloween Evening Do This

On Halloween evening, find a quiet place and light the candle. Then do the following:

  1. Ask that you be surrounded in white light. The white light is protection from negative energy.
  2. Print the name of the loved on the paper. Traditionally, we burn this, however I don’t recommend this for obvious safety reasons. You can rip the paper up and this works just fine. 
    EDIT: I’m often asked WHY we do this? The short answer is this: it dates back thousands of years to sacrifices to spirit. It is a symbolic way of saying ‘this is what I would like but I am releasing this and am open to whatever spirit decides to give me.’

    Remember this: any connection is truly a gift. You are welcome to wish for something, but the gift always comes from spirit.

  3. Close your eyes and simply meditate on some good memories or thoughts of them. Keep it short and keep it simple. Meditating for hours is not going to give you an advantage over someone who has only meditated for a few moments.
  4. BLOW OUT THE CANDLE, go to bed and have a great night sleep.

The Results?

Many who have followed me over the years and have participated in my spirit connection experiments have reported terrific successes.

Your loved one may or may not show up. It may be a different loved one that you didn’t request. No matter, it’s a connection and you should be thankful for that.

Our loved ones may simply appear. Or, they may say something. Maybe do something. Or even show us a sign. Be thankful for that and know that they are safe on the other side.

Love never dies. Our loved ones are always with us.

Try this. It’s easy, it’s free to do and the results are awesome. Please share your experiences below!

My First Major Mediumship Connection That Opened The Door For Me

My First Major Mediumship Connection That Opened The Door For Me

Many have asked me about my very first mediumship connection with spirit on the other side.

I’ve been able to do it since I was young, but my first MAJOR connection happened back in 1979.

Here’s a 5 minute video where I discuss it, and through Google Street View, I’ll take you to the EXACT spot it occurred!

It was a terrific trip down memory lane… hope you enjoy it. 🙂

10 Great Books On The Afterlife Worth Reading

10 Must Reads (1)

One of my favorite ways to relax in the summer is to sit in my backyard with an ice cold beverage and read a book. I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite reader a few months ago and have already read 53 non-fiction books.

I’m regularly asked what my recommended books are regarding the afterlife. If you–or someone you love–has recently lost a loved one you’ll find these books tremendously helpful.

In no particular order are books I recommend. Click on the title if you’d like to see more details on Amazon.

Hello From Heaven by Bill & Judy Guggenheim

The authors distilled 3500 accounts of connections with the other side into 353 After-Death Communications (ADC’s). The book provides an abundant proof that our loved ones can–and do–reach out to us from the other side. Some find the book repetitive, but it’s for that exact reason that I recommend everyone read it. 🙂

Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody

This is a classic book written in 1975 by a doctor who studied over 100 accounts of people who were declared clinically dead and then were brought back to life.

When my mother was revived after a massive heart attack in the late 1980’s, she experienced a peaceful out of body experience of profound peace and tranquility. A friend gave me this classic book, stunned that I had never read it previously.

I confess I had a fear of death until I read this book. It brought me peace and it brought my mother peace as well.

On Death and Dying by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

As a medium and spiritual advisor I find many people suffer needlessly. Either by trying to “rush” the grieving process or ignoring the stages of grief. Dr. Kubler-Ross discovered the now-famous 5-Stages Of Grief and through an understanding of the process, countless people have experienced a sense of relief. I have literally recommended this book THOUSANDS of times. Highly recommended.

Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians by Richard Webster

Richard Webster is a best selling author of 140 books on spiritual matters, and I am fortunate to call him a friend. This is an awesome in-depth book on connecting with your spirit guides and guardian angels. He provides multiple techniques to explore and the focus is on improving your life overall. His writing is like having a chat with a friend and it’s a fun and easy read.

Adventures of the Soul by James Van Praagh

I love James Van Praagh and all of his books are awesome. While his first book, Talking To Heaven is still a classic must-read, I found Adventures of the Soul’s focus on the soul energy to be very refreshing. My tagline has become “love never dies,” and James talks in great depth that we are all energy and it simply changes. A great section on soul lessons is worth the read itself. Check it out!

Answers About The Afterlife by Bob Olson

This terrific book answers over 150 common questions about the afterlife. But what makes it unique is the author: Bob Olson. Bob was a former skeptic who runs a terrific website called and has interviewed countless mediums and spiritual experts. While I don’t agree with every answer he shares in the book, it’s well worth the read for a great overview of the afterlife. A great section on page 141 on how to get a great reading from a genuine psychic, and avoid being scammed.

There’s More To Life Than This by Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo. The woman cracks me up and has an awesome sense of humor. I’m grateful to her for her success and showing people that we are relatively normal people with weird jobs. This book is a fast and fun read, you can ‘hear’ her speaking with her New York accent when you read it… but more importantly Theresa helps the reader understand that our loved ones are still near and want to communicate with us.

How to Heal a Grieving Heart by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh

This is a very cool new book. My wife and I gave this to a grieving friend recently and she said it helped her tremendously. What I like about it is that they encourage you to randomly open it and read sections, allowing the Divine to guide you to what you need to hear. Before you discount that as utterly nuts, you’ve just got to try it. Like all of Virtue’s and Van Praagh’s books, this one is a winner.

Afterlife: 3 Easy Steps To Connecting And Communicating With Your Deceased Loved Ones by Blair Robertson

Yes. One of my own books. Afterlife is designed to show you that your loved ones have not died, but live on. It shows you how to connect with your loved ones with three easy techniques. Also contains a popular section on understanding exactly what are genuine signs from the other side vs. coincidences. No fluff, no woo-woo. Just pick a technique and start connecting with the other side, even how to T.A.L.K. with your loved ones.

Spirit Guides: 3 Easy Steps To Connecting And Communicating With Your Spirit Helpers by Blair Robertson

You have spirit guides and they are there to help you live your life to the fullest. They are also instrumental in helping you connect with your loved ones on the other side. Have you heard the expression, “your conscious is your guide?” Of course. Well THAT, my friend, is proof you have spirit guides. Discover how to connect and benefit from their guidance and help.

Please check out my other books on my author page here, and share some of your favorite books in the comments below.

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Radio Psychic Medium Connects Listeners To Deceased On Other Side

One of the biggest questions I’m asked is, “can you do readings for people over the phone?”

The answer is a resounding YES!

Spirit is not limited by physical boundaries. When I speak to someone over the phone, or as you can see here, over the radio, your loved ones are immediately aware and can make their presence known.

Many ask for samples of readings, so I thought I would post this recent demo from my in-studio appearance at Newfoundland’s top radio station, K-Rock.

Which reading “got to you” in a deep way? Post below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Afterlife: 3 Easy Steps To Connecting And Communicating With Your Deceased Loved Ones (3 Easy Steps Psychic Series)

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If you have ever wanted to connect with your deceased loved ones in the afterlife, then this is your guide!

standardpaperback_708x1192Love never dies!

Your loved ones may be physically gone, but their spirit and soul lives on. They are always around and continue to love you from beyond and they continuously send us signs that they are okay!

Are you missing them?

In this no-nonsense and no-fluff book, Blair teaches you 3 simple steps to connecting and communicating with your loved ones in spirit. An easy read, this book can change your life!

In this book you’ll discover:

* 3 easy ways to connect with your loved ones in spirit, each method being easy to do.

* a simple way to connect with loved ones while you sleep

* how to recognize the special signs from spirit in your daily life

* how to differentiate what is–and what is not–a genuine sign

* discover how to confirm the signs you do receive

* Blair’s unique T.A.L.K. method of literally having a conversation with your deceased loved one

* and much more…

This book is brief and to-the-point. No fluff. No filler. Get it and start connecting with your loved ones today!

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Blair Robertson is a best-selling author and psychic medium who helps people live happier and fuller lives by demonstrating that love never dies. He offers live events, online seminars and courses designed to help people reach new levels of spiritual understanding. A Canadian of Scottish descent, he resides in Arizona with his wife. His website is

The Myth Of ‘Only One Soul Mate’

One of the biggest myths I run across in my travels is the belief that there is only one soul mate for us. This misconception causes a lot of unnecessary grief spiritually.

Soul Mates

Losing a wife/husband/partner is most certainly a shock and tragic to say the least. And it certainly takes considerable time to begin to heal from the passing. And it pays to remember that each of us heal at different speeds.

That said, in my experience as a spiritual advisor, there comes a time when one reaches the point of acceptance and then the loneliness kicks in.

Often, right around this time comes along another feeling: guilt of moving on.

“I’ll never find another like my late husband/wife,” or “my wife would never forgive me if I dated anyone,” are just two things I hear clients or attendees of my live events say.

The worst being, “He/she was my soul mate,” with the tone implying that all is now lost.

It’s tragic to hear. But I have good news–even if it is hard to hear!

It is a complete and total myth that there will be only one soul mate in your life. Frankly speaking, each of us can literally have several soul mates in life.

The Book Of Life

See, our lives are like books. A good book has multiple chapters, as do our lives. To paraphrase the late great Jim Rohn, there’s a reason why they make those fourth grade chairs so small!

“There’s a reason why they make those fourth grade chairs so small…”
Jim Rohn

Grief is a process, but we are never expected to live life alone. And just as we once could fit in those fourth grade chairs, we grow and move through new chapters in our lives to the point we can’t fit in those chairs again.

A Message From Spirit

When I give demonstrations of spirit communication at live events, I often have loved ones come through to widows/widowers. And you know what the  common theme is? It’s the encouragement to move on.

There is no jealousy from loved ones in spirit. They value and love the time that they spent with us on this earthly plane, and for whatever reason they needed to make the transition to spirit. While they needed to leave us physically, they never intended for us to be left lonely.

Ask yourself this: if the roles were reversed and you were in heaven, would you want your loved one to be lonely forever?

Of course you wouldn’t.

A Life Lost…

Recently I was giving a reading to a widow of a soldier killed in the Gulf War. She was 21 years old when he passed and told me that she routinely cried herself to sleep at night out of loneliness.

The Gulf War ended in 1991. By holding on to the mistaken belief that her husband was the only soulmate she’d ever have, she’s been miserable for… two decades!

Two decades… I thought to myself, two lives have been lost out of this tragedy.

The story is long and sad, but she confessed that many have approached her to date, but she denies any requests.

I asked her, “if you were hit by a car and your husband came back from the war a widower, would you have wanted him to go through the next 60 years alone? Or would you want him to find another soul mate?”

“Of course!” she exclaimed and then paused like a deer in headlights… as it dawned on her that was what he wanted for her!

You Will Never ‘Replace’ Your Soul Mate But You Can Find A New One

Listen. You’ll never replace your soul mate if they pass. That’s not the point. If they were a true soul mate then the passing will be very difficult and painful. That’s because of the love you shared.

But you can–and it’s strongly encouraged that you should–find another soul mate with whom you can share lessons with.

If someone you love is struggling with moving on, please share this article with them. I welcome your comments below, especially if you have encouraging stories to share.